Nine Of Arrows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Nine of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

On the card is a person wearing a leaf-patterned leather and standing in the clearing of The Wildwood. She is holding a bow as if it is a tool. The black bow in her arms and the arrow in her hand is coshered as if it is a harp. Around her, eight arrows are being repelled by an invisible shield.

II. The Meaning of Nine of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

Spiritual warriors are always devoted to their arrow of inspiration by playing with the bow as a summoning tool. The vow in mind will create a balanced foundation, helping the warrior use his own abilities, dedicating himself to greater goodwill.

Meaning of Nine of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Nine of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

We need sincerity, good self-discipline, and hard work, to be able to hear the call to devote our lives to spiritual paths or a belief or philosophical system. This divine summoning takes time and effort. Responsibility and sacrifice are necessary for those who hear the call and decide to become a warrior of the soul – the guardian of the Holy Land. It is redundant if we deny the negative human impact on the planet’s climate and atmosphere. Increased awareness of the impact each individual has on the ecosystem will make great sense in the future.

We cannot foresee what concrete consequences our greed and destruction will bring, but devoted guardians of the Holy Land will preserve the living legacy for our next generation. It is obviously important to set an example for others by respecting the value of beliefs and philosophies adored in the Holy Land. Sometimes, simple everyday activities will remind us of our promise to preserve and protect the environment. Let’s dedicate yourself to defend the land and be a part of the difference.

IV. The guideline of Nine of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

A young woman stands in Wildwood with her eyes closed, she is sinking in moments. Unlike Archer, this young woman holds a bow like a musical instrument, not a weapon. Her bouncing hair has feathers like arrows and her cloak is adorned with golden leaves. We see eight arrows magically hanging in the air beside her.

This card is called “Dedication”. What is she dedicated to? To preserve the Wildwood and for the integrity of her arrows. As we go through Wildwood, we have to decide if we want to take our own path seriously, with a similar dedication. This is not a decision that can be taken lightly as the diligent path of the disciple requires self-sacrifice and persistent effort. But like every other practice, the more performing, the easier it becomes, and in Nine of Arrows, we see that work is no longer a chore, it has become a song.

The Nine of Arrows is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Nine of Swords, a card traditionally associated with fear and paranoia. However, look at the woman in this card, she moves so neatly through a firestorm of flying arrows that she does not even notice them whizzing by her head. In fact, her eyes are not even open. This card speaks of the need to stay on your path and not allow yourself to be discouraged by potential pitfalls or distractions. The woman may seem like she is not paying attention, or is just going through the motions. Or she may be so dedicated to her craft that she is undeterred by the threat of danger on her path.

Today, you are called upon to consider your own role in Wildwood: How do you show your dedication and efforts to maintain ecological balance? It could be something as simple as regularly clearing trash from a small piece of land. You can contribute to charities; there are many paths that Wildwood devoted wanderers can take. Sadly, however, in many cases, our dedication is simply “work”. So let this moment with Nine of Arrows allow you to look into your own shadow: where are you hindering your own work, preventing it from becoming your song? What is the strength of your dedication? Are you still fool enough to see this nightmare as a dream?

V. Keywords and extensions of Nine of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The air element, Aimed at staying focus to get things done, Heeding one’s calling and dedicating oneself, A spiritual undertaking, Mustering up the courage and dedication to get started on one’s path, Turn a nightmare into a dream.

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