The Shaman – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Shaman is located in the center of The Wheel of The Year, opposite to The Seer. He reigns on the quadrant representing the air element. He is the presence of magic, protection, and comprehension.

II. The Description of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot

The Shaman Wildwood looks out of the card with his eyes wide open and clear. It seems something ancient and erudite shines in his steadfast gaze. He wears a bearskin, adorned with a painting of the souls of animals, inspired by paintings on La Cavern des Trois Freres, Ariege Province, France. On the one hand, he has the shape of a human, wrapped in Bison cow fur. The Shaman toyed with the bowl as if dancing in music. On the other hand, he looked like a creature with antlers and owl heads.

In front of him, there were many objects on the ground, representing the four elements of the world: a drum made from the head of roebuck (Air), a knife made of stone (Earth), a bunch of smokey rags (Fire) and an empty cup made of antlers (Water). The Shaman stands in a position opposite to The Seer on the individual rotating shaft, inside The Wheel. He regulates the element Air, which represents energy and knowledge of magic – defies human reason.

Description of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot

The spectacle of the universe is recreated by ancient artists, where the strength and expertise of humans are intimately associated with the qualities and skills of wildlife. Human spiritual prosperity depends on a sympathetic and revered exchange of sacred ancient memories of life. And appeasing the gods, as well as the guardians of the Totem tree, is The Shaman’s most important responsibility.

The card enlightens questions about the small universe within us, as well as about other worlds. The Shaman has a unique ability, that is, being close and chatting intimately with every stage of conscious life on Earth. He shivered when he felt the depth and joy of the haunting sound the whales were singing. He got goosebumps when he heard the howl of Timber wolf. His soul resounded with echoes from the mountains and laughed with the waterfall in its purest delight.

The Shaman intentionally uses magic. He studies the habits of wildlife creatures; he understands weather signs, predicts a good harvest or dry summers. He knows how to distinguish medicinal plants from poisonous mushrooms. He is able to travel through the night by observing the dance ritual of magical creatures, living in the night sky. He is grateful to the plants that provided warmth and light in the winter. He gathers with the young men by the fire, tells stories of the great expedition, conveys his courage to light the soul, and teaches those who want to listen.

Through internal exploration and conditioning, The Shaman will help you understand your true position in the world. Then you can practice and apply knowledge and will power to the physical world. This work requires a great deal of dedication, patience, and determination. And just like that, true miracles can happen.

IV. The guideline of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot

You can hear the beat of a drum or a song from the winds. You can enjoy the dance of light on the water or the night barking of the foxes. However, no matter what wakes the desire to return to your wilderness, The Shaman in you is ready for the journey to discover the mysteries. Desire can be expressed in your interest when studying mysticism or philosophy and then applying what you know to reality. Desire is also expressed in changing the purpose of your trip: going to gain confidence and experience. Whatever your desire to start a new chapter of the soul, you are already in a state of emotional and spiritual readiness to receive real change in your life for the benefit of the community. In the process, regulating and applying wisdom from another world to reality is the real function of The Shaman.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Shaman Wildwood Tarot

The wild man of the deep forest, Merlin – the master, the alchemist, the ancient memories of the wild animals, travelers through the worlds, rituals, and responsibilities that a healer must adhere to.

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