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I. Six of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Six of Pentacles depicts a man in purple robes which symbolizes wealth and fame. He holds a scale in one hand, representing fairness and equality. His other hand is giving money to two beggars who are kneeling at his feet. The card not only reflects the stability of material aspects but also shows that you are using your wealth to help others.

Six of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Six of Pentacles card is quite difficult to interpret because it is in in the middle area between the dark/negative aspect of the lack of the Five of Pentacles and the prosperity of the Ten of Pentacles (these two cards are two states of “yes” and “no”).

This card depicts a man holding a balance of justice as if to judge who would be worthy of receiving the favor and who did not. The picture on this card describes both cases: giving and receiving, dominating and submission, standing on top and standing at the bottom, who has and who does not. Life is not simple and fortunes can change very quickly.

The keywords of this card include both the presence and absence of each meaning form. Sometimes, it is a clear sign of one of the two aspects. You will get what you want. You will have to accept the opinion of another person. However, in any case, you need to be suspicious and find out more thoroughly about what you see in appearance.

II. 6 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Resources, Knowledge, Power.

Have/Do not have resources

  • Give/Receive;
  • Interested/Be interested;
  • Sponsored/Get sponsored;
  • Support/Get support;
  • Give away/Receive gifts or rewards;
  • Achieve/Not achieve what you need.

Have/Do not have knowledge

  • Teach/learn;
  • Communicate/Receive information;
  • Become/Find a mentor;
  • Give/Receive advice;
  • Explain/Be explained;
  • Know/Do not know a secret.

Have/Do not have power

  • Leader/follower;
  • Dominance/submission;
  • Act with power/reverence;
  • Request/Reject the request;
  • Forced/Being forced;
  • Speak/Listen.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 6 of Pentacles

The opposite and support cards for this Pentacles card are not like other ones because it may imply either (or both) aspects of a problem – yes or no. Other cards in the same Tarot spread can help the querent find out in which aspect it will be biased in the question. The following cards are also related to the matter:

  • Empress – abundance, material comfort;
  • World – prosperity, material needs are met;
  • Ten of Wands – struggle to meet basic needs, difficult times;
  • Five of Pentacles – the shortcoming;
  • Seven of Pentacles – material rewards;
  • Ten of Pentacles – prosperity.

IV. 6 of Pentacles Upright Card Keywords

generous, charity, prosperity, sharing the wealth

Words and Keywords

Help others, philanthropy, debt repayment, interest from investments, gratitude, material benefits, manage finance appropriately, the dedication of talent, time or money, lend, grants, awards, bonuses, gifts, financial support.

Hard work pays off, distribute wealth equitably, financial transaction fairly, enjoy the fruits of labor, teach others your skills, advice, share the wealth.


The Six of Pentacles may indicate the time when life becomes better, especially in terms of finance. This is one of the positive cards of the Pentacles suit. It represents fairness, equality, and the cycle-of-life. When this card appears, your life will tend to enter the positive phase of this cycle.


This is a card of generosity which means you will be the one to give away something valuable. You should share what you have because there will always be people who need this sharing. The generosity does not necessarily relate to financial matters; a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and mental support, etc, are something that money cannot buy.


In terms of work, things are moving in a better direction and almost overcame the difficult period. Most likely you are getting the support of someone who has great power. This card just means this is a good time for you to offer a salary increase or find a job with a better income In general, your work/career situation is very positive. If you are looking for a source of financial support through the bank for your own business, you will be more successful than you think.


If you are in a long-term committed relationship, the Six of Pentacles predicts that your love will be extremely happy, comfortable, and fair. You should be satisfied with what you get from your lover, either in terms of physical or mental; at the same time, give him/her the best things fairly, so that this relationship is always in a stable position. If you are looking for someone who will engage with you for a lifetime, the appearance of this card is the message that you will meet the right person soon who is very positive, kind and generous. That upcoming relationship may be due to someone you know who introduced you.


This card is an extremely good sign when it comes to financial matters. This good omen is in favor of the financial achievements which you deserve after hard-working. You will have more money in the near future. On the other hand, this card is also a call to share your prosperity with the less fortunate. You will reap what you will sow. Do your best and you will get back what you deserve.


The appearance of the Six of Pentacles is a sign that your health and vitality are gradually improving. If you are struggling with some complicated disease, this card shows great potential that you will meet an excellent therapist that will be very helpful in helping you to overcome the disease. You should always keep positive thoughts, wait for the good, and do not hesitate to use health care services if you need them, whether your financial ability is limited or you do not have health insurance.


This Pentacles card is a pretty clear sign that you should share your spiritual insights with others. You may not realize it yet, but the fact is that you have more to share than you think (in terms of spirit). Besides, this card reminds you to learn other spiritual knowledge from those around you. The more you give, the deeper your life will get.

Situation and advice

The Six of Pentacles represents a gift, getting something, a loan, or a chance to participate in business. Someone who owes you money will likely pay you back right now. You will receive a fair judgment. You are about to receive support in terms of finance and you will get what you deserve. You can also support money or training for others.

A friend may ask to borrow money from you. You can help other people find a job or help them progress in their careers. Perhaps, you are starting to save on your children’s education or for your future goals. You can help someone to develop his/her talents. You can get promoted or get money rewards. This is a time of generosity, safe investing and sharing your wealth. You are happy to help others and are about to get more money.


A mentor, a buyer, a philanthropist, an almoner, a wise investor, a lender, a giver, a benefactor, service workers.

V. 6 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

debt, selfish

Words and Keywords

Refuse to share, withdrawal of financial support, unfair business transactions, unpaid bills, bad debts, greed, selfishness, stingy, inequality, wasteful spending, loss due to theft or carelessness, envy, jealousy, unrecognized, low-interest investment, lack of vision, inconsiderate, uncharitable, bite the hand that feeds, money laundering.


The Six of Pentacles reversed is a warning that you may be losing your focus on potential resources that are available. You should not think that you have the ability to do everything. Let’s get support from the outside instead of being too stubborn or arrogant.


This card in reverse shows that you do not recognize the generosity that is available to you as well as your ability to give away to others. You should be aware that rejecting help/support is like “knocking your head against the wall”. Such a greathearted person not just only gives away the value in terms of money.


When the Six of Pentacles appears in reverse, you should be generous in your workplace, in terms of time, interest, and information. That will make your work more favorable for both you and the colleagues involved. It is a misconception that you only think and do things for yourself without caring about others at work. Things may not be as bad and tiresome as you think, be more open and friendly to people.


If you are looking for love, you need to be more open. You will shut down the door to meet the potential partner if you are too extremely independent. If your committed relationship does not seem to be going well, try to give more instead of just expecting to receive.


The Six of Pentacles reversed may imply that your financial situation may improve, but not in the way that you expect. You should analyze everything and consider possible methods to help you make more money, such as trading a certain sub-sector or cutting back on spending. Ask for help if you need it.


You should be more open and positive to improve your health. In many cases, you need to be aware that “treating” and “healing” are not necessarily synonymous concepts. Let’s feel the healing/purifying energy around you.


With the Six of Pentacles reversed, humility is an important requirement. No matter how much you learn and develop spiritually, there are always new things that you need to discover. No human can master all spiritual knowledge. You should allow yourself to be humble and accept failure to learn more.

Situation and advice

This reversed card often shows that you lose money or property due to carelessness, dishonesty or recklessness. Someone may refuse to pay the debt, leading you to financial depletion. Financial support may be exhausted. You may not get what you deserve. This card sometimes refers to theft in reality. The financial administrator may be involved in unethical or deceptive transactions. Material risks can be the result of the selfish actions of others.

This card can also warn the querent that they are lacking in philanthropy and generosity. If you are involved in a financial transaction, beware of the non-transparency and fraud in the agreements.


A slave, a debtor, a beggar, a thief, lazy people, useless people, a skinflint, criminals of money laundering, an unjust financial manager, people who depend on others for their basic needs, who only spend money for themselves.

In a Tarot spread, the Six of Pentacles is a request that you need to think deeply and comprehensively about the problem that exists in terms of both the material (tangible property) and non-material aspects (knowledge, power, love). You can find for yourself tend to favor a certain aspect but the card requires you to reconsider.

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