Nine Of Wands – Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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I. Nine of Wands Rider Waite image description

The Nine of Wands shows the fatigue. The wounded man grabbed a stick as if he were defending. He fought in the battle and won. As we can see on the card, he was protected by a wall which made of eight sticks. It seemed like he was tired and exhausted but was ready to fight again. In his eyes, there is a firm look as if he must definitely overcome the last challenge to win. This man stood up for what he believed in and held them tight in his hands.

Nine of Wands Rider Waite image description

The character of this card is very distinctly enduring before the misfortune. His head and hands were wrapped in bandages, and he leaned against a crutch. This soldier has experienced a few wars, but he still has the persistence! He was in pain, but he did not fall. When we have had a bad experience, we feel tired and frightened of conflict. Even if we do not feel physical pain, some of our spirits are hurt. Our openness, innocence, and faith are no longer present, but instead, we are mindful of defense and alertness.

Strength is another aspect of the Nine of Wands. This soldier is resilient! He has a persistent physique and a very strong inner spirit despite everything being against him. This card calls you to continue no matter what happens. Even if everyone and everything seem to be against you now, do not give up. There is a hidden resource within you that you need to emit.

Keywords related to the this card:

II. 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Defense, Patience, Suffer.

Defend yourself

  • Awareness of weak will;
  • Think about the worst;
  • Well-prepared;
  • Paranoid;
  • Feel wary and cautious;
  • Protect others;
  • Obsessed with attacks in the past.


  • Persevere despite all the opposite;
  • Refused to answer “no”;
  • Do something to the end;
  • Failed, but recovered;
  • Keep resolving;
  • Try again.

Show tolerance

  • Continue despite weakness;
  • Maintain;
  • Summon the hidden options;
  • Fight with the spirit;
  • Express physical strength;
  • Keep pace.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 9 of Wands

Opposite cards

  • 3 of Cups – friendship, trust someone;
  • 6 of Cups – naive, believe in the best;
  • 8 of Cups – exhausted, tired.

Support cards

  • Strength – patience, enthusiasm, determination;
  • 7 of Wands – maintain a position;
  • 2 of Swords – self-defense, self-contained;
  • 8 of Pentacles – perseverance.

IV. 9 of Wands Upright Card Keywords

courage, perseverance, faith, resilience

Words and Keywords

Fight for yourself, activate someone’s defense, strengthen, protect yourself, protect old wounds, fight back and attack, guard, territorial integrity, must be overcome the final challenge, alert, precautionary attitude, physical strength, ability to recover from illness, healthy immune system, disease or infectious diseases, available conflict.

The protection of individual rights, the position that can not be denied, the final resistance, another problem to overcome before the victory, the inner strength, the determination, the durability, the necessary delay, the final belt, be careful, things will not end until they are really over; if you do not succeed at first, try and try again; let the things happen, do not try to fix the unbroken things, do not change the horse in the middle of the road.


The Nine of Wands shows that you are about to complete a project or mission but at the last minute, you have to face a challenge or failure. You have the motivation to overcome all difficulties, even though that is unlikely at the time. You are about to achieve success, do not give up now! This card is a sign of hope and encouragement that if you stand strong against the challenges, you will reach the goal. These challenges are just the stormy time of darkness before the dawn.

It is the final test or challenge before you reach ultimate success. You feel you have reached your limit but do not worry, you have the skill and determination of yourself. With your strength, in addition to courage and ability, you will win. Once you overcome the last hurdle, you will enjoy success and be relaxed.

The majority of the Wands set are very active cards, but when you reach those high numbers of cards in this set, you will probably find them being more complex and difficult. It is a card that marks the beginning of this level. This card may contain anxiety and concerns – being repressed and worried about the issues involved.


When the Nine of Wands card appears in the upright, the first and best thing to do is to breathe deeply and calmly. Do not let the things which make you are anxious full fill your mind. You should only spend once a day or an hour a day thinking about them if you have to. At least, one of your worries has been essentially just your imagination. You need to be clear that what is scaring you and putting it aside. What is the real capacity of the problem that you are feeling anxiety if it really happens? Be comfortable with yourself, and if you need help, do not be afraid to make a request. Asking for help is a sign of a strong person.


When this card appears, there may be some tension in your work. The thing you need to do is not let the already stressful situation becomes more serious; think carefully before speaking and keep the highest composure in appearance as possible. You should be clear about what you can or can not control, then try to make your mind a little relaxed. If you deal with problems that you can control, everything will be fine. If you are wondering whether you could lose your job or not, due to this card, the answer may be yes. It is a warning for you to be well prepared. Once that happens, what would you do?


It is important to remember that no relationship in this world is invariant. You should try to give your lover more space. If you do not have a lover and are longing to be loved, then understand that this is not the right time for you. Is there something about yourself that you want to change? You need to know this is a good time for you to control your emotion so that whenever you are ready for a new relationship, your significant other will also have the full bliss of happiness just like you do. Do not be too hasty!


On the financial side, worrying will not solve the problem. You should try to calmly resolve your situation and carry out potential directions of action considerably. Let’s take a small step and consider those methods that you can apply to increase your earnings, even if only slightly increased.


In the field of health, the Nine of Wands shows a healthy body which is able to heal after illness and repel germs. However, anxiety, stress, and disturbance can have a significant impact on your life at the present time. You just need to make sure that you are treating yourself in the right way by the balance among doing workout, eating healthily and rest well. Breathing exercises and meditation will be especially helpful for you at this time.

If you are waiting for the results, do not worry too much, and remember that you still have a lot of things to worry about, just focus on positive things. If necessary, write down what makes you feel that you are lucky to have.  You will soon get the answer you are looking for by creating relationships with positive people around you.


At the present, even though you are maybe not ready, but maintaining discipline and being strict to yourself will help you achieve your mental goals. You need to be focused, live up to the plan and set higher demands on yourself for the aspects of research and spiritual commitment. You have the inner power to achieve anything you want.

Situation and advice

The Nine of Wands implies the need to fight for yourself. You have been hurt in the past and so now you are ready in the defensive. You feel the need to fight for your rights, to protect your credibility or decision. Although the situation may seem harsh, you are stand still. Once you have overcome the last challenge, it means you are on the way to success, so do not give up!

Now it is the time to stay alert and hold on to your beliefs. You have the hidden power to cope with any difficulties. This is not the time to make big changes in your position. Maybe, you should be wise to let things happen. You may need to solve the last issue before going to success. Your position is stable, you have the courage and determination to achieve your goals at the right time.

It also says you will be frustrated. You will continue to be opposed by hidden enemies and your benefits will be shaken. Even when facing the adversity, when you feel tired and hurt, you need to be patient and cautious. You can be assured that eventually things will prosper if you maintain your work. If you do not succeed the first time, try again.
You have had failures and experiences, so now you gain the trust from others as well as from yourself. The turning point will come when you can leave the past behind and open your mind to the future. Having learned from the past, you will not have to suffer any further damage in the future.

This card, on the other hand, speaks of an approach which does not accept to take risks. You need to anticipate the worst and be especially careful to avoid the negative consequences which may affect your plan. You need to be on guard and be aware of any potential obstacles or opponents that may be blocking your way.


Guardian, military, those who are fighting for their rights and honor.

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V. 9 of Wands Reversed Keywords

insecure, defensive, hesitant, paranoid

Words and Keywords

Lack of defense, not speak up for yourself, loss of rights, inadvertently, weak position, weakness, cowardice, illness, injury, defenselessness, weakened immune system, erosion, low position, impractical, refusal to compromise, suspicion, danger, excessive defenses, fear of being considered weak or helpless, feeling overwhelmed, adversity, unrealistic plan, loss, difficulty, obstruction, obstacle, lack of preparation, unstable position, lack of initiative, failure of defense, refusal of protest, stubbornness, rigidity, hesitation, loss of possession, poor health, unprotected position, loss of status, unfair play, I did not observe, not prepared for the big time.


The Nine of Wands reversed shows that you can be hesitant when making a long commitment. You feel life is full fill with responsibilities without enjoying, and you feel like there is a heavy burden to place on your shoulders or there is no support from those around you. You may also lack the necessary elements, such as finance, skills or time, to deal with the person who created such challenges. So, you are hesitant about making any commitment to the fear that your responsibilities will be overwhelmed.

This reversed card implies a need to show a gentle temperament – both to yourself and to others. You need to know your abilities and remember that kindness and weakness are not the same, and you should show your kindness as much as possible.


When this card appears in reverse, it is important not to be strict to yourself if you feel your physical, mental or emotional health is weakening. None of us can be perfectly healthy all the time. You should allow yourself to rely on someone else or something positive, and keep in mind that your strength will come back. Everything has its own cycle.


You are probably feeling completely overwhelmed by work and do not know the way out. If you are caught up in this situation, share with someone who you trust in your personal life, and then consider the appropriate actions that you should show in the workplace. There is no need to overwork, doing less work productively instead of carrying multitasking inappropriately at work. You should seek help if possible.


You can see that 100% of what you say or do is right while your lover is completely wrong about that when the Nine of Wands in reverse appears in a turn for questions related to the relationship. In this situation, you should not force your lover to accept your point of view with anger and coercion. Instead, try a softer solution, and find the key to the views or actions of his/her. If you are in the search for love, try reaching out to the other half gently and thoroughly. Rushing could “destroy” all of your efforts.


In the field of finance, the reversed card has the same meaning as the upright card. Navigating yourself with fear and anxiety will not help you in this situation. Do not blame yourself for your position, deal with one thing at a time, ask for help when you need it and consider ways you can cut back on your spending and/or increase your income. You can overcome this situation, but the outbreak of anger or anxiety will only hurt you rather than help anything. Things cannot be changed overnight, and this is not the time to invest in games of chance.


You should try your best to be calm and patient. Feeling nervous can be your main issue at this time if you let it full fill your mind. Take deep breaths, do heavy exercises (if you can or if your doctor allows it), that may help you at this time. If you are waiting for results on health issues, you may have to wait a little longer. Do not hesitate to seek help and talk about your concerns. You should relieve stress as much as you can.


You may not feel the “spiritual connection” when the Nine of Wands card appears. Instead, you may feel that there is so much pragmatism making you can not have enough time or mind focusing on mental issues.

In fact, we always consider the mind, body, and spirit as one. The happiest and most pragmatic person is actually the person who cares about these three distinct aspects. Even if at the present time you can focus on all these three, you should still spend some time meditating or visiting the sanctuary, maybe once a week. It is better to spend some time thinking and focusing on the spirit than doing nothing, and it is better to do your own spiritual ritual regardless of what others say or think.

Situation and advice

You can be taken by surprise in a situation out of reach and out of your ability to deal with. You may have underestimated your opponent’s strength, but the challenges are actually bigger than you think. Someone may be sabotaging your position, causing you to fear to lose your status. Did you confine yourself too silly defense? Are you currently in an unsupportable position?

Have you insisted on a problem that is not worth fighting for? Are you afraid to act decisively to protect your own opinion about the issue that you believe in? Your precaution seems to decrease. Loss and illness can occur. In a term of health, it implies a weak immune system and reduced resistance.

You may feel insecure and need to be defensive. The boundaries you set around you are now becoming a prison, confining you to your habits and behaviors. You should let go with the frustration and resentment in the past, try to get through it all.

The Nine of Wands in reverse requires you to pay attention not to make assumptions or rush to judgment. You should relax and return to the Eight of Wands – accept every aspect of life, follow the flow and release the pressure that is weighing you down. A holiday can make you feel better, and get back the lost energy.

Sometimes, it may indicate extreme paranoia or even schizophrenia. You may feel as if you are constantly being attacked or being watched. Usually, this is a sign of fear from within, rather than a real external threat. You can seek advice or help with psychology.


Secondary member, losers, the alternate, people with inferiority complex, patients with poor immune system.

In a tarot spread, the Nine of Wands Tarot card may be a warning that you must work carefully and pay attention to the possibility that you will be hurt. If you have ever been burned, you will know the feeling of the man in this card. The lessons that life brings can sometimes be difficult, especially when hope is extinguished. The nature of human beings is to activate self-defense in such times, but do not allow yourself to sink into despair. Things that you have experienced hurt you, but it will also help you to become stronger.

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