The Mirror – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Mirror is located at the autumn equinox, September 21, at the gate that leads to the sunrise. The element of the card is Water. The dark sea at midnight takes the soul on a journey to the mysterious island of healing.

II. The Description of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot

A creature of darkness emerging from the bottom of the water, bending its body. She holds a golden mirror on her chest. Her curved tail disappears into the water. She is lifting a glass ball on her left hand. It is a tangible celestial body symbolizing the treasure of knowledge held by the woman of darkness, the most ancient symbol of mankind. There is a stork standing expressionlessly at the water’s edge. And a small wooden boat is tied to the shore, floating on the water. On the boat, there is a pure creature – a sleeping soul waiting for the journey to the new island.

III. The Meaning of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot

In many cultures, the initiator of the quest for hidden knowledge is women. She reveals insight and wisdom to those who deserve it in a sacred ceremony. In ancient Arthurian legends, the card represents Morgan, who brought Arthur into the underworld on Avalon Island. The lady of the lake is a primitive image. She holds and defends the Excalibur sword and is the appraiser for King Arthur’s actions. She is also a prototype representing the unconscious journey of the soul to absorb wisdom and awareness more deeply. There is no will to motivate the soul to accept this journey. The trip only takes place after a lot of self-seeking and self-questioning. The injury must take place as a precondition of the journey because wisdom comes only through pain and suffering. Only that, the individual needs to cross a dark lake to the island to heal and protect himself. This is a natural instinct for self-defense, which makes the soul travel through the sea of emotions to reach another world.

The mysterious mirror supports self-reflection and is a tool for us to enlighten the darkness in ourselves. The stork symbolizes the image of the guard and the protector of the path leading to another world. Some legends say that the gate to the magical kingdom is guarded by 3 giant storks or cranes. Their sounds are a bell to alert uninvited or unqualified guests to enter the kingdom. The glass ball represents a hidden treasure of knowledge and inspiration. Since then, the burning flames of understandings and suggestions have enlightened the dark holy land.

The traditional Tarot card of The Mirror is The Hanged Man, who chose to view the world from different perspectives by hanging upside down on the trunk of the Great Oak. Inheriting that meaning, the reflection of The Mirror is a stepping stone to bring a dizzy change from one state to another. The way The Hanged Man sees life from a different perspective is the same as the way the creature in the card recognizes the nature of everything when looking in the mirror.

Meaning of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot
Meaning of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot

The guideline of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot

Patience and independence are the keywords here. In addition, trust plays an important role in the journey to the island, where our unconscious insights can be revealed. This process is different from the journey of The Hooded Man, who made the conscious decision to enjoy the universe.

In The Mirror, renunciation of consciousness is necessary. The Mirror believes that insight can only come from dreams and meditation. Now is not the time to force yourself to go ahead as planned to satisfy your longing. When you have heard the deep voice in your soul and realized your bruised, wounded soul, you need to rest and be healed. Be patient, let the nursing journey begin, awaken life in you, and fill up the energy for you. From there, you can be ready to face challenges and the world out there.

Keywords and extensions of The Mirror Wildwood Tarot

The inner journey, Animism, Lady of the lake, Morgan – a healer, a teacher of King Arthur, The Fisher King (The Wounded King), The long, dark night in the soul, The woman of darkness – the holder of knowledge, The crane bag that keeps secret, Source of inspiration of Ceridwen, Miss Selkie, Mermaid, Trio of goddesses of fate, Goddess of sex and healing.

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