Seven Of Arrows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Seven of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

In the center of the card is a woman wearing a green dress made of leaves and her hair made of vines. Her arms are raised as if pleading, but arrows are still coming and stabbing her flesh.

II. The Meaning of Seven of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

Unfounded fear and confusion lead to turmoil, panic, self-torture because of guilt, delusions, or a need to face broken and rejected aspects.

Meaning of Seven of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Seven of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

Some of our greatest fears, as well as our self-destructive motives, are born out of emotional insecurities or a lack of self-discipline. They paralyze each individual’s ability to make timely decisions and take responsible action. This dark and secret fear is the product of panic and sin, arising from a poor upbringing, or lack of moral education. These unreasonable emotions, combined with feelings of abandonment, will increase deprivation and instability in emotions, as well as in building a solid foundation for real life. Adjusting to insecurities requires serious and deep inner understanding.

Self-assessment reveals the truly destructive nature of fear. Although we cannot change the past, we need to learn to draw lessons in life and apply them in the future. This process will require forgiveness for past failures, whether it’s personal failures or belief systems. Forgiving oneself is necessary healing when faced with the trauma caused by the burden of guilt and self-accusation. Understanding the causes of past mistakes stimulates the process of establishing a safe, emotionally healthy foundation, based on new beginnings that are opening up.

IV. The guideline of Seven of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

In the Seven of Arrows, we see a Green Woman standing alone upon a rock. From all directions, she is attacked by arrows and thorny briers snake around her body like bindings. With her eyes closed, she has one hand raised, as if in blessing, and seizes the other to her breast. It is as if she is being executed, but instead of having bullets fired at her, she has arrows. She is also gagged so she cannot speak.

This scene can be related to Jesus on the cross, completely vulnerable, sacrificed for the benefit of others. Or about Buddha, throwing himself off a cliff to be eaten by a tiger, as he did in one of the jataka tales. Women can associate to being on the spot, we often experience not being allowed to speak, we regularly experience occasions when we are targeted for being who we are, and we often make sacrifices that involve putting others first and ourselves last.

Sacrifice is something we sometimes feel spiritually simple to do. Sacrificing yourself for others, and sometimes even being unfairly blamed and experiencing injustice, can be part of the spiritual path. The sacrifice that equals Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is a miraculous, transformable thing to do – something that can make the necessary change in the world.

We all suffer from insecurity at some point in our lives – it can be in relationships, jobs, places – and tends to be when something new is thrown into the mix – moving to a new town, starting a new year at school, etc. The familiar rut has been shaken up, and this new ground feels uncertain and moving beneath your feet.

When you are insecure and you drill down into what has prompted the feeling, it tends to be that you do not feel safe. Today our Green woman asks us where we feel insecure and why we do not feel safe. So much grief, loss, and sorrow can be caused by poor communications. Since Arrows are associated with communication, can your situation be immediately made safe by finding new information?

We cannot make our whole life safe – there will always be arrows and swords that we cannot take away, but we can learn to handle insecurity when it arises. Don’t ever let it stop you from giving life your blessing. Looking at this card closely, don’t you see that you want the woman shown here to be safe and live somewhere? Likewise, when you see Jesus on the cross, don’t you want to bring him down from there? What sacrifices do you choose to do to make you feel meaningful? Who are you willing to sacrifice for? And what sacrifices, if any, do you think no one should make? Today, the Seven of Arrows charges you to dive into your own insecurities and to challenge what you find there.

V. Keywords and extensions of Seven of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The air element, Internal conflicts; Going off, spending time alone, and getting well; Speak up, Imbued with deep intention, Sacrifices must be chosen willingly.

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