Top 11 Tarot books you should own

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It is mentioned the Top 11 Tarot books for beginners, which is from basic to intermediate. I will arrange them from easy to difficult respectively. Besides, it is a series of more advanced books; particularly arithmetic, symbols, astrology, kabbalah, that I will introduce in another article.

1. Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners – Joan Bunning

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners – Joan Bunning

This is the first Tarot book you should read. It does not require a high level of English, simple writing style and easy to understand. The content is including from the history of Tarot to the idyllic journey and the description of the cards. In this book, I really like the interpretation of the extended meaning of keywords and the combination of those Tarot cards.

2. Tarot for Beginners – Barbara Moore

It is written by several co-authors of famous cards like the Steampunk Tarot, the Shadows of Tarot, the Gilded Tarot, Mystic Dreamer Tarot, etc. In this book, the interpretation focuses on the cards of the Rider-Waite, Legacy of the Divine Tarot and Shadowscape Tarot. The explanation is in detail and meaningful, and the main idea of each card is easy to remember.

3. The Tarot Bible – Sarah Bartlett

The Tarot Bible – Sarah Bartlett

In this book, the main content explains the meaning of the cards about good, bad, future, work, etc, and short keywords.

4. Tarot Plain and Simple – Anthony Louis

It is provided a wide range of extended keywords, which details the meaning of the cards. I consider that it is a good book, also appropriate to search for keywords.

5. The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals – Mary K.Greer

The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals – Mary K.Greer

I extremely admire the author, which most of her books are very good and easy to understand. If you want the cards in both forward and backward, you should definitely read it. Thus, every part is written in great detail and easy to understand.

6. Understanding the Tarot Court – Mary K.Greer and Tom Little

The problem when learning Tarot: read Tarot Court cards. This Tarot book is worth reading, analyzing each royal card by the element, based on the active-passive, MBTI, etc.

You can consult the book newly released Understanding The Tarot Court

7. 21 ways to read a Tarot Card – Mary K.Greer

21 ways to read a Tarot Card – Mary K.Greer

This book focuses on practice. After you have learned the theory, you will know how to exploit the cards as efficiently as possible.

8. Tarot Beyond the Basics – Anthony Louis

It is including the meaning of cards which mostly focus on astrological and arithmetic interpretations. This book seems to be at an advanced level.

9. Seventy-Eight Degree of Wisdom – Rachel Pollack

Seventy-Eight Degree of Wisdom – Rachel Pollack

The books were widely accepted by the Tarot community because its content was so exceptional. It’s not only about keyword or content interpretation but also analyzes us to understand why it’s like that. The minus of this book is not for the newbie. It is very difficult to read because there are many English words that are spiritual, Western culture.

This Tarot book is translated and released under the name 78 Degrees Of Wisdom

10. Holistic Tarot – Benebell Wen

I often call this book is an encyclopedia about Tarot because of her terrible thickness (more than 800 pages) as well as the amount of knowledge. The book is easy-to-understand or the bedside book of everyone who loves Tarot. It contains all the information from Tarot history, the meaning of cards, how to spread cards, how to read the cards, etc. However, I ranked it in the end because it is “vast”, not for the lazy.

11. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot – Arthur Edward Waite

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot – Arthur Edward Waite

Mr. Waite’s book is wonderful. The position number 10, which is often forgotten. The one who has been learning Rider-Waite is a compulsory Tarot book to read. Before reading the card interpretations of other authors, you must listen to what the creator of the deck said about it. The content is short, but it is hard many and the keywords are no longer relevant in modern times, as well as making people wonder the existence of this keyword.

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