The Guardian – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Guardian is located at Samhain point, which is November 1. It stands at the gate of the dead. It has a relationship with the element Earth, Water, and the crescent moon.

II. The Description of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot

The white skeleton of a bear is standing in the middle of a large cave, guarding the entrance. Vigilant soul of the beast will challenge anyone who wants to enter the cave, discovering ancient memories without understanding their deep nature. A pristine and unknown path exists inside the cave, amidst the craggy and sharp stalactites. The end of the aisle is covered with darkness. There is no light to shine the way. Before we walk this path, we will face The Guardian and reach the fear that is hidden within us.

Description of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot

Over the centuries, the concept of the devil has been taken advantage of a lot for political, ideological, and religious purposes. This has led to the vilification of complicated, natural but non-pagan religions. However, the primitive role of the “devil” prototype, which describes the protection, the opening of the mind, and the relation of humans to the wild, abundant nature. Thereby, the intense, the temptation, and the physiological expressed. Though the fear of misguided thoughts will still hang on to our minds for a long time.

The Guardian Wildwood raises unreasonable fears that fill our souls, making us bewildered and timid. It draws its energy from inhumane and senselessness. It absorbs fear and panic in malice-filled joy. However, in this bitter and chaotic situation, wisdom, courage, and strength still exist. Human survival instincts were originally designed to fight and rescue. What we need to do is learn how to control our darkest fears with reason, deal with unexplained fury with a wise head. As we progress from the known to the unknown, we will understand that: there is no supernatural or evil force in the terrifying universe as the human imagination.

If we find The Guardian scary, it may be because we are afraid of our own reflection, the darkness in us. This is the thing we have to learn to control. This process will take away what we still deem absolutely necessary. However, we can achieve many other things by facing our deepest instincts and desires. Once the truth is accepted as well as the darkest corners of the soul are understood, we will have an optimal defense. From there, The Guardian will no longer be fear in our eyes.

IV. The guideline of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot

A challenge has come in your life. The situation seems very complicated. It can be a profound metaphor that requires you to change your life and how you cope with the world. Or, it may also ask you to adjust to the inner world and to face external physical challenges. Whether from the labyrinth of the human mind or from the outside, the challenge is here. That’s why we need to see the challenge in its very essence: an opportunity. If you have forgotten something long ago, left it rotting and smudging your soul, now is the time to face it, with courage and honesty. Be alert. No matter how scary or difficult the situation is, you can only become stronger and more persistent if you truly experience, understand, and accept the darkness in yourself.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Guardian Wildwood Tarot

The scammer, The Angel of Darkness, Herne the Hunter, The mysterious man of the Holy Oaktree, Lord of hell, Oberon, The Guard in the doorstep, Pan – The god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds (Greece).

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