The Comparison of Tarot Court Cards Based on the Crowley Thoth Tarot Standard

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Tables of summary and comparison of Tarot Court cards

The table below indicates that a Queen’s partner is Fire and Page’s friend is Air. This case is not really necessary. You can optionally edit the ranking order of Court cards as you want. The notes below the tables will explain more about the relationship between the Golden Dawn/ Thoth Tarot deck and the traditional ones.

(GD Knight)
(GD Prince)
(GD Prince)
ElementThe burning part of the element.The soaked part of the element.The upper part of the element.The part belongs to the earth of the element.
The characteristics of the elementSpirit.Emotion.Wisdom.Physical Senses.
Describe GDPotential power: strong operation, fast and brutal, will soon pass.Mystical power: firm, unshakable, long-term (protective).Power in action:will be forever lost in illusion unless being instructed by a parent.The power of acquiring and transferring: violence, durability, material.
Explanation of GDA problem will come and go depending on their perception.The woman that really connected with the topic.The man that really connected with the topic.Through emotions, opinions, and ideas that seek harmony or contrary to the subject.

Kings (Thoth Knight):
Knights (GD Prince)
Pages (GD Princess)
Holy nameYod: The energy source is motivated.He: Feedback and support Yod energy source.Vau: Deploy energy sourcesHe (last): The energy source has been visualized
Tattwa and geometric designTejas red triangle.Apas silver half moon.Vayu green circle.Prithivi golden square.
Area of society (de Gobelin)Goverment.Religion.History and national characteristics.Art and science.
Marriage statusA mature man who is married or older.Mature woman who is married or older.A young man who is not married (or an independent woman). Children, young people, unmarried women.
Occupational statusMaster (at home, in public).Master (in terms of personnel), be the maintainer.Prefer to explore, like adventure.The student, apprentice, servant, on the run.
Working functionCommand, power.Support, foundation.Travel, go far, change of residence.News, study.
Social functionFather, husband.Mother, wife.Adventurer.Messenger, envoy.
Work locationAdministration, conservation.Feeder, caregiver.Action, moveThe catalyst of change.
StyleDirectly ordering, qualified, managing, controlling, aging, reaching the endpoint.Attractive, qualified, managed, controlled, safe and nurtured.Active, arrogant, open, want to achieve goals, be generous, know how to flatter.Reckless, harmony, innocence, unpretentious, vulnerable, receptive, independent.
Development stageFixed, quiet, outdated ideas, results.Piety, accompanied by development ideas, motivated.There are many revolutionary ideas, there is an excessive influence.Many new ideas are feasible.
Development functionCompletion, let go of the past, the end.The growth, the ability, the fullness, the power, the skill, the understanding.Focus, intensity, relevance, direct ideas to a single place.Danger, mistakes, beliefs, settings.
Kings (Thoth Knight):
Knights (GD Prince)
Pages (GD Princess)
The world of QabalaAtziluth: The urge to create, want to be something, chose a path.Briah: Model, planted seeds, the first step on the chosen path.Yetzirah: Arrangement, fully prepared, knew what to do, prepared actions.Assiah: obvious clarity, harvest, end a journey.
Aspects of ourselvesSpirituality.Soul/Heart.Personal/Mind energy sources.Body.
ActivitySuccess, achievement, bring justice and peace.Sensitivity, introspection, ensuring eternity as a way of Incarnation.Courage, victory, speed and power.Self-satisfied, cautious, a confident person.
Reversed meaningsOverly arrogant or too quiet, helpless, arrogant, not listening to others.Worried, excessive introspection, relying on others, barren.There is danger in front, stubborn, rebellious without reason, disloyal.Having difficulties with children, too much fear, quiet talk, hurt, showing it out, being angry.
Number in the Major Arcana14.13.12.11.
TimeTime to be resolute and decide what to do.Time to look introspective.Time to continuously develop and change, there is a bit of instability.Time is still unripe, be patient and considerate when making decisions.
Title of the cardMalik, Re, Roi, Lord, Chief, Pa­triarch, Master, Father, Guardian, Man, Sage, Re­solving, Speaker, Houngan, Exem­plar, Shaman, Companion.Regina, Dame, Reina, Lady, Ma­triarch, Mistress, Goddess, Mother, Guide, Woman, Sibyl, Lover, Cre­ating, Gift, Mambo, Harvest Lodge, Priestess.Na’ib, Cavaliere, Cavalier, Caballo, Prince, Mentor, Warrior, Son, Brother, Seeker, Angel, Man, Dancer, Awaken­ing, Knower, La Place, Totem, Amazon.Thani Na’ib, Fante, Valet, Sota, Ser­vant, Child, Daughter,
Princess, Elemen­tal, Maiden, Novice, Seeker, Sis­ter, Seer, Muse, In­nocence, Place, Hounsis, Appren­tice, Lady, Woman.

Tarot Court cards of Golden Dawn (GD) and Thoth (Crowley) deck may never be in complete harmony with the traditional Waite-Smith Tarot decks, especially when considering the elements. Therefrom, any of these tables would be a mistake and it would be difficult to fully meet both systems. Golden Dawn attached Court cards to the Holy Name (in Hebrew, these are four characters containing the name of the God Yod-He-Vau-Lie). These cards all have corresponding elements and a development process

Yod/Fire = The source of energy is motivated

He/Water = Feedback and support for Yod energy source

Vau/Air = Execution of energy sources

He/Earth = The source of energy has been visualized

This scenario requires the most active and powerful Court cards to appear first and it will be supported by the next card, since then, the Knight has been raised to the position of Yod or a King in the name of a Queen’s husband (He). To create a balance between men and women, the remaining two royal cards become the sons and daughters of that King and Queen (Prince and Princess).

The son will actually be a future King (also known as the Emperor). The members of Golden Dawn have been told to write these new titles on the decks of the continent they live in, changing Knight to King and King to Prince. Our solution in this book is to decide that Queen’s husband will always carry the Fire element – but there is a more accurate system that can be used to express the intention of the Golden Dawn as below.

ThothKnightQueenPrince Princess
Trad. (RWS)KnightQueenKingPage

Combine MBTI with Tarot Court cards

Mary K. Greer
Jana Riley
Linda Gail Walters
Knight of CupslNFP: Daydreamer/Questioner (ideal helper).ENFJ: LoverENFP: Carefree soul
Knight of
ENTJ: Thinker or Field Marshal (an intuitive organizer).ENTJ: Thinker.ESTP: Communicator/Administrator.
Knight of PentaclesESFJ: Learner/Caregiver (sympathetic manager).ESFP: Constructor.ESFP: Constructor.
Queen of WandsINTJ: Prophet (outstanding creativity or bold ideas).INTJ: ProphetINTJ: Prophet
Queen of CupsISFP: Listener/Artist (observers, loyal helpers).ISFP: Listener.INFJ: Free spirit.
Queen of SwordsINTP: The initiator/architect.ISTP: The professional.ISTJ: Provider/Trusted person
Queen of PentaclesISTJ: Provider/Trusted person (manager knows how to analyze).ISTJ: Provider.ISFJ: Constructor.
King of WandsENTP: Implementers/Creators (employees who analyze, plan or change).ENTP: Implementer.ENTJ: Thinker or Field Marshal.
King of CupsESFJ: The entertainer/Traders (who actually balance).ESFJ: The entertainer.ENFJ: Lover.
King of SwordsESTJ: Communicator/Administrator (minded organizer).ESTJ: Communicator.ESTJ: Communicator.
King of PentaclesESTP: Producer/Founder (people accept reality about material things).ESTP: ProducerESFJ: Learner/observer.
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