Ten Of Pentacles – Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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I. Ten of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Ten of Pentacles says that your career is at its peak. It depicts an old, wise man sitting comfortably outside the entrance of a town. He was surrounded by family members and his dog. He wore a colorful robe decorated with a vine, crescent moon, and other symbols. There is a mischievous boy playing with the dog. This card represents financial stability and comfort. The man is resting and enjoying the fruits of his labor while observing the family members. He can safely leave because the lives of his descendants are very stable.

Ten of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Ten of Pentacles card represents the ultimate destination of material success. This card is reminiscent of the flashy feeling of wealth or the appearance of people with good business skills. This is a card that anyone wants to draw when wondering whether his/her business is advantageous or not. When this card appears, all the wealth and fullness belong to you.

This card is also related to longevity. Change is an inevitable part of life, but constant change will cause discomfort. We need stability and the opportunity to build a secure foundation in life. This card can tell you that you should focus on the future and long-term orientation and make an effort towards a durable solution. This is the time to stabilize and prepare for a long-term future.

II. Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Prosperity, Long lasting, Usages/Rules.

Enjoy prosperity

  • There is the abundance;
  • Comfortable about money;
  • Enjoy success in business;
  • Feel the financial situation is guaranteed;
  • Recognize prosperous business.

Long lasting

  • Look for a long-term solution;
  • Create a sustainable foundation;
  • Feel everything guaranteed;
  • Pay attention to the long-term;
  • Have a stable family life;
  • Beyond temporary arrangements;
  • Make plan.

Follow the rules

  • Maintain available rules;
  • Proceed according to the rules;
  • Participate in traditions;
  • Become part of the Platform;
  • Conservative;
  • Believe in proven things;
  • Continue to follow the known paths.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 2 of Pentacles

Opposite cards

  • 2 of Wands – pursue newness, avoid rules;
  • 3 of Wands – explore, go into unproven areas;
  • 5 of Pentacles – difficult times, lack of material.

Support cards

  • Empress – rich, luxurious, comfortable material;
  • Hierophant – obey, according to rules, conservative;
  • Lovers – united forever, family engagement;
  • World – rich, full of material;
  • 4 of Pentacles – experience the integrity, conservative.

IV. 10 of Pentacles Upright Card Keywords

wealth, inheritance, family, retirement

Words and Keywords

The solid bond of family, tradition, comfort, money, wealth, financial stability, success, safety, stability, the connection among generations, responsibilities, financial support, insightful advice, lineage, prosperity, salary increase, happiness.

Inheritance, legacy, pension, trust, recognition, prestige, an important transition in life, attachment to a traditional lifestyle, family events such as weddings or the birth of a member, arranged marriages, government jobs.


The Ten of Pentacles is a very positive sign. It may imply that your material expectations will be met to the point that you have never thought of. In general, everything will be extremely advantageous for you. Assurance and safety in all forms are being maintained beyond the requirements.


This card generally tells you that you will feel happy and grateful for many things. Relationships, financial situation, and health will tend to be positive. You should do your best and make sure you share what you have for the less fortunate, even if it is just some kind advice for someone who needs comfort. You will reap what you sow.


You will get an increase in your salary or promotion unexpectedly. The Ten of Pentacles is a very good prediction when you are looking for a job. If you are patient, you will soon be accepted into a position that you are interested in or get paid well for your assigned job. No matter what, never give up. Everything is moving forward even if you do not recognize it yet.


The Ten of Pentacle is a very happy sign in terms of love. If you are having a promised and committed relationship, it will soon advance to a new level such as moving together, engagement, marriage, or giving birth, etc, everything can be the message that this card wants to convey. Most likely you will soon experience a period of peace and full of happiness in your love life. You should enjoy those feelings and make sure your lover knows how much he/she means to you. If you are alone, this card may imply that a new relationship will soon bloom to the point that your mind feels dizzy.


The answer to all your financial questions is likely to be extremely positive. You will have more money than before (maybe more than the amount of money you need to meet the needs of life). You should know how to invest in the long-term future and try to save some from the abundant income coming to you.


Just like other aspects, the Ten of Pentacles is also a positive sign in terms of health. The information related to your health will be very good. At the very least, you will feel extremely well beyond your expectation for a while as well as feel optimistic about the future. You should think about what you can do to improve and maintain this impressive condition in a better way in the future.


This will be the time that evokes peace, joy, and affluence. You should enjoy these good feelings and share them in every way if possible. Let’s remember these moments so that when difficult times come (because life is always a cycle of change), you can relive this precious time and be optimistic that good things happened in the past will return.

Situation and advice

The Ten of Pentacles depicts many generations in a family enjoy the safety of their roof. This is a positive card that implies financial inheritance, profitable investment, the tradition passed down through generations, a major transition in life, success in selling or transferring assets, the health of family members and the establishment of a solid family foundation.

Your work is smooth and you can get a raise. Your parents, close friends or family members can assist you. There may be money from inheritance or pensions. You may be preparing to get married or start your own family. That marriage may be related to the request of the family, money or work. You want to pass on to the next generations what you value and learn. There may be business related to large corporations or governments.


Family members, a dynasty, rich people.

V. 10 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

financial failure, loneliness, loss

Words and Keywords

Financial loss, quarrel, disagreement among family members, difficulties in finance, lack of motivation to develop, anxiety about the elderly, the father/mother’s illness, the burden of wealth, trouble about inheritance, internal family issues, litigation, family deaths, trouble with large corporations or government, unwise financial investment, financial restructuring.


Even when in reverse, the Ten of Pentacles is still a positive sign. However, this is not the time to risk safety and the things that matter to you to plunge into the games of chance; also, do not grab silly opportunities.


This reversed card is generally a sign that you are receiving a lot of happiness. You still need to pay attention to the lonely feeling that often occurs when people are immersed in a sense of peace. However, you should enjoy what you have instead of worrying.


You may be urged to leave your current stable job to take the opportunity to give you a good source of income just for a whim. You should think carefully before doing anything like that. Of course, life always gives you opportunities, but do not blindly capture them. If you are looking for job, be wary of those smooth talkers as well as those with dishonest plans. Remember that you do not need to pay to get a job.


The Ten of Pentacles, even though it appears in reverse, is still a very positive sign of love. However, if you find yourself starting to feel bored in your current long-term relationship, consider carefully before you decide anything. Both of you should try to experience new things together and talk to each other about your feeling. If you are looking for love, this is a good time to go out and meet people. Your partner will feel you are naturally attracted due to the good and positive energy that is flowing in you.


You will need to be particularly careful about your financial dealings. Things that look quite nice and the potential on the surface might actually be much less profitable than you think. You should invest cautiously and methodically and consider where you are putting your trust in.


In general, your health will be very positive and/or better improved when this card appears. However, do not be subjective. Stupid risks can still happen. You should find out how deep the water is before diving or do not eat food that is likely to cause allergies, etc, or something like that.


The Ten of Pentacles reversed may imply that you are ready for the adventure journey, and through that, your spirit will be able to become a great means to convey this energy source. You should keep an open mind and perspective with new ideas, new journeys, and new ways of thinking about life. Let’s consider learning about a new spiritual community, especially if you are practicing and experiencing spiritual modalities alone. You have nothing to lose when you do so.

Situation and advice

You can feel the threat to your safety. It is not the time to take the financial risk. You may have an opportunity to increase your income, instead, you will lose your job satisfaction or be exhausted. You are on a tight budget, so you need to restructure your finances. Perhaps, you need to sell some shares, houses or properties to manage your life. You may worry about the health of your parents or elderly people in your home. Your parents are probably sick and need medical care.

You may feel overwhelmed by responsibility and commitment to those close to you. There may be problems with pensions or family conflicts over inheritance rights. You can resent your family’s demands on your marriage. You may feel forced to marry because of an unreasonable cause. Unwise financial speculation leads to losses. There may be problems with large corporations or with government representatives.


Those who are surrounded by family problems, those who carry financial burdens.

When we achieve material success, we will certainly want to maintain that prosperity forever. It symbolizes conservatism and the foundation of the Ten of Pentacles. In a Tarot spread, this card often represents rules and compliance with available instructions. Wealthy people rarely have radical views, they love traditional things and what has been proven right. When the change is not encouraged, following existing rules is a must.

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