Healing soul wounds with Oracle cards

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As you know, Oracle cards are used to guide, give advice to the problems that the questioners are experiencing every day. In addition, Oracle used to inspire through imagery full of descriptions. It can also help you learn more about meditation and prayer lessons. In it, healing soul wounds with the Oracle is the method many readers use for spreads.

Oracle cards can be used as a tool to help others or for themselves. But maybe you just heard about it briefly and rarely apply in practice. This article will be the prelude to the most basic things about heal soul wounds.

healing soul oracle decks
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Can Oracle cards heal soul wounds?

Healing soul wounds is not expressed too much in the physical sense. It is a process of practicing patience in a long time. During that time, you will reconsider what has happened in the past, contemplate everything that is happening and feel what the soul inside wants and needs. After going through the “Look at yourself” process, you will eliminate bad energy and attract more active energy into your body to make positive changes in thoughts.

From there, your body will create a vital force to heal the wounds of the soul. If in your mind, you know what is best and try to change in a positive way, then things will get better than expected. You will feel the body gradually change and develop to a new level. The soul becomes serene and gentle. Instead of spending a lot of money to go to a psychologist, take a moment to learn Oracle card and listen deep inside your soul.

Healing soul wounds with Oracle cards can be done for yourself or used to help others but on the condition that people must be willing to open their hearts to welcome change. Because if the body and mind are not willing to accept new things, it will be time-consuming and easy to cause boredom. Relax and breathe deeply when you start. Let everything around be a unified whole.

Why choose Oracle Cards to heal soul wounds?

The essence of Oracle is just cards containing images that are suggestive and highly abstract. They do not contain a miracle or a remedy for healing the wounds of the soul.

So why does Oracle card bring positive energy to people who are experiencing problems in life?

In this world, there are many ways to heal soul wounds such as finding a psychiatrist to solve problems, chatting with friends or relatives to relieve troubles or doing anything that you love to overcome loneliness, etc.

But why should you choose Oracle cards as the key to solving pain? The answer lies in the vast amount of knowledge and faith that it gives the spiritual strength of each person.

Why choose Oracle Cards to heal soul wounds?

As this article mentioned in the first paragraph, Oracle’s wound healing is not a clear physical action. This is not a tool to help you to find the cause of healing the mental damage. In this case, healing lies in the contemplation of self, feeling emotional, and the transformation of the energy source from negative to positive. In daily, you have also spent a lot of time finding the cause of a headache and take medicine to treat it. Similarly, the healing of soul wounds requires a lot of time and energy. You need a long time to understand the pain going on deep inside your body as well as understanding the meaning behind Oracle cards.

When everything has become clear, you need to prepare ready to face the bad energies and transform them into something good. Of course, these things will come slowly. All wounds need time to heal. A special feature of using Oracle to treat mental wounds is that it helps you to face the problems that are encountered in many ways. You will see many positive things in the ongoing problems and thereby create a big jump to break the inhibition from past pain.

Why should we choose a method to heal soul wounds with Oracle cards?

Currently, we have many reasons to uses Oracle Cards every day. In addition to providing accurate advice for important decisions in life, Oracle also brings positive in treating the trauma of the soul.

Why should we choose a method to heal soul wounds with Oracle?
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Images in Oracle cards are varied and abstract. Sometimes, healing the wounds of souls also come from your artistic awareness. Owning a deck of cards with true depictive images is a very encouraging thing. You can let the romantic beauty of Oracle eases the wounds of your soul. This is also a good and meaningful start.

However, you should also put your soul deep inside Oracle to easily integrate with hidden messages in the future. This is just one additional factor to accelerate the healing of wounds. Many people do not have the ability to perceive images, so they cannot apply this method stereotyped. In addition, there are many other factors to determine the ability to heal souls with Oracle cards.


Oracle focuses on healing soul wounds so their knowledge will be huge. It will show the cause of sadness and what to do to improve the current situation.

Oracle will guide you to simple methods such as meditation or prayer to help heal wounds faster, etc. All the knowledge behind the cards is worth it. This is also the reason you should use this method as a way to ease the sadness. Sometimes, you just need to read and practice the experience.


Maybe in terms of words and messages, Oracle is not as much as Tarot. However, it brings simplicity and much easier to understand. Getting too much information only distracts you without solving the problem thoroughly. If you want to focus on healing soul wounds, you should only care about your sorrow. Feeling the pain inside and solving them in a positive way. That is called true healing. Choosing Oracle to heal soul wounds is a good solution because the messages will give you the right awakening. The most important thing is that you clearly see yourself and determine the right direction for the future.

How to heal with Oracle cards?

Through the reasons for using Oracle cards to heal soul wounds, you will quickly learn how to relieve sadness. These ways come from your own experience and perspective aspects of problems in life. The following article will help you to find ways to heal soul wounds with the Oracle.

Healing soul wounds with words

This is the simplest way to heal the soul. Your job is to listen, ponder and understand the hidden messages within the cards. This is a common method used by people regularly. Newcomers to Oracle or old users can apply. It is great to analyze words and use them as the basis of mental strength to overcome difficulties.

Healing soul wounds with images

This approach is often applied to people who use Oracle to create personal inspiration. Sometimes, you just need to look at any simple image can help your soul feel lighter. The more highly detailed the image, the easier it is to create empathy for viewers. This is also considered a good method that should be applied in practice. In addition, images are also easily expressing inner feelings and actions of someone.

Healing soul wounds with energy/ color:

This method uses the colors in life. You must feel and experience with your own senses. Let the positive energy comes from the colors spread throughout the soul. This will help you to relieve your mind and push the bad energy out of the body. Gradually, you will find balance and heal the wounds of the soul.

Healing soul wounds with light

This method is considered to be very difficult for beginners. Few people can also operate light and bring it into the treatment of soul wounds. If you are able to master this method, you can be a master in psychology. Your mission is to eliminate thinking about the real world and allows light to enter the spiritual enlightenment. This will help you to see the mysteries that you have never discovered in your daily life.

Healing soul wounds by praying

This is a great way and is widely used. You may not need to use Oracle cards. This is done based on the prayer guide which is available in each book comes with the Oracle decks. This helps you to strengthen beliefs and create a strong motivation to overcome difficulties.

Healing soul wounds by praying

Hopefully, through this article, you will notice that Oracle cards are really useful. In particular, it is a useful tool for healing soul wounds for those who are experiencing difficult problems in life.

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