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I. Page of Cups Rider Waite image description

The Page of Cups, like any other Page card, represents a new beginning or a renewal. The man on this card wears a blue costume with floral patterns and a hat with a long shawl. He is standing alone on the beach with a single golden cup in his hand. Surprisingly, a fish sticking its head out of the cup and looks at the young man’s face. This man hopes his glass would bring him the toast or another drink, but instead a strange fish that can speak.

Page of Cups Rider Waite image description

This card points out the surprise and inspiration that comes to us from the world of unconsciousness and spirituality. Inspiration is considered to be something that comes to us in the most unexpected and difficult way to understand.

The Page of Cups means Cupid gives you opportunities for love. He conveys the real chances to experience the romance, the deep feelings and the inner life, which are the featured wonders of the Cups set.

This card may indicate a child or young adult who has an innocent soul that correlates with your needs for emotion, state, love, intimacy or spirit. Sometimes, the Page of Cups implies that your heart is completely filled with love and emotion. At these times, you should feel free to express and enjoy your feelings without thinking of anything else.

II. Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Emotional, Intuition, Intimate, Love.

About emotions

  • Feel touched;
  • To express emotions;
  • Reaction to the beauty;
  • Sentimental or romantic;
  • Abandonment of the impartiality and objectivity;
  • Let the heart lead the way.


  • Receiving guidance from inner;
  • Take action based on the premonition;
  • Remember the dreams;
  • Have a spiritual experience;
  • Direct experience;
  • Believe in instinctive reaction.


  • Start or refresh a relationship;
  • Meet someone attractive;
  • More affectionate with someone;
  • Beyond the procedural rituals;
  • There is a special moment of harmony;
  • Strengthen the friendship;
  • Share private things.

About love

  • Perform a profound gesture;
  • Show sympathy and understanding;
  • Forgive yourself;
  • Forgive someone who hurt you;
  • Apologize to someone who you have hurt;
  • Reach and inspire someone;
  • Heal a broken relationship;
  • Make someone optimistic;
  • Respond with interest instead of anger;
  • Refusal of judgment or conviction.

III. Page of Cups Upright Card Keywords

a message, the creative beginning, the synchronization

Words and Keywords

Sensitivity, social invitation, love, warmth, attraction, comfort, kindness, the beginning of creation, the exchange of emotions, gentle emotions, a new state in a relationship, creative imagination, a quiet study, intuition, imagination, inspiration, an introvert, spiritual ability, friendliness, the depth.

Inspiration from a friend, the news of a fun event such as a birth or a wedding, a love letter, feeling fresh, a new stage in the process of emotional development, the emergence of potential talent, artistic ability, new plans, artistic sensitivity, good idea, an important message, news of the birth or marriage, starting new projects, a relationship with a friend, enjoy working alone, teaching, training, education, children, homosexuals.


When the Page of Cups appears, it is a sign that allows the childish aspect of you to show up. Like most of the cards in the Cups suit, this is a positive sign and implies emotional encouragement. The card may also show that someone who looks smaller than you gives you a certain message.


In general, this card expresses a need to play, dream and have a little fun. When this card appears, it sometimes means that you are living too seriously. Margot Fonteyn once said, “The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous”. Remember that difference.


Even if things are always bad with the job you have been engaged in for the past ten years, the appearance of this card shows that you still have reason to hope and expect a positive future. No matter who you are, you have many career options. Life can change quickly, and sometimes it changes in a positive direction. If you are not satisfied with the current job, you still hold the key to change it.


Page of Cups implies that a person younger than you (probably only younger than you a few days) may be part of your love prospect. Remember that love regardless of age, so do not underestimate anyone even if they are younger than you. This post implies that someone is trying to impress you quickly, give that person a chance.


If you tighten your belt due to someone’s decision, the appearance of this card says that your finances may turn in a better direction. If you are going to buy something valuable, do not be too stingy.


Listen to your body with a deep concern. Is it tell you something? For example, if you are suffering from back pain, are you carrying too much (both literally and figuratively)?


You may need to reconsider your spiritual rituals if your traditional rituals are gradually losing efficiency. This can be useful to allow yourself time and space to consider where you can pursue spiritual information which appeals to you. Let’s explore and read spiritual things from other’s belief systems/cultures instead of yours.

Situation and advice

You may get information about the birth of a child, wedding plan, marriage or other good news. You are entering the new stage of emotion and attitude, the period of emotional regeneration. You may be refreshing a relationship or start a new relationship. You are entering a new phase of emotional development that requires you to learn to trust from the beginning.

A sensitive and deep young man can surprise you with good news. You are entering the new stage of emotional development, sensitivity and maturity. If you are starting a job, you may need to pay close attention to emotional problems. Children can play an important role in your present or future life. The Page of Cups can also represent a homosexual person who will likely influence the situation.

This card encourages you to have a new perspective on the difficult problems and approach them with a positive outlook of the doubt, love and compassion. The Page Cup says that you should never stop listening to your intuition as well as stop believing in your dreams. If you stop dreaming, your dream will never come true as it no longer exists. In the darkest moments of life, dreams often bring a ray of hope. So, dare to dream.


A lovely child, a polite and talented young man, a homosexual, someone who helps or comforts you, an artist, a poet, a teacher, an educator, a person friendly and kind; a young man who is sensitive, deep, introverted, ready to cooperate, quiet, dreaming, imaginative, spiritual, sentimental or independent.

The contemplative, a person who brings luck; a gentle, lovable, calm and passionate young man; a student, a trainer, a person who studies and researches alone, someone who is interested in learning about emotional issues, a young friend.

IV. Page of Cups Reversed Keywords

innocent in love, creative sources being stuck

Words and Keywords

Emotional maturity, insecurity, unhappiness, live in the virtual world, daydreaming, escape from reality, loneliness, shortsighted, fickleness, laziness, abandonment, irresponsible, chaos, lacking in thought, confused thoughts, the lie is revealed, womanizer, do not plan for the future, uncomfortable, lethargy, an unhappy child, lose precious things when throwing away the excess, the relationship has faded, reduced social interaction, drug or alcohol problems.


When the Page of Cups appears in reverse, it is a sign that you can play and dream, but you have to keep it realistic. You may find it difficult to aware the difference between daydreaming and reality.


Overall, this card in reverse represents a need to play, dream and have a little fun. However, you need to know the limits. Everything has the price that you have to pay in a certain way. Be aware of the consequences of what you do.


When this card appears in reverse, it demonstrates that you are highly appreciated at work. However, you need to be careful not to despise the rules or be too sloppy even if you work for yourself. If you are unsure about what is happening, or the reason why you are getting into trouble, ask for advice from a trusted friend or an experienced family member.


The Page of Cups reversed signifies a warning when appearing in a spreading related to the relationship. You may be putting your heart into a person who is not ready, pay attention to the signs that you are getting. You should set a time limit on how long you will have a crush on that person, in case he/she is not interested in you. We all have more than just one opportunity to find a soul mate and have many opportunities for happiness. Do not concentrate on thinking about only one person.


When you get this card in reverse, this is the time to be cautious with your payment. You may be spending just to satisfy your needs. Think carefully before buying a high-valued item.


The Page of Cups reversed may indicate that you, in some aspects, should tend to engage in the newest and the most modern activities to improve your health. In fact, natural remedies can be good and effective for your healthcare, but you need to make informed decisions, and it is best to always have your doctor’s permission. Do not throw your money on those “miracle cures”. Most of them are fraudulent.


You may now be susceptible to the confusion between illusion and reality, and this will affect your spiritual practice. Think thoroughly about what you are experiencing, and you can also take advantage of discussions with people who are looking for other spiritual solutions. If you need help or feel confused, just ask for help. We all are on the same journey.

Situation and advice

You may be concerned about the emotional state of a child. Perhaps you are taking the consequences of spoiling your child. Your erratic behavior, lack of discipline, laziness, or lack of commitment can cause problems.

For some reason, you are not living up to your potential or are not making the right use of your talent. Your indifference can be a problem. You may be wasting your time and energy on illusory thoughts and living in an unreal world. Sometimes, this card warns you that you are trying to escape from everything by drowning in drugs and alcohol. A relationship may end or fade away, or there may be a visible decline in your social activities. You may be ignoring an important perception through intuition.

The Page of Cups reflects your creative ability, its reversal may indicate that your creativity is stuck. In addition, you may encounter obstacles to creative projects that you really interested in but may not bring in a good source of income as other things. You have many ideas but have difficulty in turning them into reality.

It may also indicate that you are suspicious of a tendency or a feeling which you are following. You can take action without thinking or allow the immediate desires and emotions to seduce you, especially if they go against your normal thinking, such as making a promise which you can not keep or that commitment does not mean anything to you.


A spoiled child, addicted to drugs or alcohol, someone living in a virtual world, a dreamer, a visionary, a reckless man, a messy person, a frivolous and immature man, a fair friend, a miserable child, a poor student, a person who drops out of school, someone who has no plans for the future, a young man with emotional disorders, a child in a divorced family, those who spread malicious rumors to avenge the painful emotions of themselves, a lazy and selfish person.

In a Tarot spread, the Page of Cups shows an opening that can appear to stir up your emotions, pull you into the deepest feelings and bring you great joy. When you see such an opportunity, just immidiatlt take it.

V – Symbolism and Imagery in the Page of Cups

  1. Water: The Element of Emotion

Water, as the element of emotion, holds profound symbolism in the Page of Cups tarot card. It represents the depths of the subconscious, intuition, and the ebb and flow of feelings. Like a flowing river, water mirrors the fluid nature of emotions, offering a gateway to explore the realm of the heart and the profound connections we share.

  1. The Chalice: A Symbol of Intuition and Receptivity

The chalice, prominently featured in the Page of Cups tarot card, serves as a powerful symbol of intuition and receptivity. It represents the vessel through which emotions and intuitive insights flow. The chalice reminds us to open ourselves to the messages of the heart and to trust our inner guidance in matters of the soul.

  1. Fishes: Exploring Dualities and Subconscious Depths

The presence of fishes in the Page of Cups tarot card signifies a profound exploration of dualities and the depths of the subconscious. The fish symbolize the interplay between conscious and unconscious realms, offering glimpses into hidden emotions and untapped potential. They invite us to dive beneath the surface and explore the depths of our psyche with curiosity and introspection.

  1. Floral Motifs: Beauty, Sensitivity, and Emotional Nurturing

Floral motifs in the Page of Cups card evoke themes of beauty, sensitivity, and emotional nurturing. The blossoms symbolize the delicate and ephemeral nature of emotions, reminding us to embrace and cherish our feelings. They represent the importance of tending to our emotional well-being and cultivating a nurturing environment to support growth and healing.

  1. Blue and White Colors: Signifying Clarity and Emotional Tranquility

The blue and white colors in the Page of Cups card carry symbolic significance, representing clarity and emotional tranquility. Blue denotes calmness, serenity, and clear communication, while white symbolizes purity and innocence. Together, these hues remind us to seek emotional balance, find inner peace, and approach situations with a clear and tranquil mind.

  1. Youth and Innocence: The Page’s Symbolic Representations

Youth and innocence serve as powerful symbolic representations of the Page of Cups. The youthful figure embodies a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, and fresh perspectives. Their innocence suggests a lack of preconceived notions, allowing for pure and unbiased experiences. The Page encourages embracing childlike wonder and approaching situations with a pure heart.

  1. Body Language and Gestures: Unveiling Hidden Meanings

Body language and gestures in the Page of Cups card hold hidden meanings, providing valuable insights into the emotional realm. Delicate hand movements, subtle facial expressions, and posture unveil unspoken messages and intentions. By observing these cues, we can gain a deeper understanding of underlying emotions and navigate interpersonal connections with greater empathy and sensitivity.

  1. The Crown and Feathered Cap: Insights into Spiritual Connection

The presence of both a crown and a feathered cap in the Page of Cups card offers insights into spiritual connection. The crown symbolizes inner royalty, divine wisdom, and the potential for spiritual growth. The feathered cap signifies a connection to intuition, imagination, and the spiritual realms. Together, they remind us to honor our innate spiritual gifts and trust in the guidance of higher powers.

  1. Landscape and Surroundings: Setting the Emotional Stage

The landscape and surroundings depicted in the Page of Cups tarot card play a crucial role in setting the emotional stage. Whether it’s a serene sea, lush gardens, or a tranquil backdrop, the environment amplifies the card’s emotional tone. It invites us to pay attention to our surroundings and acknowledges how our external environment can impact our inner world and emotional experiences.

  1. Artistic Depictions: Notable Variations and Interpretations

Artistic depictions of the Page of Cups tarot card showcase notable variations and interpretations. Artists bring their unique styles and perspectives, presenting the page in different contexts, attire, and emotional expressions. These diverse interpretations inspire individual connections and personal meanings, highlighting the richness and versatility of the card’s symbolism and capturing the essence of the human experience.

VI – Exploring the Archetype of the Page of Cups

  1. The Page of Cups as a Messenger of Emotional Awakening

The Page of Cups is a tarot archetype that embodies the role of a messenger of emotional awakening. This card symbolizes a profound invitation to explore and embrace the depths of our emotions, offering an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

As a messenger, the Page of Cups brings forth insights and experiences that tap into the realm of emotions. It serves as a gentle reminder to pay attention to our feelings, intuition, and the messages that arise from within. This archetype encourages us to be receptive, open, and vulnerable to the rich tapestry of emotions that color our lives.

The Page of Cups acts as a catalyst for emotional awakening, nudging us to explore our emotional landscape with curiosity and authenticity. It encourages us to listen to our hearts, trust our instincts, and delve into the depths of our emotional well-being. This messenger archetype invites us to embrace vulnerability and dive into the uncharted waters of our emotional experiences.

In encountering the Page of Cups, we may be presented with opportunities for emotional healing, deepening connections, and gaining a greater understanding of our emotional selves. It can signify a time of emotional renewal, where we are encouraged to express our feelings, engage in acts of self-care, and nurture our emotional well-being.

We set out on a voyage of self-discovery and emotional development by paying attention to the message of the Page of Cups. It teaches us the value of honoring and valuing our emotions because they are the key to discovering our inner knowledge and paving the way for a more real and satisfying life.

  1. Nurturing the Inner Child: The Page of Cups and Innocence Rediscovered

The archetype of the Page of Cups encourages us to embrace our inner child and rediscover the allure of innocence. This card is a gentle reminder to rediscover the innocence, wonder, and unabashed delight that frequently resides inside us but may have been obscured by the obligations and difficulties of life.

Nurturing the inner child means embracing a sense of wonder, playfulness, and imagination. The Page of Cups encourages us to let go of inhibitions and embrace a childlike curiosity about the world. It invites us to engage in activities that spark joy and ignite our creativity, whether it’s exploring nature, engaging in artistic endeavors, or simply allowing ourselves to be present in the moment.

By nurturing our inner child, we create space for healing, growth, and self-expression. It allows us to tap into our authentic selves and access the pure, untarnished parts of our being. The Page of Cups reminds us that it is essential to balance the seriousness of life with moments of lightheartedness and innocence.

When we reconnect with our inner child, we also gain a fresh perspective on life. We view the world with a renewed sense of wonder and approach challenges with resilience and optimism. This archetype encourages us to embrace the magic of life, finding joy in the simplest of things and cherishing the beauty that surrounds us.

In nurturing our inner child, we learn to listen to our instincts, trust our intuition, and honor our authentic desires. It is through this process that we rediscover our true essence and cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. The Page of Cups guides us on this journey of self-discovery and reminds us of the transformative power of embracing our inner child-like qualities.

VII – Applying the Page of Cups Energy in Everyday Life

Applying the Page of Cups energy in everyday life entails integrating the qualities and lessons embodied by this tarot archetype into our daily experiences. The Page of Cups brings forth a sense of emotional openness, intuition, and creative expression, offering valuable guidance on navigating relationships, self-care, and personal growth.

One key aspect of applying the Page of Cups energy is embracing emotional vulnerability and authenticity. This involves being honest with ourselves and others about our feelings, allowing ourselves to experience and express a wide range of emotions without judgment or suppression. By doing so, we create more meaningful connections, foster empathy, and deepen our understanding of ourselves and those around us.

The Page of Cups also encourages the cultivation of intuition and inner guidance. This can be achieved by taking time for introspection, practicing mindfulness, and trusting our gut instincts. Tuning into our intuition enables us to make more aligned decisions, navigate challenges with greater wisdom, and tap into our innate creative potential.

Creative expression plays a vital role in embodying the Page of Cups energy. Engaging in artistic endeavors, whether it be painting, writing, music, or any other form of self-expression, allows us to channel our emotions and connect with our deeper selves. It serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and cultivating a sense of fulfillment.

In relationships, the Page of Cups teaches us the importance of empathy, compassion, and active listening. By being fully present and attuned to the emotional needs of others, we create a safe space for genuine connection and support. The Page of Cups encourages us to approach relationships with an open heart, fostering love, understanding, and emotional intimacy.

Self-care is another vital aspect of applying the Page of Cups energy in everyday life. Prioritizing our emotional well-being, engaging in activities that bring us joy and nourishment, and practicing self-compassion are all essential components. By caring for ourselves, we are better equipped to show up authentically and be present for others.

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