Introduction about 78 Tarot Cards Meanings

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For anyone interested in reading Tarot, the hardest part is probably learning the meaning of a whole deck. A Tarot deck is a collection of 78 cards, each of which contains its own meaning. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards divided into 4 suits which are Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each suit consists of 10 cards numbered from Ace to Ten and 4 Court cards, in which Ace cards are replaced for card number 1 and 4 Court cards are respectively King, Queen, Knight, and Page.

Tarot cards all have upright and reversed meanings. Some cards in Minor Arcana can be associated or directly linked to cards in Major Arcana. Similarly, when combining in a Tarot spread, they produce specific reading results, making it easier for the reader to analyze the querent’s situation, as well as making querent feel the accuracy and specificity of the Tarot spread.

Most online documents only offer a short description or general meaning which makes them quite vague and confusing, especially for new beginners. The meaning of these 78 Tarot cards using images based on the standards of Rider Waite Smith and are divided into keywords, how to apply in action, support and opposite cards, detailed descriptions, applications in each Tarot spread about work, love, finance, health, mentality while offering advice for certain situations and human implications.

These Tarot meanings are only suggestive and not imposing. They will make sense based on your story and situation. For most cards, you will feel that the interpretation is very suitable, but if there is a card that reminds you of another meaning, you should not be afraid to follow your own intuition.

In some different Tarot decks, cards will have different names (however, they still have the same meaning). In this article, we only use names and card images in accordance with Rider Waite Smith standard to create readability for users.

The table below is a list of Top 50 Tarot decks for both beginners and experienced readers. The most popular and widely used of these are 3 decks according to Rider, Thoth and Marseille standards. For some decks with different themes, the card’s name can be changed, however, their general meaning still remains the same.

Top 50 Essential Tarot Decks

1. Rider Waite Tarot
26. Animism Tarot
2. Thoth Tarot27. Animal Totem Tarot
3. Tarot of Marseilles28. Mystical Cats Tarot
4. Deviant Moon Tarot29. Fantastical Creatures Tarot
5. Wildwood Tarot
30. The Tarot of Trees
6. Druidcraft Tarot31. Lover’s Path Tarot
7. Morgan Greer Tarot32. Decameron Tarot
8. Gilded Tarot
33. Kamasutra Tarot
9. Steampunk Tarot34. Tarot of Sexual Magic
10. Shadowscapes Tarot35. Manara: Erotic Tarot
11. Transparent Tarot36. Tarot of Casanova
12. Tarot of the Silicon Dawn37. Witches Tarot
13. Cosmos Tarot and Oracle38. Wizards Tarot
14. Circle of Life Tarot39. Silver Witchcraft Tarot
15. Book of Shadows Tarot40. Green Witch Tarot
16. Chrysalis Tarot41. Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot
17. Linestrider Tarot
42. Gothic Tarot
18. Tarot of the New Vision43. Dark Grimoire Tarot
19. Lost Code of Tarot44. Necronomicon Tarot
20. Dreams of Gaia Tarot45. Tarot of Vampyres
21. Osho Zen Tarot
46. Daemon Tarot
22. Sacred India Tarot47. Tyldwick Tarot
23. Buddha Tarot48. Alice Tarot
24. Pagan Tarot49. Alchemia Tarot
25. Hermetic Tarot50. Bohemian Gothic Tarot
51. Wild Unknown Tarot

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