Queen Of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Queen of Vessels Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

The autumnal equinox point.

II. The Meaning of Queen of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

A sacred figure in most Shamanic institutions, the Salmon’s ability to swim upstream back to where they were born and lay eggs is one of their most glorious feats. This journey has exhausted the Salmon and most of them die trying. Therefore, Salmon is a symbol of self-sacrifice. They are also known to swim in the waterfall as deep as chestnut trees and eat the wisdom seeds that fall in the autumn.

Meaning of Queen of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Queen of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

Extremely caring and kind, the Queen of Vessels’ spirit paints the tremendous honesty, generosity, and self-sacrifice, the things she sees in you. She brings inspiration to the darkest places and solves almost every difficult problem in a graceful and polite way.

As someone in your life: A gentle, kind, sensitive, and intuitive person with a liberal and romantic look. She has empathy or psychic abilities. It is reflected in your condition – it can make you feel good, but it can also lead to a hindrance to you. If she is a friend, she will become your best soulmate, resonating with your emotions with words from her heart. She can allow herself to be open to the needs of others or even to abuse.

Waterfall – water in motion, so it represents the constant flow/movement of one’s emotions. It represents sub-consciousness. Even though the water moves at a great speed, everything in its path is dragged with water to imply a person with a profound sense. Therefore, this person needs to be careful not to let his or her emotions be shaken too much by others (no different from Queen of Cups).

Water falling a vertical drop against the rock implies that a person has no control over their thoughts and feelings and can lead to the demise of some sort – hesitation, confusion, negative thought, judgment. dullness, hysteria, mental instability, a deadly attraction, etc.

As an aspect or process: Ethical work. Become emotionally mature. Easily fluttering with delusions or become sentimental. Take charge of setting the plans.

As an event/situation: Comfort. Spiritual views, dreams, and delusions. Safety issues. Conspiracy. Greatness. Sacrifice or over-sensitivity.

Question: Where should you let yourself open up or protect yourself? What fascinates you? What are the things you need to dedicate yourself to?

IV. The guideline of Queen of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The measured patience and determination of Heron now give way to the brave heart of the Queen of Vessels, Salmon. At this time of year, Salmon is motivated to swim for thousands of miles, to make the long journey home to spawn. Not only does she need great physical strength for this dangerous journey, but also undergo physical changes that allow her to survive in saltwater and freshwater. Salmon is unobstructed by fast-flowing waterfalls and arid riverbeds – a heart urged to return home is everything.

In the Druidic world, Salmon is the totem for wisdom – living in the Well of Knowledge and promises great wisdom to anyone who catches her before she falls back into the water after muggling fallen hazelnuts. And so she represents here the willingness to give self-sacrifice and great wisdom.

As a human being, Queen of Vessels is a prototype of loving energy. This is someone who understands you, is willing to nurture you as you are, and does not try to change you. She is empathetic and puts her heart in everything she does. The relationship is of paramount importance to Queen of Vessels.

However, if she is not self-aware, she can become quite claustrophobic – prone to emotional blackmail and tends to manipulate relationships to get what she wants. Salmon asks you today: Where does your heart call you to serve? What do you need to willingly sacrifice to make it so?

V. Keywords and extensions of Queen of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, Virtue, Simple things and piety, A caring individual, To be loved and pampered, Excitement and recovery, Safety, Motherly love, Tranquillity, Connection, Healing, Wisdom, Generosity, Honesty, Agility, Tender-hearted and kind, Use diplomacy and offer support, Keep a broad-minded perspective.

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