The Journey – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Journey Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Journey is located on Samhain day, the holy November 1st after Halloween. The card is intimately linked to the crescent moon, belongs to the Water and Earth elements. This is the moment of those who deceased.

II. The Description of The Journey Wildwood Tarot

A skull with the horns of a deer hanging solely in the forest. It was gnawed to the bone by a flock of crows flying around above. The remaining hair and flesh were nibbled to the bone. This image reminds us that flesh and blood are all borne from the earth and will soon return to the earth. A huge black crow perches on the skull, preening some fresh meat with its beak. The crow is a guardian and a guide, with unblinking eyes that see through everything and are not afraid of anything.

In many cultures, black crows are regarded as protectors of the spirits of the dead. On the London tower, the black crows are always guarding the body of King Bran The Blessed, whose body was buried on a white mountain to warn British enemies. Besides, the black crows also guard the souls of those who have fallen on the battlefield.

Description of The Journey Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Journey Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Journey Wildwood Tarot

Many false interpretations of the Journey Wildwood have been made over the years in an effort to avoid referring directly to the obvious of death. In a certain sense, death can be simply understood as a change. But, no matter how big and comprehensive this change is, it can’t tell the core meaning of The Journey Wildwood Tarot card. There are many taboos and fears for death, especially western culture, primarily propagated by the church of God used by initiating the idea of original sin, judgment, and repentance. Nevertheless, the celebrations are still found somewhere when life has successfully come to an end on its journey, where people drink and sing in a joyful atmosphere, happy for their departure of a friend or the one they love because they believe that death is an awakening in another world.

When death is no longer a fear, those who depart are considered protectors, sacred ancestors, and guardians of the intelligence of mankind. Many tombs are built directly to the place where the sun rises to pay homage. In this sacred place, residents of tribes were buried together for thousands of years. Death is part of life and the natural cycle. It is like the fact that many plants and animals have temporarily “died” in the winter and are then reborn in the spring. The fear of loss is calmed by the joy of a promising revival. Death reminds us to appreciate every little thing in life. Every moment is precious and all life is sacred.

As a metaphor for periodic change, The Journey is a must-have experience for travelers on The Wheel Wildwood. It says that old ideas and concepts are no longer of value. Therefore, now is the right time to wash away our very nature to face and eliminate all fears and panic attacks. Let relationships that get deadlocked or complain to sleep. The Journey is not scary. It is an integral part of life and needs to be respected and accepted.

IV. The guideline of The Journey Wildwood Tarot

This is the time to face unchangeable facts. Let the nature of everything be exposed to the bone. Only then can we understand the deepest fears and desires in our souls. Do not be afraid to change because this is the time for purification and washing. This change can be extremely severe and destructive, but we need to see the old off and welcome the new. A celebration for the past is necessary. Let the old themes disappear in joy. Please accept the change in calm and patience!

V. Keywords and extensions of The Journey Wildwood Tarot

Footsteps in the dark, Funeral for the illusion, Wayland the Smith, Dance of death, The Washer at the Ford and the mother of darkness, Decay of corpses, Rebirth in the fire.

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