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I. King of Cups Rider Waite image description

The King of Cups sits calmly on a grey stone throne in the middle of the ocean waves and wears a necklace with a talisman of the fish. Fish is a symbol of spirit and creativity, it also represents the balance of unconsciousness and consciousness. Behind his right side, there is another fish jumping wildly in the middle of the ocean; and on his left, a sail surfing on the sea.

King of Cups Rider Waite image description

These images are a sign that the unconscious has risen, and of course, the King knows about this, but it is still under his control and can not overwhelm even for a second. He did not suppress his emotions and the urge of the unconscious, instead, he learned to accept and deal with them in a mature and balanced way.

The personality of the King of Cups is a combination of the active energy of the Water element of the Cups set and the dynamic and extroverted character of a King. He is a wise and understanding man, with a deep knowledge of the world coming from his soul. He is a teacher and a guide for his students with devotion to love. He cares for others intimately and always responds to their needs with compassion.

He heals them with gentle gestures and words. Others approached him for advice because they knew he would listen. There is always peace around him for others to reply. He expresses tolerance in every view and shows patience in almost every circumstance. He allows others to be free to develop in their way without asking for anything.

II. King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Wise, Calm, Diplomacy, Thoughtful, Tolerant.


  • Give good advice;
  • Understand human nature;
  • Teach through love;
  • Know what others need to grow;
  • Look directly into the core of the problem;
  • Understand multiple levels of experience.


  • Maintain your calmness;
  • Influence quietly on others;
  • Emotional stability;
  • Keep calm in a crisis situation;
  • Never seemed to worry or stress.


  • Able to balance the needs of many people;
  • Help people to work happily together;
  • Can disperse stress;
  • Achieve goals through subtle effects;
  • Use the right words at the right time.


  • Meet the emotional needs;
  • Being a congenital healer and therapist;
  • Take action to help those in need;
  • Feel compassion for the less fortunate;
  • Volunteer and charitable.


  • Have an open mind;
  • Accept the limitations of others;
  • Comfortable with people;
  • Allow others freedom;
  • Have patience in difficult circumstances.

III. King of Cups Upright Card Keywords

emotional balance and emotional control, generosity

Words and Keywords

Support, emotion, imagination, respect, faith, consideration, understanding, elegance, responsibility, reliability, secrecy, generosity, culture, kindness, subtlety, the wealth of knowledge, professionalism, dignity, reserve, protection, concern, nourishment, good advice, negotiation skills, a good listener, a good friend.


The King of Cups refers to the balance between masculine and feminine power. He keeps all the positive qualities of both masculinity and femininity. He often implies a man in your life who is a very kind and loving person. You should know that you are supported by the Universe, both in a tangible and intangible way, when he appears.


Overall, this card represents kindness and compassion. There is an element of true and pure love in your life no matter what your circumstances are when he appears. You should take care of yourself and allow others to take care of you when you receive this card in a Tarot spread.


In the context of work, King of Cups in the upright usually refers to a boss or a very nice colleague in your team. Do not hesitate to ask him to assist you if you are in need. If you are wondering how others feel about you at work when this King card appears, you can be assured that they appreciate and respect you and your work. Many things can be improved when this card appears.


With questions about love, when this King card appears, the news received will be very positive. If you are looking for love, this card implies someone who is very balanced and love will soon knock on your door. The King card is a good message about love.


The King of Cups reminds that you need to face financial difficulties. Do not hide away from the reality of your financial situation. At the same time, this card also implies that you should comfortably in certain circumstances, regardless of your financial situation being tightened. No matter how difficult your finance is, there are always things you can and should share with others, even if it is just an item or a little of time. This often helps bring greater prosperity to your life. You should show kindness and compassion, and always remember that you will reap what you sow. Besides, do not hesitate to ask for help if you really need it.


With questions about your health, especially if you are being treated by a doctor, this King card reminds us to give full trust to our healers. It can be a sign of good news, as well as showing that your physician/therapist is trustworthy (especially there is a man). You should take care of your body and always pay attention to what you bring into your body and those around you when this King card appears.


In the field of spirits, King may be the superficial of something that is contradictory as he connects the common feminine qualities of compassion, love and concern with masculine power of action, fulfillment and insight. You need to carefully reflect on this connection and take accordingly action. How can you actively show compassion? How can you express your love while still creating the limit? Let’s start creating boundaries for yourself before you consider applying that boundary to others. “Reflection by travel method” will be very good and bring deep understanding, that is the advice for you when the King of Cups appears.

Situation and advice

A cultured and intelligent man will listen to you and give you reasonable advice. You may be involved in a situation in which care and empathy are the most important. A mature man with stable emotions will give you sympathy and understanding. Your father or a person who substitutes for your father can be a featured character in upcoming events.


The father of someone; a cultured and well-educated man; an emotionally mature and determined adult, an easy-to-talk adult, expert, a trustworthy advisor, a bachelor, those who are willing to take more responsibility, people who involved the Law or the Church; a calm, kind-hearted, respected, trusted, sympathetic man who has dignity and is a good adviser; a priest, a teacher, someone who is interested in art and science, a man who is willing to help others.

A man with many ideas, a good doctor, a judge or lawyer, a businessman, an advisor, a good friend, a negotiator, an artist, someone who understands unconscious motives, a man who is attached to his love life.

IV. King of Cups Reversed Keywords

emotional manipulation, moody, credulous, inconsistent.

Words and Keywords

Bad advice, mechanism, insecure, immature, neurotic, false appearance, worthless suggestion, falsehood, take advantage of credibility, loss, tactics that use strength or power of someone to carry out the plan, deception, deceit, the lies, self-deception, fraud, troubling alliances, the manipulation, self-indulgence, betrayal, violence, untrustworthy, laziness, weak, selfish, intense desire for status and power, escapism, sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, dependence, addictive behavior, excessive narcissism.


The King of Cups reversed refers to the balance between masculine and feminine power. He keeps all the positive qualities of both masculinity and femininity. This can also be a sign of a source of energy that is ready to take on all risks and challenges.


When you receive this reversed King card, think deeply about what your most important dreams and wishes are, and how you can pursue them. This King card will inspire you and help you to decide to take risks if needed.


Sometimes, the King of Cups reversed may indicate a forthcoming explosion of emotions which comes from a person (male) involved in your job. At first, it may be worrying, but then the people involved will learn positive and important lessons about the past circumstances. You do not have to deal with those emotion explosions yourself, even if it is aimed at you. From another perspective, such problems/emotion explosions may be necessary to help you get to the core of the issue.


In general, when this card appears in reverse, the message about love will be very good and positive. If you are looking for love, then this card may imply that someone is entering your life and is willing to give up everything to pursue his/her dream of love and happiness. This is a very romantic card. You should be more open to others.


The King of Cups is often aimed at someone who is preparing to risk everything, including finances, to pursue a dream. This is not wrong if that person has a stable plan and is willing to work to bring about results. However, if the dream of becoming wealthy comes from the gamble, then that is a serious problem. Watch out for these thoughts and make sure you protect yourself.


With questions about health, especially if you are being treated by a doctor, this card reminds us to trust our healer. Be cautious when referring to the alternative method for the serious circumstances or symptoms when diagnosed. (However, if you are not in the diagnostic phase, this card does not mean that the diagnosis is imminent). You should spend time taking care of your body. The more you learn, the more likely it is that you will benefit from your health and the choice of treatment.


The King of Cups reversed may indicate a lack of respect when it comes to the spiritual search. It is very important to think about yourself and discover your inner self when this card appears. Do not just follow the crowd, first and foremost, think deeply before making big changes in your life, such as joining asceticism in Tibet when you have never left your country before. If that is the call of your spirit, then it is a good omen, but always be careful and take action step by step. You do not need to rush. You may be remorseful of hasty decisions by superficially spiritual thoughts or by a spiritual leader who brings you emotion.

Situation and advice

The advice of a delicate expert can prove things are not reliable. Someone may be taking advantage of you by playing with your emotions to gain benefits for their own goods. There is a potential danger that you are the victim of a fraudulent artist or a fraudulent scheme. Be careful with a seductive man who tries to fool you into an ambiguous project that you are forced to endure to the end. If an offer seems too hard to believe, then perhaps you are being deceived.


A man who loves himself, someone who manipulates others, a man who cares for himself, a homeless man, a lazy and lethargic man, those who ruin their own love, those who toyed with the emotions of others for their own interests, an unfriendly person, a parasite; a man who betrayed, deceived and defames you; a scammer, a dishonest, a pretender, a betrayer man who cheats and libel you, person who tormented mental pain of others, alcoholic or drug addict, a gigolo.

In a Tarot spread, the King of Cups asks you to act like him; for example, be calm in a crisis, use cleverness instead of force, ask for help or accept a different perspective. This King card may represent a man or woman whose actions are the same as his or a caring, tolerant, and understanding atmosphere. He tells you that his special energy will be very useful to you at this point. Let yourself be inspired by his King in whatever form that he appears in your life.

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