Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

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The Temperance Tarot card is the 14th card in the 22 Major Arcana. Temperance is an angel with wings on his back. This angel is a bisexual god (the son of Hermes and the god of Aphrodite), symbolizing the balance between the sexes. The angel put a foot on the ground, representing the material world, and one foot in the water, representing the subconscious. In this position, she also represents the desire to “test the waters” before engaging in exotic situations. She calmed the journey of the Fool, who would walk without thinking again.

The triangle inside the square on Temperance’s cloak represents the image of a woman protected by natural law. She holds two cups for mixing water in her hand. These two cups represent subconscious and superconscious. One cup seems to contain hot water and the other contains cold water. The water between the two glasses flows from lower to higher cups, marking the increase from low to higher. A restrained person will mix the opposites and find balance in life by avoiding the poles.

The zodiac related to the Temperance Tarot card is Sagittarius, the master of truth, the spirit of enthusiasm, tolerance, and beauty.

The detailed description of the Temperance Tarot card

There are many people who very calm. They may not say much, but they mind their business calmly and quietly. Their presence is comfortable because they are very modest. This is the energy source of the Temperance.

This card demonstrates the ability to limit and control yourself. In a world full of fascinating passions, we need to find a balance for ourselves. May judgments be a bit boring? Temperance’s energy seems unlikely to excite on the outside, but it is peaceful in the center of the storm. Everything around is stirring up, but at the center, it is still a point to keep things balanced.

Keywords related to the Temperance Tarot card: Moderation, Balance, Health, Combination.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Temperance Tarot card


  • Find the harmony;
  • Express the control;
  • Avoid exceeding limits;
  • Lighten up the difficult situation;
  • Search for meaning;
  • Achieve compromise;
  • Offset the overplus.

Maintain balance

  • Experience the harmony;
  • Achieve equilibrium;
  • Connect the differences;
  • See comprehensively;
  • Strengthen cooperation;
  • Feel safe and being the central.


  • Energy and physical recovery;
  • Treatment;
  • Feel satisfied;
  • Rehabilitate;
  • Health development.


  • Gather the necessary things together;
  • Connect with others;
  • Unify;
  • Find the right mix;
  • Synthetic;
  • Put it all together.

A few opposite cards to the Temperance Tarot card

  • The Tower – far away, separated;
  • 5 of Wands – dissent, resistance, imbalance;
  • 7 of Cups – over limit, overdone;
  • 5 of Swords – Discord, lack of harmony;
  • 5 of Pentacle – poor health.

A few support cards for the Temperance Tarot card

  • The World – integration, synthesis, association;
  • 2 of Cups – connect, work together;
  • 3 of Cups – team up, work together;
  • 2 of Pentacles – balance, find the right mix;
  • 3 of Pentacles – teamwork, combination.

Upright meaning of the Temperance Tarot card: regulation, self-restraint, flexible.

Words and Keywords

Modulation, careful, tolerant, neutral, balance point, sense of choice at the right time, equal, no prejudice, compromise, movement from the spirit to the material, mix and match, effective combination, mix reasonably, arts creativity, compatibility, calm ability, combination of a variety of strength, equilibrium calm, peaceful.

Morality, harmonious balance, combination, patience, forgive, accommodation, adaptation, management wise, saving, mercy, expressing balance sex, rationality, compassion, friendship, co-operate, reconcile, comely, purify the soul, a male and female’s marriage, harmony between races, time to heal all wounds, everything is in moderation, be calm, pay close attention to what you are doing, nothing is too much, we are all children of God, do not be concerned about race, skin color, or belief.


The Temperance Tarot is a balance card in many forms and relationship: friendship, family, love, and colleagues, all of your concern needs. This is also a special strength card (alchemy) or mix and match. You may have to try several different methods for things before finding something that works for you.


In general, although all of your relationships are almost entirely good, you may need to look back on your deeper personal issues and see if they are blocking your way. And if so, how to overcome them and combine them. The present idea is to do what in order to find balance in yourself, in your relationships, with your goals and your passion.


To set a great goal, but do not over-expect yourself or others what you or they can not. If you work with patience and stamina, you will get what you deserve in the long run. Your achievements will not be missed.


Usually, before you can really have peace and experience in your relationships, you need to have peace in yourself. The Temperance in the upright suggests you reflect on what you feel guilty about, mistakes that you might have made in the past then forgive yourself and let them melt away.


There seems to be a good balance between things which are going on and things which are coming. However, if you need to increase or recombine your earnings, you will have to ask what you deserve. Be brave and proud, you will not fail.


Balance and moderation are the keys. Are you eating well, getting enough sleep, playing, working and exercising in moderation? Let’s take a look and figure out whether you are losing balance or not to find a way to adjust. Moderation is the perfect plan for your health at this time.


This is an important time to ponder and listen to the guidance voice from within you, and if you need help, just ask from your high self and from others.

Situation and advice

The rational mix of diverse factors brings new creativity. You can create a friendship or relationship with someone from another race or culture. You can be harmonious and patient with others.

The Temperance Tarot card implies problems between cautiousness and excessive behavior, including sexual activity can make you nervous. Now you can mix the different ingredients into a harmonious mixture. Knowing and managing wisdom is the key to success. You need to slow down, re-evaluate your position and keep open with compromise. The old wound heals over time. The temporary splitting is likely to occur.


People who heal the spirit,  adept,  artist, guard, manager, hybrid, partner in marriage, citizenship, leader, chief, alchemist, mediator.

Meaning of the Temperance reversed: Extremism.

Reversed meaning of The Temperance

Words and keywords

Fanatic, overstrain, excessive in sex, craving, lack of balance, pressure, refuse to compromise, overreaction, too much, discord, energy is wasted, lack of control, obsession, overwhelming ambition, impatient, volatility, moody, unbridled passion, lack of restraint, inappropriate behavior, inconsistent, credulity, energy is scattered, impulsive, conflict of interest, hesitant, lack of balance in thinking and feeling, speed of achievement, singularity, inappropriate.

Closed thinking, stress, poor judgment, the clash between opposites, irrelevant, joking, very enthusiastic, gluttony, too passionate, gluttony, try to incorporate elements that are not in harmony, completely constrained to a situation, unprotected sex, reckless action, enjoying as if there is no tomorrow, everything is redundant.


Just like the upright meaning, the Temperance reversed Tarot is the card that talks about balance and relationship types. Friendship, family, love, and colleagues, all your specific concern needs when you see this card. In the opposite position, we are encouraged to experiment in different areas of our lives more. You can try out different options for things before you find the one that works best for you.


Even in the backward position, all of your relationships are almost entirely good. You may have received (and may have declined) some constructive criticism that works well for you. Let’s take a look at your deeper issues and see if they are hindering you – and if so, how to overcome them and combine them. The current idea is to do things to find balance – within yourself, in your relationships, and with your goals and your passion. If you need help doing these things, just ask.


Especially when this card appears in the opposite position, this means that this is not the time to work independently. You need to consider teamwork and you need to cooperate well with them, even if your work is almost possible to do it alone. Regardless of what looks on the surface now, go for it, your effort will not be missed.


When the Temperance Tarot card is in reverse, you need to look at how you – and your relationships – are balanced. This is a good time to consider what others bring to your life or vice versa. You can feel you are giving away 300% in a relationship while your lover does not even give away 100%, but remember that your lover can see things in another direction. If you are looking for love and the reserve Temperance appears, you are probably too rigid and alienated from everyone. Be yourself first, a lover will not and can not be “perfect” in the way you want him/ her to be.


There is still a good balance between what is going on and what is coming. However, it will not simply sit and expect the world to suddenly pay you what you deserve. Be courageous to ask what you need and your cash flow will be increased.


Even when in the reversed position, this card still reminds us of the need for moderation and is the key to health and well-being. We must consider whether we are eating well, getting enough sleep, playing, working and exercising regularly or not. If you are having health problems when this card appears, then there is something that is almost certainly out of balance. This is the time to see what this is and change them.


With the Temperance in the reverse, the sign you can have great benefit by looking for your partners on your spiritual journey. This does not mean that you need to go to church regularly, but it is also a way to meet this need. Whether it is within yourself, through spiritual reading, or in other ways or forms, you need to continually renew your spirit in the right direction. Do not try to do all this by yourself and remember to take time to relax.

Situation and advice

You are showing the lack of regulation and are currently facing the consequences. Being unable to control your desires can cause harmful results. Fidelity to physiological issues can be a problem in an intimate relationship. Your obsession with a goal can cause you to take extreme measures to achieve your ultimate goal. Your refusal to compromise can cause problems


The glutton, the lazy and useless person, extremist, those who can not control their desires, the rascal, the addict, alcoholic, woman who loves too much, those involved in sexual assault.

In a Tarot spread, the Temperance Tarot card can represent a need for harmony, especially when there are extremely intense cards (such as the Knight cards). This card may also indicate a need for balance. In situations of conflict, Temperance shows compromise and cooperation are essential. Look for opportunities to bring opposition parties together. In fact, temperance maybe means adjustment by adding a new ingredient. By combining and reuniting, we will create harmony or ideal solution. Temperance is a card of good health in all aspects – physical, mental and emotional. When illness or disease are causing trouble, the Temperance offers the promise of vitality and satisfaction.

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 2. Tempérance Tarot De Marseille

tempérance tarot

Temperance – Tempérance Tarot de Marseilles, number 14, depicting an angel. This card appears after the work of Major card XIII scans out useless things, creating the needed space to reset the inner circle. 

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3. The Temperance – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The Temperance Shadowscapes Tarot refers to harmony and balance, the balance between oppositions, healing, the reconciliation between opposing divisions, self-restraint, exploiting the principle of absolute balance.

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4. The Integration – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

Integration Osho Zen

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5. The Balance Wildwood Tarot Deck

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6. The Temperance Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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7. The Temperance – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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