Four Of Arrows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Four of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

On the ground, there is a person lying with his eyes closed. There are four arrows embedded in the ground, two above his head, and 2 above his knees. Flying up from the ground is a giant and colorful butterfly. From it, the energy is flowing in all directions, bathing him in a stream of light.

II. The Meaning of Four of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

Recharge after a long tiring period from overwork or emotional tragedy. Spend time on daydreaming to take a break into another world, reincarnate and rejuvenate.

Meaning of Four of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Four of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

In this tiring and demanding world, we sometimes forget that: Rest is a necessary part of living a healthy life, and sleep is an essential part of the process of healing and regeneration. This basic mechanism not only brings health to the physiology of the body but also for the mind and imagination. Muscles need time to self-improve and rebuild after overwork. Human nerves need dreams and deep sleep to support the process of functioning, to build order for the chaos that happens randomly in everyday life. Sometimes, inspiration and wisdom can come through meditation, relaxation, and the lucid dream.

Let’s celebrate your journey to intelligence in a delightful way and take note of what your subconscious is whispering. One of the first human instincts to deal with survival in the wild: to find and build a shelter to be protected from bad actors and to live and rest safely. Without this instinct, people will become disoriented, make wrong decisions, and be unable to meet basic and essential physiological needs. In the end, they will completely lose hope. Rest and sleep are needed to stabilize your fitness and restore vitality.

IV. The guideline of Four of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The card depicts a figure lying face down on in the grass and eyes closed. Four arrows are embedded in the ground around him. The earth falls away, precariously close to where he lies. A great butterfly opens its wings wide above him. After we have exercised ourselves – mentally or physically – we must take time to regather our energies.

These days we are practically hard-wired into our electronic gadgetry and the constant pressures of work and home. We are now available to others 24:7, constantly bombarded with new information and news, all the time (often subconsciously) ramping up our stress levels.

The message of the card is that we need to rest and recharge our mind/spirit as well as our bodies. Life is full of stress, lately, the news has been filled with more horrible reality than usual. Or maybe it is the same as always, but it is just helping more. We can notice that the arrows do not penetrate the figure’s body but instead land around him, almost like the crib effect. Maybe he is dreaming of becoming a butterfly.

Today Four of Arrows Wildwood asks us to turn off and adjust for as long as possible. Take time to give our body, mind, and spirit the opportunity to renew and re-energize! Focus on the power of the caterpillar to patiently sit in its cocoon, separate from the outside world, build strength, transform its entire being, emerge with new vitality like a wonderful butterfly. This card asks us: What is stressing you? Can you take any steps to minimize that stress through better communication control?

V. Keywords and extensions of Four of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The air element, Rest physically and mentally, Take it easy, Take our feet off the accelerators of life, A call to recharge and recovery, A chance to gain perspective into one’s life, relationships, and creative purpose; Allow time for the imagination to sojourn.

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