The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

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The High Priestess Tarot card is also known as Persephone, Isis, Corn Maiden, and Artemis. In this card, there is a woman sitting at the gate of the great Mystery, with the backdrop bearing the symbol of the Tree of Life.

She sitting between darkness and light which are represented by the two pillars of the Solomon Temple, implying that she is the mediator of the path to the real deep world. The carpet hanging between the pillars prevents the curiosity of others, and only allows the enlightened ones to enter.

The pomegranates on the carpet are sacred to her. They are the symbol of the mission (because she had eaten a pomegranate seed in hell that forced her to return there each year). Her blue cloak is a symbol of knowledge.

She wears the crown of Isis, a symbolic image of the Triple Goddess (symbol of the three goddesses of the Wiccan with three moons: waxing moon – full moon – waning moon). The symbol crossing on her chest illustrates the harmony between men and women.

She holds the book Torah, in which part of the book unfurls. This book is a representative image of traditional and mysterious teachings and advanced knowledge. At her foot, there is a moon which shows pure intuition blooming in her. On the card, the hand signifies the creative mind and the pedestal on which she is sitting symbolizes the earth element.

The planet associated with the High Priestess Tarot card is the Moon.

The detailed description of the High Priestess Tarot card

This card is the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the shade of an indeterminate state, the only thing that separates us from the inner world of each one. Hidden inside her is the secret of everything and it quietly conveyed to us the message: “Stay there and know that I am God”.

She is a gentle female factor to balance with masculinity from the Magician. The prototype for the feminine element in the tarot deck is equally divided for her and The Empress.

She is als an unpredictable mystery that women often express, especially in the society that mainly focuses on material and fine custom. Meanwhile, the Empress card represents the absolute role of women in society.

Keywords related to the High Priestess Tarot card: Passive, Unconscious, Potential, Mystery.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the High Priestess Tarot card

Passive state

  • Withdrawal, no longer relevant;
  • Let things happen without being involved;
  • Affected easily;
  • Become calm;
  • Become passive;
  • Waiting in patience.

Come to the unconscious state

  • Intuitively;
  • Seek guidance from within;
  • Believe in the inner;
  • Accept dreams and imagination;
  • Get to know bigger realities.

See potential

  • Understand the possibilities;
  • Accept what may happen;
  • Find the hidden talent;
  • Allows evolution/ development;
  • Let the present things bloom.

Judgment/Feel the mystery

  • See things behind existing truths/ beyond present evidence;
  • Access to restricted areas;
  • Open for the unknown;
  • Find secrets and hidden things;
  • Find the hidden things.
  • Accept the existence of darkness

A few opposite cards to the High Priestess

  • Magician – action of consciousness, reason, thing which is known and based on the obvious truth;
  • 2 of Wands – reckless action;
  • 7 of Wands – become rude;
  • 8 of Wands – turn the plan into reality.

A few support cards for the High Priestess

  • Hermit – look inside, retreat, look for direction;
  • Hanged Man – delayed activity, waiting;
  • 4 of Swords – contemplation.

Upright meaning of the High Priestess: Intuition, High Power, Mystery, Subconscious

Words and Keywords

Original virgins, internal control, intrinsic, mental strength, secret, undisclosed matter, non-sexual love, spiritual enlightenment, psychological insight, inner enlightenment, moral guidance, look at the inner, understand emotions, believe in inner voice, subconscious, hidden problems, initial memory, behavioral modification in the past, the message of the dream, hidden influence, mysterious knowledge, hidden wisdom, help, advice.

Dig deep to understand one thing, the invisible aspects of the universe, goddesses, meditation, to understand faith in a higher level, go with the flow, undisclosed secrets, undefined, personal ego, start to be aware of sexuality, women’s secrets, lesbians, access to hidden knowledge, learn, the power of silence, unlock the mystery, the mother, hidden talents, Patron Saint of the hidden wisdom, absorption, the problems of women, life without men, virginity, sexual function decline, single, be prepared to adapt and dismiss the personal ideas which outlined earlier.


The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge, and understanding. This character is often described as a guardian of the subconscious. She sits in front of a thin veil of awareness, which separates us from the inner within ourselves.

Apparently, she knows the secrets of how to approach these fields and represents the spiritual and soul enlightenment, knowledge of prophecy, and wisdom. Therefore, she has a deep intuitive understanding of the universe and uses this knowledge to teach instead of controlling others. She often appears in the Tarot spreads when you need to listen and believe in the call of the inner self.

She is a spirit-oriented card – usually with a complication of lust. It is possible that the querent is in the stage where he or she is attracted by the appearance of the other person. This card is associated with the moon, femininity, and inspiration.


The High Priestess in the upright represents a connection with the subconscious that cannot penetrate daily life but through dreams and symbols. When this card appears in a spread, you should focus on your dreams, intuition, many aspects of your life that require foresight and wisdom and the fields in which you are unbalanced. The way to overcome this will not be recognized through the process of logical thinking and argument but through your intuition, so take time to meditate and listen to the voice that comes from within your mind. Your intuition will then provide useful information and support you to get closer to your subconscious.

Especially for a man, this card implies that he must learn about the “self” or his feminine side, otherwise, he will not grow. As for a woman, it shows that she must know how to trust herself and be truly feminine, instead of following the pressure to act on her masculine side.

It is time to rely on your intuition and insight from the inner mind, rather than from perception or wisdom. You should focus on your dreams. This is probably the time for unification. When the High Priestess appears in a spreading in which the questioner is male, it is highly probable that he is desperate for a woman who is way out of his league.


It is likely that an interesting surprise will soon come to you at work. It can also be a new job opportunity. You will also find new systems or processes that make your life less stressful and more monotonous. And remember to stay away from the gossips and dramas at work.


This card in the upright can be a magical and mysterious time for love. If you are dating someone, then maybe she/he is far away from you and are way out of your reach. You should believe in your instincts. If you are a girl, there may be someone who is constantly signaling and wanting to be together with you. Let’s make the decision – this is also very promising!


Someone is not completely honest with you about the financial situation. Perhaps you are missing the information, just dig deep into it and investigate everything yourself. You have to make sure when you do the things related to financial transactions and only provide the necessary information and nothing more than that.


There are many things about your health that you do not know yet. If you feel something is wrong with your body, you should believe it and take care of yourself. You will need to go and meet through many doctors to know the current situation. If you have any exercise or therapy that makes you feel unwell, then stop it, and listen to your body. You have to make sure that you are giving your body enough nutrients and regular exercise.


Messages can come to you from anywhere, just take a look at the spirit world in a way you have never done before. You should talk to other people with different experiences and beliefs to get out of your safe area as it will make you find out that yourself receives a lot.

Situation and advice

Something is going on quietly. Hidden knowledge needs to be exposed. The High Priestess appears in the upright when you need to be aware of the deepest feelings and listen to your inner voice. Something in the present situation deeply affects your subconscious. Now it is the time to express, meditate, pray, and connect with your inner self and believe in feelings.

Your dreams and wisdom will give you the best advice. Past conditions and original memory are affecting the present situation. You may have a great interest in mystery, spirituality, psychology, psychoanalysis, or any topic related to the hidden aspects of existence. At the same time, your concern is that sexuality is low.

This card can also imply uncertainty and the changing of your life. Things that were previously considered obvious are no longer guaranteed anymore. A few cryptic mysteries are gradually becoming clearer but they have not been revealed yet at this time. On the positive side, you will notice that your intuitive possibilities are gradually increasing and you can be inspired by creativity. Thus, the High Priestess is a particularly advantageous card for artisans, such as artists or writers.

Reasonable or telepathic women can come to help you. Someone who understands the inner movements of your mind or of your present circumstances can help you. The secret or aspect which are concealed in your situation can be revealed. Generally, this card appears when you need to awaken hidden potential, exploit psychological depths or undiscovered talents to succeed. Sometimes, it can refer to learning through training or intensive education.


A girl, a sister, a virgin, a single woman, alone woman, a person who wants to love without sex, clairvoyant, a spiritualist, a guide, intuitive, adept, idealist lover, the sensitive person, the intuitive girlfriend, the secret keeper, the researcher, the person who is initiated, those who understand the inner activities of the mentioned problem, Luke Skywalker, person of rank, Virgin Mary.

Meaning of the High Priestess reversed: hidden things, the need for inner listening

The High Priestess Reversed

 Words and Keywords

Misuse of reason, act biased or prejudice, superficiality, exaggeration, lack of emotional control, lost contact, too little time to ponder, underestimate dreams and intuition, the explosion of hysteria, the feeling of being restrained, the anonymous enemy, not listening to the emotions, not use the natural talent, afraid to listen to the inner voice, restrain the urge of the heart.

Lack of emotional sensitivity or too sensitive, secret is revealed, there is nothing to hide, short-sighted, lack of thinking, lost virginity, have creative ability but not use it, overconfidence on the judgment of the outside, overly confident on analysis and rational thinking, increased sexual interest, I still do it anyway, I only bet on certain things.


In general, even with the reversed meaning, the High Priestess is still a card of spirit, often with the implication of lust. When it appears in reverse, in many forms, the energy lines of power, attraction, and intuition that the High Priestess brings will be difficult to catch. But the energy is still there, you should try to find it, feel it and let it leads the way.


You may have trouble listening to what your intuition is saying. In that case, it is a clear sign that you need to slow down, spend time on reflecting, meditating, and being alone and pondering. Or, you should look for other approaches, like blogging or doing yoga. The thing you are looking for is still there, believe and listen to your inner self.


The High Priestess reversed Tarot card tells that you are probably feeling confused about what is going on at work. If so, do not hesitate to seek clarity from your boss and colleagues to see what it is. On the other hand, if your intuition tells you to humbly a bit, then do it, everything will gradually become clear.


There is properly someone who realizes you are more attractive than usual. If you are looking for love, then do not ignore this kind of signal! On the other hand, with the High Priestess in reverse, you may find it difficult to answer the question of where love and romance come from. If you are not sure, just ask and do not rush to conclude.


Someone is lying to you in this case. Be careful when this card appears in reverse. Do not hesitate to find the information or advice when you have the business to consider. When the High Priestess appears in reverse, surely things are not what they seem to be.


When this card appears with health questions, you are missing some information and should ask questions about the current diagnosis/results that you have. If you are treating, you should seek medical attention again to ensure the accuracy of the initial diagnosis. If you feel unwell, trust your intuition and find other supports until you feel secure. Make sure you have healthy eating and exercise.


When the High Priestess appears in reverse, you may have missed the message that the world of Spirit (whether you are awake or asleep). You should think about the most unusual things lately, or even a dream that leaves a vivid impression on you. What are they trying to tell you? You should spend time meditating to find the message.

Situation and advice

The reversed meaning of this card shows that you are missing the attention to your true needs and emotions. You may be too rational to solve the problem. Someone around you may be too sensitive and emotional in the way that out of control. You may too concentrate on the mission of the life outside to spend enough time for yourself. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something, however, you are not ready to listen.

Though your intuition is urging you, for some reason you have extinguished it and not really listen to what your subconscious mind is trying to convey to you. You have to admit the High Priestess as a center of meditation inside you that has not been exposed to the outside world and believe that she will always be there when you need her.

You do not have much time to connect with her, but she is still an important part of you. Whenever you feel like things are out of control and you are facing impossible choices, find a quiet place and listen to the voices from within your inner being.

If you stop thinking about your problems, or give yourself a little space and “empty” moment in thought, the answer will come to you even you do not need to think about it. So, you should try listening to your “subconscious” and see what happens to you.

Perhaps you lose connection with emotions and things are implicitly occurring. The hidden knowledge will affect your decision, just make sure you have all the actual data before proceeding. You may feel emotional or need to negotiate with someone who is extremely tense, tired of work. Your intense sexual desire can undermine your judgment. Do not say “yes” when you want to say “no”.

At a deeper level, this reversed card means that you have not been able to accept yourself as a woman. If you are a man, it may imply a negative rejection of accepting your own feminine, emotional, and intuitive aspects.

Finally, the mysterious and positive nature of the High Priestess can be switched to negative when this card appears in reverse, implying that it may be just rumors, hidden facets or problems are happening on the surface. If that is the case, you should offer to know the truth, prevent others from “beating around the bush” and conceal your secrets and other information.


Fraudsters, secret enemies, especially women, wicked women, people with emotional problems, superficial or shallow individuals, mental illnesses, self-destructive individuals, womanizer.

In one Tarot spread, the High Priestess Tarot card challenges you to search more deeply, to find beyond the present evidence, to know the separation of superficial things to find the hidden ones which covered in fog. She also requires you to look back at your endless potential and remember the infinite possibilities within you.

This card can represent a silence that requires waiting and accepting everything. It is not totally necessary to take action to achieve the goal. Sometimes, the silence is the essential factor so that everything can flourish at the right time.

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