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Top 10 most popular Tarot decks

1. Rider Waite Tarot deck

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck is a classic deck. It probably is the best-known card in the world of Tarot generally and the West particularly. This is considered a standard re-definition of the Tarot as well as being the norm for over 90% of the current decks.

Waite-Smith Tarot
Rider Tarot Deck
[Set] Rider Waite Tarot Book +Deck

2. Thoth Tarot deck

Thoth Tarot Deck is the One of the most famous decks in the world, drawn by a mystical scholar who is also a member of the Golden Dawn, the legendary Aleister Crowley. In spite of being one of the classic decks, Thoth Tarot contains the mystical Kabbalah symbolic systems and astrology from The Book of Thoth, requiring users to have a certain background to be able to capture the best.

Thoth Tarot Deck
Thoth Tarot Book

3. Tarot of Marseilles deck

Tarot of Marseilles Deck by the publisher of Lo Scarabeo offers users who love the original style of the 78 Tarot cards system, another worthy alternative to own this famous deck. On the one hand, this version of the Tarot of Marseille retains the features of the well-known Marseille system and succeeds in connecting the ancient Tarot system with new details added, easier for users to read, including other popular European languages besides French.

Tarot of Marseilles
Marseille Tarot Deck
Marseille Tarot Book

4. Deviant Moon Tarot deck

Deviant Moon Tarot is a deck that takes the context of a surreal, exotic world lurking in the darkness from the moonlight. The 78 cards describe characters designed by Patrick Valenza based on his imagination after a long period of observation of old cemeteries and psychiatric hospitals as well as dreams, nightmares from childhood.

The author took more than three years to complete the deck, but there are cards he has begun to sketch over 10 years ago. Thus, this deck has reached its level of perfection in every little detail.

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck
Deviant Moon Tarot Book

The author took more than three years to complete the deck, but there are cards he has begun to sketch over 10 years ago. Thus, this deck has reached its level of perfection in every little detail.

5. Wildwood Tarot deck

The Wildwood Tarot Deck was published by John Matthews, Mark Ryan, inspired by mythology before Celtic and mysterious anecdotes about Shaman Gods. The deck takes us to a beautiful world inhabited by prototypes belong to a classical forest, including humans, archers, oak trees, along with an insight system that guides the linkage of the characteristics of these prototypes with the traditional Rider Waite Smith system.

Wildwood Tarot
Wildwood Tarot Deck
Wildwood Tarot Book

6. Druidcraft Tarot deck

Druidcraft Tarot is an invitation for the user to enjoy and appreciate the wealthiness of Mother Earth, of the natural world, of the rhythm of the crop. The 78 cards are considered to have a very high depth of significance, making it a perfect tool to help users go deeper into enlightening themselves. Famous researcher Philip Carr-Gomm and his collaborators have created a highly detailed, natural-themed deck, along with a well-known Rider Waite Smith visualization system.

7. Morgan Greer Tarot deck

Launching more than 30 years ago, Morgan Greer Tarot has always been one of the decks based on Rider Waite Smith which is rated the best. Considering to be the world’s first deck without the borders, Morgan Greer Tarot by Lloyd Morgan, Bill Greer offers a more generous feeling thanks to the higher level of details on the display area. The image of the card is larger than the traditional one.

Morgan Greer Tarot

8. Gilded Tarot deck

The Gilded Tarot is the first deck to overcome the limitations and prejudices when it not only contains beautiful digital imaging systems but also follows the traditional Rider Waite Smith. Any Tarot user familiar with Rider Waite Smith will soon notice the familiarity of using The Gilded Tarot, and conversely those who just research about Tarot still find it easy to learn without starting from the ancient traditional decks.

9. Steampunk Tarot deck

Steampunk Tarot is a traditional 78 card Tarot but in a non-traditional world. Card images tend to be digital but they give you a great impression when looking at. The card uses light-toned colors giving the users the impression that they are returning to previous centuries or another world. The guidebook was written by Tarot expert, Barbara Moore.

Steampunk Tarot

10. Shadowscapes Tarot deck

The magical world of Mermaids and the dancing fairies of Tarot Shadowscapes Deck makes it becomes one of the best decks in history. With the Rider Waite Smith based image system, the Shadowscapes Tarot is a true artwork in watercolor style and meaningful content blends between Asian, Celtic and fictional artifacts by painter Stephanie Pui Mun Law, as well as inspired by fairy tales, myths, and folklore from cultures around the world. The detail in the photo of this deck is high quality and has a soft, brilliant feature that other decks hardly comparable.

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck
Shadowscapes Tarot Book

Tarot decks for new experiences

11. Transparent Tarot deck

Transparent Tarot is one of the most unique decks in the world, both in structure and usage. This is the first deck to be printed on plastic material with the imitation of Rider Waite Smith’s imaging system, reading conventionally by stacking the cards on top of each other. This “unique” approach gives a fresh look to the traditional Tarot when the combination of various card images (vertically) can be used to reveal intuition and explore the inner depths of the user.

Transparent Tarot

12.  Tarot of the Silicon Dawn deck

Having a little bit weird visual style, Tarot of the Silicon Dawn brings out the feeling about a modern world where reality and fiction are intertwined – the time when people become dependent on the technology and social media. The deck features 99 cards with artwork mixed between animation and surrealism.

The use of deep colors and contrasting colors demonstrating effort beyond traditional rules, giving users the ability to go deeper and more subconsciously, associating and exploring ourselves further.

13. Cosmos Tarot and Oracle deck

Cosmos Tarot & Oracle is a project of “double” card featuring 78 traditional Tarot cards and 22 Oracle cards from a collaboration of 100 artists which inspired by the galaxy at night and limited release. Cosmos Tarot & Oracle have many similarities in visual style: clear, detailed, colorful and abstract. The glittering spark of the starry night and the celestial bodies are reviewed in Cosmos.

Cosmos Tarot and Oracle

14. Circle of Life Tarot deck

Circle of Life Tarot is one of the rare decks in the world designed in a circular form, based on the cycle of samsara and one’s life. The 78 cards are a combination of the conventional Tarot symbols system with unique and imaginative graphics of life’s journey. The characters in the deck are creatures that characterize the four basic elements and have a mythical look, emphasizing the feature of the circles.

15.  Book of Shadows Tarot Vol.1 and Vol.2 (As Above – So Below)

The famous researcher Barbara Moore, author of dozens of Tarot books, offers the idea of the series of two decks: Book of Shadows, and As Above is the first set in the series. While As Above’s image depicts sources of energy belonging to the universe and divine, So Below depicts the daily realities of humanity. Both decks are based on the Rider Waite Smith structure and are considered a powerful pair of decks to help users identify and learn from the resources around them.

Book of Shadows Tarot

Tarot decks for a new point of view

16. Chrysalis Tarot deck

Chrysalis Tarot is a deck with bright colors and details in Pagan style, applicating the traditional Tarot icon system combined with new ideas by author Toney Brooks, by painter Holly Sierra. Chrysalis Tarot can be considered as a normal deck mixed with Oracle, such as Angel Tarot or Art of Life dues to its design which ensures both traditional and modern details.

17. Linestrider Tarot deck

The Tarot Linestrider is a unique deck based on the traditional Tarot system but using more unique graphics. In particular, experienced Tarot users will notice astrological and alchemical symbols and enjoy new features in traditional imagery whereas new users learn Tarot will find the deck contains visual encodes and easily captures.

Linestrider Tarot

18. Tarot of the New Vision deck

Let’s discover the secrets behind the popular Rider Waite Tarot. What can you see from these familiar images?. What would the landscape look like when the woman in Two of Swords card opened her blindfold? Have you ever imagined someone or something behind the High Priestess? Change your perspective, add deeper meaning to your answers, and satisfy your curiosity.

19. Lost Code of Tarot deck

Let’s enter the parallel world where Tarot is present in life. Designed by artist Andrea Aste, the Lost Code of Tarot looks like it created in the era of alchemists. This deck is filled with metaphorical and magical language. Inspired by the code of Leonardo da Vinci, the series evokes a time when science and magic are merging.

Lost Code of Tarot

20. Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck

The philosophy of the “Dreams of Gaia Tarot” deck is simple: to search, to feel, to grow and to heal. Based on the structure of a traditional deck consisting of major cards and minors cards but putting them together with new prototypes, symbols, and meanings to match the present time. The deck ‘Dreams of Gaia Tarot’ creates a more personal, familiar, and effective system that allows you to use the deck as a map of your life.

Tarot decks for religion and self-reflection

21. Osho Zen Tarot deck

Osho Zen Tarot Deck focuses on the meditation principle (Zen) with the task of helping users improve their understanding at the moment. When life is filled with worries and doubts, people will tend to seek for new direction and inspiration. While the traditional Tarot is aimed at satisfying the desires of searching past and future, answering questions as “what will happen in the future?” , “what will happen to my health?” or “what my children will look like?” or “if I chose this decision instead of the other choice, then…”,

Osho Zen Tarot
[Set] Osho Zen Tarot Deck + Book

22. Sacred India Tarot deck

The Sacred India Tarot is the only deck that harmonizes and successfully combines the two mysterious flows of world culture: Western Tarot and Indian mythology. This combination and reconciliation were skillfully crafted under Jane Adams’ charismatic drawings, without compromising on the specific elements of each field or leading to cultural identity.

The divine Indian myth is considered to be one of the few spiritual themes that “live” until this now. This makes The Sacred India Tarot a source of spiritual and mental energy as well as contemporary resonance which is hard to compare.

23. Buddha Tarot deck

The idea of combining Buddhism with Tarot seems strange, but the Buddha Tarot has demonstrated similar interesting features from the character patterns and the context of the deck. The journey of 22 Major Arcana cards of the Buddha Tarot described metaphorically the path leads to the enlightenment of the great monk Dalai Lama.

Buddha Tarot

24. Pagan Tarot deck

Pagan Tarot presents experiences in the world of Witches and master Pagan in a combination between traditional Wicca prototypes and modern styles within traditional Tarot structures. Pagan Tarot is considered an essential tool for those who study and love Pagan’s mysterious natural style, seeking guidance for solving common issues as well as spiritual mysteries.

25. Hermetic Tarot deck

Used to be one of the favorites deck in the world, Hermetic Tarot was reprinted and became one of the rare decks still in circulation using high-end imaging systems, far from the traditional Rider Waite Smith standard which favors the field of studying the influence of constellations/planets. The image on the 78 cards consists of only two colors in white and black, but the details are high quality.

Hermetic Tarot

Hermetic Tarot was previously used by members of Golden Dawn, Mathers, therefore users must have experience of Tarot and knowledge of Thoth/Golden Dawn in order to capture the deck better.

Tarot decks with themes about animals and nature

26. Animism Tarot deck

The Animism Tarot connects the Tarot symbols and animal symbols in which each card represents different species, combining the power of the animal and the traditional meaning of the corresponding card. Designed by Rider Waite Tarot, The Animism Tarot is easy to use for all types of users while ensuring the familiar details and bringing deep layers of meaning, helping users discover themselves on the spiritual side.

27. Animal Totem Tarot deck

The animal totem is a powerful ally and guides those who are looking for a connection to their endless supply of energy. From the air, on the land and deep in the ground, or quietly in the dark – all animals have their own spiritual lessons and wisdom that will help you on your journey. The beautiful and graceful animals express their knowledge without words. Let them convey the message to the deepest part of you with this deck.

Animal Totem Tarot

28. Mystical Cats Tarot deck

Anyone who has ever been raising cats knows the wild and mysterious nature of this fellow. When you take the Mystic Cats Tarot, you will soon realize that this is the door to the magical world of cats – where you will find the wisdom and that existed from ancient times. In the Mystical Cats Tarot, through the analysis of cat behavior on the cards and combining with the traditional Tarot meanings, users will find answers to their own important questions.

29. Fantastical Creatures Tarot deck

From the world of myths, folklore and fairy tales, Fantastical Creatures Tarot brings to life a “team” of mysterious, colorful creatures. The 78 cards are the 78th species of legendary creatures which only in the imagination, and species that only appear in human legends.

Fantastical Creatures Tarot

30. The Tarot of Trees deck

The Tarot of Trees is a colorful, light and deep, featuring 78 cards with the theme of nature and trees. The card is mainly inspired by real life, the mix of images sometimes tend to convey the traditional meaning to the cards through the image of the trees instead of the human being.

Tarot decks for love and sexuality

31. Lover’s Path Tarot deck

Lover’s Path The Tarot describes the connection between love stories and the legend of love around the world with traditional Tarot prototypes, such as Cleopatra and Caesar, Arthur and Guinevere, Cupid and Psyche. We all love relationships which reflect ours. The card user will travel on the path of emotional and spiritual knowledge, seeking by entrusting one’s love to others.

Lover’s Path Tarot

32. Decameron Tarot deck

Decameron Tarot is a deck for people above 18 with bold images describing strongly love and sex. The Decameron Tarot’s image system is completely out of the ordinary. If you look closely, you can link the traditional meaning to each card in the deck and find the captivating message about love. This is an interesting deck for experienced users who want to give questions about relationship, love, and marriage.

33. Kamasutra Tarot deck

The deck is inspired by the recorded details in the original Kamasutra book and directed to Tarot users seeking to find a way and guide their journey to enlightenment through their senses. Pictures of the 17th-18th century Far East painting style of this deck depict sex positions that have been created and passed down in human history and recorded in Kamasutra from a different perspective compare to the Western one.

Kamasutra Tarot

34. Tarot of Sexual Magic deck

Tarot of Sexual Magic is one of the most famous decks in the erotic art group, with 78 cards depicting the true human sexuality – which is considered to be a powerful source of the most energy flowing in each of us. The Tarot of Sexual Magic is a useful tool for exploring and harnessing the power of passion, wildness, empowerment and joyful spirit – those elements that are associated with love and sex of mankind.

Like other erotica decks, Tarot of Sexual Magic also includes the adult, nudity and sensitive elements however the images express clearly the romance, not just only sex.

35. Manara: Erotic Tarot deck

Manara: Erotic Tarot’s sexy visual style is a mix of sexuality, artistry, and divination. Unlike many other 18+ decks, Manara: Erotic Tarot’s female characters are not just objects for men to play with but they are full of energy and even strongly expresses the control.

Manara-Erotic Tarot

36. Tarot of Casanova deck

Tarot of Casanova is one of the most famous 18+ style decks in the world, inspired by the life of Giacomo Casanova – the legend man of all ladies in Venice, set in the most romantic city of Italy. Even though it is an adult style deck, unlike many other decks in the group, Tarot of Casanova’s image is so detailed and harmonious, balancing between the traditional Tarot and the “adult” level in the cards.

The male and female characters in the Tarot of Casanova are portrayed in seductive dances, sexual acts, Casanova’s life. The background of Venice is a tool for exploring human intelligence as well as the complicated aspects of life: intense love, indifference and, instability.

Tarot decks with themes of witchcraft and magic

37. Witches Tarot deck

Witches Tarot is a deck based on the background of an era that has gone down in European history – the time when witches and magicians existed. The author Ellen Dugan is an experienced reader and is originally from a family of witches while the painter Mark Evans is a well known digital artist – a combination that created one of the most beautiful decks in the world.

Witches Tarot

38. Wizards Tarot deck

Let’s discover the world of magic, spells and mysterious tales of Mandrake Academy, where you become one of the students who receive instruction from the Tarot teacher.

39. Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck

The Silver Witchcraft Tarot blends between modern pagan symbols and knowledge about magic. Illustrated in dark colors, the deck has multicultural characters wearing robes in the spiritual-natural setting. The 78 cards of Silver Witchcraft Tarot without the borders, covering at the edge by silver and coming along with a guide-book written by Barbara Moore.

Silver Witchcraft Tarot

40. Green Witch Tarot deck

Stepping into the world of Witches of the green forest where the fuzzy images you see will help you get along with elements, natural energies, and beliefs from ancient religions. The Green With Tarot describes the activities in the world of witches and the meaningful encounters with the plant and animal worlds, thus opening a door that connects the reader with the spirits from nature.

41. Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot deck

With its vivid details and gorgeous colors in traditional symbols, Modern Spellcaster’s deck is a perfect choice to improve your card reading skills, divination and ritual skills. Scott Murphy’s graphic art depicts the familiar elements of the Rider-Waite Tarot in a refreshing style of ancient Pagan, diversity of ethnic groups and method of performing spells.

Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

Tarot decks with themes of shadow and the dark

42. Gothic Tarot deck

The Gothic Tarot by painter Joseph Vargo is a dark Gothic style title with vampire characters, gargoyle, werewolves, witches, ghosts, and dark angels. Among others decks with the same gothic style, Joseph Vargo’s work is considered to be the best and one of the most received decks worldwide.

43. Dark Grimoire Tarot deck

As a dark-colored deck that evokes fascination with dreadful fear based on fictitious tales about Necronomicon, the Dark Grimoire Tarot is the key to connect you to the dark side of yourself. The world of the Dark Grimoire Tarot consists of mysterious creatures and powerful magicians set the wild background, creating a place where even magic is real.

Dark Grimoire Tarot

44. Necronomicon Tarot deck

In the early 20th century, the legendary author of the horror genre H.P. Lovecraft wrote a description of an ancient mystical book called Necronomicon by a poet as well as an adventurous explorer – the Arabs Abduh Alhazred, as a “whimsical whispers”. After that, Donald Tyson was inspired by the myth of Lovecraft – based on that book – to release the Necronomicon Tarot which is the last of Tyson’s series of three works.

Necronomicon Tarot sets in Alhazred’s illusory desert world with ghosts and rituals, mysterious spells based on Alhazred’s redrawn materials.

45. Tarot of Vampyres deck

Tarot of Vampyres is based on the myth of vampires, emphasizing the possession, exchange, and use of different energies. This deck’s structure is based on the traditional Tarot, taking the Gothic background. Although the vampire legend is a Gothic, romantic, and lyrical legend, the author still feels the legend is an illustration of the encounter with a higher self, an eternal promise of self-fulfillment and a curse that eventually becomes happiness.

Tarot of Vampyres

46. Daemon Tarot deck

The Daemon Tarot is based on The Infernal Dictionary which is a collection of early 19th century demonic tales by the French author Jacques Auguste Simon Collin. With only 69 cards, this is not a traditional deck. The contents of the cards include the images of legendary demons, linking them to the attributes of each corresponding card to reach their powerful source of energy.

The limited Tarot decks

47. Tyldwick Tarot deck

The Tyldwick Tarot is inspired from architecture with golden borders and the whole deck. Tyldwick Tarot is well-designed and emotional. The beauty of the Tyrrhith Tarot is that it is gentle, simple yet luxurious, each spreading is an opportunity to explore more meanings of the layers.

Tyldwick Tarot

48. Alice Tarot deck

Based on the original two books “Wonderland” and “Looking Glass” combined with the imaging system and traditional symbol of Rider Waite Smith, Alice Tarot skillfully recounts the story of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland with vibrant colors and impressive pictures.

This is a deck for anyone who wants to find a new, more realistic and fanciful way of reading Tarot. Alice Tarot is a limited release and is considered one of the most beautiful decks in the world right now.

49. Alchemia Tarot deck

A colorful and light deck set by Morimura Ako and painter Takashi Nozomi that draws on computer graphics style. Right from the moment of taking the deck, the user is almost fascinated by the magic that comes out clearly from the radiant and sparkling images. The Alchemy Tarot’s image system follows the traditional Tarot Rider Waite Smith so it will suit all levels especially those who love the Japanese comic style.

Alchemia Tarot

50. Bohemian Gothic Tarot deck

A deck that has won the 2007 “Deck of the Year” award from Aeclectic – the world’s largest tarot information news. Not surprisingly, the Bohemian Gothic Tarot can easily make the user admire the dedication of colors of the shadow world in the Gothic style.

The characters are depicted in detail for each expression on the face in a beautiful background. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and mysterious creatures have created the featured atmosphere of the Bohemian Gothic Tarot.

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