Themes and Purpose in Oracle for Yourself

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Every Oracle card contains at least one theme and one purpose. But most users are and will be using them do not pay much attention to this. People often use the ones that they feel right for themselves and leave behind the rest. In this article, “Purpose and Theme” will be clarified and give you a more overview perspective about the structure of an Oracle and from there you can choose your own oracle cards for yourself.

1. Overview of Themes in Oracle to choose your own oracle cards

The term “Theme” in Oracle, to put it simply, is the outside part. To explain further, “Theme” is the part that was responsible for words, images as well as an overall message. With an Oracle deck, which users will always catch firstly. They were considered as the outside look of people, the thing that lies right in front of our eyes at first. To choose the right Oracle deck also starts from the look and the feeling of Theme.

Common Themes about Images in Oracle:

  • Angel / Archangel
  • Animal / Plant / Botany 
  • Gods / Goddesses
  • Faery, Mermaid, Elf,…
  • Crystal
  • Witches, Wizards

Common Psychic Themes in Oracle:

  • Love;
  • Life Purpose;
  • Healing / Health;
  • Career;
  • General.

2. General Information about Oracle’s Purpose

The term “Purpose” in Oracle means the inside parts. To explain further, “Purpose” means the words which are responsible for the spirit of the deck. They explain the reasons why the cards have their uses and flatter how the deck reflects itself. The Purpose of Oracle will be explained after the user opens the deck or if you’re quick to collect information, just a glance on the package would be enough. The truth is we can only understand 30% of the Purpose of the deck. Until you are familiar with the cards and the feelings, then 70% of the deck understanding will be activated. It is considered the inside of human and needs time to search, discover to reach the balance between the mind and the heart. Depends on the levels of attention and understanding of the users, the explanation of the meaning levels will be accurate or not. Moreover, it is one of the things to bear in mind when you pick for yourself the right Oracle deck.

Purposes of using Oracle:

  • Fortune

This is a deck that could be used as a fortune-telling tool, includes Tarot and Lenormand. But Tarot and Lenormand have a particular structure, which is called by these two names. The rest, without a particular structure, will be called Fortune Cards or Oracle Cards.

Some authors can name them separately, for instance, Clow Cards belongs to the Fortune Telling Type, has its own name and standards with rules were made by the author.

Besides, Tea Leaf Fortune is also an example of this very interesting Fortune Telling Card.

Tea Leaf Fortune is a very interesting card for fortune telling

Because this type is very diverse and the authors can be very creative, when using, you should follow the attached guidance book to understand the deep meaning under the deck. Or if you’re lucky to own Oracle decks with popular standards such as Tarot or Lenormand, besides the guide book, there are a lot of online materials on the Internet or worth-of-mouth experience from the professionals to increase the ability to use.

  • Guidance & Transformation

These are decks with guidance that will help you have awareness of new things, where you can understand how to practice new skills. Or simply, just small pieces of advice that help you feel more comfortable in your busy life. These decks also have default themes, help you to easily choose the best options for every situation in life.

For e.g: Whispers of Love Oracle helps you find solutions and messages to build tight relationships and strengthen them, Faerie Guidance Oracle gives you small tips to help you feel more optimistic and improve life quality, Mudras For Awakening The Energy Body presents 33 mudras and 7 chakras which were chosen because of their benefits in supporting health and healing…

To make the best use of these decks while reading:

– You must understand the themes, advice, and information about the deck in order to choose a good time to use it. For instance, while reading the Tarot about Love for a couple, if they are in a fight, Whispers of Love Oracle can help them have the best decisions to strengthen their loving relationship. But if they’re upset after the break-up, the use of Oracle could be a disaster because it’s so positive and optimistic, to make them feel angry.

– Using Oracle with a Fortune Telling deck or using them to analyze a problem in a short-term period, could motivate it to evolve faster.

  • Inspirations:

This deck was inspired by a field, area in life, and while using it, you can be inspired, acknowledged more in that field or area.

For e.g.: Gems Oracle was inspired from soft stone and quartz, Gods & Titans Oracle was inspired by gods or Titans in Greek Mythology.

Gems Oracle was inspired from soft stone and quartz.

Usually, these decks are used to get inspired, therefore you can use in academic research, seeking inspiration in daily routine, or simply to relax. Besides, if there are extra instructions, the attached book will guide you carefully and in detail so you can understand well.

  • Meditation

Usually, this card type directs people to meditation and the art of “zen” in spiritual science. Meditation does not mean to think about one thing or analyze anything, it is more about a way to help us see through the meaning of reality in the perfection of inside thoughts.

Usually, this card type directs people to meditation and the art of “zen” in spiritual science.

Oracle cards with these purposes have Buddist-oriented (the origin of the masters of zen). These cards usually give various advice and instructions more than just fortune telling. It can study the problem carefully and dig to the root to help an individual find out the best answer for self.  

The most typical card for Oracle with Meditation theme could be Kuan Yin Oracle – The Guan Yin’s Guidance. The Buddhist philosophy could be included with the image of Guishan Guan Yin could help to enlighten us our alter-ego deep down somewhere within our subconsciousness. Beside, Goddess Guidance Oracle is also popular as its philosophy is about alter-ego in both the East and the West.

Goddess Guidance Oracle – The Meditation Awakes Minds

To read Meditation Oracle is to read the incantation and close the eyes to rest the mind. At that time, all the universe will be one in the subconsciousness. The reader will receive power from the incantation to be able to approach and use the power deep down within him or her. When you meditate, the power of the deck will at the same time give and receive. The power can only be supplied, and never lost. These cards will help you hold the power.

Besides, Oracle can also be used for other sub-purposes such as:

  • Blessing
  • Spell
  • Self – Empowerment

3. What’s the connection between Theme and Purpose?

Theme and Purpose of the Oracle cards seem to be one, when we are attracted by the Theme (look on the outside), we will have inspiration and search for more. The Purpose (inner feelings). Therefore, we can see that if one of them does not exist, the Oracle can’t be completed, each deck must have both.

Besides, the Theme of Oracle can also clarify the Purpose. An example from Crystal Angel Oracle Cards, the deck which has more than one Theme, Angel + Crystal. Angel is orientation, Crystal is Healing, Purifying. Therefore, we can conclude that the Purpose of this Oracle is to orient to the Healing, about a happy and healthy life.

To conclude, understanding between Theme and Purpose is to:

  • Understand your Oracle deck;
  • Understand your choices;
  • Use Oracle correctly;
  • Use that Oracle deck for a long time.
Theme and Purpose use Oracle with a tight relationship and inseparable.

Theme and Purpose of using Oracle have attached meaning and inseparable. They support each other, help us understand everything of Oracle, accept and connect the messages more easily. Besides, beginners can use the information to easily choose your own oracle cards for yourself.

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