The Journey of the Cups Tarot cards

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The journey to the fullness of the love of the Cups Tarot cards

The secret to attaining happiness in life is to know and require less. Thus, in order to achieve the full bliss of the Ten of Cups Tarot card, let’s start the journey of finding a harmonious love through this article. There will be some turning points that you must overcome if you want to reach the Ten of Cups, some that you will ignore, some are not in the same sequence as this journey, and there are times when you go on repeating in a single turning point without escaping. You should read carefully and pay attention if you want to perfect your love.

ace of cups

Do you know what love begins with? A gentle touch, a fleeting glance, or a moment of bewitching passion. No matter what, love still starts from the emotion called “affection”. Starting from Ace of Cups Tarot card, we are like holding a seed of affection that is waiting to flourish. The kind of affection and relationship that this emotional seed grows into depends on the holder. This article mentions a hypothesis in this journey, the person who holds it wants to grow into love.

From the moment of falling for each other in the Ace of Cups, the two will always want to meet and talk together. The feeling of yearning to be together is always present in the minds of the couple. Both of them with text, call, hang around with each other all day just to fulfill their heart’s desires. This is a period in which poetry is praised a lot, it is also a very beautiful period of a budding relationship: at the dawn of love.

At this stage in the Two of Cups Tarot card, we will see a couple with intense emotions hidden by surprise and wonder. They are shy to give each other pure love, in the beginning, a feeling that will soon disappear to give way to other emotions. There are very few people who understand that this kind of pure affection rarely comes back in their lives so that they will always regret it in the Five of Cups, which we will discuss later. The Two of Cups is the initial affection, so this kind of emotion is both happy and fearful.

They feel happy because this is the first time they have ever felt such beautiful love, they want to immerse themselves in this romantic scene, but they are also afraid to lose because they do not know how to love, yet know how to control this new kind of emotion. The Two of Cups Tarot card is a card with great emotional potential, but the foundation is very fragile because they have not understood each other and have not accepted each other’s differences, what is holding them now is merely emotional. Therefore, at this stage, sooner or later, many couples break up with each other because they do not know how to move forward.

three of cups

The Three of Cups Tarot card represents a stage where both of them advance deeper into each other’s lives. Everyone’s life will include family, friends, social relationships, work, study, responsibilities, and benefits, etc. The stage of starting to open up to learn more about each other is quite interesting because there are so many new and exciting things that each party brings, making the relationship becomes more colorful. At this stage, we have many things to note because naturally, the joy always comes with sadness and happiness always goes with austerity.

  • There are always good and bad people appearing in each other’s relationships, publicizing the relationship makes you feel prouder and happier, but it will also make your relationship become the talk of the town. There may be a third person who wants to take away your happiness or simply those who are talkative and gossip that spread bad rumors about you two. If the two of you still do not have a good emotional background, the relationship will be easily ended in this step. Many people blame the third person for breaking their relationship, but if this card appears in the spread, the relationship is not strong enough;
  • The different life of both parties will make them feel interested when they get to know each other, but it is also easy to be a barrier that makes them easy to separate. For example, you cannot stand your partner’s female/male best friend, the habit of playing games all night or his/her religion. Clearly on this card, if you have not had a steady foundation, trust, understanding, and empathy, the relationship will be broken;
  • If you feel your partner does not completely share the joy or sadness with you, the relationship is also easy to get into dead ends. Because at the stage of the Three of Cups Tarot card, it is common for each side to think that only happiness should be expressed, and what feels uncomfortable or dissatisfied about each other should be ignored or not mentioned avoiding upsetting each other. According to that, gradually, your discomfort gets bigger through every day, and we will move on to the Four of Cups.

The Four of Cups Tarot card begins a terrible period when emotions have reached a point of discouragement and do not want to continue moving forward because you have experienced many unexpected things in the Three of Cups. You suddenly think that you should stop here, even though you treasure the happy feelings, at the same time, you hate the negative emotions that come along. You do not want to face them, you just want to enjoy the good things that the relationship brings. This is the selfish phase of each person in a relationship, which often happens to people who are listless (especially men). True love is to go through many ups and downs together, instead of letting go.

And then there is a stage, you regret the original pure feelings when you two get together in the way that is full of excitement, passion, intensity, and emotion. These are the naive and foolish feelings of the Five of Cups Tarot card. Perhaps, the initial sentiment is innocent for those who are new to love, it is not happiness but just a desire to achieve more. Because people desire and expect, it becomes memorable. Instead of just regretting the nostalgia that rarely happens twice in your life, focus on your current relationship to achieve greater happiness together.

five and six of cups

The Five of Cups have passed, leaving each person in the desperate search. In the stage of the Six of Cups Tarot card, people will frantically search for a new lover or come back to their ex-lovers to enjoy the feeling of the Two of Cups again. The Six of Cups is merely nostalgia and search for previous emotions.

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But there are many things that only remain in the past, the more they seek, the more hopeless, confused, distraught and uncertain they feel. Have you ever been through this period? Do not know what love is, do not understand what happiness is, the more you search, the more desperate you get. The Seven of Cups Tarot card will show you a selection phase among all of these vague options, no choice is really right and no choice really helps you go further in the path of seeking true happiness.

So, you are disappointed and leave everything. You feel disgusted with love, you no longer expect anyone’s affection. In the stage of the Eight of Cups Tarot card, this calls boredom. You think you will never continue with these vague emotions because they will not lead you anywhere. You will not love anyone anymore. Perhaps for many people, they will be afraid to love and maintain this period until the end of their lives, but then there will be a better turning point if you pass this frightening stage of the Eight of Cups.

nine of cups

The stage of the Nine of Cups Tarot card is a time when not everyone can reach and understand it, even until the end of their lives, they do not really understand what happiness is. The Nine of Cups represents self-reliant happiness, making yourself happy, not expecting anyone to bring happiness to you or not letting one’s emotions affect you. There is advice for this card: if you can not change anyone, accept and love them.

Once you have reached the level of the Nine of Cups Tarot card, you will easily find a perfect love because you have learned how to control your emotions. You will not suffer because of the heartlessness of your beloved, will not bother because of other people’s words and will not need too much attention from others to feel happy. You are now full of understanding, sharing and trusting; you believe that even though the two cannot give each other a love message for the busy days, you still keep each other in the heart; you know that there are too many things to worry about in each other’s lives, you should not weigh more pressure on your partner; you have fewer questions about meaningless kinds of stuff and become less demanding, you understand and love each other more.

The Ten of Cups Tarot card represents a happy and fulfilling love because the foundation of faith, understanding, and sharing of you two are very sustainable. To achieve this level, both of you must go through the turning point of the Nine of Cups to sympathize, accept and share with each other. Happiness is really simple, it is only in the heart of each person.

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