Three Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Three of Stones Wildwood Tarot

A giant stone structure consisting of two vertical rocks supporting a horizontal rock stands between the bushes and boulders. On the left stone is a bison commonly found in caves in France, the right stone is an ancient horse called Przewalski. Standing between the two rocks is Green Woman with her hands resting on stone pillars. Her feet are the source of the radiating energy as she tries to rely on the power of stone and earth.

II. The Meaning of Three of Stones Wildwood Tarot

An artist listens to a deep voice and feels the breath of all things. Courage, freedom, and skill, which allows the artist to allocate energy, must be purified and focused on meaningful and effective achievements.

Meaning of Three of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Three of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Bringing creative energy into reality requires a clear and open path to inspire and influence everything. Accepting this energy to flow throughout you will be a meaningful and extremely valuable gift. Just as sending dreams and desires into the sense of things always receives responses, releasing creative energy also helps the artist to enrich and heal. This ability comes from the streams of energies that stimulate lucidity, clarity rather than dreaming.

The mental-emotional relationship with the ability to inspire allows subconscious intelligence to be studied more closely and calls for the creative capacity intuitively, which will be realized at work. Artistic beauty has many forms and manifests itself in many different ways, but the relationship with the energy is formed from the subconscious mind – be it through music, painting, sculpture, or poetry, reminiscent of the intimate but personal connection that we all often share with the sense of things.

IV. The guideline of Three of Stones Wildwood Tarot

A Green Woman is standing between the uprights of a trilithon, her golden leafy hair flares out behind her as she braces her hands against the carved stones. The hem of her grown grows and twists into the ground, ancient gnarled roots that draw sustenance from the depths of the earth.

The ancients carved symbols of their world into the stones here to awaken the power of the universe sizzling across the earth and into their consciousness. But in our own busy times, we do not allow ourselves to be open and receptive to that energy. If we can allow ourselves to absorb that energy, it will flow through us like a rising tide, energizing us and sparking new possibilities for creativity.

We are much more than our daily routine, our tasks, our bills, and our responsibilities. However, this is what takes up most of our time and energy. We may feel like we are literally in duty, our time is not like our own, there is always something more can be done. Many of us need permission to rest, we have to ask for permission from our boss or family if we can just take a day for ourselves; arrange to cover our usual jobs or care work. It can be exhausting, tiring, and certainly a challenge to our flow of creative waters.

As Three of Stones Wildwood shows us, one of the most effective ways we can recharge ourselves is to spend time living in nature. Just looking at the peaceful expression of the Green Woman that captures it all: the vitality and prana energy that she is receiving from the natural world. Is it time for you to return to nature? Do you feel you are being dragged in too many different directions? Are you in need of inspiration, do your passions for life need a little boost?

Creativity is just as important to us as any other aspect of our lives, but it is the first thing to do while in survival mode. Instead, we focus on making money, providing for ourselves and our families, and protecting what is ours. We do not have time to do what we love to do because it seems like a luxury and a waste of time

It is time to create, spark old energy, and show something new. Creativity comes in many forms, it can be an artistic outlet, or it can be using your brilliant imagination to draw what you desire for you. It could be a way of expressing yourself in the world feeling right for you; Whether it is judged by someone else or not! However, creation comes to you, it comes from God. When you are drawn to a certain medium, music, expression, or activity that gets you in the flow, just go with it, it is doing you so much more good than you can even imagine!

If you do not know where to start, let’s go outside. Go to the woods, go to the beach, stay in the garden. Breathe fresh air and let it revive your body, mind, and spirit. Just ask for inspiration, creativity, and follow the guidelines when it arrives. Today, the Three of Stones asks you: Have you opened your senses to the world around you? What can you do to allow yourself to be more receptive to the earth’s song?

V. Keywords and extensions of Three of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The earth element, Embody all different kinds of creativity, Passion, Exploring, Expanding, Collective work, Goal-oriented, Productive, Commodified Defines your value, Producing, Work as a process, connection to being, and being grounded, The flow of the earth, intuition, and inspiration, Ecosystem, Get into our flow, Taking care of our physical needs, Meditation.

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