The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

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The Hermit stands on the top of a mountain with a bright lantern in his hand. The mountains often symbolize success, development, and accomplishment. He has reached a peak of awareness and is willing to share his knowledge with others.

He is continuing on the chosen path, devoted to the goal of achieving eternal enlightenment. The star in the lantern is a six-pointed star (the Seal of Solomon – the symbol of wisdom). His stick is the scepter of the highest position which a symbol for the arduous beginning and also represents strength and power

The scepter represents the ability of the Hermit to take advantage of the isolated situation as well as the massive amount of knowledge he has gained as a tool to assist in the path to eternal knowledge. His left hand which holds the scepter, connecting with the subconscious. The snow at his feet symbolized wisdom.

He wore an invisible gray cape. The secrets that he holds are not for everyone, but only those who wholeheartedly seek and are willing to reach the pinnacle of wisdom, are allowed to perceive.

The Hermit Tarot card is associated with the zodiac Virgo and the number 9 symbolizes success, wisdom, ability to achieve the goal and the search for truth.

The detailed description of the Hermit Tarot card

Hermits are considered as those who are irritated, bearded hair, separated from society to live an ascetic life. Those cards with number nine usually go into this direction. The Hermit symbolizes the desire to separate from the outside world and focus on the inner world. He found the answer from within and knew that the answer came only from the stillness and loneliness.

There will be times in life we question the seemingly natural things. We realize that there are hidden truths and we are starting to look deep inside to find the truth. This journey is solitary when we ourselves must find the answer not from the outside world, but within ourselves. The Hermit on the 9th card reminiscent of Diogenes, an ascetic who left with the lantern to find those honest people. Diogenes is a symbol of the quest for truth that the character of this card has always wanted to discover by breaking down all the sheaths and distractions.

Keywords related to the Hermit Tarot card: Introspection (self-introspection), Searching, Leading, Lonesome.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Hermit Tarot card


  • Think carefully about something;
  • Focus on the inner self;
  • Less focused on the senses;
  • Make yourself calm;
  • Find answers from inside;
  • Need to understand many things.


  • Seek deeper understanding;
  • Search for something;
  • Want the truth at all costs;
  • In my own journey;
  • Need more;
  • Look forward to a new direction.

Receive/give guidance

  • Become a leader;
  • Get/give useful advice;
  • Learn from/become a reputable advisor;
  • Become/find people who are trustworthy;
  • Help/get help.

Find a quiet moment (solitary)

  • Need to be alone;
  • A desire to be quiet;
  • Withdraw from the outside world;
  • Recluse;
  • Ignore the distraction;
  • Withdrawn into the inner world.

A few opposite cards to the Hermit:

  • Lovers – in a relationship, sexuality;
  • World – in harmony with the world;
  • 2 of Cups – create links, collaborations;
  • 3 of Cups – in a group, join together;
  • 9 of Cups – physical satisfaction.

A few support cards for the Hermit:

  • High Priestess – look inside, retreat;
  • 4 of Cups – retreat, introverted;
  • 8 of Cups – finding deeper thoughts;
  • 4 of Swords – quite, meditate;
  • 7 of Swords – alone, away from others.

Upright meaning of the Hermit: soul searching, inner consideration, loneliness, the subconscious mind

Words and Keywords

Meditation, meditation, moderation, the need for psychological space, contact with the roots, study quietly, self-discovery, withdraw from society, not communicate much with others, the patience, prudence, prudent judgment, solitary time, careful planning, seeking good advice, freedom, pay attention to detail, guidance from within, counseling, self-examination, re-evaluation.

Discovering, wisdom, careful, old age, punishment, a journey to seek deeper truth, inner understanding, thinking about the mystery of life, get rid of daily habits , seek mysterious enlightenment, need to be alone and self-pondered, simple mantra, patient waiting, harmony with the spiritual aspects of the universe, the desire to bring knowledge to light, pay attention to your mental health, atonement, the sound of silence, the answer is inside, we need some space, the flow of the universe is flowing around us, let’s keep quiet, patience is a good personality.


The Hermit Tarot card is a particularly sacred card and often involves large agencies and organizations – from banks to Catholic churches. This card is boldly idealistic, even if you are an atheist. It can be any aspects that the word “spirit” means to you, even if “spirit” has no difference to “feelings”. Maybe you are trying to find the “truth” about someone (or something which is important), do not feel as if you have to do everything alone, look for help if that gives you more perspective and more information, etc.


Just like the Strength Tarot card, you can sink deep into your mind and need time to be alone – do not worry, just do it. Even if it is just only 5 minutes to go around the house to clear your mind. The Hermit card represents a kind of person who “tries more than the highest level to find the truth”. Just be sure that “doing the right thing” means that it is also right for you, and do not just focus on the wishes and aspirations of others.


Success and recognition from others are in your reach. You just need to do your best to make things clear and productive. This will help you, although you have not seen how it works yet. Do the right thing even when no one sees it. Remember that you always follow what you do!


Maybe your love story in the past will rekindle. Do you really want to? It seems like a romantic relationship is not your top priority at the moment. If your brain says you want a romantic relationship at the moment, look at your behavior as if it were identical to the analysis.

If you already had a relationship of commitment, it may be that the two of you are moving in different directions. Make sure you spend the time and effort to stay connected with the relationship so that it can develop.


It is time to be cautious of financial transactions and the decision. When The Hermit appears in the upright, it seems money is not the number one priority for you right now. If you are investing, put money into highly secure stocks/bonds. This is not the time to take the risk.


Stable habits will be useful at this time (reading one hour every Saturday night for example). The health problem seems to come from your lifestyle more than anything else. For example, pain from the back is caused by the fact that you are “carrying” too many responsibilities, emotions, problems or similar things on your own. Please take care of yourself.


The Hermit Tarot card reveals that you are in the inner-consideration stage of mind, paying attention and focusing your mind to find the answers. You have a strong need for understanding, not just at the level of the outside but really wanting to know the inner issues. This card in the upright implies that your perception has gone inside and now it is time to realize that the truth and the insight you are looking for are within you, not affected by the world outside. This is a good time to look back on your daily life and meditate deeply on your own motivations, principles, and values.

Through the process of meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection, you can begin to re-evaluate your goals as well as change your general direction. You will look at life with a deeper understanding, and from there you start to change some of the priorities from the beginning. There is spiritual wisdom certainly associated with the Hermit card. The appearance of this card during a Tarot spread reveals that you need to develop the mental power that is deep within your subconscious. You should learn to be content with loneliness or just cooperate with people of the same level as you. Do not waste time and energy on people or issues that are not ready or worthy.

The process of reflecting on this Tarot card shows you how to enhance your wisdom. You need to find your own source of light, project it into your soul and create your own path. Through meditation and intuition, the Hermit allows you to connect with the wise man that is always available in you.

There is a high possibility that someone will appear as your mentor or leader, even if that person will not “teach” you directly. You will learn a lot from that person at many levels. You should prioritize the need to withdraw from your daily life for a period of time – this will not last forever. You will soon feel getting back to society, but do not force yourself to be around many people at this time, unless it is in need. This month you will feel more refreshed and alert, especially in the spiritual aspect.

Situation and advice

The Hermit learned to help others with love and compassion. This tarot card signifies that you have crossed the important milestones and now you can understand and appreciate the different paths that people have chosen to target for higher goals. You have reached enough levels to enlighten yourself and do not have to convince others about what they should do.

You can lean on the silence and let the light within your soul shines on others as the means of communication. It is time to voluntarily withdraw from the world to quietly seek the truth. You must merge with the Origin. You need to rest and quietly think about the situation. Meditation, deep thoughts and quiet reflection in order. This is the time to wait patiently and not to communicate with others.

Sometimes, consultation will help you in the process of seeing yourself. You should spend time thinking carefully and be patient when trying to make a cautious decision. Most of the answers are in itself, but if you are feeling stuck, seek good advice from the wiser and the more experienced. This is also a good time to study or research on a topic that interests you.


Spiritual counselors, wise people, mentors or teachers, experienced people, hermits, priests, nuns, elders, intellectual seekers, those who need a break to focus on thinking and reviewing situations, people who are patient, people in the state of preparation, voluntary isolation, cautious counselors

Meaning of the Hermit reversed: isolation, loneliness, retreat

Words and Keywords

Excessive isolation, forced silence, exile, loneliness, lack of communication with people, silly or excessive self-confidence, withdrawal from others, feelings of denial, only care about yourself, fear of intimacy, focus on the outside, refusal of good advice, carelessness, recklessness, ignorance of wise counsel, sense of isolation, death, deny.

False pride, lack of connection, shortsightedness, suspicion, self-pity, anxiety, health concerns, groaning, complaining, escaping, being victimized, self-deception, your greatest enemy, I prefer to do it myself, I have done it my way, no one loves me, I am a rock, I am a desert island which completely separated


When appearing in reverse, the Hermit is still a particularly sacred card, and often involves large organizations – from banks to Catholic churches. This card is boldly idealistic, even if you are an atheist. When it shows up, it wants to warn you that you are too focused on the “truth” behind and it’s probably better to let it go.


Like the Strength card, the Hermit implies that sometimes, it is nothing wrong with taking time to be alone. Do not be afraid! The problem may happen. However, when a person needs too much time to be alone or is afraid to be close to others or is easily attacked when near others, that is the problem. Life is not easy for us.


 Maybe you have finally fallen to the bottom of the problem that is bothering you at work. Do not hesitate to ask yourself as well as those around you to better understand what is going on – and how it should have taken place. Be aware of the fact that if there is a problem with the job, you may be part of the situation.


When the Hermit appears in reverse, it still carries the possibility of your old love is slowly turning back. You should ask yourself if this is really what you want? If your brain says you want a romantic relationship at the moment, look at your behavior for consistency with the analysis. Are you wanting to meet someone, get out, get yourself ready for a relationship?

In a spread about the relationship, this reversed card may imply an unfriendly isolation state. For example, someone wants to be alone or want to get out of a relationship, while the other wants to foster it to become increasingly tight. You will need to respect each other’s space but also need to be present in time to help each other when your partner needs it. In addition, the idea of being alone and independent is very difficult and unattractive when you are trying to do everything in your power to bond together. Even when there are challenges in the relationship, both of you do not want to be separated because it will only bring feelings of emptiness.

It is too early to be apart and you still want to do everything together. If you break up, the Hermit in reverse may indicate that you are ready to explore a relationship because you realize that you have had enough time to ponder.

If you are still single, you are probably feeling tired and lonely, and above all, there is a strong desire to have a relationship or a lasting bond at this time. If you already had a serious relationship, then it is important that you should spend time, energy and attention, no matter how busy you are.


In terms of finance, the Hermit reversed means that this is the time for you to seek advice and a thorough analysis of your financial endeavors. This is not the time to “do big” and believe that everything will be good. If you do not understand how your cash flow comes and goes (or how to invest, etc.), then this is a perfect and decisive moment to train yourself.


When the Hermit appears in reverse, the things you are doing to your health are not working and/or you should start creating better habits. You should consider small steps to improve. Rome was not built in one night and long-term positive changes would not be complete in one night. Do it step by step.


This reversed card can represent one of two ideas. You are either not getting enough time for personal reflection, or you are spending too much time on it. If you are trying to make a deeper connection with your own spirit, the reversed Hermit card encourages you to spend more time and space to meditate and ponder on your own spirituality.

It is time to look deeply at yourself and rediscover your great meaning and purpose in this real life. Perhaps you are too busy facing everyday problems that you forget about reflecting on the inside and listening to the inner voice. This Tarot card wants you to seek deep in your soul to help you find your way back and focus on rebuilding your spiritual level.

If you spend too much time on inner thoughts, the appearance of the Hermit implies that you have been in solitary confinement for so long. You are truly becoming a hermit and isolating yourself from the people around you. Although this period of time will benefit you mentally, you may still feel isolated and suffer from a sense of loneliness. Do not underestimate the value of maintaining communication with others even when you are on your own spiritual journey. You also should consider the needs of those around you. Do not become too dependent on yourself and your difficult situations to forget your family and friends.

Situation and advice

You may fall into the situation of doing something your way in which you refuse the good advice of others. The tendency to get rid of others from your life can make you feel lonely and denied. That personality trait can even lead to a breakdown of the relationship


Those who are non-social, only care about yourself, unruly or stupid people, exiled man, a lonely person, the idiot, the irresponsible, people who deny the truth, someone that being separated or separated from others, he is extremely independent and lonely, the characters are isolated and paranoid.

In one Tarot spread, the Hermit Tarot card always demanded to be alone – quietly looking back at himself when the distraction factor was limited. In the middle of the world of action and energy, he stood still to find the balance. He also pointed out that it was time to step back and hide. In addition, this card can represent every type of searching, especially understanding the hidden issues or the truth behind the situation. “Find, then you will see”, we are taught so and Hermit is also guided by that advice. We can get help from wise teachers, and in return, we help others.

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1. The Hermit Thoth Tarot

Hermit Thoth Tarot card focuses on exploring the spaces of consciousness. By doing so, he delves into the mysteries and the deepest abyss (Hell Hunter). This is not a simple rationalism problem.

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2. The Hermit – L’hermite Tarot De Marseille

l hermit marseille

Hermit – L’Hermite Tarot de Marseilles left the VIII Major card by retreating to advance, turning his back to the end of the first decimal cycle and to begin a new cycle. By withdrawing from the card VIII, he is leaving an insurmountable state.

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3. The Hermit Shadowscapes Tarot

The image in Hermit Shadowscapes Tarot card is almost analyzed in the companion book, a hermit holding a lantern in the dark, self-groping his own way. 

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4. The Aloneness Osho Zen Tarot

Aloneness Osho Zen

With the Aloneness Osho Zen, the humble character in this card shines from within. One of the Buddha’s most significant contributions to the spiritual life of mankind is his affirmation of these precepts: “Illuminate yourself” (autistic reflection).

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5. The Hooded Man Wildwood Tarot

The Hooded Man Wildwood (The Hermit, Robin – i – The – Hood, the hermit in the deep forest) will bring persistent light in the middle of the winter as well as use his wand to dig deep and accumulate knowledge. 

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6. The Hermit Deviant Moon Tarot

the hermit deviant moon

The Hermit Deviant Moon Tarot evades the world in the corner. Although he locked himself off from the outside world, he was never truly alone. The bloated fish next to him is a reminder that we can never hide.

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7. The Hermit Linestrider Tarot

The Hermit Linestrider talks about introspection, introversion, and isolation. After a few drawings with different animals, the bear is chosen also because it is associated with the image of caves and hibernation.

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