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I. Queen of Cups Rider Waite image description

Queen of Cups is the Queen of the Emotional Kingdom. She is a beautiful and introvert woman, sitting on the throne next to the shore. In her hands, she holds a beautiful glass with two straps shaped like angels. The lid closed representing a sign that Queen’s thoughts emanate from the unconscious and from the depths of her own soul. She wears a gold crown and wears a silver robe. She is sitting alone and looking at the glass.

Queen of Cups Rider Waite image description

The stone throne is decorated with images of the Goddess of the sea, fish and shell. The sea and fish are symbols of the unconscious mind and water, in general, represent emotion, spirit and sensation. The clouds in the clear blue sky and the calm waves of the sea surround her. She did not put her feet in the water but on the colorful rocks.

The personality of the Queen of Cups connects the energy source of the Water element of the Cups set with the inward focus of a Queen. She has a sweet, loving and sensitive personality and is always kind to everyone and never get angry or show impatience. She is gentle and calm. Compassion is her virtue. Her reactions to the world are guided by her feelings.

In every matter, she always lets her heart lead. She feels the flow of emotions, knows what other people have been through without asking and never shows mournfulness, but she understands this status and the influence as well as the impact of its. She believes in her intuition and is more open with the knowledge that comes from herself and beyond her. Usually, she is touched by the beauty and tragedy of life. This Queen deeply felt and honored all the works of God. Her love is for everyone and all species.

This card may also represent a man or woman like her, or an atmosphere of tender love, accepting and respecting the feelings. In a spread, she tells you that her special source of energy has significant meaning for you at this point. Let yourself be inspired by this Queen card in any form that appears in your life.

II. Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Fondly, Lenient, Intuition, Mentality, Spirituality.


  • Control your anger with empathy;
  • Unconditional acceptance;
  • Sensitive to other people’s feelings;
  • Disputes anger and hatred;
  • Have infinite patience.


  • Easily touched by the pain of others;
  • React with sensitivity and compassion;
  • Kind and gentle to all species;
  • Never turn away from the person you needs you;
  • Understand the feeling of others.


  • Always follow the flow of emotion;
  • Feel the trend of a situation;
  • Guided by the soul;
  • Trust inner feelings for the right things;
  • Understand without having to ask.


  • Open to the unconscious;
  • The sixth sense develops well;
  • Have a psychic connection with others;
  • Sensible delicate;
  • Be a natural intermediary.


  • Feel unity with God and the Universe;
  • Have respect for all lives;
  • Find joy in the group of co-religionist;
  • Understand the deeper meaning of life;
  • Recognize the world as a sacred place.

III. Queen of Cups Upright Card Keywords

feel safe emotionally, calm, intuitive, compassionate

Words and Keywords

Emotional feelings, delicate senses, other worlds, intuition, perception, choices based on sincere feelings, imagination, memory, vision, dreams, kindness, spiritual ability , empathy, sixth sense, empathy, affection, restraint, inner consideration, creativity, gentleness, emotion, mysterious benefits, prophecy, spirituality, mysticism, psychology, counseling, atmosphere, generosity, love the family, a dear friend, heart flutter


Queen of Cups is one of the most loving prototypes in the tarot deck. Her image implies compassion, love and problems of ourselves and those around us. Usually, when the Court card appears in a spreading, it often refers to a real person, in this case, it indicates a woman in the life of the querent. In most cases, when this Queen card appears and “represents” a person, her image is usually a woman with the one-sided hairstyle.


In general, this upright card refers to the feminine source that is available in the corner of your soul, that those women who appear in your life are giving you a lot of support and/or a woman will always be there for you when you are in need. It also reminds us to treat ourselves with love and compassion. Whoever you are and wherever you are, there are things inside you that deserve to be loved and respected.


In the context of work, the Queen usually refers to a woman who will always help you. Queen reminds us to bring love and compassion into work even if we work in a factory full of machines instead of working with people. Things are probably better than you think in your career when this card appears. Keep thinking positive!


When the Queen of Cups appears in a spread about love, it usually implies a positive perspective on your relationship. If you are single, then this card is a good sign and it encourages you to go out and make friends, a very active romantic relationship is within your reach. When getting this card, you will be attracted to love. Keep your balance and your perspective. Even if you are excited about new love, it is important to make sure that other things continue to normally happen in your life.


This card usually refers to good financial news. Whatever happens, let yourself relax, you can make a positive difference in your financial life if you have more material needs. It also implies creativity and you can ask for help from others (especially from women) to make a positive difference in terms of finance, let’s look forward to the changes.


This card implies the support and love in the context of health. If you need medical treatment, look for women or someone with a strong feminine power. The card also addresses the need to love and support yourself, especially if you are facing health challenges. If you are treating a certain disease, the Queen of Cups may be the message that you need to forgive and give yourself more love. Regardless of the circumstances, Your body condition is definitely better in many ways. Think positive and believe in the healing power of the Universe. This card can also bring good messages or news about health.


You almost touched the deep connection within yourself at the present time. This card can also mark growth in the predictive experience of the future. You should be open with the magical energy of life and feel the love which is flowing in everything around you. A woman who can be your spiritual leader at the moment. Whatever your gender is, consider the feminine prototypes and energies at the moment. They will lead you to the newer and deeper spiritual insights.

Situation and advice

Queen of Cups in reverse shows an opportunity to look inside to test your feelings about a problem. Premonition and intuition are reliable guidance. Pay special attention to your dreams and spiritual insights. A good friend can appear to help you, or you can have a chance to show someone how much you care about them. Your mother or your guardian can play an important role in events in the near future.


Mother of a person, a person who has a deep feeling, a person who understands his/her own feelings; a woman with artistic ability, sentimentality, imagination, vision, sympathy and kindness; the dedicated wife and mother, the nurse, the helper, the listener, social worker; a woman who is helpful, understanding and considerate; the animal lover, a mystical and prophetic woman, a woman who has intuitive and keen awareness; a woman with intense emotions, passion and loyalty; people who are too easy to be influenced by others.

IV. Queen of Cups Reversed Keywords

emotional insecurity, interdependent

Words and Keywords

Inequality, arrogance and conceit, naive, underestimation, exaggeration, to embellish (a story), exaggerated sensuality, self-indulgence, laziness, absurdity, self-deception, chaos, hesitation, dreaming, melancholy, negative thoughts, emotional disorders.

False hope, unreasonable, illogical consideration, uncontrollable emotions, flirtation, perfidy, less respect for reality, lack of sympathy, rumors, untrustworthy, irresponsible, dependence, perverse, hysteria, change in circumstances, escapism, unrealistic, alcohol or drug abuse, unnecessary sacrifice, mental illness, living in the fairyland, dangerous attraction.


Queen of Cups is still one of the most loving protagonists in the tarot card. Just like the upright card, the queen implies compassion, love and concern for ourselves and those around us. This card often depicts a real woman in our lives. However, as it is in the reverse, it may imply that this woman may be feeling hurt, being treated badly and may become unreliable. You should be carefully observed for those signs related to that case.


This reversed Queen card reminds us to treat ourselves with love and compassion. Regardless of your past or your situation, you still deserve to be loved and respected. However, there may also be a woman in your life whose passionate love is gradually turning into hatred. Consider whether you can help this woman understand what is going on in her life.


A woman at your workplace can cause you a bit of trouble. She was a very kind and understanding person, but now she has changed, at least her love may have turned to judgment and unreliability. The best way to deal with her is to consider her feelings, and do not give her any information which you do not want to share with anyone. If you are looking for a job, a woman will probably help you to get you a job at this point.


In general, your love life will be good when you get Queen of Cups reversed. This card reminds you to focus on the love aspect of your character. The real and deep love for another person also implies that this person is always in your mind. Do not lose patience, hurry or show irritability. Happiness will come to anyone who waits. You should be calm and courteous, do not lose control.


In terms of finance, this reversed card shows that you have to be careful about spending too much. Pay attention to your investments and store your money in better places at this time. You should let yourself think creatively with the money you have, but of course in your capacity. You are likely to lose money if you participate in games of chance or borrowing. There may be no one around you who is credible about money. Think carefully about where and with whom you place your trust in. If you can not control your own behavior with money, this is the time to ask for help. You do not have to do everything yourself.


The Queen of Cups reversed implies the need to receive support and love in the context of those questions related to health. If you need to heal, find women/people with strong feminine energy flow. This card in reverse also calls you to love and support yourself. If you are facing stress or fatigue, you may need to “forgive” and send a message of love for yourself. Keep a positive thought at this time.


When you get this Queen card in reverse in this situation, you may be eager to have the experience and mental development. This card reminds you that good things always take time, and love needs patience. Be open and active to develop spiritually, but do not be too hasty.

Situation and advice

Maybe, your thoughts are overwhelmed by emotion. You may not pay attention to important information or someone may be cheating on you. Choose a mentor carefully. If you ask about love, you may be disappointed by the lack of loyalty of the lover. You can be entangled in an interdependent relationship. Are you sacrificing your life stupidly and unnecessarily for someone who does not respect you? Are you facilitating the addictive behavior of others? In a very negative spreading, the Queen of Cups in reverse can mean deadly attraction.


The woman who loves too much, the person who is hurried but graceful, the addictive, the ones who sacrifice themselves unnecessarily because of others, fair friends, betrayers; the woman who is agitated, overly sensitive and has a change of attitude by the situation; a prostitute, a person with a temperamental nature; the woman who is unreliable and should not be trusted to commit secret or sensitive matters; a lack of understanding and lazy woman, an arrogant person, a woman who is overwhelmed by emotion and is not influenced by rational thinking, alcohol and drug abusers.

In a Tarot spread, the Queen of Cups asks you to think and feel like her. For example, are you aware of emotional tendencies? Do you feel loved? Do you believe in your heart? Did you get the message from intuition? Are you touched by the pain of others?

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