Nine Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot

On this card can be seen in front of a circle made up of nine tall rocks is a figure of a horned magician with cross-legged taken from an ancient silver cauldron (Gunderstrup Cauldron), arms raised. One hand holds a large serpent symbolizing wisdom, the other hand holds a tripod representing dominance. Above the scene is a full moon rising.

II. The Meaning of Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The reverence with ancient wisdom and sacrifice. The ability to apply ancient knowledge and follow ancestral rituals and practices.

Meaning of Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Whenever we look to the past with sincere respect and devotion to seek wisdom and insight, we get to experience firsthand the practical and esoteric knowledge of human races. The myths, rituals, and traditions of the ancient tribes all mark the human spirit. Regardless of whether you believe it to be influenced by morphological resonance or by imitating the ancient spirit as a show of respect to another world, mystical traditions always carry a meaningful and real goal is that we can still keep up, even in the current frenetic world.

Through research on ancient mystical rituals, we see a close connection with the past, and how little change we humans have over time. We are still engrossed in the pursuit of basic needs and are scared to face our instincts. We still gaze up at the night sky with wonders and horrors. We still look at the ocean with so many inexplicable things. Looking back and acquiring traditional values to guide and enrich your life will create ancient strength, which is always available to those on the journey in search of food, comfort, and wisdom.

IV. The guideline of Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The Shaman of Gunderstrup Cauldron sits in front of nine towering rocks, holding a snake in one hand and torque in the other. The snake symbolizes wisdom and torque to lead.

Traditional meanings of the Nine of Stones include prosperity, achievement, and a more stable way of life while the Ten of Stones is about realizing one’s potential, storing everything, and creating a stable home environment. They are therefore quite closely related and are traditionally seen as ending the sequence of the suit by giving results to the attempts that the Eight of Stones had previously made.

Many of the changes made in this deck come from the results of working with the Wheel of the Year’s pattern. Hence, the process revealed was revelatory. We can see The Fool’s progression through the Wildwood Tarot more clearly than ever – and when it comes to these two cards, we feel that the traditional conclusion has come too quickly.

Instead of seeing Nine as a point of rest and reflection, accomplishment, and fulfillment, we want to show how spontaneous recognition of this lead is to consider life’s established patterns and rhythms – in other words, tradition.

Tradition is the one who holds these and is always accessible. Only then, when we have to focus on the magical possibilities of life, will we be able to safely reach the Ten of Stones: Home.

Nine of Stones shows us respect for ancient knowledge, the importance of finding a point of connection with that source for ourselves. And, once we find that point, we keep those skills alive and pass on our knowledge to those who come after us. But tradition can also be responsible for an inflexible mental outlook – care must be taken to keep what is useful and important and to eliminate what no longer serves us.

Nine of Stones in this position suggest that you should prepare yourself for greater resources flowing in your direction. If you pay attention – and keep your faith – you can transform smoothly into a state of well-being and peace of mind. Hard work has brought you to a place where you can earn and receive grace, comfort, and freedom – whether it be personal, emotional, or financial.

This card speaks about your happiness and success, both in terms of your physical and spiritual life. You can be proud of many things and expect the best to happen. You will be in a position to help those less fortunate than you. You should not only focus on the physical but also the spiritual side.

You must be feeling fulfilled with peace and happiness. You feel your self-esteem is higher than ever, and that is a good thing. In your current position, you will become a mentor/advisor to others and share the spiritual knowledge you have accumulated so far.

Apply your imagination and create a rich, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle (or relationship) for yourself. Recognize the friends and others who have been loyal to you during difficult times. Collect your dreams and get ready. You deserve this happiness.

When we examine the ancient myths and legends, deep within the imagination, we can find the most human of truth. Today, Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot askes us: Where does adhering to the “tradition” keep you? What needs to be passed on to the next generation?

V. Keywords and extensions of Nine of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The earth element, Have reverence for the past, Wisdom, The sacrifice our ancestors and elders may have made, Pass onto the future generations and ritual, Share the spiritual knowledge you have accumulated so far, The prosperity that comes from the previous effort, Enlightenment, Enrichment, Ancient strengths, Sustenance, Anconsolation, Act on your own, Use your own resources, Well-conducted, Diplomatic, Seek high intellectual activity, Self-esteem, Pleasure, Prosperity that comes from the previous effort, Inheritance, Self-control, Happiness, Pleasure, Elegance, Satisfy, Use your talents and potential wisely, Love nature and animals, Enjoy the outdoors, Gardening, Care about the environment.

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