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I. Eight of Cups Rider Waite image description

The Eight of Cups is a card talking about change and transition. This card immediately evokes sadness and loneliness when we looking at it. On the card, there is a young man turning away from all he had accumulated or had done before. He disappeared in the dark, on a barren and unpaved road with only a robe on his back and a stick in his hand.

Eight of Cups Rider Waite image description

It seemed that he has lived and experienced the ups and downs of life. His journey was made because of a feeling of restlessness and frustration when he achieved what he had planned, but still did not feel satisfied. He has chosen to give up the familiarity and comfort of his work to make the spiritual journey and pursue higher goals.

A psychological friend of mine ever told me that when a group of people was preparing for the breakup, the members would show clear signs of the impact of that disruption. They showed a certain restlessness. Members tend to delay meetings, communicate less and seem distracted. To some extent, the participants in the group know that it is time to leave, but they still need some more time to get to that final step.

This process is quite appropriate in many situations when an end is near. Nothing is permanent in life. Sooner or later, everything will be gone, or we will lose it.

The departure may imply a change like leaving a job, a position or a relationship. It can also mean a change from the inside – the liberation of old patterns, especially thoughts that have dominated our minds and emotions. On the Eight of Cups, we notice a man leaving on a journey. He turned his back on his old feelings (the cups/the river) to walk on a new path. Sometimes this undertaking may mean seeking a deeper truth or seeking a certain reality. One morning we wake up and realize that we have always been sleeping in our lives. We live in an illusion which no longer brings satisfaction.

Some changes can cause a feeling of exhaustion or fatigue. The ending is not always easy. One of the signs of a willingness to leave is the lack of energy. When you feel tired and depressed, you know that something is wrong, and that is the time for a new direction. Take a look at your life and your priorities. You will find yourself needing to engage in which kind of aspect of life.

II. Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Deep meaning – Truth, Advance, Tired.

Search for the truth

  • Focus on personal truth;
  • Leave the meaningless contention;
  • Find the answer;
  • Focus on the important thing;
  • Start a journey of discovery;
  • Spend more time mentally.


  • Realize the current cycle/phase has ended;
  • Give up a hopeless situation;
  • Disentangle for yourself;
  • Starting a long trip indefinitely;
  • Letting go;
  • Complete and go.


  • Feeling exhausted by desire;
  • Live through the day;
  • Feeling tired and listless;
  • Lack of strength;
  • Lose hope;
  • Depressed by worries;
  • Become exhausted.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 8 of Cups

Opposite cards

  • Strength – stamina, strength;
  • Sun – vitality, high energy;
  • 9 of Wands – cling on, persevere..

Support cards

  • Hermit – searching for deeper meaning;
  • Death – move, decide to leave;
  • 3 of Wands – make a trip, enter the new land;
  • 8 of Wands – complete, ending a chapter;
  • 6 of Swords – go ahead, take a trip.

IV. 8 of Cups Upright Card Keywords

walked away, disappointed, abandoned, withdrawn

Words and Keywords

Leave, explode, escape from the uncertainty, meet again, a turning point, withdraw, break up, lose interest in a past situation, despair, leave the past behind, break the dependency relationship, escape from a difficult situation, to look into the inner, to find the reason for living.

Oppose a backward lifestyle, turn energy into a new concern, abandon previous fears, leave the homeland, become independent and walk on your own feet, look for a new relationship, seek mental satisfaction, leave behind those emotional problems, a change of job, a relocation, a farewell, seek the Holy Grail.


The Eight of Cups usually means that you will choose to give up a situation which is no longer relevant to you. It could be a relationship, a job, or a residential area. This can cause some sorrow, but in general, this separation is for your best interests.

It is time to ask yourself what you can do to bring satisfaction and joy to your life, apart from things related to money and material. You are looking for the true meaning of life and focus on finding out who you are. You want to get rid of the chaos of life and pursue a higher spiritual goal. You are ready to give away the material wealth in exchange for something more meaningful. Thus, this card often reflects the beginning of a journey of discovery, especially the spiritual aspect.


You should know that the time of the good changes is waiting for you ahead. If your “inner” tells you that you really need to step out of a relationship, job, or some preparation and arrangement, then trust yourself. Normally, this card always implies that you are the one who gives this choice of separation. It is common that you have to accept the door closed behind before opening up the next door.

The Eight of Cups also points out that you are so disappointed that you can give up everything you have built up until now, possibly related to love or matter. It may also indicate that you have exceeded your limit and become emotionally exhausted. You may have tried your best, but right now, you have no energy to go forward, the only option is to give up. You feel frustrated with yourself but this is the right thing to do before you are completely exhausted. You may also feel that you are giving too much but not compensated.


Your current job may no longer be suitable for you. You may feel bored, or realize that your efforts are not appreciated. You need to think carefully about what is the best and most suitable for you; try to resolve the current situation; if it does not work out, then you should leave. Any option will be useful for you.

One thing is for sure, things will not change in a better way unless you go handle it yourself. If you really feel unsatisfied, think about specific changes to make you happier in the workplace. If you do not feel able to change, then look for a new position or a new job. You can do that.


Eight of Cups in the upright implies that you may notice that a long-term relationship will come to an end. If you are sure of this, do not wait for the right time to say it, because there will never be a “good time” to tell someone that the relationship between you and that person need to end. Do not jump right into a new relationship, first of all, give yourself some time and space to review things.


If you are really tired of your current life and work, so do not let the feeling of safety when receiving a monthly salary ties you up with that job. But you also need to consider carefully before stopping working. Health insurance is worth considering (if you go to work, of course, your company will pay for this). However, with a clear vision and plan, as well as attention to detail, you can totally work for yourself, just make sure your plan is well organized and well-prepared. Money is not everything.


The tension may occur and cause many health problems. Make sure you are paying full attention to your diet, exercise, and get enough sleep. Keep a positive and optimistic attitude.


You may need some privacy. You will see through your inner side, find wisdom in that quiet space, and listen to the soft voice from your heart.

Situation and advice

You are leaving a situation that does not make you happy and moves on to something new. For a while, you may be disappointed with an old relationship or an old situation. Now it is the time to break free and try something different. Perhaps, you are trying to full fill an empty space in your life.

It may be time to cut off your old relationship and return to yourself. Often, the Eight of Cups said the problem would take a lunar cycle (one month time) to take place. Tourism and a change of residence may occur.

This is a time to let go because the problems and the old troubles do not bring good results. You should think about what you have learned because you are emotionally mature, and it is time to pursue something that will please you. You are looking for the reason for living. Once you leave the past, a new relationship will be waiting for you. The previous books also claimed that this Cups card meant support from a blonde woman.


The seeker, someone who is leaving, someone who is leaving behind a bad situation, a helpful blonde girl.

V. 8 of Cups Reversed Keywords

hopeless, useless, give up

Words and Keywords

(+) Feeling satisfied and happy, in a good situation, socialization, a long-term relationship, difficult period is gradually ending, enjoy the pleasures, to find happiness, to attend a party, a new love, flirting, friendship, a celebration, a return to an old relationship, a month’s time.

(-) Refuse to move forward, clinging to the past, afraid of the unknown thing, making a wrong decision, avoid personal development, hard to make a commitment, fail to develop outdated relationships and attachments, accept mediocrity, pursue a false ideal, abandon a valid relationship, afraid of the intimacy, turn away from an important emotional bond, make a change that later you will regret, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, quit certainty for hope.


The Eight of Cups reversed often means that you may be thinking about leaving a situation or circumstance that you no longer feel good to maintain. However, this card in reverse is a call to stop and think about the upcoming decision more thoroughly. Maybe, you have not given enough time for that situation.

It also says you are feeling confused about your choice. You want to explore new horizons and new possibilities, on the other hand, you are afraid of losing what you have.


When this card appears in reverse, it is important to remind yourself that your good times are still ahead. If your “inner” tells you that you really need to step out of a relationship, job, or any preparation, arrangement, then trust yourself. You should consider and review the situation before making a decision, as well as evaluate all the benefits and damages, if possible.


You may be feeling a strong urge to quickly get out of your current job when you get the Eight of Cups reversed. There is always a reason why you feel so; so do not ignore your feelings, but at the same time you do not need to take action immediately. Let’s talk to someone you trust before making plans to leave your current job.


Maybe, you are feeling yourself wanting to end a long-term relationship. This reversed card is a warning that you should spend more time to think more carefully about the upcoming decision. Every relationship has a problem, and the difficulty is that we have to live with such problems.

Eventually, you perhaps will break up with each other. But remember that you should do the same when you are calm, alert and thoughtful. And if you are looking for the love of your life, then this is the time to get along with society and the community in every possible way. Do not just sit at home and feel lonely, try to make others feel good, then your loneliness will disappear.


In the present circumstances, you may be thinking that you are not able to live with your broke situation anymore, but the truth is that you can completely manage it. You should think slowly and thoroughly about your financial situation, consider what you should do, and take action. You can ask for advice. You may need all day to accurately assess your financial situation.


With the Eight of Cups reversed, it can be a sign that stress is overwhelming you. Always remember that you are totally in control of yourself and can control your stress. You should take some time to balance yourself and consider whether your habits are adversely affecting your health. You always know and control what you think, or the desire, rather than being stuck at somewhere.


You need to get along more with the world inside when this card appears in reverse. If you feel this is too difficult, then at least look for a trusted friend or a group of friends that you feel comfortable with when staying connected and going out. Many good things will come from this simple act, including getting yourself closer to the theological and spiritual aspects, both within you and the world outside. Do not isolate yourself.

Situation and advice

The reversed Eight of Cups can reflect the hopeless, floating from one place to another without a clear purpose just because you can not stay at somewhere for too long or handle someone forever. You may afraid of the intimacy, attachment and difficulty in making promises and maintaining your commitment. When things get too difficult, you quickly get out and leave behind your troubles instead of wanting to confront them directly.

It recommends that you should get rid of a bad relationship and seek a better one. This card tells you that your current relationships are better than you think or you are refusing to listen to the advice of the upright card. You should appreciate what you have got before throwing it away.

On the positive side, the reverse of the Eight of Cups means that you have succeeded in getting out of a difficult situation and now you are ready to welcome a new phase in your life. It sometimes signal the beginning of a new relationship or change of residence. It can also represent something specific such as going to a party or accepting a social invitation.


Those who quit certainty for hope, a blond girl with evil mind.

The Eight of Cups Tarot card represents the moments when we realize – once and for all – that the past has passed. What used to be the truth will no longer be true. The signs of change appear right in front of our eyes, and we must accept them. It is time to leave.

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