7 Things You Need to Know When Using Oracle Cards

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When first approached Oracle cards, we can see that it is not like Tarot. Tarot has an extremely strict and complete system of all knowledge of mysticism, history, astrology, etc. It is also rich but more of freedom, open, has a unique set of colors via the self-built system or the one which is already there but with twists. So, before getting to know Oracle cards which basic steps should we know, how to approach it in the right way?

1. Research the Oracle decks before you use

Suppose that on a beautiful day, there was an Oracle deck that caught your eye, you accidentally fell in love with the deck and wanted to find a way to own it, but you still hadn’t known the images of the Oracle, cards inside that deck, the structure and content of the deck, and whether the way it would be used is suitable for you or not, then the first step is to research the deck that you want to use. There are 2 ways to study your dream Oracle deck:

  • Option 1: If you want to do the research by yourself, google and search for all information and images about the deck. If you want to be more careful in terms of perceiving the image, get on YouTube and look for a video introducing the deck you want to own.
  • Option 2:  If you want to practically study the deck, contact your friends who own that deck, meet them and feel the deck in person to make a clearer decision about whether that deck is suitable for you or not.
Research the Oracle decks before you use

Option 1 is the most popular way because it is easy and comfortable, we just need to sit at home and feel the deck. Option 2 will be much more convenient and careful if we have large networks, or we know people who also use that Oracle deck.

2. Search for the knowledge about Oracle cards

Just like Tarot, any Oracle cards have their own general knowledge about the prophecy, or angels, myths, animals, arithmetic, in addition to the practical knowledge such as the law of attraction, love, and connection with the universe, connection with self, meditation, how to listen to your guts. But after all, it still has the foundation of orientation, mental encouragement and gives advice for making our lives better.

To search for the knowledge before you buy the deck also partially answers the question “Does that Oracle deck suit me?” Sometimes, if you choose one Oracle deck which is not suitable for the knowledge you want to own, studying it will take a lot of time. Therefore, to the only search for the deck’s information is not enough, you should seek for more knowledge which is within that Oracle deck to help you make wiser decisions.

3. Identify your goals when approaching Oracle cards

“Do you really want to approach Oracle cards or just simply like it for a short time?”

This is the question many people have when starting to learn about Oracle. To me, it is a subject that everyone can approach but not anyone can easily stay with for a long time if they are lack of:

  • Passion: This is the very passionate first feeling that you need to have when you start to conquer something. When you truly love and are willing to do anything for your passion, it means you are ready to study about Oracle!
  • Hard-working: Only passion is not only, but you need to also work hard. Hard-working is a good trait in studying, there is no subject that does not require studying if you never face difficulties, how could you know how important the things you’re after are? Work harder so that all your efforts will never be a waste.
  • Have life purposes: This is the requirement that decides all of your efforts. The purpose is still the final result after the studying process. What do you want to study Oracle for? To improve your knowledge about one aspect of life or to get to know another fortune-telling tool beside Tarot? There are a lot of purposes if you identify clearly your purposes when approaching Oracle cards, clearly, you’re very suitable to be an Oracle Reader. With specific goals, all your passion and diligence will be worthy!
Clarify your purposes to know if you should choose to study Oracle or not.

Clarify your purposes to know if you should choose to study it or not. After you get all the information, your next step is to buy an Oracle deck to practice reading!

4. When you own your dream Oracle deck, consider everything inside of it

After you own your dream Oracle deck, the next step is to look inside the deck:

  • Read the guide book:  Why do we have to read the guide book firstly? Because to access to the guide book at first will partially help us to understand the purpose of the deck, the usage and the meaning of the deck. During the reading, we can still see more carefully the meaning of each card.
  • See the deck: After reading briefly the guide book, we must see all the cards, count to check whether the number of the cards is exactly as the number written outside the box or not, the first feeling that you have with the images on the cards.
hen you own your dream Oracle deck

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5. How to Use your Oracle cards and what you should remember

To connect to the Oracle cards, you just have one way which is to use it. But for some, starting to use Oracle will be challenging for them. I will give you what you need to do in drawing and reading cards in order to help you create your own connection with the Oracle itself:

Ask questions: The more specific and clear the question, the better. Avoid asking ambiguous and unclear questions because Oracle won’t give you the complete answers.

Shuffle the cards: Same as Tarot, you can find references about how to shuffle the cards on the link How to shuffle Tarot cards. 

Withdraw a card: Randomly withdraw 1 card and this card carries a lot of messages, could be advice or a prophecy for you. If you feel like you’re full of energy or you understand this first message, then you have successfully established the connection with the deck.

Specific Reading: Read the Oracle cards for yourself or find someone to read the cards for them, will increase your connection with the deck, in addition, it can also help you easily understand the meaning quickly and get the purpose of Oracle. You can withdraw freely or use spreads but in Oracle, I encourage you to withdraw freely because the nature of it is still free and unconventional. Use it as you want!

Notes are necessary: Note down everything in the process of you using Oracle so that you can check the results afterward. Get yourself a notebook to note down carefully, or you can write notes on your smartphone.

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6. Self-reflect and seek for experience when using Oracle cards

Oracle cards are a kind of prophecy used to contemplate and develop on the path of spiritual awakening. We ourselves once have access to Oracle means we choose to believe in the Universe, believing that we will be led by the Universe. Self-reflection is a way to learn the lessons and gain experience every time you use. Although there will always be difficulties on your journey, never be discouraged, it will take a long time to succeed, look for the experience to make your journey more colorful and brighter. Understanding this, you will surely succeed one day.

Oracle is a kind of prophecy used to contemplate and develop on the path of spiritual awakening

7. Cultivate yourself by learning more knowledge about Oracle cards

Besides approaching Oracle cards, you need to cultivate more knowledge which will contribute essentially to your studying process. What you should look for:

  • Psychology: understand your mind or others’ minds will help guide you and give better advice.
  • Energy – Color: energy theory and color help you understand more about life
  • Intuition: intuition is the most honest answer everyone needs to know how to listen.
  • Communicate: how we communicate to increase the ability to connect with everyone in case you need to read cards for other people but yourself.
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