How to Apply Numerology to Love Tarot Spread

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When learning Tarot cards, most users and querents are interested in the topic of love because it is an indispensable part of every individual’s life. When the querent draws cards in the Minor Arcana set that are numbered from Ace to 10, this means there are different interpretations for their relationship. By applying numerology to love Tarot spread, we will have a more detailed, intuitive and specific explanation of love through the meaning of each number.

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The following article will provide Tarot users/readers with useful information when reading a spread related to love/relationship that comes with the interpretation of numerology, as well as a basis for giving advice and making important decisions in emotional matters.

Love Tarot spread with number 1 – 9

Love Tarot spread with number 1 (Ace) or 10

Your relationship needs quiet time due to suffocation or because there are too many people involved. You need to step back and let the relationship have space to grow. The reluctance to communicate at the present time may have the opposite effect, therefore, you should pause and wait for a while. Let’s listen to the other person and apply the necessary things. Your relationship is quite stable but your inner fears may be creating distance and messing things up unnecessarily.

Love Tarot spread with number 2

This is not the time to push the relationship forward. There may be an emotional barrier created by the problem of faith. You need to make sure that previous fears do not affect your current actions. This relationship seems weak due to past influences. You may be part of the cause and it is time to look at the truth, reconnect and focus on yourself. You should appease the relationship so that the connection will be strengthened and developed. Let’s slow things down and take the time to listen to what you need.

Love Tarot spread with number 3

The link is strong and you can get caught up in many unnecessary things. You should try to look at how you can create the joy and the physical side of the relationship so that it could be stronger. Your partner may feel distant and need a guarantee. Anxiety has made the two of you insecure. If that is the case, communication is the key to achieve success instead of sacrificing, which will only make you lose your freedom and feel incomplete. You should focus on what you have, and remember that the enjoyment will make all involved people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Love Tarot spread with number 4

Do not think too much but accept the truth. You should collect more information before taking any action. Do you feel pushed away? Or do you feel negative? You need to look at the whole scene, remember why you are here, what you want, things you may have forgotten and what make you feel lost. Only when you see the panorama, will your path become clear. Sometimes, negative emotions overwhelm you, and you need to gather information. Let’s trust in yourself.

tarot love spread

Love Tarot spread with number 5

This is a sensitive period. You may feel overwhelmed, are being ignored or being aggressive, and now you need to calm down. At the same time, you are thinking too much and being delusional. There are many things happening outside of the relationship which is the source of stress rather than the inside, and you are enduring it alone. What is happening at work or in the family that brings a lot of emotions to you? Do not blame the relationship until you can see reality. Let’s follow your heart, it is the time to trust and support yourself.

Love Tarot spread with number 6

You need to recover. The connection between the two of you is malfunctioning, however, do not panic. You need to listen to your soul and believe in your own needs. Meditation or any other spiritual method can provide insight and show you the path ahead that you must listen to and trust. The energy entering is equivalent to the energy that comes out. If you are tired or exhausted, go back to the basics and let them fill your body, mind, and spirit. It will be more beneficial to find other methods since the conventional one does not help much in this case.

Love Tarot spread with number 7

Number 7 talks about emotional aspects. It is time to connect with the spirit through meditation, silence and listening to Gods, which may contain the answer. Your environment will have a direct impact on your emotions at the present time as it either possibly supports your love life or destroys it. You should try cleaning the house and working corner, which can remove obstacles. Let’s look from the inside because the eyes of the soul will show you the best way to move forward.

Love Tarot spread with number 8

Strong leadership and action are needed. What are you doing to promote your relationship? How are you talking to each other? Actions are always stronger than words and you must take the initiative in the conversation because it will create a strong influence and has a direct impact on the other person or vice versa. You should listen and think carefully before taking action and doing something.

Love Tarot spread with number 9

Communication in your relationship can become difficult if there is an urge to evade everything. The best thing to do now is to slow things down so that you will get what you need. At the same time, you need to get to your inner self and believe in silence in order to be healed. You can require confirmation and any assistance you need to restore balance.

It is also the time to nurture your spirit instead of giving away, which will only weaken you. If you feel tired or exhausted, focus on yourself to increase energy and restore order to any mental imbalance. Your work, affection, and life situation are not growing. Therefore, you need to move towards development, change, and expansion. You must act instead of waiting for signs. Let’s create a sign yourself, and the universe will give you what you NEED and WANT!

The specific example for applying numerology to love Tarot spread

In a relationship, the lady feels unstable because she never understands her partner’s feelings and what he wants in their long-term relationship. She tries to understand him deeply, but he always shows that he is very happy. Therefore, she uses her Tarot deck and the numerology to find the answer.

There is a 3-card spread: the reversed Two of Swords (number 2) –  the reversed Three of Swords (number 3) – the Star (number 8).

This spread shows that she created the gap between the two, and she needs to free herself from the fear of the past and believe in the present. The Star gives her hope by explaining how to approach the situation in the best way and what she needs to believe. When she understands this, she can step back so her partner could be himself. She also understands that she needs to support her feelings and build her own value but has difficulty doing it due to her past. The insecurity she feels may be considered a life lesson which she always has to control.

By applying numerology to love Tarot spread, she can explain why her partner has trouble communicating, and she needs to trust him. Tarot cards can show her that this is obviously a misunderstanding, and she has created barriers herself in this relationship.

Now, she knows what needed to do and her new approach is really helpful – she feels more at ease and more comfortable. At the same time, their relationship becomes more pleasant and the unrest between the two gradually disappears, creating a solidity.

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