King Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of King of Stones Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Depart from Samhain day.

II. The Meaning of King of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Being venerated as a ruthless hunter or pursuer, Wolf has been a special symbol for thousands of years and was the subject of stone carvings for the ancient Pict. Familiar with the darkness and cold winter weather, wolves are seen as protectors for the dead in their journey through the darkness to another world.

Meaning of King of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of King of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Your love of the land and the natural world will greatly guide what you do. You often trust other people’s intellect as well as traditional values to adorn your life choices. Guaranteed to bring satisfaction, sincerity to exalt all efforts.

Like the King of Pentacles in most traditional Tarot decks, this King represents an authority. A person who is steadfast, firm and reliable, has a strong will, but is not creative; who is successful, perhaps without much imagination. This is also a character who is willing and generous with his resources, ready to help anyone in difficulty but is not sure to receive help from others.

This wolf is confident and he knows his strength and the responsibility that comes with his position. His strength and personality put him there. He advises us to mark our territory, know, and respect and protect our boundaries and protect our flock. He also knows it is important to stay strong for the same reasons: He takes the first pick of the food. No putting yourself last for this guy.

As someone in your life: A mature and experienced individual with traditional thinking. Determined and practical, he/she provides a trustworthy, reassuring, and secure thing to everything around him. He is a natural businessman who understands both value and profit. Like a friend, he can be trusted for keeping his promises and being a great financial advisor. He can also be a lack of acumen, possessiveness, and triviality, along with gluttony.

As an aspect or process: You may need to appreciate the good things in life, learn to manage money. Keep yourself away from outside influences.

As an event or a situation: Property or land. Preserve and sponsor. Good health. Financial support.

In general, this King card urges us to quickly become good servants of our lives, the specific energies, and resources we can use. If the card mentions a man in your life, that person is more likely to be someone you can fully trust.

Safety now and in the future comes first. You can get a promotion or get a raise. You can get success in real projects or businesses. Property and business issues are going well. Your perseverance, honesty, kindness, and loyalty will pay off. You can get good financial advice. A pragmatic and conscientious approach will bring success.

Question: Who gives you the best assurances or practical advice? What is your intrinsic value to you and to others? Where do you need support? Where does life give you precious things?

IV. The guideline of King of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Now we leave the protection of the Vessels Courts and move into the realm of the Stones Courts. The King of Stones greets us on a snowy Full Moon as he stands in a snow-blanketed landscape and howls at the moon.

Wolf is the most successful predator and is the undisputed King in his region and very fierce in terms of territory. He is, literally, the top dog. However, the King of Stones is not a loner and works tirelessly for and with his team. The whole team works as a single unit with strong social bonds – they are like a family.

Many cultures view Wolf in their mythology as a positive influence, but he also has less desirable traits – the big bad wolf is greedy and destructive, preparing to disguise as Granny to smash your head or destroy your house to get what he wants.

As a human, the King of Stones is also the leader of his team, an Alpha Male or Female. This is the type of person who is extremely successful in real endeavors – good at making money and understanding how to make it grow. The King of Stones can be a ruthless businessman – smell your weaknesses and kill people slowly.

Wolf hunts for the elderly, young children or the sick and is associated with the role of the Guardian of Death. Through their actions, the herd of prey is kept strong and healthy. Like the Big Bad Wolf in fairy tales, he must be wary of his greedy tendencies!

Today, King of Stones asks you: What does Wealth mean to you? What packs do you run with? Are you comfortable in your natural surroundings? In what ways do you celebrate memories of the dead?

V. Keywords and extensions of King of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The earth element, Commerce, Speculation, The ability to calculate, Loyalty, Preservation. Determination, Good health, Persistence, Facing the end of one’s cycle with dignity and courage, Death, Rebirth, Spirit Teaching, Guidance in dreams and meditation, Instinct linked with intelligence, Social and familial values, Outwitting enemies, Ability to pass unseen, Steadfastness, Skill in the protection of self and family, Taking advantage of the change.

Find opportunities everywhere, Have an idea and turn it into reality, Meet all commitments and promises, Responsibility, Reliable, Durable, Being the foundation for others to rely on, Towards a goal with firm determination, Avoid fluctuations in mood and behavior, Have regular habits and activities, Maintain a calm and balanced state, Ambitious, Entrepreneurship, Strength, Stability, Commitment, Satisfaction, Organizational skills, Status, Discipline, Meticulousness, Mathematical acumen, Generosity, Again achievements through persistent efforts.

Financial advisors, Mathematicians, Property owners, Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Investors, Stockbrokers, Traders, Elderly people, Someone who focuses on financial issues, suppliers, guardians, honest and sincere friends.

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