Queen Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Queen of Stones Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

The winter solstice point.

II. The Meaning of Queen of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The ancient ancestor of modern bears, Bear hibernates in caves during the cold northern winter. The Neanderthals had their skulls buried here and even shared their caves during later times. Often referred to as the legendary King Arthur, the Bear is a symbol of power and protection for the land.

The Meaning of Queen of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Queen of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Wealth and abundance always surround you. A friendly and generous personality helps you become close to everyone. Many people depend on you and your natural infatuation makes you very attractive to others. Pragmatism and tolerance open doors at each issue.

This card may imply that you will spend time, money, and energy with your family to make it a more comfortable and peaceful place. This is good advice, as long as you do not fall into debt for these purposes. Many people will turn to you for enlightenment and for your advice. You will be able to help them if you are ready. This is when you can achieve a lot.

It is also the card of multiplying matter and happy emotions. You can deal with a sensitive businesswoman or you can take conservative and practical measures for your own business.

As someone in your life: This is a practical and friendly person. He/she will be satisfied with prosperity and luxury, although she can also be incredibly simple and natural. As a friend, she is sincere, trusts you, and is honest with matters that need improvement. She can be a traditional treasurer or a manager, but she can also be a hoarder or a wasteful, as well as a shy or demanding individual.

As an aspect or process: Learn to manage things wisely, preserve values, and do things better, give rituals. Beware of wasting resources.

As an event or a situation: If you practice crafting or designing, be open and free. A group or community. Always put family first. Right or wrong. The refusal of nurturing.

This Queen tells you that you must have faith in yourself. Although you may not see spiritual things the way others see them, your belief system is your own. In the spiritual life, it is important to listen to others, but in the end, it is us who make up our own decisions. If the other person does not understand your decision, it is simply their problem.

Question: How can you best promote prosperity? Where will you have space to care about yourself and others? What needs to be preserved?

IV. The guideline of Queen of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The Wolf King has now been replaced by his Queen, the Cave Bear. This bear resembles its modern progeny in that it hibernates in winter – again, perfect for the potential strength of the Stones suit. Around the world, the bear is a symbol of power, and here in Wildwood, she also symbolizes the protection of the land.

What kind of person is the Queen of Stones? Like the King, she is practically excellent but is more geared towards using those skills to nurture others. This practicality can manifest in both kitchen and gardening skills, but they also extend to both ergonomics and environmental protection. The Queen of Stones is also kind and generous in sharing her skills and fortune.

This is a message of power, strength and honorably exercising your inner strength to your best advantage. It is a card of fearlessness, self-confidence, and self-worth. It is no coincidence that the base layer is all yellow and orange. Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras: confidence, creativity, innate skills, and talent are all here. It is also dawn, a new opening, a new opportunity, and a beginning. Be a confident mother Bear. Know your worth and refuse to step back. Empowered. Believe in yourself. And only good will come of it.

It is important that when you hold onto your power, you have an intention that your actions and words guarantee absolute integrity. This is not about power trips or being more powerful than another. If you are stronger than others, you will be the mother bear and protect and nurture them when needed, then let them freely fend for the knowledge you have shared. You are an inspiration, a mentor, and a positive role model for those around you. Share what you have and know that the Universe will send more.

Now you are magnetic and will attract the right people and the opportunity will come to you as you set your intention to be for the Highest Good. Others will be drawn to your inner authenticity, abilities, and strength. There is sensuality at play here too. You are most attractive when you are just being you. Know this and show it off fully. Unleash the need to be anything else but exactly who you are.

Queens are guardians and teachers – where can you impart your practical skills? Whose abilities can you nurture? This is the Mother Earth card and for whom the Bear is the totem that has a strong bond with and protects the sacred land. If you can, take some time to reflect on the Queen of the Stones. What is her message to you?

V. Keywords and extensions of Queen of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The earth element, Energy, Tolerance, Careful, Personally demanding, Confidence, Honesty, Guarantee, Prosperity, Give love and support, Create a warm and safe environment, Make others feel better, Respond to the natural world, Love children and animals, Organization, Fertility, Sensuality, Love of nature, Hospitality, Sharpness, Abundance, Responsible, Resourceful, Good things in life, Safety, Creativity, Wealth, Common knowledge, Nurture, Emotional maturity, Stable foundation, Have a gift for cultivation, Take care of the physical and emotional needs of others, Dexterity, Flexibility, Create huge success from little things, Overcome all obstacles.

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