36 Lenormand Cards Meaning and Combination

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1. Lenormand Rider Card

lenormand rider card

This is the card also known as the Horseman/the Cavalier

Keyword: News/movement.

  •   An energetic young man will bring to your life in unexpected situations.

Overview:The Lenormand Rider card often brings news with unexpected elements or continuous movement (non-stop trips). Good things and new hopes are about to knock on your heart. In the near future, troublesome issues that cause a delay in personal business or career will be resolved in a positive way. Unexpected opportunities will bring you abundant money. However, this card also reminds you to not waste a lot of energy on outdoor activities. Exercise and sports also need to have a reasonable time to avoid unnecessary injuries to the body. In addition, in the near future, you can receive news from a visit of a friend who has not met for many years or met new friends (especially when this card is near the card ” House”)

  • Career: If you are waiting for news about a promotion opportunity, don’t worry. Things are going very well. Your boss is considering the process during the last time, and he/she appreciates your efforts. What is needed right now is that you continue to work hard to prove your ability. Good news will come shortly.

If you are looking for a job, the Lenormand Rider card implies that you may not be aware of your future direction. You may be under pressure from family and friends (who always want to force you to follow boring jobs). The most basic of this time is to find the correct orientation for the future career. Pay attention to the cards that accompany “the Horseman” because they will tell you your true desire.

  • Health: If you are waiting for a result from a doctor, don’t worry. Everything seems much better than what you want. This is the time you should create a reasonable exercise plan. Energy sources in the body are very abundant and need to be exploited properly. But don’t try to push things too fast. Excessive exercise can cause unnecessary injuries to your body (you should be careful when doing exercises for the lower body).
  • Love: If you are looking for love, the Lenormand Rider tells that a stranger will suddenly enter your life. He is a guy who loves sports and adventure travel. You will be surprised to learn that this may be a more mature man than his age. However, don’t underestimate others through looks. This is the time to let your heart be open to welcome new things.

If you’re in a love relationship, maybe your lover is preparing a marriage proposal in the near future. Be ready to take the next big turn. A long-term commitment can be a big step towards great happiness in the future.

The intended time of the event will take place: early (1 day/1 week/1 month/January)

According to divination: TheCard “9 Hearts” represents success, glory, and satisfaction. Dreams come true and social relationships develop in a positive way.

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2. Lenormand Clover Card

Keyword: Lucky

  • Hope;
  • Play with luck and bet;
  • Positive results.

Overview: The four-leaf clover is always lucky, but it doesn’t exist forever. This Lenormand Clover card brought the message of situations to occur in a short time and it can make the situation upside down in an unexpected way.

  • Career: Sometimes, good things happen very quickly in your careers like promotion opportunities or salary increases. Everything seems to be very lucky. But be careful. Don’t rely too much on the luck that makes you lazy. Remember that career wants to be solid, you have to stand on your own feet. Luck may never last long. It is essential that you cultivate more knowledge to strengthen your own abilities.
  • Health: In terms of health, the Lenormand Clover implies that you have experienced a severe illness for a long time. This is the time you put your body in maximum recovery. Don’t be too concerned about the side effects of treatment. You should trust your doctor because they know how to recover their health in a short time. In addition, a yoga class or meditation will help to recreate the energy source for the body.
  • Love: You can come across someone perfect as the ideal type of a lover in a friendly meeting. He/she has an intense passion for adventurous games. In addition, he has a very cheerful and optimistic personality. You will feel very happy when you suddenly meet your true love. This is when you should open your heart to a new love.

Don’t foolishly try your lover by flirting with someone. The Lenormand Clover implies that you may be feeling excited when playing “hide and seek” in romance. Remember that love is built on the foundation of trust and sincerity. Don’t make yourself a traitor in a love relationship

The intended time of the event will take place: Sudden and unexpected (within 2 days or 2 weeks)

According to divination: It gives advice that when you are in trouble you will get help.

3. Lenormand Ship Card

Keyword:      Travel

  •  International business
  •  Foreign travel
  •  Transportation

Overview: The Lenormand Ship card shows trips (whether this trip is long or short). It can also be about migration or international travel. When this card appears, you may have a trip to another country or somewhere you have never known. It can also represent the business. Any problems in your career may be going very smoothly like the image shown on the card (your cargo ship is about to arrive). The Ship card can also symbolize changing your transportation in the future.

  • Career:  If you are doing business personally, this could be an opportunity for business related to the sea or the tourism industry. Those things are wise choices at this time. You can count on positive financial development opportunities.

If you are working as an employee, your career development opportunities are approaching. A business trip or study abroad will be a solid premise for future advancement. This is the time for you to learn valuable experiences as a foundation for future development.

  • Health: Don’t overuse painkillers or use alcoholic beverages to reduce headaches. The fact that you often suffer from insomnia can be caused by work pressure and life responsibility. A course of therapy about mental relaxation and exercise reasonable sport will bring positive developments for health. In addition, you should leave your mind at ease by participating in tours. A new healthy spirit will help to develop health.
  • Love: The Lenormand Ship tells that you may be stuck in a relationship where geographical distance is a problem at this time. Everything seems to be out of control. You always feel lonely and can’t find empathy. Close your eyes and feel the voice of the heart. True love will transcend the distance of space and time to reach the horizon of happiness.

If you are looking for love, don’t worry. The God of love has heard the request of your heart, and he will bring surprises to the future. Prepare luggage for a trip to a new land and open the heart to welcome great things

The intended time of the event will take place: This card is tied to the number 3. (Maybe March, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. If it comes with the Lenormand Mountain card, it may be 3 years)

According to divination: The Lenormand Ship brings the message that everything in life is happening quickly.

4. Lenormand House Card

Keyword: – Family

  • Home/place you live
  •  Internal problem

–  Real estate

Overview: The House Lenormand card talks about where you live. It involves things about family and internal problems – things that happen behind the door. This card also carries the message about real estate deals. In addition, it also shows stability and safety in a career.

  • Career:  The problems in the projects you are in charge of are being addressed quickly and positively. Things are gradually returning to stability. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your colleagues and superiors. Sometimes, many ideas can help to remove difficulties faster

If you’re bored with working for someone else, it’s time to think about personal business. Creating ideas and implementing with family members can be a solid foundation to open a new direction at this time.

  • Health: The House Lenormand card implies that your health is in a stable period and there are no sudden changes. However, you should not be too confident in your body’s energy source. This is the time to set up plans to exercise sports and design a reasonable diet. Take care of yourself in a positive way to ensure that your health is at its best.
  • Love: This is the right time for you to think about creating yourself a small family. Be prepared for independent living and having children. You should have a conversation with your lover about future plans. A romantic dinner can be a powerful catalyst to help you make a binding offer in love.

Don’t sit at one place and hope the God of love will bring you an ideal lover. If you’re lonely, it’s time to get out of the house and find a sincere love. Remember that no one can find happiness if they just locked themselves in their iron cages

The intended time of the event will take place:  The House Lenormand card is attached to number 4. (It can be April, 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months. If the presence of  the Mountain card, it may be 4 years)

According to divination: This article often refers to an older person in the family and always sacrifices for the benefit of others. Besides, it also shows that a mature man is in a passionate love relationship.

5. Lenormand Tree Card

Keyword:  –     Health

  • Past life
  • Evolution

Overview: This card often carries the message of health and life. It shows the health status or diseases you may have. The Lenormand Tree card can also reveal past issues and links from your previous life.

  • Career:  You are in a career development stage. This is the time when the spirit of trying and learning should maximize. You must show your boss the potential for growth in your current job. Every promotion in work is being revealed. Depending on the cards around, it may indicate problems in your career.
  • Health: Because the Lenormand Tree represents health, other information will come from auxiliary cards. For its part, the Tree card means that you need fresher air to restore energy. Travel trips may be a wise choice at this time. If you have health problems, you may have to endure them for a while.
  • Love: If you are in a long-term relationship, it is possible that a marriage proposal will come, you should think carefully about this. This is not the time to let emotions overwhelm reason. You should ask yourself if your heart wants to marry at this time or not.

This is a good time to find love when you’re alone. Someone will come and bring very familiar feelings. Maybe that person had a love relationship with you from his previous life. Let’s get ready to write the unfinished love story in the past and do not let the opportunity drift away meaninglessly

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Tree card is tied to the number 5. (It may be in May, 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months. If the presence of Lenormand Mountain card, it may be 5 years.)

According to divination: This card shows happy visits and good thoughts.

6. Lenormand Clouds Card

Overview: –  Ambiguous/uncertain status

  • Disease complications
  • Bad weather
  • Old man

Overview: This Lenormand card brings the message that there is something ambiguous around your life’s problem. The results are unclear and everything is disturbing.

  • Career:  Your career is not in a steady state. You don’t know which way to go or what the outcome will be in the future. All jobs seem to be delayed and there is no solution. This may be a good time for you to consider a new position or change your current position.
  • Health: The Lenormand Clouds card warns you that smoking cigarette or drinking alcohol is never a smart solution for relieving stress symptoms. It only makes your condition worse. This is the time when you need to listen to advice from a psychologist or a highly qualified doctor. Applying to practice a yoga class or meditation will also help you improve your current health situation significantly.
  • Love: This is not the best time for you to make a marriage proposal or a binding relationship. Everything seems to be unclear at the present time. The opponent is not ready to join you in building a small family in the future. Don’t be too selfish and force your lover to do things they don’t want. Love wants to sustainable should have empathy from both sides.

The intended time of the event will take place: Lenormand Clouds is tied to number 6. (It can be June, 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months. If this card appears with the Mountain card, it could be 6 years.)

According to divination: This card refers to a smart, influential man in the community. He always gives others a feeling of protection and care.

7. Lenormand Snake Card

Keyword:  – Deception / betrayal

  • Cheat;
  • Manipulation;
  • The charm;
  • Sexy woman;
  • Picture of the conduit;
  • The spirit of exhaustion.

Overview: Lenormand Snake implies two main meanings. One is that it merely refers to a woman, often with black hair. Secondly, it can show all kinds of problems from betrayal, bad talk, tricks, and lies.

  • Career:  Your career may be in big trouble and there is no solution. This is the time to review the relationships at the office and the people who are working with you. Be careful with suggestions that want to help you because that might be the cause of more problems. You need to solve everything on your own. Don’t trust anyone if you don’t want to be dead for someone else.
  • Health: You may be experiencing serious illnesses that you do not recognize. Pay attention to the abnormal expression of the body. This is when you should go to highly qualified doctors to be able to know the exact state of health. Don’t be too confident about your physical condition if you don’t want to suffer negative consequences in the future.
  • Love: The Lenormand Snake card tells you to pay attention to charming girls who have long black hair because they can be your competitor in romance. You should give warnings to your lover if you don’t want to be betrayed. But if that happened then this is the time to carefully consider your love and choose the right path.

If you’re single, maybe someone with a glamorous appearance and sweet words will make your heart flutter. But be careful with emotions. Everything doesn’t look like it looks. Are you sure that the person you are intending to date is a good person? Pay attention to their words and actions. Don’t let yourself be blind in love.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Snake is tied to number 7. (Maybe July, 7 days, 7 weeks, or 7 months. If it appears with Lenormand Mountain card can be 7 years).

According to divination: This card also symbolizes a dark-haired, serious, intelligent and influential woman in society.

8. Lenormand Coffin Card

Keyword: – The End

  • Transformation;
  • Diseases;
  • Negative events.

Overview: The Lenormand Coffin shows an important change in life or ending a relationship. It also implies changing places, retirement or completing a life cycle. These changes are not always negative. They can be positive.

This card also shows a dangerous disease and when combined with other cards, it can mean death. However, by itself does not mean death.

  • Career:  Big events are happening in your workplace. Changes in personnel or modified projects can be disruptive to your career. This is when you should think carefully about the future. A new direction may be the best solution at this time. Try to complete the work and prepare knowledge for a new beginning.
  • Health: The Lenormand Coffin says that you may be stuck in stress and job responsibilities. This is the time for the spirit to rest and regain balance. Remember that prolonged stress will lead to negative effects on emotions and thoughts. This is also the main cause of depression that is causing negative consequences for the community. Don’t make yourself a slave of life pressure
  • Love: This is a difficult time for your love relationship. Controversies, jealousy are getting more and more and negative emotions to seem to take over your mind. This time, you should rethink everything. A frank conversation and sharing troublesome issues may be necessary to hold the relationship. But if all solutions do not bring positive signs, you should let this love go.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Coffin card is attached to number 8. (This card also means August, 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months. If it appears with the Lenormand Mountain, it could be 8 years)

According to divination: It represents delay, obstacles, and difficulties of any kind.

9. Lenormand Bouquet Card

This card is also called the “Flower”.

Keyword: – Happiness

  • Beauty;
  • Gift;
  • Delight;
  • Invitation.

Overview: The Lenormand Bouquet carries the message towards something positive. It talks about what will bring a smile to you, something that makes you say thank you, a sign that everything is good. When this card appears, you will know that something good is happening.

  • Career:   Everything is in the direction of being useful for you. The projects you are in charge of are progressing very well, the relationships are very happy colleagues. In addition, your boss is considering promoting and increasing your salary in the future. But this is not the time to be lazy or overconfident. You should focus on learning experiences and try to complete the assigned tasks well. Efforts will create good results in the near future.

If your work involves art fields, this is the time for creativity to be maximized. You will be surprised to see the works created during this time. Don’t hesitate to experiment with new things as they can bring great results.

  • Health: The Lenormand Bouquet implies that your health is in the best state. The body’s energy source is allowing you to participate in any outdoor activity at this time. A plan to exercise sports and a reasonable diet will promote your health to grow in a positive direction.
  • Love: Something unexpected and romantic will come to you in the near future. Trips or dinners with your partner can bring about interesting things. More specifically, you should be prepared to receive a bouquet and wedding rings from your lover. Happiness is coming to you very close.

This is when you should expand your friendship and seek genuine love. Don’t worry about new things. Someone with black hair, a bright and friendly smile is ready to write a love story with you. You can meet them on a chance occasion. Take the opportunity and turn them into your own happiness.

The intended time of the event will take place: Lenormand Bouquet is attached to number 9. (It is a symbol of spring, September, 9 days, 9 weeks, or 9 months. If this card appears with the Mountain card, it may be 9 years).

According to divination: This card is related to “Queen Spade”. She is usually a woman with black hair and black eyes. This woman is ambitious and intelligent. She is often widowed or divorced and her actions always tend to interfere with other people’s work.

10. Lenormand Scythe Card

Keyword: – Warning

  • Quick decisions;
  • Terminate a relationship;
  • Pain;
  • Accident/surgery.

Overview: This Lenormand Scythe card represents fast cuts – removing problems, ending a relationship, surgery, etc. It gives a warning that something will happen and that could be forever. What happens in relation to this card will be very fast and dangerous.

Do not misunderstand the meaning of the word “warning”. Not all cuts by scythes are a sign of danger. It is likely that you are the one who created that cut and you will probably remove something negative from your life. The warning here only means paying attention. This card is usually understood in two ways: one is that you may encounter a cut (negative), the other is that you will get unexpected (positive) gifts. This depends on the sub cards when appearing in a question.

  • Career: You will quit early whether this is your choice or the end of the contract. Everything seems to be becoming boring and gloomy in the current workplace. Do not try to cling to old things. This is when you should challenge yourself to new career steps. A new job or new position may be a smart choice now. Prepare strong knowledge and spirit to step into new wars.

If you are looking for a job, the Lenormand Scythe tells you to think of new directions. Don’t cling to old things in the past. You should try to change your career completely, moving to a completely different area from what you have experienced. This may be a new step in the future.

  • Health: You may have major surgery in the future. Don’t worry too much and trust your doctor’s professional qualifications. Keeping a negative attitude in everything just makes your health worse. You also need to pay attention to the cards in the secondary position, it will bring details about what’s happening inside the body.
  • Love: When this card appears it warns about an emotional relationship that is about to end. You may be trying to grab past moments of love and hurt yourself. Things may have gone out of control and love should not continue either. Your lover is no longer the same as before. This is the time for your heart to find a new and happier path. Be determined to make choices and leave things that don’t belong to you.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Scythe is attached to the number 10. (It is a symbol of Autumn, October, 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months. When this card appears with Lenormand Mountain, it may be 10 years).

According to divination: This card represents “Jack Diamond”. It means the messenger, someone brings news or a young man (he usually has pale hair).

11. Lenormand Whip Card

Keyword: – Argumentative

  • Discuss;
  • Separated;
  • Sports/activities limbs;
  • Abuse.

Overview: This card shows intense discussions that can lead to controversy. It also warns that conflicts can lead to separation. With violence nature, the Lenormand Whip card also has the meaning of physical and mental torture.

Because the nature of the card is sex, it can also show sexual passion or sexual abuse, depending on the cards around.

In addition, the Whip card is also associated with physical, sporting and military activities.

  • Career: Your work requires extremely good physical conditions. You have to work continuously and need a big energy source. This is a good time to think about exercising regularly. However, don’t force your body to overwork.

In addition, the Lenormand Whip also brings a message of choice. You may be wondering whether you should continue your current job. Everything seems unclear in the career development plan. This is when you should think carefully and make the right decisions. Don’t be forever a person who only resigns to the arrangements of others.

  • Health: Weather changes can cause your body to experience some unpleasant diseases. This is the time to carefully plan your health care. In addition, you should also have a reasonable schedule for daily activities. Don’t try too hard. If you are experiencing disease, then see a doctor for accurate advice. Absolutely do not use drugs without the designation of professionals.
  • Love: The Lenormand Whip card implies that there will be fierce conflicts happening in your relationship at the present time. Jealousy is just like a slow explosive bomb which is ready to explode at any time. In addition, you may be too skeptical about things and willing to participate in controversies. If you let this “stress” situation last, you can lose a true lover. This is not the time to put self-esteem too high. A frank conversation is essential right now. Don’t let anger break your love.

The intended time of the event will take place: This card is tied to number 11. (That may be November, winter, 11 days, 11 weeks, 11 months or 11 years if it appears with the Lenormand Mountain card).

According to divination: The Lenormand Whip card represents “Jack Clubs”. The card carries a symbolic image of a smart young man and he knows how to succeed in business. This guy has black hair and loves sports.

12. Lenormand Birds Card

Keyword: – Communicate in the language

  • Phone Call;
  • Negotiation;
  • Twins / Siblings;
  • Exciting time;
  • An old couple.

Overview: The Lenormand Birds card shows conversations and chats. Think about how the birds sing throughout the day, you will grasp the key meaning of this card. It talks about a lot of conversations, words, meetings, interviews, gatherings. In addition, this card also shows the spirit of energy and excitement when flirting in love. This card also shows a shift from one problem to another, from one place to another.

  • Career: If you’re waiting for an interview, this card shows that it’s coming very close. Be confident and equip yourself with more knowledge to take on new challenges. Employers will appreciate candidates who are always active in the answers. Do not hesitate to express your opinion. This is the time for professionalism to be shown.

Lenormand Birds also shows that you are under a lot of pressure from your current job. Everything seems to be out of control. You always feel stressed and your workload is too much. This is the time to get support from your colleagues and boss. Don’t do everything by yourself. Remember that everything can be solved if you speak up.

  • Health: You may be damaging your health if you work continuously under high intensity. This is not the time to try to accomplish all the work. If you often feel dizzy, you should check your blood pressure or adrenal gland. A reasonably resting plan and avoiding thinking too much is a good thing to do right now. Remember that you must have a good health foundation to complete unfinished work.
  • Love: A social networking date or phone can be a good idea for people who are looking for love. Remember that you live in an age of technology and exchanging information is easy. If you’re still afraid of meeting strangers, Internet dating tools can be the best option right now.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Birds card is tied to the 12. (Maybe 12, 12, 12, or 12 months. If it appears with the Lenormand Mountain card, it may be 12 years).

According to divination: The Birds card represents “7 Diamonds”. It shows quarrels, conversations, and troubles.

13. Lenormand Child Card

Keyword: – A child

  • Youth;
  • Naive;
  • New Beginnings;
  • Small.

Overview: This Lenormand Child represents aspects of youth. It is a symbolic image of a real child or a new beginning. The qualities of childhood can be described by this card – you can look younger than your real age. In addition, it carries a reminder message about the attitude of not worrying, innocence and forward-looking vision.

  • Career: You can get a job conversion decision in the near future. This can be a new start in your career. Don’t worry about changing the environment because it can be a perfect step forward. You should try to learn the experience to prepare the best luggage for the next challenge.

If you are in the process of finding a suitable job, it will come in the next few days. Interview appointments will continue to be sent. Things to do right now is that you should review the expert knowledge. This is the time to prove your bravery.

  • Health: You may be very confident about your health. However, an energetic body can also suffer from diseases related to the decline of the immune system. You should pay attention to changing bad habits that affect your health. At the same time, the body should also be warmed in stages of weather changes. This is the time, you are very vulnerable to children’s illnesses such as typhus or chickenpox.

Lenormand Child implies that your health tends to improve. If you are suffering from a disease for a long time, you may be able to find the right method to quickly recover completely. Positive thoughts are important to improve the body’s internal energy.

  • Love: You can get an optimistic signal after breaking up a relationship. Someone really wants to be your lover. He/she has a small shape and a cheerful personality. This is a great time for you to open your heart to receive new love. Let’s leave the past behind and embrace the sweetest things new.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Child is tied to number 13. (maybe 13 days, 13 weeks, 13 months. If this card appears with the Lenormand Mountain card, it could be 13 years).

According to divination: The Child card represents “Jack Spades”. This card usually refers to a young man or a boy with black hair. In addition, it also means hypocrisy or malice.

14. Lenormand Fox Card

Keyword: – Job

  • The uniqueness;
  • Crafty / trickery / fraud;
  • Intelligence;
  • Liar.

Overview: The Lenormand Fox card represents your work as well as what you do every day to earn a livelihood. It also shows that this is the time when you need to be careful not to be trapped, cheated or betrayed. If there are positive cards around this card, it means that there is something good to do. If you are in a non-traditional relationship (like being lived together and not married), then the Fox card can say that.

  • Career: Be careful at work during this time. You may be harassed by a colleague or someone who is doing something bad behind your back. This is the time to reconsider what happened. Make sure everything is under control. Do not try to argue or criticize bad guys at work. Planning carefully for projects to ensure safety in everything can be a necessity.

In addition, the Lenormand Fox also implies that you are in the “overwork” phase. Trying for advancement in your career is a must, but don’t lose your passion in life. You should balance everything at the present time.

  • Health: The body is meeting some negative health problems. You may need to check everything to make sure all diagnoses are correct. If you have any doubts, you need to think of another option.
  • Love: Be careful not to get betrayed by others. Your intuition may be giving warning signs of lies in love. You should rethink your lover’s actions in recent times. If you feel something unusual, you should watch everything to know exactly what is going on.

You can be intrigued by a person who is artistically and skillfully communicating on your first date. But be careful because what is shown by appearance. True love takes time to prove.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Fox is attached to number 14. (This card can be 14 days, 14 weeks, or 14 months. If it appears with Lenormand Mountain, it could be 14 years).

According to divination: The Fox card represents “9 Jacks”. It shows that the situation is improving, comfort is increased and hope. This card also shows the focus on the matter rather than emotion and spirituality.

15. Lenormand Bear Card

Keyword: – Personal Finance

  • Boss;
  • Mother;
  • Power;
  • Weight;
  • Diet.

Overview:  Lenormand Bear card often shows your personal finances like investment, income, and money. It also represents management or a private boss.

This is a card indicating protection, strength, and power. Like a mother bear protecting her children. This card uses the power to protect loved ones. That is why the bear also symbolizes the mother, grandmother or any form of protection

If you can imagine the bears storing fat in the spring to hibernate, you will understand why this card is related to health problems such as nutrition, diet, weight gain, weight loss, and obesity.

  • Career: You may be assigned to important projects and related to the development of the company. The Lenormand Bear tells that this is the time to demonstrate your own abilities. All difficulties are just small waves in the ocean. With the current ability, you are able to complete the task ahead. Be confident of your own power that can transcend any obstacle.
  • Health: You may have a food allergy or an eating disorder. Be careful with what you load into the body. You can’t control what ingredients other people use for cooking. It’s best to limit eating outside and cooking yourself.

You are feeling losing control of your weight and emotions. The main reason may be that the body is experiencing excessive stress. You should check the amount of work you are working on and reduce the load of unnecessary things. Taking a yoga class or meditation will be the best way to regain balance for your body right now.

  • Love: Someone is about to enter your life. The Lenormand Bear shows that it is a person who likes to own and control relationships. You need to be really rational with sweet flirtations. Don’t make yourself a slave of love. Remember that you have a lot of better choices in life.

This card can also refer to a terrible struggle in love. You and your lover are having intense arguments. Everyone wants personal protection. You should remember that love is built on the basis of respect and mutual understanding. It is important to talk to your lover to share the problems you are having right now. You need to find a balance between the two to preserve the relationship.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Bear card is attached to number 15. (It can be 15 days, 15 weeks or 15 months. When this card appears with Lenormand Mountain, it may be 15 years).

According to divination: This card represents “10 Clubs”. It means financial satisfaction, big profits, and benefits.

16. Lenormand Stars Card

Keyword: – Dream

  • Glory;
  • Encouragement;
  • Fame;
  • Step forward.

Overview: This is a lucky card. The Lenormand Star shows that your dreams in the future will come true. It shows how people respect you and whether you are famous. This is a card that encourages you to confidently step forward in life.

  • Career: A new career path may be opening up before you. You can get development suggestions at a new workplace. Everything seems to be progressing in a positive way. If the current job does not meet the expectation, this is the time to leave. You have the right to decide to own your own life.

In addition, the Lenormand Star card also brings the message that all of your efforts at work are being recognized by everyone. Your boss is offering salary increases and promotions for you in the future. Efforts to learn and work hard are necessary to prove the ability. Good things are coming to your career very closely.

  • Health: Your health condition is recovering quickly after experiencing a severe illness. You should plan to provide energy for the body. Exercising sports and a reasonable diet will help your body get back to the best.
  • Love: You may be entering a new phase in love. Both are thinking about building a small family in the future. If you receive a proposal, you should accept it. Let’s get ready to start a happy married life.

     If you are alone, don’t worry. Someone who has an optimistic personality and good-looking appearance about to step into a romantic relationship with you. This is when you should take care of yourself and actively participate in outdoor activities. If you receive a confession, you should open your heart.

The intended time of the event will take place: This Lenormand Star card refers to things that happen at night.

According to divination: This card represents “6 Hearts”. It implies memories of the person in question. The Star card carries the message of happy dreams, innocent feelings, and harmony.

17. Lenormand Stork Card

Keywork: – Change

  • Move
  • Change position
  • Transformation

Overview: The Lenormand Stork card is often very frank. It often refers to important and remarkable changes. The surrounding cards will tell you what kind of change it is.

  • Career: Maybe the current job is no longer suitable for your development goals. The projects are boring and the plans are going down. If you are in need of innovation, this is the time to change the individual’s development orientation. A new job can be the foundation to start things better.

If you are looking for a job, it’s time to check your personal preferences. Maybe the job you are applying for is no longer appropriate at this time. A change can make a career better. You should forget about prejudices about the ideal work to open the door to newer challenges.

  • Health: Your health situation is improving significantly. Muscle aches are no longer worry at this time. However, you need to develop a reasonable exercise plan and diet to ensure that the energy is kept balanced. It’s time to love and care for your body more.
  • Love: The Lenormand Stork implies that there will be emotional changes in the relationship during this time. You will no longer feel sweet or romantic. If both are tired of everything in love, this is when you and your lover need a conversation. In addition, a trip can also be a good way to solve these problems.
  • You’re still single and can’t find a suitable person, maybe because you don’t change. The reality is that you need to change your appearance and join friend meetings to find love.

The intended time of the event will take place: This card represents the spring and the weather transitions.

According to divination: This card represents “Queen Heart”. It refers to a gentle lady who is willing to help you in any situation. She will have paled hair.

18. Lenormand Dog Card

Keyword: – Friend

  • Dog;
  • Loyalty;
  • Friendship;
  • The man.

Overview: The Lenormand Dog card is a neutral card. Its basic meaning is a friend, friendship, or loyalty. When this card comes along with other cards it means to describe a real person in life. If it appeared with the Lady card, that person had a friendly, faithful personality. You may feel familiar with this person even though you haven’t heard the name before. The Dog card is also about the man, or in the case of a homosexual relationship, it is the sentiment of the questioner.

  • Career: Your career is becoming stable and solid. All projects are going on schedule without any problems. But this is not the time when you ask for benefits. All of your efforts are being recorded, but they are not enough for your boss to consider a salary increase. Be persistent and try to work harder.
  • Health: The Lenormand Dog shows that your health is stable. Everything is reaching the perfect balance. This is the right time to take yoga or meditation classes to make things better.
  • Love: You will receive a confession from a close friend in the future. It can cause emotional disturbances. You need to think carefully about this relationship. Remember that it’s easy when going from friendship to love, but it’s hard to make love turn back into a friendship.

You can meet a person with blond hair and a somewhat conservative personality in a friendly meeting. This person will actively talk, and he/she want to date you in the future.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Dog represents July. (It also means 18 days, 18 weeks. When this card appears with the Mountain card, it carries the message of 18 months).

According to divination: The Dog card represents “10 Hearts”. It talks about joys, love, friendship, happiness, clarity, and success.

19. Lenormand Tower Card

Keywork: – Protection

  • Powerful;
  • Past;
  • Government;
  • Divisions;
  • Loneliness;
  • Ambitious.

Overview: This Lenormand Tower shows the protection for the cards around. It is also related to the government, courts, banks, hospitals, universities, and colleges. It also refers to people who are self-employed, working independently and individually. Just like a tower rising into the sky, you need to think of something macro (instead of an apartment, it could be an apartment building instead of a child, a university with thousands of students).

  • Career:  You prefer to work independently rather than working in a group. Remember that you are working in a collective environment and everyone always upholds the spirit of solidarity. No one can accomplish everything well if the amount of work is too much. Help from colleagues can be a valuable lesson for you to learn. This is when you should look for knowledge from those around you. Don’t isolate yourself

If you are too frustrated with employment for others, this is an opportunity for personal business. Try making a detailed plan of what to do to create a business. You can also start with a small business. If you do not have much information to start a business, please consult with experienced people.

  • Health: The Lenormand Tower card shows thatyou may notice some unusual changes in the body. Check everything carefully. You should take the time to see a doctor in order to find out exactly what is happening. Don’t be too confident in your own health because the illnesses can come unexpectedly.

Your brain can be stressed out, therefore, you can do whatever needed to calm down and keep your spirit in a stable state. Exercise can help a lot at the moment. Besides, you can consider using herbal tea to relax and detox. Let’s stay away from alcohol and stimulants as much as possible.

  • Love: You can get news about studying abroad or working abroad. This is a challenging time of love. No one can overcome the feeling of loneliness when being away from lovers for a long time. If love is big enough, you will know how to overcome negative emotions to preserve this relationship.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Tower card usually represents 1 year

According to divination: The Tower card represents “6 Spades”. This card is about the complexity of the things you are facing. But these problems will be solved if you have a strong spirit.

20. Lenormand Garden Card

Keyword: – Public

  • Meet friends;
  • Group/ Community;
  • Social activities;
  • Network;
  • Party;
  • Concert.

Overview: This is the card you need to consider if the question relates to a party or social activities. Lenormand Garden presents a good time. It also refers to events that occur between nature such as walking in the forest, gardening or camping. People who draw this card are usually very active and open – their lives always have parties but they are very kind. The card also describes those who are not whole-hearted in a relationship and unfaithful.

  • Career: You may be the focus of attention at the office. Career successes can make ugly colleagues feel jealous. They will always seek to lower your reputation in front of others. Don’t bother with mean words. What is needed now is that you continue to make good efforts to complete the projects assigned by your boss. Success will be the best weapon to respond to bad guys

You may be a potential candidate for interview appointments in the near future. This is the time to show professionalism and high qualifications. You need to prepare everything perfectly before meeting the recruiter because they will always appreciate the confident candidates.

  • Health: The Lenormand Garden card tells that this is the right time for mental relaxation activities. Participating in yoga or meditation classes will help you balance the energy in your body. In addition, you also take the time to travel or participate in the camp. These activities will help improve health in a positive way.
  • Love: You can meet the ideal lover in a public place (park, hospital, supermarket, etc). He has a sociable and open personality. He/she loves social activities. You will be attracted by the humor that he/ she brings. If Cupid has brought it so great, you should be happy to receive it.

You may encounter your ex-lover after many years. You should consider whether you should give that person a chance or not. You will feel vibration by old memories. But remember that those things are just the past.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Garden card represents the afternoon. (It’s also tied to 20 and maybe 20 days. If this card appears with the Mountain card, it’s 20 years).

According to divination: It symbolizes “8 Spades”. This is an unpleasant card that signals danger, suffering, and deception.

21. Lenormand Mountain Card

Keywork: – Obstacles

  • Delay;
  • Trouble;
  • Weight gain;
  • Mountain.

Overview: The Lenormand Mountain card often talks about obstacles. You need to look around the cards to find out what caused the problem. When the Mountain card appeared above the questioner, he might feel like carrying the burden on his shoulder. One important thing to note is that not every obstacle is negative, good things can come from it.

  • –          Career: You may have a lot of trouble at work at this time. Projects stalled, argued with colleagues, reprimanded bosses, etc. Everything seems to be out of control. You can feel the burden like a big mountain weighing on your shoulders. This is not the time to give up. What you need to do right now is take deep breaths and rearrange things. A detailed plan of things “should – shouldn’t” will help you re-organize everything. And don’t be drawn into controversies because it can make the spirit go down in a negative way.

This is not the right time for you to apply for a job. You have not enough experience and knowledge to start new challenges. Instead of wasting time on things that don’t work, you should register for a class to get more lessons for future careers.

  • Health: The Lenormand Garden card implies that you may feel exhausted from work pressure. Don’t be so try to complete all the work. Your body is like a machine and it needs a break. A trip to a new land is a great stress relief method. If you don’t have a lot of time, joining a yoga class also makes you feel relaxed.

If you are suffering from a chronic disease, this is the time to change your treatment. Looks like the current therapy has no effect on the body. You should consult some other treatments without using drugs like acupuncture, yoga, or meditation. However, everything needs to be through a doctor.

  • Love: Everything seems to be complicated in the relationship when the Lenormand Garden card appears. You and your lover are feeling distant and have no romantic gestures like the past. It is time for both to share the feeling. Obstacles in love need to be solved otherwise things can’t progress. The relationship can be broken if everything lasts.

The intended time of the event will take place: This is a slow card. It means that things will not happen quickly. Delays can last for weeks or years.

According to divination: Lenormand Mountain represents the “8 Clubs”. This card implies money. It often shows you that everything will be successful and you will get money from that. Projects at work will also progress well.

 22. Lenormand Crossroads Card

This card is also called Path or Road

Keyword: – Decision

  • Choice;
  • Walk;
  • A long walk;
  • Road.

Overview: The main meaning of the Lenormand Crossroads card is decisions. This is the first meaning that you should use when interpreting the card. It gives you two paths, two options for any problem. Options are often not easy and need to be carefully considered. This is the card that gives you the freedom to choose the path you will take. When the card appears above the questioner, it means that important decisions are weighing on their shoulders, decisions that the person cannot avoid.

  • Career: You will have the opportunity to develop your career in the near future. An offer to advance in a job or a long-term business trip. You will have to choose your own path. Either way, these opportunities bring you valuable lessons. Think carefully about everything before you get an official answer.
  • Health: The Lenormand Crossroads card means that this is the time you need to make important health-related decisions. Muscle pain or spinal trauma needs to be resolved. You will have to undergo a major surgery that affects the body. Get ready for the worst cases that can happen.

You may be letting negative emotions affect your health and mind when this card appears. This is not good for the body’s energy source. Remember that comfort in mind and balance of thought will help create a strong health condition. Do not let bad habits control your life.

  • Love: You are choosing between two people when the Lenormand Crossroads appears. Both give you sweet feelings in love, but you cannot greedily possess all. Think carefully and choose the right person. This is the time to make the final decision.

Your lover may be trying to tie you into a legal relationship. You don’t seem ready for that. This is the time to choose. If you feel uncomfortable, you should be frank in everything.

The intended time of the event will take place: This card is usually associated with the number 2 (2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years)

According to divination: Lenormand Crossroads represents “Queen Diamond”. This card often represents a jealous woman and likes to interfere with other people’s affairs. It can also refer to a bad person or an enemy.

23. Lenormand Mice Card

Keyword: – Stress

  • Loss
  • Reconciliation
  • Robber

Overview: Lenormand Mice often shows anxiety or something may be lost or missed. It represents acts of destruction, confusion, and sadness. It also shows structural problems, such as leaks or moldiness in your home. This card also implies fatigue, harassment, illness, and anxiety.

  • Career: You should be mentally prepared to face the risk of unemployment or your company is bankrupt. Everything bad can happen in the future. What you need to do is plan the most situations. You should prepare your CV and look for new jobs.

It is important to remember that in any difficult situation there is always a choice. You do not have to try too hard on the work you do not like. Every decision on your career at this time is owned by you.

  • Health: Lenormand Mice card implies that you may experience some diseases when the weather changes. The body becomes more sensitive during this time. You should spend a lot of time practicing sports to improve your resistance and pay attention to keeping your body warm. A proper diet can also minimize the risk of illness to the maximum.

You may be letting prolonged stress affect your mind and body. Insomnia, headaches and even depression will jeopardize your current condition. Do not let things go out of control. Changing your lifestyle and maintaining positive thoughts may be the best treatment at the moment. If your situation gets worse, you can seek help from a psychologist.

  • Love: This Lenormand Mice card is a very dangerous warning for your relationship. Both of you will face many difficulties and disapproval from many sides. Do not suffer yourself but try to be straightforward and talk to each other clearly to improve the current situation. True love always has mutual concern and understanding. If you are single, this is not the right time to find new love. All current feelings are only in a temporary and have no clarity.

The intended time of the event will take place:  This is a card that means time passes quite quickly (day or hour).

According to divination:  The Mice Lenormand represents the “7 Clubs”. It talks about small financial benefits and gifts that will be received when working hard.

24. Lenormand Heart Card

Keywork: – Sentiment

  • Passion;
  • Romance;
  • Generous;
  • Thoughtful.

Overview: This card has serious meaning in all matters but it is primarily about situations that happen in love. The Lenormand Heart card is not necessarily romantic love, it can also refer to the relationship between friends or family members. When you have emotional questions, the Heart card is what you need to pay attention.

If someone has an informal relationship, this card often represents the third person in love. The gender of the person depends on the cards next to him (the Lenormand Snake Card represents the woman’s image and the Bear card represents the man).

If someone has trouble choosing between two people in love, the Lenormand Heart card usually represents one of the two. It is due to its link to “Jack Heart” in the divination.

In a question of love, if the questioner did not draw the Heart card, this shows that this love story lacks the passion between the two. Perhaps these people have forgotten the reason why they came together.

  • Career: You are very interested in work. Every day to the office is every day you live full of passion. Projects are growing very well without any problems. This is also a good time for you to learn new knowledge and experience at work. Try hard so that your career can go far in the future

If you are looking for a new job, the Lenormand Heart card tells you that it is coming close. But no matter what happens, you should keep your feelings in the most positive way and share your success with friends. Your career is steady and capable of going further, it is moving towards a new stage of development.

  • Health: Maybe you are locking yourself in office or home. The brain can’t function well if it is constantly faced with stress. This is the time to rest. You need to breathe the fresh air of nature and participate in outdoor activities. A trip to new lands can be a great way to recharge your body’s energy.
  • Love: Maybe true love will come in the future. It could be a new relationship or an event that creates a strong connection. You will be very happy. Everyone can see the aura of happiness that radiates from you. Even if this relationship just begins, the two of you can think about meeting each other’s family and getting married.

Perhaps, you feel that there must be a need for commitment after a long period of love. Don’t be afraid to share this with your partner. Everyone wants his/her relationship to bear fruit and to move towards a happy marriage.

The intended time of the event will take place:  This Lenormand Heart card indicates the hottest time of the summer when the flame of passion reaches its peak – August.

According to divination: This card represents “Jack Heart”. It was about a serious young man with pale hair. He often has clear intentions and exudes the temperament of an aristocrat.

25. Lenormand Ring card

Keyword: –  Relationship

  • Contract;
  • Marriage;
  • Union;
  • Circulation;
  • Jewelry;
  • Devotion / consensus.

Overview: The Lenormand Ring often talks about a relationship or a contract. It can also represent traditional images, repetitive events and complete a cycle.

If you are in a love relationship and want to learn more about this, this card is what you need to consider.

Similarly, if the Ring card appears next to a card showing the image of a real person, it indicates that the person is in a relationship and not a single person.

  • Career: The Lenormand Ring card warns you that this is not the time for you to be lazy at work. Projects need to be completed on schedule but you seem to be too indifferent to it. Colleagues are waiting for you to finish the job. Remember that boss is carefully observing your attitude at work so don’t let laziness hinder the advancement path of your future career.

This is a sign that you are going in the wrong direction without a clear goal. Let’s focus on many ideas at work to make sure you and colleagues understand each other completely. You also need to be patient. Things should be resolved in a positive way. The truth may not be as bad as you think.

  • Health: You may be suffering from a chronic disease and the symptoms never been definitively settle. Consider the health problem carefully. Maybe current treatments do not bring results. You should consult ideas from highly qualified people or doctors to find the best solution to this problem.
  • Love: This is a great time for true love to knock on your door. The perfect partner you are looking for will suddenly come to you. He /she is very serious about love and promotes fidelity in a relationship. Everything seems to be very promising.

If you are in a long-term relationship, the Lenormand Ring card gives you a hint that this may be the right time to get married. You may feel it’s important to build your own small family, but don’t worry. Your lover is very faithful and he/she always attaches great importance to family affection. Happiness is at hand and you should keep it tight

The intended time of the event will take place: The circular nature of this card shows that it takes some time for something to happen. If the circle is broken, it can be extended to infinity. Changing the traditional image and things will happen.

According to divination: It represents “Ace Club”. This card signals success, victory, and glory in every way.

26. Lenormand Book Card

Keywork: – Secret

  • Education;
  • Knowledge;
  • Specialize;
  • Discover;
  • Study;
  • Book.

Overview: The Lenormand Book card can be tied to very mundane things like books, diaries, and newspapers. This card brings meaning to learning – it shows that knowledge is immense, and people always have to learn no matter what age. The Book card can also talk about secrets and information that will be discovered.

  • Career: You may have to start a job that requires a lot of professional experience. The new start will never go smoothly and it will create a lot of pressure on the spirit. This is the time to cultivate more knowledge.  Be brave to face the challenges because they will be necessary for future steps.

In addition, Lenormand Book also has the message that you will be able to manage a team at work. Experience and bravery will be practiced when receiving this task. You may not be ready for what’s going to happen but this is not the time to escape. Don’t worry too much. You have the ability to control everything at hand.

  • Health: You can radically change your situation if you think your physical condition is not good. This does not mean you have to ignore all the doctor’s recommendations. You can refer to other treatments if possible. The progress of improvement depends on your attitude.
  • Love: You may be in a secret relationship with a married person. Love has its own reasons, but do not base it on that justify the wrongful act. Stop the current situation immediately, otherwise, you will be the one who gets hurt.

This Lenormand card also shows that you are having a romance through letters or social media. Be careful to check all personal information of the person you’re chatting. Maybe things are not as good as what you are seeing. Do not rush to believe anything if there is no authentic evidence.

The intended time of the event will take place:  This card is often used to refer to March.

According to divination: The Lenormand Book card represents “10 Diamonds”. It is about movement, visitation, and division. Changes often will not be negative but also help some aspects of life become better.

27. Lenormand Letter Card

Keyword: –  Message

  • Email;
  • Documents / Diplomas;
  • Fax;
  • Bill.

Overview: The Lenormand Letter card points to methods of communicating with words. It may include various forms – such as e-mail, paper, fax, newspaper, etc. In addition, this card also refers to business documents (such as invoices or debt papers), legal documents (such as wills, court orders, parking tickets), or school documents (such as contact cards or qualifications).

The surrounding cards will tell you that those messages are positive or negative. They can also provide an in-depth look at what kind of material is mentioned – for example, the Tower card will refer to legal documents while the Fish card only things related to business or finance.

  • Career: Efforts in your work have been noted. A proposal to advance in the career is coming very close. You may be surprised when good things happen. However, this is not the time to fall asleep on victory. You should try to learn and work hard to make better progress in the future.

If you are looking for a suitable job, the Lenormand Letter card tells you not to worry. Everything seems to be going very well. Employers need time to review all profiles of potential candidates and this can take a long time. Do not give up.

  • Health: You may be suffering from muscular pain which is causing negative health effects. Self-healing will not bring any good results. What to do right now is an appointment to check with the doctor because they know how to use the right treatment to resolve this situation.

You may be letting prolonged stress affect your mind and body. Insomnia, headaches and even depression will jeopardize your current condition. Do not let things go out of control. Changing your lifestyle and maintaining positive thoughts may be the best treatment at the moment. If your situation gets worse, you can seek help from a psychologist.

  • Love: You are about to receive a romantic letter from a mysterious person when the Lenormand Letter card appears. Everything seems to stimulate the curiosity of the heart. However, do not rush to put your whole feelings into sweet words. If you continue to receive mysterious letters, you should ask for an appointment with the sender.

The intended time of the event will take place:  This card is often associated with June.

According to divination:  The Letter card is tied to “7 Spades”. It describes small debates, melancholy, suffering, and illness.

28. Lenormand Man Card

Keyword: – The Guest

  • Boyfriend;
  • Husband;
  • Partner;
  • Brothers;
  • Father/son.

Overview: The Lenormand Man represents male characters – husband, father, son, boyfriend, boss, etc.

It often represents:

  • The Guest –  if the questioner is male;
  • People in relationship with the questioner;
  • If the questioner is single, who is mentioned as people they care.

When explaining the meaning of this card for a female guest, it is important to remember that this card represents the person you have a relationship with (the husband, lover or person you do care for) but do not want to stick for a long time. In a turn spread, the Man Lenormand card shows her boyfriend’s image and another card (like the Dog card) will represent the person she wants to live with for life.

There are many male cards in the deck that you may be vague about which cards represent the male. The Lenormand Man card always occupies an important position in the lives of female guests or will express themselves if they are male. The Lenormand Lily card is an older man, as a father. The Lenormand Dog card refers to a male friend and the Lenormand Bear card may be their boss. The Lenormand Rider card is a person who is entering the life of a guest. You can see this as a structure in which the Man card is the most important card and the Rider card is ranked last.

  • Career: It is possible that projects at work are having problems. This is the time for the bravery to be shown. You need to be strong to fight the challenge and assume all liability that may occur. If you need advice, ask the men who have the expertise (like your boss, colleague, father, etc). These people can help you come up with the best solution.

The Lenormand Man card demonstrates that power is an important factor to maintain stability at work. You can meet an older man at work who always brings a sense of rigor in decisions. This can make you feel tired, however, do not worry too much. He is just trying to show you that the rules created to efficiently complete the work. Everything is going very well. Let’s focus to accomplish the work and make logical plans. If you are looking for a job, this is a time when you need a suitable choice.

The card is not just a specific job. If it appears in a job-related position, you can consider the traditional roles of men. Cards around will provide important information about relevant work.

  • Health: This is a card that shows how much health is affected by the spirit. Don’t put yourself in the trap of stress. However, you should not waste too much time for all-night parties. Remember that disciplines and scientific lifestyles will help to change your health condition in a positive way.

In addition, this card also refers to diseases related to men (genitals). Unprotected sex may be the main cause of the problem. Consider the health overview and track the changes in your body.

  • Love: Maybe, you will love someone who is older than you. This person is conservative, disciplined and strict. The attraction may not come from both sides at the beginning but if you are patient and persistent, this relationship may develop in a good way.

Your feelings seem to be getting better. Do not complain and blame the partner for personal feelings. You should actively change the way of communication in your relationship. But do not play with other people’s feelings if you do not want to pay dearly for your actions.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Man card is often associated with April but it very rarely appears in a position to talk about time.

According to divination: The Man card represents “Ace Heart”. This card carries the message of joy, happiness, and satisfaction.

29. Lenormand Woman Card

Keyword: –  The Guest

  • Girlfriend;
  • Wife;
  • Sister;
  • Mother/ Daughter.

Overview: The Lenormand Woman card symbolizes female figures – such as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, female friend, aunt, etc. This card represents a woman and other cards will provide additional clues for you about this person.

This card often represents:

  • The guest – if the questioner is female;
  • People in relationship with the questioner;
  • If the questioner is single, who is mentioned as people they care.

When explaining the meaning of the cards to a man in love, remember that the Woman card is a woman in love. It’s not just a lover or someone he noticed

As well as the Man card always exists the rankings for cards representing women. Among them, the Woman card headed, followed by the Snake card and the Bouquet card. The Woman card will represent the most important woman in your life or yourself. The Snake card will represent another woman (friend, colleague) or a lover. The Bouquet card will represent a kind woman and have a distant relationship with you than the Snake card.

  • Career: The Lenormand Woman card represents collaboration in terms of work. In particular, it foreshadows plans that are developing in a positive way. Your ideas, your passion, and your problem-solving skills will inspire colleagues. This is also a good time to implement interesting things to complete every assigned task.

In addition, if you want to achieve your goals, it is not necessary to do everything. Sometimes, tranquility is an essential element to successfully complete ongoing projects. The Woman card delivers the message that you have the ability to receive interesting support from female colleagues.

This card does not indicate a specific job. If the Woman card is in a job-related position, you can think about the traditional roles of women (such as housework, social workers). The cards next to it will provide important information about career possibilities.

  • Health: There are many things about health that you do not understand. You will need to go to the hospital for a doctor to diagnose health problems. Listen to your body.

In addition, this card also refers to diseases related to female (genitals). Unprotected sex may be the main cause of the problem. Consider the health overview and track the changes in your body.

  • Love: The Lenormand Woman card is a factor that expresses the power of women: mystery, unpredictability, and charm. This is a great time for true love to knock on your door. The perfect partner you are looking for will suddenly come to you. Everything seems to be very promising. If you are in a long-term relationship, everything will become sweeter, deeper and more romantic.

The intended time of the event will take place:  The Woman card is often associated with May but it very rarely appears in a position to talk about time.

According to divination:  The Lenormand Woman card represents “Ace Spade”. This card has a good message about contracts and opportunities.

30. Lenormand Lily card

Keywork: – Family

  • Old man;
  • Sexuality;
  • The Winter;
  • The peaceful / Quiet;
  • Mature;
  • Retirement.

Overview:  The Lenormand Lily card has many meanings and it can make us feel vague. The key is to focus on the questions and events that the card shows. Are you hiding a nefarious relationship? Are you curious about your family? What will happen in the winter? What things in life help you to be peaceful?

  • Career: The Lily card can signal that you are feeling the weight on your shoulders. There is a high probability that you are working too hard but get too little recognition and money. If that is the case, you must take the initiative in everything.

This card also shows you are about to sign a long-term contract at work. This is the time to think carefully. Do you really want to stick with current projects for a long time? Remember that every decision at this time involves a career in the future. If you still don’t have an answer to this problem, consult the people you trust.

  • Health: This card often brings a message about aging-related diseases. The human body is like a machine. If they work for a long time, there will be damage. This is the time for you to increase your fitness activities and develop a proper diet to improve your current health situation.

In addition, this card shows sexually transmitted diseases. The indiscriminate lifestyle and unhealthy living habits are the main causes of this problem.

  • Love: The Lily card signals a passionate period that is about to take place in a few days. Someone wants to have a serious relationship with you. That person always has a tendency to protect, care for and do the best things for his/her lover. Do not miss your chance to be an “important one” and be loved.

If you are in a long-term relationship then perhaps this time is challenging your fidelity. An older man with politeness is trying to get attention. This is the time to be alert to sweet flirtations.

The intended time of the event will take place:  The Lenormand Lily card is a slow card (although its meaning is not as heavy as the Lenormand Mountain card). This card usually refers to events that will take place in the winter.

According to divination: This card represents “King Spade”. It was an older man, serious and ambitious. He can also be very powerful and like to protect.

31. Lenormand Sun Card

Keywork: –  Success

  • Heat;
  • Energy;
  • Lucky;
  • Electrical Power;
  • Sunrise;
  • Completion;
  • Reputation.

Overview: This is a card that brings success and luck. When the Lenormand Sun appears in a turn spread, it is a good omen that you will get what you want. This card can also reduce the impact of negative cards like the Mountain card, the Mice card, the Scythe card, and the Coffin card.

  • Career: The Sun card signals that it is time to get the best things in the job. Opportunities for the salary increase and promotion at work will come quickly so you should be ready for this. Your current position is the result of continuous efforts. Don’t be complacent because there is always a higher mountain to climb. You should stay focused to successfully complete the assigned tasks.

It also implies that you are about to switch to a new position, a new department or a job that you have not yet experienced. This can bring about interesting and valuable experiences as well as new ideas and creative ways to solve work. Besides, you should try to build trust from colleagues and superiors. They will be the main factor to help to advance your work in the future.

  • Health: If you are in the process of treating a chronic illness, you will get better when there is an appearance of the Lenormand Sun card. If your current situation is in a balanced state, this card is an encouragement to physical activity. You will have a healthy body if you do exercise regularly. During this time, you should keep your mind as comfortable and optimistic as possible to nurture your health.
  • Love: When the Sun card appears in a spread about the relationship, it shows a bright future. If you are in a long-term relationship, this is when both of you need to take actions to warm up your feelings.

You are still single, this is a good opportunity for you to go out and find your other half. You will easily fall in love with someone, but let everything happen naturally and slowly. In love, everything needs balance.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Sun card represents summer.

According to divination: The Sun card represents “Ace Diamond”. This card shows movement, travel, new things, and guests.

32. Lenormand Moon Card

Keywork: – Emotion

  • Reputation;
  • Creation;
  • The evening;
  • Down mood;
  • Romance;
  • Art;
  • Intuition.

Overview: This is a great card if you are looking for fame. Although it does not mean that you will become a celebrity, the Lenormand Moon card shows that you will be recognized in some way.

The Lenormand Moon also points to romance and feelings related to it. This card also represents creative efforts – write a book or some art project.

  • Career: The Moon card symbolizes glory which is expressed through the desire for strong success. This card reminds you not to let difficulties in projects make you frustrated. In all things, pioneers will be opposed. Don’t let those things bother you. You only need to take action to prove all your decisions.

This card may also show a need for balance. For business conflict situations, the Moon card says that compromise and cooperation are essential. For those who are looking for a new job, you need to set a big goal. Don’t expect too much from yourself or others. If you work with patience, you will get what you deserve in the long run. Your achievements will not be overlooked.

  • Health: You have enough spiritual strength inside and outside to win glory. This is a good time to adjust bad habits in order to protect your health. You can start with small goals to help to enhance resistance. In addition, you will feel healthier when you exercise regularly.
  • Love: The Lenormand Moon card is a great omen for your future relationship. You should listen to the feelings deep inside your heart to recognize the wonderful moments of love. If you are dating, those romantic dates will probably make you extremely happy.

If you get a confession, this seems to be a close relationship. Both will support and benefit each other. If you are looking for a lover, this is a good time to find that person. You must be confident, always smile and open your heart. Love will come at the most unexpected times.

The intended time of the event will take place: The Lenormand Moon card signals the new moon or 1 month.

According to divination:  This card represents “8 hearts”. It talks about small joys and satisfaction. The Moon card also shows peace and sincere emotions.

33. Lenormand Key Card

Keywork: – Important

  • Necessity;
  • Success;
  • Key;
  • Something is about to be revealed.

Overview: This card shows something really important in life. In the question of a relationship, it will indicate what is needed, and the cards around will show the missing things. The Lenormand Key reveals the things that you have not yet known and the things that need attention in the near future

This card also shows when supernatural forces are affecting you.

  • Career: In terms of work, the Key card indicates that you adapt yourself to a circumstance for assigned plans and projects. This is when you need to consider risk-taking. You should spend the most focus on the tasks entrusted to you by your superiors.

If you are looking for a job, look for the two most potential places to apply and prepare for the interview rather than sending your CV everywhere without a thorough understanding of those jobs/positions/companies

  • Health: This is the critical moment for you to leave behind the past and the wrong things that others have done to you, especially when you are struggling with a chronic disease. That is not good for your health and spirit. Let’s think positive.

This will be a positive period for your health. If you are waiting for the test results of some diseases, they are almost turned out to be great. You will have the calmness and energy to overcome difficult times. Let’s take well care of yourself.

  • Love: In terms of love, the Lenormand Key card brings new and exciting experiences. If you are still looking for love, you will not have to wait for any longer. An unexpected encounter will bring love at first sight. It is important to open your heart and gladly accept this gift.

This card reminds you to create a balance between reason and emotion in a long – term relationship. The sharing and equality of interests will help to strengthen the bond between you two.

The intended time of the event will take place: This card often represents November.

According to divination: The Lenormand Key card represents “8 Diamonds”. It refers to travel, trips, visits, and meetings.

34. Lenormand Fish Card

Keywork: – Business

  • Money;
  • Fish / Fishing;
  • Ocean / River/ Lake;
  • Finance;
  • Alcohol.

Overview: This is the card showing the business. It includes all business activities – such as export, import, sales, etc. The Lenormand Fish also refers to people who do water-related work. This is also a card you should consider when you want to know someone’s finance.

  • Career: The Fish card shows that the projects and plans that you are in charge of are developing very well and about entering the final stage. All of your efforts are highly valued and appreciated by everyone. Things are going very smoothly, and if you pay close attention, success will come quite fast. Your boss may offer you a raise and promotion for a better position than you expect.

In addition, it is also a very good predictor when you are in the job search phase. If you are patient, you will soon get a position that you like or in which you are paid well.

  • Health: This card is also a positive sign in terms of health. You will feel extremely well at this time. Let’s think about what you can do to improve better and maintain this impressive situation.
  • Love: Lenormand Fish is a very happy sign of love. If you now have a promised and committed relationship, this card implies that it will soon advance to a new level. You will soon experience a period of peace and happiness. Let’s enjoy those feelings.

This card also tells you to not hold on to an unclear relationship. However, don’t brave all of the things to establish a relationship with a new person in life. When the right time comes, love you will know. Let’s be optimistic, and keep in mind that you deserve to be loved.

The intended time of the event will take place: Traditionally, this card represents 4 years.

According to divination: The Lenormand Fish card represents “King Diamond”. It depicts a powerful, assertive man who does not falter. This card is also related to work and business issues.

35. Lenormand Anchor Card

Keywork: – Steady

  • Achieve the goal;
  • The stability;
  • Reliable;
  • Long – term;
  • Beach;
  • Harbor;
  • Work.

Overview: You can understand this card through what the icon of the anchor symbolizes in the time of author Mlle Lenormand (19th century). When a ship enters the harbor, the crew will lower the anchor. It is a sign that the ship has reached its destination and is safe. The ship and the entire crew passed the trip and could go ashore to rest, replenish goods, and have a good time. Meanwhile, a ship can also anchor and dock in the harbor until the weather and tide are good to go back to sea.

From this historical point of view, you can see where the meaning of this card comes from.

In addition, the Lenormand Anchor card is also often used to describe the general German tradition. That is because when the ship touched the dock and dropped anchor, the work was considered complete. The ship will be unloaded, new goods will be loaded on board, and new crew and passengers will also board.

  • Career: When you see the Anchor card, you should consider the future projects and plans carefully. This is not the time for daydreaming or illusions but reality. Maybe, you will move to another position or take on new responsibilities. If you are wondering whether to leave your current job or not, this card tells you to quit. The options for the new job position will appear. In general, this is good news.
  • Health: This Lenormand card conveys a message that you should spend more time resting and caring for your own health. Let’s put your life responsibilities aside and get rid of work pressure to help your mind completely relaxed and balanced. Maybe, you are not in good condition at this time but do not make it worse. You need to give yourself some time to recover.

This card also brings the message you need to pay attention to weight problems. The body seems to become heavy and slow. The main reason may be due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. This is the time you should change everything to make your health better.

  • Love: The Lenormand Anchor card has a tendency of protection and love. If you are in a relationship, your lover may look after you more attentively and thoughtfully in the upcoming time. Let’s enjoy those sweet things.

If you are looking for love, this card brings a good sign that you will meet someone who is mature and romantic. Don’t hesitate to experience the feeling of being loved by someone.

The intended time of the event will take place:  The Anchor card is usually not only very fast. Traditionally, it was used to symbolize September. This card can also refer to things that will last for a period, sometimes for years.

According to divination: This card represents “9 Spades”. This is not a very good card because it often refers to separation, dispersion, and failure.

36. Lenormand Cross Card

Keywork: – The pain

  • Burden
  • Destiny / Fate;
  • Endurance;

Overview: This card is often expressed anguish. If the Lenormand Cross is around by the positive meaning card, it can also symbolize good things, as things have been predetermined. However, often it will refer to difficult times, physical or mental pain, frustration or guilt.

The Cross card also represent all religions.

  • Career: Unfortunately, you are about to lose your job when the Cross card appears. You will feel extremely unpleasant as if the whole world is against you. Instead of sitting there and being frustrated, you should try to complete all the assigned tasks. Before ending something, you should leave a good impression in the eyes of your colleagues. Perhaps, experiences in the new job will bring more interesting things and benefits.

In addition, you should prepare for the worst situations that can happen over the next few days when the Lenormand Cross appears during a spread about work. There will be times when you feel your self-esteem is deeply hurt, and the workplace is full of betrayal and lies. You should talk to the colleague you trust the most to get advice to overcome this terrible period. Things are not as bad as you think, and there is always the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Health: Maybe you have health problems. Don’t let negative depression or thoughts affect the energy inside your body. Everything can be cured with different methods. You should appreciate your health and nurture it in the best way. Always remember that you cannot enjoy wealth if you are not in good health.
  • Love: This card is a very dangerous warning for your relationship. Both of you will face many difficulties and disapproval from many sides. Do not suffer yourself but try to be straightforward and talk to each other clearly to improve the current situation. True love always has mutual concern and understanding.

The intended time of the event will take place:  Usually, the Lenormand Cross card shows things that happen immediately.

According to divination: It represents “6 Clubs”. This card shows the difficulties and troubles of your goals.

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