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The Fool is numbered 0, the number of infinite potentials, and that is why it does not actually have a specific location in the sequence of the Tarot cards. This card can be the starting point of the Major Arcana or the ending point. Major Arcana is often seen as the life journey of the Fool where he is always present and therefore it is not another number but (0).

Here are some keywords related to the Fool tarot card: the beginning, the spontaneity, the belief, the crazy things.

At first glance of this card, we see there is a young man is about to set out on a new adventure. While standing on the edge of the cliff, he chins up and gazes upwards to the sky, showing no fear and seemingly unaware that he is going to step into the unknown.

The Fool begins his journey with uncertain future prospects. The sun rises behind him, symbolizing the beginning of the journey. He is heading northwest, the direction of uncertainty. His face was high toward the sky, or I could say, that he was facing the Supernatural.

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His steps are slowly leaving the cliffs, but is he aware of that? He had all the necessary tools and facilities for the journey contained in the back pocket, but he had never opened it. The white rose placed on his hand express the pure and innocent.

He had a small white dog guarding his journey, as well as leading him into the lessons he would have to learn during his journey. The mountains behind the Fool represent the kingdom of the Supernatural that he just has left and will put effort through his life to get back.

The detailed description of the Fool Tarot card

As the card number 0, the Fool starts the Major Arcana, but it is a bit isolated from the other cards. In the Middle Ages, clowns were the one who did not follow the rules like the other. He can observe and then make people laugh.

This makes him unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the infinite potentials and spontaneity inherent in every moment. This card has the feeling that everything is coming – nothing is certain or usual. The Fool adds a new and strange prediction to the situation.

He also expresses the absolute belief that life is good and full of trustworthy things. Some may argue that he is too naive, but it is the innocence that keeps him alive and gives him pleasure. In a spreading, the Fool can be a signal for a new start or a turn – which will lead you to adventure, learn and grow from it.

Meanings of the Fool Rider Waite (Upright)

Start the journey, approach the unknown things.

Words and Keywords (Upright)

Innocence, spontaneity, newborn baby, potential, new start point, new chance, a thrilling experience, a new way to perceive the world, opportunity, important decision, solution happens suddenly, the starting point of the journey, the situation is important and unexpected, time of change, original, open mind, confidence, the miracle of childhood, rusticity, jauntiness.

Pureness in action, get out of prejudice, a new stage of life, pleasure to explore, attentive attitude, surprise, born again, trust in faith, get out of restraint, enthusiasm, take risks, believe in higher power, believe that you are being led in the right direction, leave the past behind to start something new, unpredictable influence, homosexuality, sexuality, zero is the number of pure potentials, everything can happen, boldly walked to places where no one ever came.

Introduce (Upright)

The Fool is always the one who points out new things, just like the purity and openness of a child. This card is generally considered a positive card, with the prediction that taking the time to make sure you are “looking where you are going” is very important.

Overview (Upright)

This card represents a new beginning with deep spiritual meaning – for example, begin to experience the meditation or initiate a relationship, as opposed to buying a new pair of shoes. The appearance of The Fool card in the upright can also predict an important fresh start.

Work (Upright)

When you draw the upright Fool card in a Tarot spread, other people may not understand or support your new ideas and suggestions; but if you know you are right, keep going and try to help them understand your point. This will sometimes signify a new position – or even a time when you have to “turn yourself alone” and start your own business.

Love (Upright)

When the Fool appears in the upright, you are probably not ready for a bonding relationship, while in fact, others are urging you to do it. But this is a positive sign for your relationship. Many good things worth the wait, just do not let your desire for fun makes you ignore “real things” ( deep true love) when it comes to you.

Finance (Upright)

In financial terms, the Fool is a positive sign. You can expect growth, and moreover, you will find in yourself that whatever happens in finances, you will be fine and will be the “last winner.” Trust yourself, work hard, and you will do better than you think.

Health (Upright)

You may encounter some minor accidents when getting the Fool card in the upright, just stay “in the present” and do not do stupid things. Overall, when this card appears, your health seems to be going up. If you have a health problem, you will most likely find the person and tools you need to quickly completely recover. Positive thoughts are very important and can easily come to you at this time.

Mentality (Upright)

When this card appears, you seem eager to try out different approaches to the spirit world to see how they fit together. There is nothing wrong with exploring this, but do not let anything go too far in the “first experience”. This post may indicate a strong need for more in-depth knowledge of the mind, your friends and family probably will not understand where it comes from. Anyway, you still have to do what works best for you.

Situation and advice (Upright)

The Fool appears in the upright when you are about to enter a new stage in your life. An unexpected opportunity can arise when you are not expecting, or you can be called to make important decisions and it will take you on a new path.

This new beginning can lead to anywhere, and you may need to follow the course of events. The new relationship is probably about to start, or another person may appear in your life. The people that you meet in the present may later be participants in the new cycle of your career advancement or personal development. The Fool can also denote a bisexual or gay person who will affect the situation.

This card demonstrates the need to take risks with childhood optimism and carefree. Because incredible views can provide a way to solve a problem, you need to maintain openness to new ideas. The Fool can signify a period marked by stress, lack of clarity, and uncertain conditions. Sudden development can leave you defenseless and give you some anxiety until you regain your demeanor.

At this point, you have a very special ability. You should wisely leave the past and start something new. It may be wrong to stick to traditional and outdated methods because the subconscious mind is guiding you to start a new life. Sometimes the Fool shows a commitment to a real journey, especially if other travel cards appear in the deck (such as Chariot, Wheel of Fortune, the World, Six of Swords, Eight of Wands, or Knight of Wands).

Human (Upright)

Newborn baby, people who starting something new, the riddle, the dreamer, the innocent, explorer, the phantom, traveler, backpacker, wanderer, the inexperienced, eccentric, the independent and unique, bisexual or gay individuals, young people, someone is going to make an important decision or start a journey, those who predict the beginning of a new stage in your life.

Meanings of the Fool Rider Waite (Reversed)

Foolishness, afraid of undefined things.

Meanings of the Fool Rider Waite (Reversed)

Words and Keywords (Reversed)

Impulsive, poor rating, risky, depletion, naive, shortage experience, eccentricity, negative, irresponsible, lack of vision, frivolous, unexpected problem, lack of compliance, the story until the last minute is still unknown, waste of energy, obey way too much, lack of individual views, bad decision, ambiguous dream, the haunting, recklessness, playing with fire, better safe than sorry.

Introduce (Reversed)

The Fool reversed is still the one who points out new things; as well as the purity and openness of a child. This is generally considered a positive card, with the prediction that taking the time to make sure you are “looking where you are going” is very important. When reversing, this card can show that there is something that needs to be innovated, but you are so hesitant.

Overview (Reversed)

Generally speaking, the Fool card represents a new beginning with deep spiritual meaning – and the reversing may mean that the card drawer is a bit more resistant to this new beginning. Sometimes, in this case, the reversed card means a “fresh start” is about to come, whether you like it or not.

Work (Reversed)

You can pop out excellent ideas or have great plans for the job that you seem to have a little hesitation in whether to or not to speak out. Have trust in yourself and your ideas will be heard. It may be more effective than what you can imagine. You may be eager to start a new position – or even come the moment you “pack it out alone” and start a new business. At least think a little bit of these potential changes.

Love (Reversed)

The Fool reversed card signifies that you are in conflict with the other because your free and independent needs are too high. If you do not have a binding relationship then it means you will continue to be. If you want to love, do not be silly, just open your heart.

Finance (Reversed)

In financial matters, the reverse of the Fool sounds like a warning. You will find an opportunity that is extremely worthwhile, that can turn your financial situation. However, before you sign up for any dotted lines, it is best to do more calculations and make sure you analyze the problem adequately. Everything is maybe not what it seems.

Health (Reversed)

The possibility is that your health will suddenly suffer a little disturbed, that is why you should pay attention to the present and do not do anything stupid. With the reverse of the Fool, if you are having a health problem, this is a sign to consider another treatment or even a replacement for another doctor. Positive thinking is always important, be careful with your thoughts as attitudes and thoughts can have a great impact on our health.

Mentality (Reversed)

You maybe are considering leaving a religion/spiritual tradition that has been part of your life for quite a long time. You have a desire to try other Spiritual approaches to see how they “fit”. There is nothing wrong with the act of exploring this, as long as you do not let anything go too far.

This card may indicate a strong need for more in-depth knowledge of the mind, your friends and family probably will not understand where it comes from. Anyway, you have to do what works best for you, no matter what you think. Remember that this discovery is not the same as a binding contract.

Situation and advice (Reversed)

In reversed meaning, the Fool warns of taking risks if you have not carefully considered the situation yet. You may feel like standing at the edge of a cliff and ready to fall. You may be fooled by your point. Remember Emerson’s statement that silly preservation is the specter of wisdom. The present situation makes you fear the unknown or something that the future can bring.

Avoid over-optimism and blurred vision for risky jobs. An impulsive decision or a lack of wise betting will hurt you. Unexpected problems can occur. You may be in a precarious situation caused by yourself or by someone’s foolish behavior. Your valuation may be wrong, or you may not receive valuable advice.

You must try to keep your point. Someone next to you will probably have a foolish decision. You, by yourself, may not have enough prudence to ensure your future’s happiness. Someone may not be as loyal as you think he/she is. Your partner or your friends may not be consistent with the relationship. Remember that the infatuation is different from love.

Human (Reversed)

Gambler, Daredevil, the unbeliever, the negligent, people who are too optimistic.

In a Tarot spread, whether in the upright or in the reverse, the Fool Tarot card reminds us to keep our faith and belief in the responses of nature. If you are facing a decision or a moment of doubt, this card implies telling you to believe in yourself and to lead the way no matter how crazy it may be.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Fool Tarot card

1. The beginning

  • Enter a new stage;
  • Roll into the new road;
  • Extend restrictions;
  • Start something new;
  • Start the adventure;
  • Continue the journey;
  • Reach to the unknown things.

2. The spontaneity

  • Live with the present;
  • Give up the expectations;
  • Do the unexpected;
  • Act impulsive;
  • Feel unbanned;
  • Make someone surprised;
  • Feel careless.

3. The belief

  • Believe in the happenings;
  • Always open;
  • Forget about worry and fear;
  • Feel protected and loved;
  • Live happily;
  • Retain naivete;
  • Trust.

4. Cling to the crazy things

  • Accept your choice;
  • Choose the “foolish” path;
  • Pursue frivolous dreams;
  • Be honest with yourself;
  • Take the “crazy” opportunity;
  • Believe in the wish of your heart.

A few opposite cards to the Fool Tarot card

  • Hierophant – follow the routine, procedure;
  • Death – finish, curtain down;
  • Devil – feel cynical, lack faith;
  • 2 of Swords – feel stressed, hold back;
  • 4 of Pentacles – order, rule.

A few support cards for the Fool Tarot card

  • Hanged Man – have faith in things, phenomena, go with the flow;
  • Star – innocence, faith, trust;
  • Judgment, a new beginning;
  • 3 of Wands – expand the limits, go to uncharted regions.

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2. Le Mat Tarot – Tarot de Marseille

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3. The Fool Shadowscapes

The Fool Shadowscapes Tarot has come a long way, traveling from far away before arriving at the highest part of the world, her journey now truly began. She sensed everything with her instincts, then tiptoed, taking the breathtakingly tight grip of the wind, the moment right before her reckless decision.

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5. The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

The Wanderer is at the center of the human life cycle, within the innermost circle of The Wheel, balancing the starting and ending points. The figure on the card waits for instructions to overcome the abyss of awareness and enter the realm of prototype consciousness.

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6. The Fool Deviant Moon

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7. The Fool Linestrider

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