The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

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The Magician Tarot card has a connection with Mercury, which has properties related to skill, logic, and intelligence. As this card is numbered 1, the figure of the beginning, it connects the spiritual world to the real world of mankind.

In the card, the man’s right hand is holding a trunk raised to the sky and his left hand pointing to the ground. He holds the power of the universe and leads the supernatural through his own body to the material world.

the magician

Above his head is a symbol of eternity, while on his hips there is snake biting its own tail, which is another symbol of eternity. There are four suites in Tarot on his magic table, representing the four basic elements of alchemy – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements correspond to thoughts, feelings, body, and soul in the process of expression.

Like The Fool Rider Waite, the white rod in this card is the symbol of purity and innocence, but his cloak is red, the symbolic color of experience and deep knowledge. The carpet beneath his feet also repeats this duality, with many of the pure white trumpet flowers interwoven with thorny roses.

The detailed description of the Magician Tarot card

The Magician is the prototype of the masculine principle, active – the one who achieves the ultimate goal. He symbolizes the power to pat on the forces of the universe and use them for creative purposes. When focusing on his posture in the drawing, you see that he acts as a lightning rod – one arm stretches up to the Divine for inspiration, the other points to the earth to transmit this powerful force. Sometimes his ability is magical because he will help him to achieve miraculous things.

What makes him so powerful? At first, he was not afraid to take action. He believes in himself and is willing to risk it. He knows well what he’s going to do and the reason why. He did not hesitate as he understood his situation correctly. He can focus on a single determination. Just remember the divine source of his power, he is always the perfect path for the miracle.

Keywords related to the Magician Tarot card: action, conscious awareness, concentrate, powerful.

Meaning of the Magician Rider Waite (Upright)

Power, skill, focus, action, resourcefulness, special Master of wisdom, energy concentration

Words and Keywords (Upright)

The origin of the heroic son, the ability to achieve goals, the accumulated results from the process of training, the transformation through the willpower, the ability to exploit the creative power, creative imagination, the ability to make decisions, disciplined and creative actions, new skills, confidence, creative power, holiness, autonomy, learning from trial and mistake, opportunity, the ability to solve the problem, the quickness (the skill of the hand), the adaptation to the change, the solidness, the center of attention.

Self-promotion, independent, ingenuity, medical expertise, language ability, creativity, good use of existing equipment, creating new projects of lasting value, action, modern technology, central nervous system, lungs, hands, five senses, bisexual, master the fate of yourself, master the soul of yourself.

Introduce (Upright)

The Magician will create a higher use – and better – for all the power of a person, including spirit, emotion, and other powers. This is another card that often shows new beginnings and great expectations. This is a strong, positive omen in the spreading. This card reminds us that if we simply try our best, we have the power to make changes in life and also in the big world.

Overview (Upright)

You can notice that many of the synchronicities are directed to deep spiritual events that take place in the “critical” level of their superficial appearance. You should find out if you have the necessary knowledge, power, and inspiration to overcome your challenges. In general, this card in the upright is a very positive time for you.

Work (Upright)

There is an improvement in your job or your career path. The Magician in the upright indicates an excellent time to find a new job or claim and get promoted in your current job if possible. Especially if it is creative works, this is when your offer and work will be highly appreciated and can lead you to “bigger and better things”.

Love (Upright)

If you are looking for a new love affair, this is the time for you to meet someone new. If you are in a long-term relationship, it will be able to advance to a new, deeper level of commitment and enjoyment. This is a great time to “go out and meet people”.

Finance (Upright)

Money may be on the rise when this card appears – even when it does not seem realistic in the process and time of spreading. Something that will appear and allow you to make more money, whether it is an idea, an opportunity to do something “out of the box” or even a new position. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve success.

Health (Upright)

If you are feeling sick, it will soon be over. The Magician in the upright signifies strength and/or getting the power back. If you do some exercises and do not feel better, you will probably make great progress if you do some alternative therapies (nutritional counseling, massage, diet, etc.).

Mentality (Upright)

This is a great time for you to do some kind of mental study that you have previously thought about of but have no chance to pursue. You will also have benefit from the discussion groups which are based on the spirit. A mentor can appear in your present life. This person will be an excellent teacher and will help you change your view of life.

Situation and advice (Upright)

You are about to take advantage of the expertise you gain from the hard work. You, or someone you trust, can use special skills and talents to achieve goals. This is the right time to run the project because you are the one that masters your destiny. All necessary facilities are available in your hands. Technology master of modern equipment will assist you.

You can control new situations, act positively, and focus on recognizing your potential. You can promote yourself to those who are interested in using your special skills and knowledge. Creative imagination will be beneficial at this time as well as intensive training or education.

Your organizational skills are in your hands. For those questions about money, it is possible to be financially successful. The Magician in the upright shows you have a way to use your natural powers to reach your goal. Special skills and technical expertise may be needed to achieve success. It urges you to observe, experiment, continue to adapt, refine your skills, and learn to control your life. On the topic of health, it can manifest to the physician or surgeon skilled.

Human (Upright)

A son, a brother, a tough man, the one that controls material world, the politician who committed to use the right power, the writer, the magician, the gambler, engineer agents, inventors, those who have technical expertise or are capable of using a variety of tools, businessman, alchemists, teachers, guides, children at the time of formation (from age 5 to puberty), speakers, language speakers, artists, applied scientists, medical specialists, neurosurgeons, handicraftsman, psychologists.

Meaning of the Magician Rider Waite (Reversed)

Control, poor planning, hidden talent, creation being restrained, a fraud.

Meaning of the Magician Rider Waite (Reversed)

Words and Keywords (Reversed)

Pretend to have expertise, weakness, lack of decision, do not see what is real, selfish behavior, shudder, depressed, helplessness, delayed, hesitant to seize the opportunity, not using available tools, wasting energy or resources, unrealistic goals, making mistakes, failing to learn from previous mistakes, overconfidence, lack of ingenuity, lack of understanding of technology, abuse of talent, hype, forbidden sexual, excessive arrogance, lack of self-confidence or willpower, avoiding problems, stop activities, being unable to do what is right, poor knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Introduce (Reversed)

Even when reversed, the Magician will make a higher use – and better – to all the power of someone. However, the reversed position may indicate that the person hesitates to make the necessary changes to use his or her power in a more spiritual and effective way.

Let’s see what you are afraid of. Is there someone who does not want you to become a “new” person? You are right, but they surely do not. However, there is no reason to not become the person you really want to – and certainly – will become.

Overview (Reversed)

When the Magician appears in reverse, you probably ignore the synchronicity gives you the direction that you want and need to go the most. Again, when this card is upside down, you may be unnecessarily suspicious of yourself and consequently cause yourself (and those around you) to have problems.

Work (Reversed)

The Magician reversed Tarot card may indicate a hindrance to the necessary change you need in the job. The truth is that nothing lasts forever, changes and new things are part of life. Do not cling to the past.

Love (Reversed)

The Magician in reversed can indicate that you are losing confidence in your ability to find, attract, and preserve a new love if you are single. You should stop this attitude right away if you want to succeed. In a binding relationship, this opposite-direction card may show hesitation when it comes to what you really want and need. It is time to be brave, and say those things.

Finance (Reversed)

In terms of finance, this card may express a sense of helplessness and “getting stuck” when it comes to money. The truth of the matter is that you can make changes and you can improve your life by trying your best. If you do what you always do, there is no doubt if you basically get what you always get. Think about the changes and new ventures that you can try. You may find that they are more successful than you think.

Health (Reversed)

The Magician, even when reversed, is still a sign of improving health. Take good care of yourself, and seek medical advice if you need it. Believe in the healing power of your body. You will soon see clearly that you are getting much better.

Mentality (Reversed)

This reversed card represents a need for new experiences and perspectives, and even engages in the new path you once thought and worked in your mind. Changing your mindset and approach over time, then it will be okay (in fact, it’s desirable and healthy). Let’s try new things and talk to people who look at everything differently from you. Both will have benefit.

Situation and advice (Reversed)

For some reasons, you do not use your abilities and talents to set goals.

Indecision can cause difficulties or delays. Maybe you do not know enough to finish the job and need more training to improve skills. You may be pretending to know more about something. The lack of confidence can cause you to miss out on important opportunities, or maybe too much self-confidence that turns you in unrealistic plots. Someone may impede your efforts or cover your eyes. After all, this card is a juggler. Sometimes, the reverse of it refers to relatives that always bother you

If you are asking about a relationship, the card indicates that you may feel depressed about sex. Instead, you can have sex with someone who is good at sex but does not appreciate long-term emotional aspects of a relationship. Check your own behavior to see if you are acting selfishly, less interested in the rights, and the needs of others.

The Magician reversed shows a sense of lack of power. This is the time to apply your diligence to success. You should avoid excess physicalism and selfish interests. You may not be able to connect with your feminine instinct as you focus too much on holding the outside world. This will not be the time to give up a safe job for self-employment.

Human (Reversed)

Impostors, somebody uses his own appearance to reach the power, those who just want to be friends with benefits, scammers, selfish people, people who have a bad influence or the hinder, confident people who unfit for their skills or knowledge, self-proclaimed genius, messing up.

In one Tarot spread, the Magician Tarot card implies that the primordial forces of creativity are yours if you can capture your power and act with awareness and concentration. This card is a sign of action, giving you an idea of exactly what you want and commitment that you will achieve it.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Magician Tarot card

Begin to take action

  • Work needs to be done;
  • Identify your potential;
  • Turns the possibilities into reality;
  • Do what you say;
  • Make plans;
  • Make miraculous results;
  • Use your talent.

To act consciously

  • Know what you are doing and the reason why;
  • Understand what motivates you;
  • Understand your purpose;
  • Check out the well-known situations.


  • There is only one purpose;
  • Comprehensive commitment;
  • Use the strength from your will;
  • Feel valuable;
  • Put the distraction aside;
  • Focus on one goal.

Power experience

  • Make a strong impact;
  • Full of vitality;
  • Create miracles;
  • Become full of energy;
  • Feel full of energy;
  • Creation.

A few opposite Tarot cards to the Magician Tarot card

  • High Priestess – Inaction, intuition, go into the unconscious;
  • Hanged Man – postpone activities, do nothing;
  • 7 of Cups – lack of focus and bound;
  • 4 of Swords – quietly resting, hoarding energy;
  • 8 of Swords – confused and impatient.

A few support Tarot cards for the Magician Tarot card

  • Chariot – toward the center, focus, strong;
  • 2 of Wands – personal power, use a strong force;
  • 8 of Wands – act quickly, carry out the moves;
  • 8 of Pentacles – focus, concentrate.

More The Magician Cards from Famous Tarot Decks

1. The Magus Thoth Tarot Deck

When you look at this Magus Thoth Tarot Card, the center is a youthful relaxed character, who is a great dexterity (on the tip of the toe) on the mountain of the subconscious and juggling various symbols floating around.

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2. Le Bateleur Tarot de Marseille

le bateleur

Le Bateleur Tarot is a bisexual individual who works with both light and darkness, from the unconscious state to the supernatural. He was holding the wand on his left hand while his right hand held a pentagram belongs to perception.

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3. The Magician Shadowscapes

The Magician Shadowscapes Tarot holds artifacts representing elements: the light of the fire in the lantern, the sound of the sea in the shell, the breath of the wind in the raven feather, and the soul of the earth in the leaves.

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4. The Magician Existence Osho Zen

The Existence Osho Zen

The Existence Osho Zen Tarot is clearly a naked character sitting on lotus leaves, which shows the perfection of the leaves and stares at the sky with the beauty of the night. The lady in the card understands that “home” is barely a physical place in the outside universe.

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5. The Shaman Wildwood Tarot

The Shaman Wildwood looks out of the card with his eyes wide open and clear. It seems something ancient and erudite shines in his steadfast gaze. He wears a bearskin, adorned with a painting of the souls of animals, inspired by paintings on La Cavern des Trois Freres, Ariege Province, France. 

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6. The Magician Deviant Moon

the magician deviant moon

The box placed at the feet of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot is likened to Pandora’s box. Greek legend has it that, Zeus gave a box to the Pandora woman on his wedding day and had told her not to open the box under any circumstances.

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7. The Magician Linestrider

The Magician Linestrider is a powerful card related to perception, action, and creativity. He can come up when you have a specific idea or goal you are working on for it. The Magician is related to the Mercury in alchemy and with the number 1 and also is the card of initiation.

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