4 Common Kinds of Tarot Spread

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The Tarot spread has different types, which used to match a defined question. After the question is clearly selected and expressed, the next important step is to understand the meaning of the corresponding card in each position.

The following article will introduce the most popular spreads, which are regularly used by many Tarot readers.

1. Tarot Spread with one card

With some simple questions and answers, it is much easier and less time-consuming to directly draw a card than a complicated Tarot spread. Besides, the more you practice drawing a card to answer a simple question, the more effective you will remember it!

One card Tarot Spread

Method of Tarot spread with one card

First of all, you must be calm and eliminate thoughts in mind. Swapping the Tarot cards and thinking about the question. Then you can draw a card and open it:

If the card belongs to Major Arcana,  let’s talk about everything you know, including the pattern and the powerful lessons of the major card represents. This helps to recall the stories and legends of each card.

If the card belongs to Minor Arcana, let’s summarize what you know about it. For example, the Wands relates to spiritual matters, the Cups implies sentiments, the Swords implies intellectual, and the Pentacles is material.

method spead one card

Look at the number on each card, which indicates that the problem is developing in the beginning, middle or end. The color also has its own story. You need to ask yourself the questions: What feeling does the color convey? What is the main color? What do they add to the meaning of the card?

You should practice how to describe the shape or character in the card that describes their clothes, postures, expressions, attitudes. You must imagine what they would say if you could hear their voices. Also, you can observe the character in the card carefully and describe the scenes around the character. You need to find meaningful pictures and signs in the background.

Because the cards are read one by one in this kind of Tarot spread, your eyes may be attracted to a single image or icon. That image may suggest a word, a phrase, or an expression. It can create an image or a visual landscape in mind. And details can make you feel hot or cold, or evoke emotional reflexes. In fact, a card can activate one of your senses: look, hear, touch, smell and even taste. Now, let’s convey your reaction into words simply and describe all your impressions of the card no matter it is wrong or right.

Once you start feeling the meaning of the cards undoubtedly, you follow that flow and continue to express the consciousness. Maybe random words and phrases will pop up in your head, you just need to say it loudly many times in spite of its unreasonable. Because the cards sometimes communicate with us through jokes and puns. The expression of those impressive details or images will help evaluate each card accurately and intuitively. However, you will be surprised by seeing the scenarios or situations available in your mind.

one card tarot reading

Reading the Tarot requires a careful process. If you feel stuck, especially when you are reading the cards for others, you can ask the person what the picture means, and what signs seem important mostly. You do not need to pretend to be a successful Tarot reader if the level has not reached enough. Even when you have a sixth sense, asking basic information is much easier than trying to know the truth through intuition. When you look at the cards at the same time, you will realize that your querent (whom you are reading the story for) has a pretty good sense of harbingers in their lives through images and signs which is showed on the cards.

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2. 3 card tarot spread

This is a very basic lesson, which is a great option for Tarot beginners to practice and to read for themselves or others. It is also optimal when you need a quick answer to an uncomplicated question.

This method is either a simple or useful spread that can give a wide range of implicit functions in each of these three positions. Two of the sample Tarot spreads are here for you to consult. First is a spread about solving a problem or making a decision, “Context – Focus – Outcome” and following is a lesson about “Time – Present” – Future”.

 Method of 3 card tarot spread

To start spreading, you will shuffle the cards carefully, spread them out in a horizontal row in front of you, then based on your spirit to draw three cards from the deck. Each step should be carried out carefully and calmly.

Method of Tarot spread with three cards

Solve the problem

This Tarot spread will help you learn how to apply Tarot to solve or decide on a problem. It is the easiest way is to be aware and relaxed, and allow your spirit to tell you what the cards convey.

  • The card on the left: Context – This card reflects a general overview of the current situation
  • The card in the middle: Core  – This card reflects a new set of circumstances to act upon the questioner, the forces that lead these actions may be positive or negative depending on the card and its position, which is forward or backward. This card is a common problem or a decision to be made.
  •  The card on the right: OutcomeThis card reflects the effect of the central card. It demonstrates results will come in new circumstances; the results of the problem is being solved or the decision to create.


This Tarot spread will help you use to explore the forces that influence the Questioner, by examining their surrounding energy in the past, present, and future.

The card on the left: PastThis card shows the Querent’s past experiences, which may affect the current situation.

The card in the middle: PresentThis card shows what the Querent is feeling and experiencing at the time of the question.

The card on the right: FutureThis card will predict the outcome of the action that the Querent will perform, based on the first two cards.

Here are some versions you can use for reading.


1. Past / Present / Future

2. Things will help you /Things will prevent you /  your unawareness potential

3. Nature of your problem / Cause / Solution

4. Current circumstances / Obstacles / Instructions

5. Circumstances / Actions / Results

6. Circumstances / Thoughts / Actions

7. Situation / Expectations / Actions

8. Expectations / Circumstances / Actions

9. Things you can change / Things you can’t change / Things you can’t realize

10. What you did well / What you did worse / What you learned


1. You/ Other/ Relationship.

2. What you need/ What they want/ The result of this relationship.

3. The closed of your relationship/ the separation/ the anxiety


1. Strengths / Weaknesses / Instructions

2. Opportunities / Challenges / Results

3. Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

4. Option 1 / Option 2 / What you need to know to decide

5. Solution / Alternatives / How to choose


1. Thoughts / Body / Spirit

2. Your awareness / Your subconscious / Superconsciousness

3. Physical state / Emotional state / Spirit state

4. You / Your existing part / Your potential part

5. Stop / Start / Continue

3. Tarot spread with five cards

The number 5 specifically relates to a consistent personal view that makes a difference between people. We often pay more attention to short Tarot spread for a problem because it presents a little challenge in solving for a new reader. It even offers a consistent amount of detail in a condensed form.

Method of Tarot spread with five cards

This includes Relationship, Work, Family and Time. Each position in the card is adjusted to more accurately issues related to that topic. It allows each of the 5 cards to have its own characteristics and better serve users (it is less than the Celtic Cross Tarot spread – a fairly standard and traditional card layout – make you less creativity).

Method of 5 card Tarot spread

With this Tarot spread, you will have a better orientation to start practicing with friends and family if you’re not ready. Do not worry if you have not memorized all the cards, you can record them on paper, or create a list of all possible situations that you hear or read through the research Tarot to remember better.

Love tarot spread and Relationship

The arrangement will be arranged according to the meaning:

Tips / People are loved, like / Self / Context / Potential

  • It is designed to answer questions asked by most people who want romantic advice from cards, for an existing or possible relationship.

Work tarot spread

The arrangement will be arranged according to the meaning:

Challenge / Situation / Self / Advice / Long-term

  • It is designed to answer the current career and job questions.


The arrangement will be arranged according to the meaning:

Challenge or Opportunity / Situation / Self / Advice / Development

  • It is designed to answer questions that focus on each event and confront family challenges.

Daily Reflection

The arrangement will be arranged according to the meaning:

Daily Lesson / Challenge or Opportunity / Situation / Tips / Perspective

  • It is designed to solve daily reflection events for the Tarot reader.


The arrangement will be arranged according to the meaning:

Challenge or Opportunity / Situation / Self / Advice / Assistant

  • It is designed to answer questions about money and investment. Card number 5 – Assistant, which implies someone you trust will help you.


The arrangement will be arranged according to the meaning:

Past / Recent Events / Current / Future / Further

  • It is a time-based analysis, which solves problems about “what happened, what is happening, and what will happen as a consequence?” Most of the questions about Time seems to be a problem for Tarot beginners. This spread will make this problem easier.

It is also a based-time Tarot spread like:

Previous / Recent / Current / Near future / Further future.

4. Celtic Cross Tarot spread

Celtic Cross spread tarot is one of the most commonly used by Tarot readers, which is also one of the most complex exposures for interpretation. Although most Tarot beginners often use the Celtic Cross to explore the Tarot, it requires a great deal of knowledge about positions and interrelations throughout these positions to draw all the implications of Tarot spread.

Method of Celtic cross Tarot spread

Celtic Cross is probably the oldest and most popular Tarot spread. It has existed for so long because the diagrams of the cards look simple but it is extremely powerful. A great source of energy has been accumulated at this method due to the use by many people through the years.

Method of Celtic cross tarot Spread

You can spread the Celtic Cross as it divided into two sections: Cross Line 6 cards on the left and Vertical 4 cards on the right. The Cross Line imitates the Celtic Cross of the ancient Irish. This Cross Line has a circle linking 4 perpendicular lines. The circle and the cross symbolize the connection among the spirit, the material and the unity of all events at the same time.

  • The negative energy of the Cross Street section works closely with the positive energy of the Vertical Line. These two parts of the Celtic Cross experience reflect the bipolar nature of reality – the poles surround the human spirit.
  • The Cross section is made up of two diagonal lines – a diagonal of 2 cards in the center which is embedded in a larger diagonal of 6 cards. The smaller diagonal represents the center of the problem – the most important thing for you is the time to read it. It is the axis where your life cycle is going on.
  • The larger diagonal consists of two lines that overlap the small diagonal. The horizontal line represents the past time on the left moving to the future on the right. The vertical line is your awareness moving from your unconscious to the bottom to your conscious thought at the top. Altogether of these 6 cards give you a look at your internal and external environment at the time you read the cars.
  • The Road Along cards explain about your life and other situations. Your Inner Guide will help you understand what is being shown in the Cross Section. You will receive guidance about yourself and others, your life lessons and your future direction.

How to read tarot card Celtic Cross spread?

  • Card No.1: Present. This card shows what is happening to the querent at the present time. It also reflects the mentality of the querent and how they can perceive the situation.
  • Card No.2 Challenges. This card shows the challenges or immediate problems which querent have to face. If this problem is solved, your life is much easier. Even if you draw a positive card in this position, you need to consider it carefully as it still presents a challenge.
  • Card No.3: Past. This card represents events that lead to the current situation and bring some signs of how the challenge comes.
  • Card No.4: Future. This card shows what might happen in the next week or even the next month. It is not a final result, it is simply the next step of the journey.
  • Card No.5: Above (Awareness). This card reflects the goal, passion or the best outcome according to the querent’s situation. It is what the querent wants to solve the problem.
  • Card No.6: Below (Subconscious). It reflects what is hidden in the subconscious and goes deeper into the main foundation of the problem. It symbolizes potential feelings and dispositions associated with the situation and can instruct what is really leading the querent. This card can give an unexpected message, especially if they are not deeply connected to what is inside them (if the reverse card is in this position, it may imply an “unknown” to the querent).
  • Card No.7: Advice. This consulting card pays attention to everything that is happening in the querent’s life and presents a proposal for how to solve current challenges.
  • Card No.8: External influences. This card highlights people, energy sources or events that will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond the control of the querent.
  • Card No.9: Hope and/or fear. This is probably one of the most difficult positions to read. You must always think that hope and fears have a close relationship, so they are what we are hoping for and/or it is also what we are afraid of, or also that not occur. Sometimes, it’s helpful to draw a second card to make it clearer and read the two cards together.
  • Card No.10: Outcome. This card represents the crux of the situation and whether/how the problem will be solved. It gives results based on the ongoing series of actions at the present time of the querent. And surely, if the resulting card results in an undesirable outcome, it is still in the free determination of the querent to make the necessary changes for their circumstances.

* Note: There are different versions of Celtic Cross Tarot spread, including differences in card arrangement. You should choose the most effective method of spreading for you.

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