Story of Minor Arcana cards According to Tarot numerology

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The Ace cards in Minor Arcana

Let’s imagine that when you wake up early in the morning, you want to do something a little different from every day and somewhat interesting, it can be an adventure trip, so you decide to climb the mountain! You suddenly feel completely alert and ready to hit the road. That is the spirit of the Ace. If there was the Wands suit, you would be very energetic and excited with your opinion. If there was the Cups suit, you would be filled with love for the world out there. The Swords suit represents the decision to face the challenge. The Pentacles suit is excited to enjoy the fresh air and do exercise to get toned muscles.

The Ace cards

Cards number Two in Minor Arcana

With cards number Two, you face many choices. Which mountain or which path do you want to go to (Wands)? Should you go alone or go with many people (Cups)? That are the two thoughts making you puzzled. Do you want to go or want to stay home (Swords)? Do you prepare anything when you go? (Ropes, cameras, notebooks or money, etc). The way to choose whether it is hard or easy, you must leave the mountain before it gets dark. You let your friend drop you off on the trail and get on your vehicle to get to the other side of the mountain because that is the easiest way to go back.

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Cards number Three in Minor Arcana

Number Three represents a signal of action. At this place, you start climbing up the mountain. The Wands represents optimism. When the view opens out in front of your eyes, you anticipate an adventure that is welcoming you, you follow the path, take a breath of fresh air and immerse yourself in the beauty. The Swords decides to lead you to the difficult path, making your legs swell and hurt. Meanwhile, the Pentacles is slow and steady; you take a picture, look at the flowers in the guidebook and praise the creation.

Cards number Three

Cards number Four in Minor Arcana

You go to a grassy area and ready to lie down. The Wands helps you have fun and reward your successful morning. The Cups will rest under the tree to recharge your batteries to continue. The hard way that the Swords leads you makes you tired, so you lie down and rest. The Pentacles leads you to a lawn that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Cards number Five in Minor Arcana

Despite the above obstacles, you have to move on. So, you start entering the fatigue threshold of the Five. This step requires you to climb the mountain, which tests your ability. After being satisfied with Four, you start feeling a mental crisis. The Wands wants to argue to find the best way to climb the mountain. You consider other ways for yourself and challenges urging you. With the Cups, you regret the amount of water you carelessly spill and wonder if you should take a break or not. With the Swords, you cannot wait to blame your friend for offering a bad idea and wrong instructions. The eager part within you is gone and you want to go home. The Pentacles focuses on the physical side. You feel pain and cold, but you trudge towards and find signs leading to the most direct path.

Cards number Five

Cards number Six in Minor Arcana

Cards number Six represents the highest peak of each suit – the highest achievement. You have reached the top of the mountain. You and the mountain have formed a lasting relationship. If you are the Wands, then you have completed the task and received the respect of your friends. With the Cups, the real success comes if you share your memories, and you choose a souvenir to send your love. The Swords refers to mental objectivity. You are only on halfway through, the other half of the road is waiting for you ahead. The Pentacles then figures out how much effort you need to complete this trip and how to use food and drink properly. However, you cannot waste time anymore, you need to go down the mountain before it gets dark.

Cards number Seven in Minor Arcana

Having the results in Six, cards number Seven will review you deeper, now what you have to face is throwing away your worries unnecessary things. The easiest way to get down is that scary slope. With the Wands, you will confront the inner voice which is saying you will not be able to do it. This will make you more consistent with the upcoming victory. The Cups will find the courage to imagine the reward when it reaches the destination. You are filling the awkwardness in that imagination, except getting lost in delusions and weird thoughts. With the Swords, you will take out grappling hooks, and hang them to the cliff. Nobody knows how many scars you have. The Pentacles will consider the situation and certain geographical locations to go down carefully.

Cards number Seven

Cards number Eight in Minor Arcana

To win at number Seven, it took a lot of time. At number Eight, you want to go home, but at the same time, want to rearrange something and navigate, or perhaps re-evaluate your plan. The Wands merely wants to fly out of the land with tremendous speed and overcomes obstacles and holes. With the Cups, you wake up from the dream and realize that the sun has gone down, forcing you to erase the unknowns. With the Swords, you fall into an increasingly difficult situation, you are descending to a crack, and you feel that you are blocked and hopeless. The Pentacles keeps the steady speed, putting your feet slowly.

Cards number Nine in Minor Arcana

Number Nine represents perfection and the completion of the trip (get to the destination before it gets dark). With the Wands, you find the parking lot, tired but proud of your achievements, and wait for the person to pick you up. The Cups seems to find a restaurant at the corner. You enjoy a delicious meal and feel lucky. The Swords has the following options: a) Everything is a nightmare, b) You are found injured and taken to the hospital, c) You was never found out and you sank deep into depression. The Pentacles went down the mountain slowly so there were no obstacles, and now you are relaxing in a small garden, eating grapes and having fun with birds. What a beautiful day!

Cards number Nine

Cards number Ten in Minor Arcana

Then, what is the number Ten? It is the conclusion, the influence and the outcome of the completion. After a long day, the Wands was forgotten by friends, so it had to walk home. The Cups came home with souvenirs, gifts, and cheers from everyone. The Swords was not very well, and may never climb again. The Pentacle sold its story to a producer that may be made into a movie and fortunes have come through generations.

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