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I. Knight of Cups Rider Waite image description

The Knight of Cups is seen as a young knight, riding on a white horse, holding a cup as if he were an ambassador. Unlike the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords, this Knight lets the horse moves slowly instead of galloping, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The horse represents strength, energy, and motivation, and of course, white color is a symbol of purity, spirituality, and light. He wears a fish-embroidered cape which is a symbol of spirit, consciousness, and creativity. The iron hat and winged feet symbolize a dynamic and creative imagination.

Knight of Cups Rider Waite image description

On the positive side, the Knight of Cups carries a sensitive soul. He is a poet – a lover of romantic and subtle things. He uses his imagination miraculously and penetrates the deepest level of emotion. He knows how to create beauty and share it with others. His dreamlike state is like fairy tales or myths, and his emotions often overwhelm his mind. He is also erratic and easily offended by others. He can not bear the discomfort and will always let others handle it.

If the energy of this Knight is lacking, then the poetic element may be necessary. Are you live in an ivory tower? Please express your feelings. Do you always make realistic choices? Try replacing it with a choice of a little irrational. Are you avoiding your inner self? You should take time considering your inner self and meditate on your life. Let this Knight take you into his beautiful and romantic world.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Knight of Cups

Romance – emotional, Imaginative – impractical, Sensitive – erratic, Delicate – too delicate, Introvert – shy.

Romantic – emotional

  • The idealization of love – Lack of self-restraint;
  • Emphasize your own feelings – Jealousy;
  • Focus on the poetry of life – tend to be rushed and cheesy;
  • Remember special occasions – capricious;
  • Express thoughts decently – inconsiderate.

Imaginative – Unrealistic

  • Can be creative unconsciously – allow yourself to dream;
  • Look beyond what is in front of you – big ideas which do not lead to anywhere;
  • Never follow the traditional way – unrealistic solution;
  • Tell a magical tale – excessive imagination;
  • Have a vision – different from the truth.

Sensitive – erratic

  • Being aware of the situation and emotions – emotionally sublimated;
  • Help others open up – can be impatient and petulant;
  • Profound reaction to life – sad and depressed;
  • Understand the pain of others – gloomy thinking;
  • Polite and smart – easy to offend others.

Delicate – Too delicate

  • Appreciate beauty in every form – leave bad work for others to do;
  • Seek perfection – cannot face the feeling of unhappiness;
  • Create a comfortable environment – lack of good health;
  • Subtle knowledge – focus on style than nature;
  • Sweet and polite – buried by the pressure.


  • Appreciate inner life – too focused on the inside;
  • Try to understand why – avoid being involved in positive activities;
  • Doubts about motivation – switch to self-reflection;
  • Find ways to improve oneself – exaggerated the weaknesses of oneself;
  • Look from beneath the surface of the problem – cannot be comfortable with the people around.

III. Knight of Cups Upright Card Keywords

affectionate, seductive, Prince Charming, imagination

Words and Keywords

An important event involves relationships and emotional concerns, new experiences, social offers, vacations with friends, suggestions, a new opportunity, new lover, seduction, fantasy, sensibility, art, music, dance, dream, intuition, kindness, empathy, sympathy, pursuit of dreams, rose-tinted glasses,take care of the unlucky, the gloomy state, narcissism, an attractive offer, the unrealistic idealism, the proposal, dreams can not come true, do what you passionate about.


The Knight of Cups is like most of the cards in the Cups set – a good and optimistic one in a spreading. Like every Knight card, this card often appears with certain messages. These are usually the good ones which we want to receive.


In general, this Knight card will tell you that things will get better. You may feel full of energy and ready for action. This card often means that the good news (especially in your inner world) will likely to come to you.


When this card appears in a spread, the projects at work will take place almost sooner and more active than you expect. You should be proud of your accomplishments and contributions.


Knight of Cups is a very positive card when it appears in a spread about the relationship. If you are single or have no relationship with anyone, this card usually implies that someone is going to impress you. If you are in a relationship, this Knight can imply a proposal/marriage. At least in the context of love, this card will always carry positive messages which you will love to hear. Let’s open your heart to explore your own feelings.


This card can show that you will soon receive good news about your financial problems. The Knight often implies joyful and positive messages. If you have questions about your financial situation, and there are no other cards which carry the specific message to you in the same spreading, so this case is almost certainly not as bad as you think.


If you get this card while waiting for the health test results, just relax and believe that the upcoming news will be very positive. Overview of your health aspect, this Knight card means that you will soon feel better/even healthier.


You are ready to enter new areas of your spiritual journey. Usually, the Knight of Cups implies that you will soon receive good news from the spirit (though this sometimes comes through others) and this will open up new perspectives for you. You should stay focus on the seemingly random occurrences, which are often the way that the spirit “reveals” to us.

Situation and advice

You may meet a new person who will give you new emotional experiences or you will fall in love with that person. Someone may offer you a hard-to-deny invitation. You can enjoy the holiday with friends. An invitation or opportunity for a new relationship can come in the near future. Be sure of your feelings, to avoid being led around by the nose by someone. Your biggest asset now is chivalry, sensitivity and idealism.


Romantic young men, unrealistic dreamers, dreamers, triumph of the underdog, couples; elegant, artistic and rational people; dancers, musicians, artists, psychics, psychologists, physicians, counselors, businessman/ woman, passive and easily influenced by others, people who cannot control their emotions, a romantic person who brings love to your life, lover, seducer, tempter, your ideal man or woman; the man who is young, intelligent, full of ideas and new plans; Romeo and Juliet.

IV. Knight of Cups Reversed Keywords

unrealistic, jealous, moody

Words and Keywords

Unreliable, illusory, escapism, lies, half of the truth, scam,
irresponsible, the story was embellished, magic, deception, exaggeration, charm, immaturity, poor quality, corruption, immaturity, falsehood, flattery, ambiguity, inconsistency, fear of bound, discrepancy, passive, weak, arrogant, passive-aggressive, not telling the whole truth, lack of reality, everything is not what it seems.


The Knight of Cups is generally a good and optimistic card when appearing in a Tarot spread. This card usually means that we will soon receive a message. Often with the Cups set, all of those messages are positive.


Overall, this reversed card implies that everything will be fine, even though you may feel confused at the moment. Know your priorities.


This reversed card may imply that you are feeling a little bit upset about the demands from work, however, in general, your work is still going well. If you feel so, try to find ways to dispel that feeling. Maybe what you need is just simply a holiday for the weekend.


The Knight of Cups reversed is still a positive card when you are asking about love. It may imply that, if you are alone, you may soon find someone who makes you fall in love at first sight. You may need some time to get used to the changes. If you are in a relationship, this card may imply that one or both parties may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the needs of the other. This situation can be resolved as long as both of you want to. Let’s discover and share your feelings. However, you should also pay attention to the signals which you are receiving from your partner. If he/she feels oppressed, this is not the right time.


You may be tired of work, money, and everything when you get this Knight card in reverse. This feeling will not last long, but you may need to let your mind stay away from those financial problems as this card appears. You may not have everything you want, but you already have almost got (or received) everything you need, just be consistent and take a short break.


This card indicates that your health will progress excessively in the negative direction. Do not make pessimistic assumptions until all of the symptoms (if any) are clear, think positive! The fact that you panic about your health or the treatment process will only make things worse. Please refer to the healing methods.


The Knight of Cups reversed implies that you will have trouble finding time to increase your spiritual knowledge because your life is so busy. You should know that learning this does not take too much of your time. Meditating or spending a few minutes talking and reading about mental issues will help you feel much better instead of doing nothing. Let’s arrange a time, and you will realize more benefits than you imagine.

Situation and advice

You can get an offer that seems hard to believe. Someone may be cheating on you. You should check the details carefully, otherwise, you will regret your decision. You must also be avoided being excessively passive and easily influenced by others. You are at risk of being lost. Ask for good advice from an independent third party. Your lover may disagree with you. Be careful not to be deceived.


The weak, the adulator, the lover who cheated on you, the scammer, someone who cheated on you with vague things or not telling the whole truth, someone who is immature and lazy, an idiot, a narcissist, a person who is unrealistic, a person who loves himself/herself excessively and avoids direct confrontation, someone who lacks confidence and is not responsible for the actions of themselves, someone who does not have a strong sense of himself/herself.

In a Tarot spread, the Knight of Cups shows that his sensitive personality is related to your situation, of someone or of the atmosphere in general. You need to ask yourself, “Will the energy of this Knight benefit you or hurt you?”

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