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I. What is numerology?

1. Meaning Numerology

The science of numerology is the study of human nature. It investigates and assesses the occurrence, absence, and significance of numbers in a person’s date of birth. It enables people to gain a better understanding of themselves and their interactions with others. As a result, numerology will decode the signals supplied by life to each particular human in this lifetime.

Numerology, on the other hand, is not a form of divination. Each number is a wave of vibrations proportional to the number of rotations per second, according to Pythagorean scientists. As a result, numbers play an important role in our lives.

Watch the table below to see all Meanings of the Numerology:

Numerology number 2 Number 2
Numerology number 3 Number 3
Numerology number 4 Number 4
Numerology number 5 Number 5
Numerology number 6 Number 6
Numerology number 7 Number 7
Numerology number 8 Number 8
Numerology number 9 Number 9
Numerology number 10 Number 10
Numerology number 11 Number 11
Numerology number 22 Number 22
Numerology number 33 Number 33

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, numerology can help you figure it out. Theology of numerology can assist us in seeing ourselves more deeply in order to find the proper preoccupation and live a more fulfilling life. Not only that, even if we have feelings for someone and want to learn more about them, or if you want to discover more about family members, living and working surroundings. Since then, we can figure out why people are the way they are, their strengths and limits, and how to treat them correctly.

2. PythagorasThe philosopher, theologian and mathematician

Pythagoras lived between 500 and 490 BC, and was born between 580 and 572 BC. He was a Greek philosopher and the originator of the Pythagorean ideology, a religious organization.

We are probably not too familiar with the important Pythagorean mathematical formulas since we were in high school. But not everyone is aware that he is also a brilliant theologian and philosopher. He influenced numerous generations of notable philosophers and theologians, including Aristotle, Plato, and others…

Pytago excelled in her school career in 532 B.C.E. This theologian has established his own institution. In it, he encourages and brings together a diverse group of people who want to learn more about themselves and grow as individuals in order to better their lives. In terms of education, he made no distinction between rich and poor; if he wanted to learn, he would teach.

Preparation, purification, and completion are the three elements of this mathematician’s curriculum. The preparation portion focuses on ten essential mathematical principles in order to equip students with the information they need to reach their full potential. The purification portion focuses on gaining a better knowledge of life, its purpose, and how to live in harmony with it. These values are taught through the science of numbers,’ also known as Numerology today. The notion of ‘Perfecting,’ integrating and interpreting physical, mental, and spiritual parts of each human being, is taught in the final section.

II. The advantages of numerology

You will study the following via numerology:

  • You’re going to figure out who you are? What are you hoping to get out of this life? We must do whatever it takes to complete our task.
  • You won’t have to waste much time figuring out where you’re going. As a result, you will be able to prevent straying astray through trial and error.
  • Young people and parents, in particular, will be able to easily orient themselves and their children on the route of life, both in terms of lifestyle and future career, if they learn the number of numbers early.

In general, numerology helps you tap into your highest potential. Ultimately, it guides you to better understand yourself and those around you. This science harnesses your intuition, helping you make smarter choices, maximizing your potential on certain days and in certain years. You will be able to understand how well you fit with your friends and lovers, or anyone. You will also take advantage of the good times and decide when to act and when to wait. 

Numerology will help you discover your talents, understand the cycles of your life, uncover the Lessons of Karma and the Debt of Karma, and embrace change for the better of yourself and the universe. It reveals personality traits and potential obstacles in life for both you and others and the best actions to take. 

Numerology can also help you look back into the past. As you reflect on the events of your life, the way they play out in your numerical cycles will bring clarity to what happened and why. Knowing what you will experience in a particular year, month, or day makes navigating the life cycle easier. You will be able to anticipate and prepare for upcoming challenges and take advantage of wonderful and rewarding opportunities.

Numerology is not idealistic, it does not predict the future. Remember that it predicts potentials inside people. The rest is up to you. Numerology depends on the high and low swings of the numbers involved and its rewards are directly correlated with your efforts. It won’t help you win the lottery. (Although many people choose their “lucky number” based on date of birth and important date.) It will not predict the date or time of your death. (Although it can reveal possible health problems and potentially painful cycles in life.) Numerology provides a framework, otherwise, there is always free will and choice, as well as environmental factors beyond our control.

III. Introduction to Numbers in Numerology

In Numerology, the phrase “dominant number” is often encountered and is of great interest to those who learn about this field. It can reveal things about your personality and profession, helping you determine the right direction for yourself in the future.

Before diving deeper into the meaning and “power” of the ruling number for many people, numerology is still a rather foreign field although it is a science that has been studied for thousands of years by scientists – the brilliant mathematician Pythagoras. Sometimes, you will feel a mystical connection between numbers and your destiny, or simply the numbers coincide with notable events in your life. It is the vibration frequencies of numbers according to numerology.

The journey to find out the value that this science of Numerology brings will surprise you by the coincidences of numbers. The full evidence for discovering people will help people realize the value and meaning of life. It is also a link or can be called a focal point to “seduce” people in the hidden inherently nothing that can be seen to the light towards perfection and a more fulfilling life. That is the significant purpose that numerology brings to mankind.

In the 21st century, human civilization, after going through the process of transformation and “evolution”, people have had a better and more modern life, that’s why they need to find out what’s inside. I see myself more who I am and my mission when I come to this world. Thanks to that, numerology has gradually become known as a bridge between humans and the voice of the Universe.

Each person from birth and leaving this world has a guiding number that illuminates, outlines a destination, your task is to go to that destination and that journey is your life. The leading number refers to all about who you are in the past, present, and future. Finding the meaning of the main number that is “holding” one’s destiny is for people to have the right direction and live a better life. The key number is like a “primary lesson” on the way to the world of spiritual awareness and connection.

In the Numerology system, there are many schools with many different origins and ways of calculating. Through a summary from researchers on this science, there were four schools: Chaldean, Kabbalah, Pythagoras… Note that, in this article, we will refer to the Pythagorean school of calculation and findings according to this system.

IV. How to calculate numerology – Ruling number in Numerology

The first step before we go into understanding the hidden meaning of our main number, we need to determine what our main number is. Based on the date of birth, the calculation of the main number is extremely simple. Just add together each digit that appeared on the day you came into this world. If the result is between 2 and 11, then that’s your dominant number, but if it’s not in this range, add again the digits of the sum you just calculated to get the number mainstream.

Specifically, the calculation and examples are easy to understand as follows:

Step 1: Write down your date, month and year of birth. Note that you need to get the date of birth according to the solar calendar, because we are talking about Western Numerology.

For example, you were born on March 4, 1998

Step 2: Add the digits of the date of birth together.

Add: 4+3+1+9+9+8=33

Since the number 33 is not between 2 and 11, keep adding the two digits of the last sum, i.e. 3+3=6. So the dominant number in this case is 6.

Note: in addition to the usual cases that are easy to determine as above, there are some special cases in Numerology. First of all, in the mainstream numbers, it can be seen that there are only 2 to 11, one will surely wonder why not start at 1 and end at 11, then the answer is, according to the Pythagorean school there will be no appearance of the number 1 when referring to the dominant number. Next is the main number 4 divided into 2 cases, the normal number 4 and the number 4 from the total number of 22. It is important to note these numbers to determine your main number correctly!

***You may not know, according to the Pythagorean school, the main number is also calculated by first and last name. Pythagoras came up with an alphabet that corresponds to numbers, from which you can convert from names to numbers and add them together to calculate your dominant number by last name. Remember that we must use the exact and complete name listed on the birth certificate. In some cases, many people have changed their name to change their destiny or for other objective reasons, the original name still affects your life path, in this science, the number is calculated from the last name and the original name. called the Mission number.

V. What does The ruling numberes in Numerology say?

In English, the main number is “Life Path Number”, more literally translated it will be the life path index. In the simplest sense, this is a number that when it comes to it, we can summarize and get a picture that outlines a person’s life from the moment they appear until they leave this world.


For each person, the main number is considered the most important number, the main outline of your life path is shown through it. The sooner you know your dominant number and find out its meaning, the clearer and more suitable your future direction will be. Because since birth, the main number is attached and most of the factors that are fixed according to that number will be almost unchanged, such as personality, mission and suitable occupation. If you have the opportunity to have access to this subject from a young age, recognize how your dominant figure affects you, and find out your own weaknesses as well as find the right direction, your life will become stronger. Life and the journey that you go on will be easier, less arduous.

It sounds like this is like a form of divination to predict destiny, but in fact, mainstream numbers in particular and Numerology in general are based on science and research. Moreover, the main number is not able to specify your future happiness or misery, rich or poor,… But it is a reference for personality and is relative. Suppose, if you have the main number 9 – is an ambitious person, but that doesn’t mean anyone with this dominant number will be successful because everyone’s way is different, not everyone will accept it. Find out who I am, how I am and what I will be. And the mainstream numbers will answer those questions instead of the Universe. Numerology as well as Numbers is mainly a researched science so it is not obligatory for you to believe and worship it, so believe it or not is up to you. But in fact, it has been shown that a lot of people who achieve success and have a fulfilling life have all followed the path outlined by the Main Number.

In the process of deciphering your main number, any relationship from this number to your personality in a positive way will most likely assist you in all aspects of your life and vice versa. When negative things appear, it also makes the journey to your destination much more difficult. In the simplest terms, the dominant number helps you to show the potential within you to find a way to balance them.

VI. Preliminary meaning of the Dominant Numbers in Numerology

In this article, the dominant numbers will be referred to according to the Pythagorean school, meaning that the first dominant number will be the number 2:

1. Number 2 numerology – Sensitivity and strong intuition

According to the Western School of Numerology – Pythagorean school, the number 2 numerology is a rather special and rare number, representing sensitive souls and strong intuition. With compassion in them, people with this dominant number are very helpful to others. Nature is gentle, and loves harmony. Not born to be a leader, but tend to be the right hand of a talented leader. The negative point that the number 2 easily stumbles upon is that it is too sensitive so it is easy to get hurt, attaching importance to the beliefs of the group more than its own needs, leading to never daring to speak out.

Celebrities with dominant numbers are 2: Bob Hope, Madonna, Ronald Reagan, Tony Robbins, Jennifer Aniston,…

2. Number 3 numerology – Bright and awake

Number 3 - Bright and awake

The main number 3 numerology is very intelligent and agile people, the power of the owner of this dominant number is concentrated in wisdom. Your sense of humour is also not bad, number 3 is both intelligent and humorous, so skillful at work and problem solving. Reason is too strong to overwhelm the voice of intuition. Men with the dominant number 3 tend to be patriarchal, dominating and directing others. Because they are so smart and quick, the number 3 can hardly sympathize with people who are a bit slower or less mentally intelligent than you. Your development direction should be listening and developing intuition to connect with the spiritual world, this will help you to be much more alert and lucid.

Celebrities whose dominant numbers are 3: Christina Aguilera, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Buffett, John Travolta, Snoop Dogg

4. Number 4 numerology – Good at planning and focusing on goals

The number 4 numerology is the dominant number of people who are realistic, doable, and sane. The inclination of those with this dominant number is materialistic. You prefer to be involved in activities that involve movement rather than sitting around. Your talent is the ability to reason and think logically, to link existing data and draw up specific plans to achieve goals. The number 4 also does not focus too much and to be obsessed with material things, but learn to balance life by cultivating mental and emotional factors. Only then can you lead a better life.

The main number 4 is ambitious, but it is still advisable to balance the time for work and personal life to avoid falling into a state of extreme stress and fatigue.

Celebrities with dominant numbers are 4: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, Usher,…

Particularly with this main number 4, there are two cases including the normal 4 and the special 4 created from the number 22. With the special number 22, it is super rare only in 1-2% of the population of a land. water, known as the king number – gets unlimited potential and much good luck.

Number 22 numerology has two divergent development trends, one is to become a “hero” of creating and pioneering, reaping many successes, the other is a useless person, slipping on his own laziness. At the same time, the number 22 needs to stay away from negative energy from the temptation of matter. It is easy for this dominant number to forget the original beautiful purpose that he came to this world.

number 22 numerology super rare

Celebrities whose dominant number is 22: Paul McCartney, 14th Dalai Lama

5. Number 5 numerology – Freedom and freedom to fully enjoy life

The main number 5 numerology is a person who lives for freedom and freedom, always yearning to expand his knowledge and experience the “pleasures” of life. People with the number 5 are the people of love, freedom and art. Hate being constrained and tied down, so you fit into the things that set your mind free to unleash your potential and do extraordinary things. Just be immersed in freedom and not limit yourself, the creativity of this mainstream number will be extraordinary. And don’t forget to learn how to live positively, think multi-dimensionally for all problems.

Celebrities whose main numbers are number 5: Abraham Lincoln, Beyoncé, Isaac Newton, Angelina Jolie,…

6. Number 6 numerology – Outstanding creativity

Number 6 - Outstanding creativity and good at balancing elements in life

“Creative”, “Caring”, “Balanced” are the best adjectives when describing a person whose destiny is created by The number 6 numerology. The way the Universe sends you messages is often through lessons that the number 6 has to reflect on himself. There will be times when it is extremely painful because things are not going as planned, but group 6 needs to be alert to balance emotions and stay away from negative energies.

The life motto of the number 6 should be to look at it with an innocent or childlike perspective so as not to receive troubles. Enjoy life more, learn to take some negativity lightly, love those who are always there for you no matter what, like family and loved ones. Positive energy will then spread and paint more colorful colors into your life.

Celebrities whose main number is number 6: Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Bruce Willis,…

7. Number 7 numerology – Maturity journey associated with practical experience and learning

It can be seen that you come to this Universe with a mission to experience and learn. You have a strong will, a strong independence that helps the number 7 overcome the ups and downs of life. After all, you will still enjoy the valuable results that are hard to achieve. People with the dominant number 7 need to learn to listen to the opinions and contributions of others in order to more objectively evaluate things and events. Ready to roll, embark on any task or task assigned. This main number is a person of actions, words have no meaning for number 7 numerology. It should be noted that you should balance between learning theory and practice to avoid distortion of understanding and mistakes. worth having.

Celebrities with dominant numbers 7: Queen Elizabeth, George Bush Sr, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Number 8 numerology – High independence and strong will

Number 8 - High independence and strong will

Finally, the number 8 numerology stands out the most with independence and resilience. Easy to become a reliable support for those around. Although it is a little difficult to express the emotional aspects, if you can learn to say loving words, express more gratitude, and make gestures and eyes more intimate, you will feel a sense of security. inner peace and avoid problems in life. Similar to the number 4, people with the dominant number 8 also tend to be materialistic, often people with the number 8 are more likely to have a financially prosperous life.

Very good at operating, leading and in matters such as finance, real estate, securities,… Easy to succeed and get tangible results after months of perseverance and effort.

Number Ones Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bullock, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Nelson Mandela.

9. Number 9 numerology – High and ambitious living ideals

High sense of responsibility, idealistic, ambitious and full of passion.

Number 9 numerology focuses on social and human factors, wanting to sacrifice personal things to give people around them a better life. Living very honestly and frankly, with a bit too seriousness, it is easy to feel pressure on the journey to pursue big goals. A person with natural charisma and easy to be a role model to others. Need to learn how to enjoy more joy in life, cultivate wisdom, patience and perseverance to prepare in your life journey. Do not let negative emotions degrade the desire to be good for society and people.

The person whose main number is the number 9: Mahatma Gandhi, Jim Carrey, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, …

10. Number 10 numerology – Flexibility and adaptability to the environment

Number 10 - Flexibility and adaptability to the environment

The most prominent group of people with the leading Number 10 numerology is the ability to be flexible and adapt to any environment and situation. You are very skillful in communication, causing good sympathy with people around. At the same time, he is also very confident in himself, but sometimes overconfidence leads to troubles in life. You have bold thoughts that no one else has thought of and are easy to become the pioneer of a new field or movement.

Number 10 people should be careful with relying on adaptability to avoid accepting the environment too easily, superficially despite the currents of life. Remember, the fluctuation range of the number 10 is very large, like two extremes, some people can achieve remarkable achievements, but there are also people who struggle with ordinary life passing by day by day.

Celebrities whose main number is 10: Pham Nhat Vuong, Messi, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Steve Jobs,…

11. Number 11 numerology – Qualities of a pioneer with keen intuition

This key number is special and also a gift that the Universe favors for you. Highly intuitive and spiritually strong, most become pioneers and pioneers in many new fields.

The number 11 numerology has a deep and sensitive soul, so it makes you often feel anxious and easily fall into depression before criticism from others. The majority of number 11 do not make full use of their strengths due to following the temptations of materialism, losing and contrary to the noble mission of bringing people to the world of perception, so many number 11 people are negative and full of suffering. This dominant number needs to be aware of which path they should take to avoid wasting their potential and energy.

The person whose main number is the number 11: Mozart, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, David Beckham

12. Number 33 numerology – The Number of Master Teacher

With a person’s heart always aiming for “truth – beauty – goodness”, the life ideal of number 33 is very noble and intense. The belief of this ruling Number 33 numerology is to always aspire to help people in healing their spiritual wounds, helping them get through the dark times in their lives. 

No matter who you are, even if you own the ruling numbers known as the king of numbers, there will still be your limitations because basically no one will be perfect. Those with the ruling number 33 live with emotions in every moment, you are more a listener to your heart than to your head, and you know it. Your words and arguments may be sharp, but your heart is also full of emotions.

VII. The case of “applying” the dominant number in numerology

Through your own key number, you can know the strengths that should be fully promoted and utilized, and the weaknesses that need to be improved to achieve more success and achievements in life.

Some of the “sensitive” times that we can learn and refer to the meaning of our own key numbers are also very diverse. For example, when babies are just born, parents should calculate the main number based on the baby’s date of birth to know in the future how your child will have personality, advantages and disadvantages. From there, it is possible to name children containing letters corresponding to numbers that can compensate for the shortcomings of the main number, more practical than directing children to learn what skills to use as luggage. for the future. Or a little older, when children enter the stage where they need to determine the profession to study, not merely aiming at the hot industries at that time, but refer to the main number of their children. have the ability to pursue any field.

In fact, whenever you feel like you are losing your way, confused about the way you have to go, the key number is like a torch that lights the way for you. The term “individual year” in Numerology is also related to the dominant number. In the development cycle each person will have 9 years with ups and downs depending on the stage. Refer to the dominant figure of five individuals to determine direction in the near future. For example, when you are planning to promote a startup, you are strongly urged to do it right away, see if five individuals at that time have a “favorable time” for the project. it or not. If the answer is “no”, you are in a cycle of stagnation, so you should temporarily stop cultivating more, wait for “spring” to come and then let’s bloom!

Next, the leading number also helps you identify suitable partners, friends and life partners. Of course, it is not the only factor for us to judge anyone, but it will partly help you understand more about the people you have little contact with or communicate for the first time, from which you can consider How to maintain a relationship, seeing better for others is also an opportunity for the other person to understand you without a direct explanation. This is not to say that you have to insist on following it, Numerology is just a signal, believe it or not, it’s up to you and don’t abuse it to rationalize what you yourself are thinking about others. For example, in numbers, the person with the dominant number 4 can get along with the number 7, the two of you make up for each other’s shortcomings and resonate with each other’s strengths. Because the number 4 is good at planning, it makes up for the lack of an overall view of the 7 and vice versa, the number 7 does not focus on wealth, so it helps the number 4 reduce the pressure of following material values.

There are also cases where, in theory, between the two main numbers, there is no harmony in terms of personality, strengths and weaknesses do not support the opponent, but in fact, each person knows how to limit their limitations. or because of the influence of other factors, it is understandable that they become great friends and partners.


In fact, many people have turned to Numerology and have had great success understanding themselves from their strengths, weaknesses, and future direction. The “magic” of the main number is not to predict the future but to deepen the meaning of each person’s life, to find “true love” – ​​what are the things you should or shouldn’t do and what is right for you. Since anyone’s life will have a relationship with many numbers, not just the main number, but knowing this core number will make you feel the vibrational frequencies of the remaining numbers. but unleash your potential.

All in all, Key Numbers will help us answer these inherently vague questions as follows:

  • Who are you? What kind of people are you?
  • What are your advantages and disadvantages?
  • What should you do to become the best version and good direction for you to fulfill the mission that you came into this world with?
  • Who can you get along with, how to control and balance the factors surrounding your life such as work, relationships, health, …

Numerology researchers say that numbers represent the language of the Universe, they have found that the dominant number helps to instinctively determine from the depths of your subconscious. . Through very simple addition, you can identify the main number that holds the core for your life.

X. Birth chart in Numerology

The date of birth is just as crucial as the conventional number. Follow these steps to find out when you were born:

Step 1: Write down your date of birth on a piece of paper as clearly as possible. Take, for example, the 1st of May, 1974.

Step 2: Draw two horizontal stripes and two vertical stripes on the paper, interlocking in a perpendicular shape, as shown below. As a result, we’ll have 9 boxes to fill with natural integers ranging from 1 to 9, one for each person’s date of birth.

Step 3: To make a birth chart, look at a sample chart with numbers in fixed positions. You must also enter the numbers in the exact positions given in the sample table below when include your date of birth in the chart. To get an accurate picture, you must write the proper number of numbers in the specified box if there are recurring numbers. You don’t need to write anything on the chart, especially number 0.

Step 4: Your date of birth will be produced when you have filled in all of the numbers. So now you’re prepared to examine a variety of various aspects relying solely on this uncomplicated chart.

Example:  10/12/1987 + Female

Arrow 7,8,9: The girl is undergoing surgery.

I enjoy traveling to new places to discover new things.

When you’re in tune with nature, you’ll be happy.

Suitable for outdoor sports and enjoys having fun.

Gentleness, love, and harmony, for example…

A furious arrow is drawn on the girl’s blank 4,5,6 arrow: When accidental events occur in life, these people often feel uneasy since their desired outcomes are not realized. Their ambitions are frequently so lofty that they cannot be realized. They must develop the ability to accept reality.

Isolated number: Because number 7 is not in a lonely position on the seamless chart, it will only suffer one loss in three areas: health, family, and money.

There are 3 number 1 in the birth chart: Life is less flat, and conflicting feelings of happiness and grief are more common.

There is 1 number 2: As a female, 1 number 2 is sufficient to maintain equilibrium. This young lady possesses a basic level of intuition, but it is not always sufficient in today’s world of harsh competition.


  • Create a virtual 5 to split the empty arrows 4,5,6 and build a determination arrow 1,5,9.
  • Break the arrows 4,5,6 with a virtual 4 and form the physical arrows 1,4,7.

1. Summarize the meanings of the numbers on your date of birth

Number 1: The number one is a sign for conveying my ego as well as the manner in which my ego manifests itself. Can your ego easily manifest or be suppressed, to be more specific? As a result, the number of 1s in a person’s date of birth indicates their level of autonomy or lack of self-control.

Number 2: Human intuition, sensitivity, and emotions are all aided by this number. People having the number 2 on their birthday are fortunate. These characters come to life with a critical weapon: guidelines for unlocking people’s intuition. As these skills improve, these individuals will be able to comprehend not only themselves, but also others and life in general.

Number 3: Number 3 will have a significant impact on people’s memories. People with a 3 on their date chart will have a significant advantage in school and in life in terms of learning. These individuals are generally interested in their daily lives and the surroundings in which they live.

Number 4: This is the number that portrays reality, or materialism with a tilt. People born with the number 4 in their birth chart are typically tidy, careful, like to be attached to reality, and have a solid sense of organization.

Number 5: The number 5 is in the middle of the date of birth, making it easier to link with other numbers on the chart. The number 5 is significant because it contains more human emotions than any other number. Furthermore, because the number 5 sits in the middle of the second horizontal axis – the spiritual axis – it is associated with love, freedom of expression, and artistry.

Number 6: If your date of birth contains the number 6, you have the power to choose whether your life is creative or destructive. Number 6 ensures that the mental axis runs smoothly, with no deviations to the left or right. It helps to bring the mind into alignment with the mind.

Number 7:The number seven signifies the number of lessons that people might learn and acquire throughout their lives. These lessons are traumatic events from which one might learn valuable lessons. The number 7 is believed to have completed its task when they grasp the philosophy of life.

Number 8: Number 8 is the intelligent number, both spiritually and spiritually. In terms of mentality, the number 8 represents a lively, self-sufficient individual. These people are thorough and methodical, therefore they can be organized. Those who chose a non-aggressive lifestyle, on the other hand, will appear lethargic and unsteady.

Number 9: The right brain, which bears the ideal strength and is the spiritual aspect of the human brain, is represented by the number 9. The number 9 physically reflects human desires and goals. Three factors are represented by the number nine: responsibility, ambition, and life’s aim. As a result, a person born on September 9th is always in a state of motion, with a visible and invisible direction to follow.

Number 0: The number 0 is still a mystery, and scientists researching the number of theology are still trying to figure out what its essential significance is. The number 0 appears in many people’s birthdays, thus it must have some significance. 0 means nothing in the numerator and infinity in the denominator, whether philosophically or mathematically. If 0 truly denotes infinity or everything, we must also recognize that these two infinity ends relate to something finite and difficult to attain. As a result, 0 resembles a sign rather than a number. It has a mysterious spiritual or spiritual value that resides in every person with the number 0 in their birth date, but only rarely manifests. This suggests that anyone born with a zero or more on their birthday has a spiritual tendency they should be aware of. It has the ability to help individuals understand more about life’s core issues, such as the meaning of life, the power of thoughts, and the rebirth process…

numerology reading

2. Summary of arrow lines on birth chart

Intelligence arrow (3-6-9): The human brain is represented by the intelligence arrow (3-6-9) that forms the first horizontal axis at the date of birth. As a result, it plays a supportive function in memory, reasoning, imagination, creativity, responsibility, aspiration, ambition, and the ideal of life. Those who possess this priceless arrow, if they can put it to good use, will be able to go farther in their studying and research careers as a result of their own innate intellect.

Soul arrow (2-5-8): The second horizontal and center row in the birth chart is created by the soul arrow (2-5-8). It represents the human heart, and hence all human sensations, emotions, and souls are supported by it. This arrow will help people gain good intuition. Love, freedom, pleasant emotions, artistic expressions, spiritual and intellectual independence live within them.

Physical arrow (1-4-7): The last horizontal row of the birth chart is formed by this arrow. It symbolizes the physical activities of humans. As a result, controlling communication, body language, motivation, organization, patience, materiality, and perception through loss is its responsibility. These arrows are frequently quite busy at work, and they would rather get to work than listen to straightforward logic. Because of their nature, they will occasionally face challenges in learning from losses.

Determination arrow (1-5-9): The determination arrow (1-5-9) draws a diagonal line through the date of birth. It’s clear that these arrowed individuals are tenacious in their pursuit of their goals, conquering all barriers and persevering until they succeed. Those that receive 1-5-9 arrows have a wonderful boldness that helps them thrive in life.

Sharp psychic arrow (3-5-7): In the date of birth, this arrow generates a diagonal line. This arrow connects the three most powerful numbers that represent each branch: 3 on the Mind axis, 5 on the Soul axis, and 7 on the Body axis. These people are far more spiritually sensitive than the average person. They rarely listen to counsel from others because their psychic sense is based on their own experiences. They have learned many difficult lessons in their lives as a result of their desire to experience, feel, and learn for themselves. These lessons, on the other hand, develop courage by breaking down the deep feelings of the philosophy of living in life, from which they grow up.

Plan arrow (1-2-3): The first vertical row of the birth chart is used to produce this arrow. These arrowers enjoy and are skilled at planning. They do, however, frequently create a master strategy but rarely go into depth about how to achieve it. They are also extremely well-organized and dependable. They must, however, overcome their proclivity for overlooking little things in order to improve the quality of their work. These folks are at risk if others do not follow through with their plans. If their goals aren’t followed, they’ll live independently and accept whatever happens around them. As a result, these people are frequently withdrawn and uninterested in life.

Will Arrow (4-5-6): Because it generates a vertical line in the middle and separates the chart into two pieces, this arrow is regarded as the most valuable in the date of birth chart. People with these arrows have a strong will and are often obstinate. They take on the number 4’s resourcefulness and agility, the number 5’s freedom of expression and connection, and the number 6’s creativity. These folks appreciate doing good deeds and being complimented by others for their accomplishments. However, in order to avoid the state of merely will, these people must learn to perceive the situation in multiple dimensions and to understand other people (assuming that you are right). They must avoid being impacted by stuff in particular.

XI. Some other numerology indicators

1. Life Path Index

The Life Path Index in Numerology is obtained as the most important stat, it can be called another name for the Dominant Number.

Definition: The Life Path Index shows traits, salient personality traits, personality flaws, suitable career inclinations, and biggest life lessons to learn.

Calculation: Add all the numbers in your full date of birth into single numbers from 1 to 9, there are special cases when the sum is 11, 22, 33, then write 11/2, 22/4 and 33/ 6.

2. Mission Stats

Definition: Mission Number in Numerology also has other names such as: Destiny Number, Destiny Number, this indicator shows what is your mission when coming to this world? It answers the question “Why was I born into this life” and what should my life be directed to in order to be happy.

Calculation: Reduce all the letters in your Full Name and add them together until you get a shortened number from 1 to 9.

3. Attitude Index

Definition: Attitude Number in Numerology also has other names such as: Inner Attitude Index is a number that shows how you react to things happening in this life such as work or relationships. generation. Attitude number also shows you the first expression of your behavior when meeting someone. Understanding this number will help you quickly score points in the eyes of others.

Calculation: Add the total number of days of your birth and the number of months of your birth and then take the shortened number from 1 to 9.

4. Maturity Index

Definition: The Maturity Index in Numerology also has other package names such as: Maturity Index, Achievement Index, Middle Age Index, which is a number that indicates the ability you need to practice to achieve. be more successful and happier in life in adulthood. The sooner you practice this ability, the more likely you are to succeed.

Calculation: The maturity index is calculated from the sum of the Life Paths and the shortened Missions to get the single number from 1 to 9.

5. Date of Birth Index

Definition: Your birth date number in Numerology tells you about your special talents and natural abilities. Know how to make the most of the favor that the universe bestows on you to fulfill your mission

Calculation: The Date of Birth index is calculated from the date of Birth shortened to get the number of applications from 1 to 11, with the date of birth on April 22 when you were born on the 22nd.

6. Soul Stats

Definition: The Soul Index in Numerology has other names such as: Inner Motivation Index, Inner Index, this number represents your inner desires, your inner desires. How will. And when you clearly understand the meaning of that number, you will know what “spiritual food in your soul” is every day? And only when you can be yourself will you feel more peaceful and happy.

Calculation: The Soul Index is calculated from the sum of the vowel letters in your last name and then converted to a shortened number that takes the value from 1 to 11 and has the number 22/4 when the sum of the vowels equals 22. Vowels are A, I, E, O, U and possibly Y.

7. Expression Index

Definition: Expression index in Numerology has many other names such as Personality Index, Personality Index, External Motivation Index, Interaction Index, which will speak to personality and style. through your words, gestures and attitudes. Understanding your engagement numbers helps you position and strengthen your image and yourself. Help you develop your own personality.

Calculation: Expression Index is calculated from the sum of the consonant letters in your last name and then converted to a shortened number that takes the value from 1 to 11 and has the number 22/4 when the sum of the vowels equals 22.

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