How To Cleanse Tarot Cards?

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Seven ways to cleanse Tarot cards

These are signs and ways for you to know when and how to cleanse Tarot cards:

  • You buy a new deck;
  • You receive a used deck;
  • You have put a lot of effort into a particularly difficult spread;
  • Others have contacted your deck;
  • Your deck has not been used or stored for a long time;
  • You or your deck was covered in a bad or gloomy atmosphere;
  • Your reading gradually becomes blurred, difficult, disconnected or unclear;
  • Your Tarot cards are dropped or related to certain incidents;
  • You want to reconnect to a deck which is in a “hibernation” state.

Cleansing the deck is just as important as cleaning up the other items you use in life. If electrical equipment gets dirty through repeated use, they will be at risk of being damaged and will no longer work stably. Only when they are cleaned, they will be effective again. Other “tools” in our lives, including Tarot, are not out of the matter.

The purification of the Tarot deck is important for maintaining a clean source of energy flowing in your cards as well as in your interpretation. You want to make sure that the emotional source of you and your querents can flow seamlessly throughout each card to produce the best reading results and answers. On top of that, the cards cannot lead our lives if they get dirty.

You can choose one of the following methods to answer the question “how to cleanse Tarot cards”:

1. Rearrange and Remember

You can rearrange the order of your Tarot cards. This gives the deck a nice and cleaner status to be ready to start again as well as separate them into individual energy blocks because you probably have noticed that some cards constantly appear together in many spreads. You should do this for the Major Arcana first and then the Minor Arcana later.

When you rearrange the Tarot deck, try to observe and remember the meaning of each card, reminisce all the symbols you already know and search for new ones. You can also test the speed of memory and capture your knowledge while doing this, and you will see this is a great exercise. This is a good way to make sure you have not misplaced or misled any cards since you owned the deck or since you last reordered them.

2. Meditation

You can shuffle Tarot cards and keep them in your hands, then count down from 12 to 1, visualize each number as you count. When counting to 1, count down again from 13 to 1, this time you do not have to visualize. In the state of meditation, you should let your senses and subconscious move in your mind, get down your arms, go throughout your fingers and penetrate the cards. Let’s look around for signs of darkness, and dismiss them. Let’s make the whole space white and clean.

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You can also do any ritual like prayer and symbolism, etc. about truth, accuracy, and protection. Let’s link yourself to the cards, tell them they belong to you, and you can make great things together with them. When you see that they have been purified and radiated the white light, go back to your mind, count from 1 to 13, then from 1 to 12, you have completed the cleansing process.

3. Moon bathing

The moon is often associated with intuitive power and divination. By placing Tarot cards under the moonlight, you can recharge and reconnect the cards to their original state. When there is a full moon, place your cards on the yard or beside the window and let them absorb the spiritual light of the moonlight.

Moon bath

4. Use salt or Crystal stone to cleanse Tarot cards

Salt is considered as a multi-purpose purifying element for bad energy as well as a substance that attracts external energy. You just need to simply place your Tarot cards in the container and sprinkle salt on them or put on quartz crystals (you can use a mixture of white, purple and pink quartz stone and other stones, if possible).

If you want to keep your cards from getting dirty, store them in a velvet bag before putting salt on them. Let’s keep your cards in this state for at least a few days. After that, you can remove salt when you have completed the purification process.

5. Fresh atmosphere

Like everything else, Tarot cards can age and become unstable when stored over time. By giving them exposure to the elements in nature, you will provide them with the energy needed to continue your journey.

6. Sage

In rituals, the bundles of sage are often used to purify bad energies. Tarot cards are also included in this category. You can do this by putting each card through the smoke of the sage. You can also do the same with each card and remember their meanings, such as the “Rearrange and Remember” method.

7. Elements

You can do it in a ritual setting, letting Tarot cards connect with the Elements to introduce, renew and balance the natural state of the cards. Incense represents Air, Candlelight represents Fire, Salt represents Earth, and Sprinkling water represents Water. When using this method, we start with performing a fan-shaped spread, if the purification is extremely necessary, the cards will be cleansed at the same time.

  • Earth: You can bury your deck in a bag on the ground, in the sand or salt for 24 hours. You can also spread the deck into a fan-shaped on a table and spread salt or sand on it for one or two minutes (you can combine with some herbs such as basil, lavender, rosemary or thyme).
  • Water: You can sprinkle water/herbal tea gently on cards and quickly wipe them, or put them under the moonlight and make sure they are well protected at midnight.
  • Fire: Be careful not to burn yourself, place the deck on the flame of the candle and quickly take out. You can also put the deck under sunlight in a safe space for half a day.
  • Air: You can move the deck five to seven times through the incense or take a deep breath and exhale slowly on the deck three times.

Three ways to keep a Tarot deck clean

After you know how to cleanse Tarot cards, it is time to learn how to keep them clean. It is important to keep your deck safe and secure, the following three things will guide you exactly how to keep them in the best conditions.

1. Store Tarot deck in specially designed fabric bags or wooden boxes

Many people ask you to use black color, but in fact, any type of bag is acceptable. You just need to make sure it is used for the purpose of protection, purification, and aesthetics.

2. Store Tarot deck with Stones

The purpose of this is as a source of renewable energy for your stored deck. Some people tend to use amethyst stones to enhance spiritual energy.

3. Store the cards in a neat place while reading

Tarot cards have a way to tell you how they express. If you take care of them, they will do the same for you and your querents. If you leave them messy, they will only convey to you meaningless thoughts.

Three simple ways to protect your Tarot deck

1. Preserve the deck

Tarot cards during use may take on negative energy, which can affect your reading. You should store the deck in a black bag with an inner lining or in a wooden box. You can add stones or herbs to make the deck’s energy purer and more positive.

2. Decide who can touch your Tarot deck

This is a matter of personal preference, whether you allow the querent to touch the cards or not. Some readers encourage this – allowing the querent to shuffle cards as a way to transfer energy to them to make better connections. In contrast, some people like nobody’s energy but their own contact with the deck to keep the energy of the deck pure and consistent.

3. Cleanse Tarot cards

There will be times when you need to purify or clean your deck to eliminate negative energy. There are many ways to do it, but it is simple to use a way that involves four elements as the 7th way mentioned above. Besides, if you cannot choose which method that used four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, or Air, you just simply need to place purifying stones that have good energy or herbs next to the deck to help to improve the energy of it.

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