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I. Eight of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Eight of Pentacles showed a young man carefully sculpting five-pointed stars into each coin. He has completed six coins and there were two more. Apparently, he was very focused on his work. He isolated himself from others (the town in the picture) to focus on the main task. This card reflects a time when you are focusing all your energy on something and making sure everything is as perfect as possible.

Eight of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Eight of Pentacles often refers to the time when it is necessary to develop diligence and concentration. The card advises you to do your best for important things, whether it is a project at work, some obstacles in family relationships, a personal goal or a task does not bring comfort. Sometimes, we can enjoy fortunes and joy that come randomly. But sometimes, we have to put more efforts than usual to achieve those results and joys. This card represents the time when you try 110% of your abilities. What you need to do is start working and proceeding. It clearly reflects the feeling of satisfaction and high productivity.

This Pentacles card can also represent the motivation in learning to broaden the boundaries of one’s own knowledge. Sometimes, we need to develop new skills. We research, discover facts or seek expertise. The Hermit card seeks the source of knowledge from within while the man in the Eight of Pentacles seeks the sources of knowledge from the outside, which indicates the way and the cause of the material world.

II. 8 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Diligence, Knowledge, Meticulousness.

Show diligence

  • Put effort;
  • Work hard;
  • Focus on work;
  • Passionate about a project;
  • Dedicate yourself to a mission;
  • Work continuously;
  • Create sustainable results.

Enhance knowledge

  • Take part in the course;
  • Learn a new craft or new skill;
  • Receive training;
  • The pursuit of higher sources of knowledge;
  • Research;
  • Discover reality;
  • Raise wisdom.


  • Pay attention to details;
  • Painstaking;
  • Extremely careful;
  • Approach a task by the method;
  • Pay attention to the basics;
  • Handle all loose connections;
  • Checked thoroughly;
  • Notice the good points.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 8 of Pentacles

Opposite cards

  • 4 of Cups – lack of interest, indifferent;
  • 7 of Cups – lazy, lack of motivation.

Support cards

  • Magician – focus, concentrate;
  • Hierophant – learn, research;
  • 9 of Wands – persistent, solid.

IV. 8 of Pentacles Upright Card Keywords

apprenticeship, education, quality, participation

Words and Keywords

Talent, education, craftsmanship, study/research, self-improvement, enthusiasm for work, work hard to perfect a skill, a new job, effective use of talents, a change or advancement in a career.

Self-employment, apprenticeship, computer skills, preparation for the future, savings, prudent investment, learn how to manage finance, wisdom, diligence, dedication, perseverance, advisory, tutor, pass skills and knowledge to others.


The Eight of Pentacles means a period of hard work. This is not a negative thing, but you need to be prepared for that. This may be a personal matter or professional work. You can ask for help if you need it.


Overall, this card implies necessary efforts. You will have many things to complete. The dedication and focus on the upcoming tasks are very important (and admirable) but you need to be careful about doing things for your own purposes that will lead to counterproductive. You should try to maintain balance.


If you are looking for a job, Eight of Pentacles implies that you will be recruited into a new position that will require a lot of your skills and is very demanding. You need to have faith in your own ability that you can succeed in that position. It is likely that you will be pushed out of many responsibilities and duties that are beyond your ability. If you cannot afford an excessive workload, do not hesitate to ask for priority support from supervisors or superiors.


If you are currently in a relationship that the two parties have committed for a long time, then the amount of work that you or your lover is burdened with is likely to affect your relationship. You should always pay enough time and space for your relationship and not to engage in personal work, otherwise, everything will become a burden for you. If you are in search of love, this card often indicates that you are too focused on making a living to spend time, energy and interest in a new relationship. You should consider your priorities and see where you are investing your time and energy.


The Eight of Pentacles tells you that you can get the financial support you are waiting for or are expecting. However, do not waste this resource. This is not the time to invest riskily or risk. Remember that the money you receive at the moment is the result of your hard work and your efforts, not luck.


You may need to take some action to improve your health. In fact, there are many options that you can take the initiative to support yourself. You should think about what those methods might be and follow them. Every action makes a difference. Let’s be positive.


You should consider the spiritual aspect of life in your work regardless of what it is. You will benefit from actively reading a lot of spiritual books and talking to people who share the same beliefs rather than just talking to yourself. Be open.

Situation and advice

The Eight of Pentacles shows that your work will be completed and bring many interesting things. You will use your skills wisely. If you are starting a new job, you will handle it easily and feel your job is very attractive. You put all your mind into work and so you could be promoted. You have the opportunity to enter an apprenticeship stage to develop your talents. Your time and effort will be rewarded. For some people, this card refers to starting over in a new career.

At this point, it is the time to learn about your career as possible. You should take a course, attend workshops, and read books about your chosen field. You may have the opportunity to work with someone who can teach you new methods, or you may have the opportunity to teach others. You may not be able to get any financial results right now, but the foundation you have set will bring you success in your career in the long-term.

Wise financial management is one of the things you need to practice. The Eight of Pentacles also refers to getting the latest information on modern technology and computers.


An apprentice, a good employee, a craftsman, a computer expert, a union, a teacher, a student, a counselor, a tutor, a trainer.

V. 8 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

perfectionism, lack of ambition, lack of concentration

Words and Keywords

Cheat, pretend to know more than reality, being impatient, skillful, abuse of skills, shortcuts, poor quality, feeling of enjoyment, tedious work, lack of concentration, lack of commitment, self-criticism, poor workmanship, commercial fraud, abuse of credibility, low rewards, sloppy workmanship, computer problems, underemployment, unemployment, feel deprived.


The Eight of Pentacles reversed tells you that in order to be successful and happy in the near future, you will have to work hard. Everyone dreams about get-rich-quick schemes but forget the fact that they are not free and natural. Just keep trying and one day you will get what you deserve.


Just like the upright card, this reversed Pentacles card delivers the message that there is traditional hard work in one or more areas of life that require you to complete. In the reversed position, this workload can be slightly reduced. Above all, this card implies tasks that you should not (even cannot) ignore. You just need to know that these tasks are beneficial for you, not someone else. The energy sources of this card tell you to create a to-do list, consider which tasks need to be prioritized, and then proceed. When everything is over, you will feel very happy about what you have done.


If you are looking for a job, Eight of Pentacles reversed tells you to be prepared to impress potential employers, convince them that you will be a hard worker and diligent, and be prepared what you need to say. If you already have a job, you may be asked to work harder than you actually can. Try your best before asking for help. Intentionally avoiding the task can cause you to be fired.


In the current relationship, either or both of you and your lover may still not be prepared to do what is necessary to maintain happiness. You just do what needed this relationship and then see how things will work out. If you are looking for love, you will have to become more positive. You should go out and meet a lot of people, build relationships and be more open-minded instead of sitting in one place.


This reversed Pentacles card can be a warning that you might be a little delusional about money. You should be patient and willing to work instead of daydreaming. The good things will come to those who know how to work and wait for the results.


In terms of health, this is a call to urge you to do or carry out a certain method to improve your health. If you do not know what to do to improve your situation, just seek help from a good medical expert. Ignoring things will not naturally lead to healing.


The Eight of Pentacles reversed is also an urge to take action in terms of spirit. If you are looking for spiritual growth; this is the time to move forward, step outside, meet new people, try new methods, find new places, and be more open up. You can do all these things in order to bring great benefits for yourself.

Situation and advice

You may fall into an unethical job and are not supported because you are impatient when you get out of a difficult situation. You may be dissatisfied with your job or maybe truly unemployed because you have not developed your potential. Perhaps you pretended to know more than you really do. If you are a student, you can cheat on your exams. You may have a privileged feeling or a belief that other people have to meet your needs instead of earning your own living. You should consider what you are doing to see whether you are involved in any fraudulent or deceptive activity or taking the good advantage of your skills or not.


Incompetent, lazy, or dishonest employees, students cheating on exams, profiteers, scammers, rogue/fabricators, those who avoid income tax, unemployed people, unfortunate people in society, people who are deprived of the right to vote.

In a Tarot spread, Eight of Pentacles can represent a call to develop the focus meticulously. People who focus on small details are often considered as visionaries because their efforts will help to ensure that everything is perfect and right as it is.  This is not the time to express negligence and irresponsibility. The key to success is an extraordinary effort. No matter what your mission is, it is a call for you to try your best every day.

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