Knight Of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Knight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Go through the autumnal equinox point.

II. The Meaning of Knight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The eel is a wise guard. According to Irish mythology, eels can become weapons when used by a warrior. The famous spear of the Cuchulainn hero, Gae Bolga (the spear of death), has its name derived from Eel, and the Goddess of war Morrígan also states that they created the battle. Eels swim in places where weeds and watercress are drifting.

Meaning of Knight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Knight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

With a pure purpose, your destiny has been well-defined, you can use your intelligence and maturity to complete your tasks. When you engage in search and uncover your private secrets, your ability to recognize will lead you forward. Your deep feelings are expressed along the way.

As someone in your life: A charismatic, cultured, and polite person. He/she is sensitive, imaginative, and is really serious about fulfilling his/her dreams. He/she is on a high level of emotional flow. If he/she is like a friend or lover, he/she will be very attractive and match with you, and explore the boundaries of love and friendship in a magical way. He/she can be a soft and seductive talker, like having multiple girlfriends/boyfriends rather than just being attached to one person or an addictive personality that examines his/her own delusions in depth.

As an aspect or process: The ability to convince emotionally. Discover how to merge a concept or find a match for a person. Promote harmony. Deceive someone. Exploit an emotional situation.

As an event/situation: The reception or the welcome. Give in or be fit. Search, link, or merge. Illusion and wonder.

Question: What is your covenant nature? Where are emotions pushed up? What is the requirement for delicacy?

IV. The guideline of Knight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

As a water spirit animal symbol, the Eel is representative of the Kundalini life force energy.  It is associated with focused energy, creativity, sexuality, passion, and transformation. Just as the courageous heart of the Queen forces her to travel across oceans and upstreams to reproduce, moving from saltwater to fresh, so Eel makes a likewise significant journey, but in reverse. The energies of Knight of Vessels take us past the autumnal equinox and towards October.

We see the snake-like form of the Knight of Vessels meandering his way downstream, heading to the coast, and for his 4,500-mile journey back to the Sargasso sea. Like the Queen, he is able to undertake unbelievable feats – even pressing across the land in his unshakable quest. Since Cuchulainn’s spear, Gae Bolga was created from eel bones, as a Druidic symbol, he has become associated with protection and wisdom.

The Eel is a mutable and “electrifying” shapeshifter. He is purposeful and agile, but he glides over the water (emotions) with such ease and quickness that he can adapt to his physical form to accommodate the changing tide.

Knight of Vessels Wildwood urges you to apply the same adaptability as you begin to pursue your own goals. It invites you to join in and find opportunities to express yourself, avoiding “danger” while easily progressing towards your own goals. As a human, the Knight of Vessels is someone who fully embraces the heart of their mission – despite the difficulties and dangers that lie ahead. Whether this is looking for new romantic love or having to go through the storms of an established relationship, Eel asks us to accept the challenges of our heart and the emotional adventure that it brings.

You may be thinking about going on an adventure; If so, don’t be surprised if it includes romance. Alternatively, you can plan your own trip, escape from all, or go to unexplored territories. Whatever you decide, this card invites you to unleash your powers and pursue your goals with the same kind of purpose and passion embodied here.

V. Keywords and extensions of Knight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, Attraction, Conquest, Seduction, Welcome, Compliance, Consensus, Induction, Reunion, Link, Destination, Protection, Wisdom, Effortlessness, A need to take a break or a different direction, Fully aware of our feelings and emotions.

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