Six Of Cups – Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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I. Six of Cups Rider Waite image description

In the Six of Cups, there are six cups containing five-pointed white flowers. On the card, we can see a boy sniffs a flower and gives it to another child. The baby represents the past and the tall child represents the future, and the image they meet each other symbolizes the happiness of reuniting with friends or the loved ones in the past. They share the joy of the past and a lot of nostalgia.

Six of Cups Rider Waite image description

In this context, there is an elderly person walking in the distance, symbolizing the anxiety of each person. The house symbolizes comfort and safety but the barren garden symbolizes the happier times that have been lost in the past. Everything bright yellow thing means great happiness in the overall of this card.

In the movie Parenthood, there is a scene in which all the members of a big family came together to witness a baby being born. When the camera moves from one person to another, we feel as if it is the first time every person witnessed such a wonderful event in life. Everyone laughed and talked, but suddenly their actions changed. The newborn child makes the atmosphere filled with sweetness. This is the spirit of the Six of Cups.

There is an evident truth that there is always violence, anger and badness in every corner of the world. The world is certainly not lacking in such negative elements, but at the same time, there are many good things and concerns. A mother gives a drink to her baby. A friend lends his car for the weekend. A worker changes shift with his sick co-worker. These are small gestures that are hardly noticeable but are very important. This is the card of kindness and simple good things. The card encourages you to live kindly and generously.

You should notice that the two figures on the Six of Cups are usually two children. This card often represents a baby or small child. When considering the larger meaning, the card also implies childhood as well as the feelings associated with our youth (ideally) – feelings of carefree, playfulness, safe and full of love. Children are our treasures, and the sweetness of this card deserves to be cherished.

II. 6 of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Goodwill, Innocent/Foolish, Childhood.

Experience the compassion

  • The act of kindness or volunteering;
  • Advise others;
  • Share what you have;
  • There is noble motivation;
  • Received a gift;
  • Feel happy;
  • Goodwill.

Experience innocence/naive

  • Feel satisfied with the simple things;
  • Feel the love around;
  • Feel happy even without paying attention;
  • Have a kind conscience;
  • Be acquitted;
  • Cherish the simple pleasures.

Focus on childhood

  • Live with a child or a teenager;
  • Feel carefree;
  • Be cared;
  • Feel nostalgic;
  • Enjoy yourself in the game;
  • Enjoy the youthful activities;
  • Have a baby.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 6 of Cups

Opposite cards

  • Devil – negative, corrupt, coveted;
  • 9 of Wands – lack of innocence, believe in the worst;
  • 5 of Swords – cynical, hostile, selfish;
  • 7 of Swords – cheat, manipulate;
  • 9 of Swords – sin.

Support cards

  • Star – goodwill, share;
  • 10 of Cups – feeling blessed, happy, fun.

IV. 6 of Cups Upright Card Keywords

reunion, nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence

Words and Keywords

Nostalgic, recall childhood memories, reminisce the scene of childhood, sharing, a sincere talk, reconnect the old love, restoration of the old relationships, get together again, think about the past, a lover from the past, the old person, old friends, cause and effect, happy memories.

Anniversaries, restore feelings, rekindle precious emotions, warm reunion, praise, gifts, sentimentality, family values, the joy of home and family, a home visit, an offer to work, moving, inheritance, deal with children.


The Six of Cups is a card of childhood, nostalgia, naive happiness, and generosity. You want to go back to your previous happy memories, whether as a kid, a teenager or an adult. However, memories belong to the past and they reflect some aspects of your life in the past. You may feel that the only way to connect with this happiness is to escape from the past, where you can think about happy and beautiful memories, instead of dealing with current challenges. It is important that you must live in the present and accept it rather than daydreaming about the past.

It is usually a memory of nostalgia or a reminder of old things. This card can (but not always) connect the readers to their children or childhood.


It is important not to spend too much time and energy thinking about “beautiful days”. We all have happy memories to remember from time to time, but if we begin to think that “the best years have passed,” then that would most likely come true.


This is a very good time for work related to creativity. If your work is not creative, then make sure you spend some time painting, writing, creating memorial albums, etc, generally any hobby related to creativity. You will find that your daily normal work will reap much better results.


If you have a romantic relationship, the appearance of upright Six of Cups may indicate that this relationship needs to be “re-focused” towards the future. Let’s talk about your goals and your dreams. You should discover and try new things. It is important not to let yourself be trapped in the past. Sometimes, this card implies the recurrence of an old lover in your life. Think carefully before starting over an old romance. You need to remember the reason why that person becomes your ex-lover.


If you are looking for ways to invest money or make some extra money, pay close attention to classic or nostalgic things, or those investment options that have an interesting meaning to children. Money can come to you from someone from your past or through inheritance (but this does not necessarily mean that someone who is close to you will die).


If you are having a health problem, then the appearance of this card means that you really need to recall back to childhood to check the root cause of the physical problem that you are experiencing (hint for you that emotional factors are often associated with physique). Treatment by methods of conversation could be very useful. You need to consider arrangements to talk to family members about the physical problems which they had or are having, make sure you understand your family medical history.


Six of Cups implies that any kind of ritual can be helpful to you in terms of spirituality at the present time. You can find the beauty and meaning in recreating some sacred rituals which you know as a child. This does not mean that you have to repeat the first spiritual traditions which you had experienced and follow them stereotypically, instead, update and improve, change the old traditions. That will bring you many benefits latterly.

Situation and advice

You may have the opportunity to meet an old acquaintance. Maybe, you will attend a family meeting or class meeting. Someone in the past may come back to your life. You think about childhood memories and things that worth cherishing in the old days. Some problems originated in the past bring causality in the present. This card often recommend that remembering and dealing with old memories is very important.

An old lover can appear and an old friend can bring information that leads to a job offer or change of residence. Children can play an important role in your life at this moment. You will need to review some aspects of life in your past, perhaps in an honest conversation with a trusted mentor. Maybe you are able to use old skills that have not been used for a while.

The Six of Cups can also speak to your inner being and shows the desire to experience the joy of childhood. The childish soul is still alive inside of you and must be cared for. People who have long-lasting problems like addiction, depression, etc, can change their lives by connecting with their childish souls and finding a new joy or energy in life.

The inner soul still remains the childish and adolescent aspects which contain all the experiences and emotions we have experienced. This can lead to a child of the soul reacting strongly to certain experiences, current situations and emotions, based on what has happened in the past. Feeling different aspects of the soul and knowing the emotions that come from them can change and enhance your choices amazingly.

The Six of Cups can also talk about children in your life. It may indicate the pregnancy, birth or adoption, depending on other cards in the spreading. Or, it may indicate that you want to spend more time with children to play, laugh, and learn with them. Children play an important role in your present life, and they can be great mentors. Children are always good role models for learning when you get this card. They see the world as a perfect place and their hearts are open to experience the surrounding pleasures. This card almost spreads a halo of joy because this card represents the past with all its memories, the present with all its gifts, and the future with all its magical opportunities.

Six of Cups, therefore, can signal a gift which you receive, or some other similar action. You may be inspired to act kindly, to do charity or to set a good example for others. You are more open to sharing what you have with goodwill in order to help other people.


The old friends, people whom we consider as family members, childhood friends, the children, the old lovers, people who are connected to their previous lives.

V. 6 of Cups Reversed Keywords

stuck in the past, naive, unrealistic

Words and Keywords

Do not want or can not adapt to the present situation, drowned in the past, cannot live independently, vain nostalgia, seek the safety of the past, frivolous, distressed when recalled, effort is not recognized, the ghost from the past exists in the present, fear from childhood, clinging to the old customs and belief, do not want to try something new, need to look at the future, I do not want to grow up.


This is a card of nostalgia, childhood love, generosity, impartiality, and also an innocent dream of life. On the contrary, it shows that you may have unrealistic ideas about a particular stage in your life, which are based on your dreams and ideas when you were young. For example, you always imagine yourself getting married at 25, so when you actually are 25, you have another goal in mind. Or you may be disappointed that you have reached a certain age but can not full fill the dream set out from childhood.

The Six of Cups reversed usually a recollected recital of what has gone through. This recollection is sometimes linked to the images of children or childhood. It suggests that you should start paying more attention to the future, not to the past for your own sake.


The Six Cups reversed reminds us that we must focus on the present and the future instead of letting ourselves become or continue to get lost in the beautiful old days. Live for the present.


When you get this card in reverse, that may be a sign that the sublimate state in your work has passed. However, that does not necessarily mean something bad. Simply that the rose-tinted glasses in front of your eyes have vanished and now you can clearly see everything around. You should think carefully before making a decision on whether to do something to deal with the problems you are having at work or not. Sometimes, it is worth fighting for, but sometimes, it is not. Trust yourself in knowing that difference.


The Six of Cups reversed will imply that you are likely to have to deal with a number of love-related issues that you have been avoiding so far. If you are in a relationship, the bad things that you have to turn a blind eye to keep peace with your lover will probably come up and need to be solved soon. If you are single and longing for love, then it is time to look at yourself and what you are doing (or should not do) to open the way for love to enter your life. Love will not fall from the sky, which you will need to put effort to get it.


You finally had the full combination of necessary thoughts to maintain a stable finance, pay attention to your money and your actions related to money. If you need assistance in resolving financial problems, do not hesitate to ask. Let your money work and serve you. Avoiding this problem only pulls you back.


When you get the reversed Six of Cups in a spread, you are probably blindfolded by the health issues, which you must know to deal with sooner or later. You will find that you are ready, willing and able to handle these challenges. You know what you need to do, and this is the time to do it.


It is a time to express gratitude to the past. You have come to the realization that it is important to look at other alternative methods in your spiritual journey, as well as how you can take advantage of learning from other people’s methods. Be diligent to read and listen, and you will benefit greatly.

Situation and advice

Some aspects of family relationships or past relationships are weighed you down. Are you still relying on your mother? A problem from the past can come back and haunt you. You can still feel the effects of an old love in your present life.

Something that you expect can be delayed or comes late. You need to get rid of old relationships or accept the previous mistakes to continue your life. Emotions and values that emanate from past relationships and childhood can hinder your progress. Sinking into past accomplishments can prevent you from pursuing new ones. Are you clinging to outdated beliefs and values? This is the time to live with reality and look at the future. Those concerns about children can bother you at this time.

The Six of Cups reversed may indicate fertility problems or issues related to the children. If you already have children, you may be trying to educate them in a disciplined manner.

Sometimes, this card can point to child abuse or sexual abuse. You are still trying to overcome these problems and free yourself from negative memories. In addition, you may be working with people who have had problems with overwhelmed memories from their childhood.


Rip Van Winkle, people who live in the past, the person who tied to his mother’s apron strings, an old friend.

In a Tarot spread, the Six of Cups Tarot card also represents for the innocence/foolish – a word with a lot of nuances. You may be naive in the sense of strict law when you do not recognize the mistake you have made. Likewise, you can be naive when not knowing a secret and you also do not like to cheat or sabotage, in other words, you have no self-interest. Finally, you can be moral or have a chaste soul. These are all possibilities may apply to this Cups card, depending on the context or situation.

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