The Journey of the Pentacles Tarot cards

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The journey to build the career of the Pentacles Tarot cards

Have you ever wondered whether you know how to start your career and come to success? Let’s find out some important stages to note for your progress through the article below.

ace of pentacles

To start a career/business, everyone needs some capital, whether much or little, along with ideas and clear plans. The Ace of Pentacles Tarot card represents such initial beginnings. No one can set up a business when there is nothing in hands, financially and spiritually. Therefore, despite being the Ace card, in this Pentacles suit, it seems that things have started to form clearly, neatly and safely.

From little initial capital, people start to earn a certain amount of interest. Then, they use that interest to make capital and invest to make more profits. That is the rotation of money. This is the stage of the Two of Pentacles Tarot card that needs ingenuity, accurate calculation, and caution At this stage, though there was a good deal of money in hand, it seemed that things were quite precarious and unstable due to the lack of money to do other things but to maintain the capital for the business.

After experiencing the unstable and overwhelming feeling of the Two of Pentacles, the Three of Pentacles Tarot card opens the stage of cooperation and working together with others. At this point, people have to learn how to divide their work, take on the right responsibility, learn how to coordinate well and grow together without pushing and relying on each other. Everyone has to do a good job of their own from which the work process will be promoted faster and the performance will be improved.

As the business progresses well, dealers can accumulate certain savings. The Four of Pentacles Tarot card shows the accumulation, savings and sometimes, the excessive possession. In business, when money is not rotated, it will lead to a stagnant process and profits are not produced, it is considered that the dealer was too cautious to stop the continuous development of the business. In other words, business leveled off at this stage, it difficult to go further because there was not enough capital to invest bigger.


When the dealers want to expand and develop more, the small amount of capital in their hands is no longer enough. From there, they felt deprived and difficult at the stage of the Five of Pentacles Tarot card. They are looking for help but have not found the right one. Thus, they seek help while managing their business at the same time.

Many sources analyzed the lack of the Five of Pentacles as if there were no pennies in the pocket, in fact, this lack comes from the mind of the querent rather than their financial situation. Maybe they still have money, but it is not enough for them to do the work they need.

Entering the stage of the Six of Pentacles Tarot card, it seems that dealers have found investors for their work. In order to receive this investment, they have to prove how potential this job is, their skills and abilities, and the correctness of the investment, so investors can trust them. Investment is a job that requires long-term vision and careful calculation because a miss is as good as a mile. The Six of Pentacles represents this.

The Seven of Pentacles Tarot card represents a period of waiting for results. The investment seems to be moving in the right direction. However, it is impossible to know for sure what the final result really is. So even though this time seems stable and things seem to be going well, but dealers still feel anxious and nervous when they get closer to the day they receive results. So, though the outsiders suppose that everything is perfect, no one knows where the shoe pinches like the wearer.

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Thus, they continue to maintain regular work until they get results. The Eight of Pentacles Tarot card represents high-intensity labor, everything has been put in the right orbit and repeated continuously until everything is completed done.

eight and nine of pentacles

After the hard-working period of the Eight of Pentacles, dealers have obtained completed and satisfactory results. Not everyone can achieve results like the Nine of Pentacles from the beginning of their career because it still requires the appropriate plan right from the start at the Ace of Pentacles, needs people to work together from the Three of Pentacles, and need a strong financial investor to provide capital throughout the implementation process at the Six of Pentacles, etc, so the result in the Nine of Pentacles Tarot card is the synthesis of the right process in each step. If you have not been able to achieve the result on this card, you should review each step to see whether there were mistakes and try to fix them.

If the Nine of Pentacles only shows the perfect result for a business plan, the Ten of Pentacles Tarot card represents for a large corporation that continuously gains success in many areas. In this corporation, there is a professional, attentive and perfect operation. At this stage, everything has a foundation and been operating smoothly. If the result for your plan is the Nine of Pentacles or Ten of Pentacles, act right away. Do not let the grass grow under your feet!

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