The Seer – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Seer Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Seer is located in the center of The Wheel of The Year, in the quadrant related to the element Water and emotion. She is closely related to the mysteries of the Moon and the Earth. She and The Shaman are a couple, acting as guides to The World Tree.

II. The Description of The Seer Wildwood Tarot

The Seer donned an owl fur coat, representing wisdom. On her outfit, there are decorations of animals carved on the Totem tree, showing the power and soul of the magician. She stood in front of The World Tree, writing down her profound knowledge from the roots of trees deep in the earth. Around her was the symbol of four elements: water vessel, scepter, arrow, and stone. On her scepter, there is a crane bag, along with a rune symbol. She put on a veil, causing her face to only glimpsed in dim light. Her voice is often blurred out in other sounds. But if you listen attentively, you will see her voice echoing intensely, showing you the way to new and wise beginnings.

Description of The Seer Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Seer Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Seer Wildwood Tarot

Located in the heart of The Wheel of The Year and the wildwood, The Seer belongs to the Water sign. She represents intelligence, which can only be achieved by high introversion in silence with The Hooded Man. She always exists deep within each human being. She can manipulate knowledge, turning it into authority, intelligence, or creative power in the material world.

The Seer Wildwood acts as a prophet, helping us to recognize the femininity and creativity in ourselves. She mastered everything on the basis of abundant energy and solid skills. In particular, the owl feather coat is a metaphor for her travels into the world of thoughts and knowledge. It shows The Seer ‘s erudition and wisdom through the life experience that was firmly rooted in her Earth.

Representing the inner world, The Seer is located in the center of The Wheel of The Year, opposite to The Shaman. She is not only a guide for the soul but also an inspiration for creative and artworks. Though ideas could arise on their own in a fanciful kingdom of delights and dreams, The Seer was the one who silently created great literary works, music, or dances. She makes emotional connections in books or pieces of music to life. She brings tears to each person’s eyelashes when a touching movie ends or laughter when a funny story is told.

With the innate ability to balance emotions and the power of will and source of knowledge, The Seer encourages us to change the ordinary material world. She uses all of The Wildwood’s natural resources skillfully. She nurtures positive changes in people’s minds, expresses through emotions and commitment to life. Her magic is one of the purest and most revered things on earth.

IV. The guideline of The Seer Wildwood Tarot

This is the time to focus on your personal strength and let it flow through you. Emotional dreams and creative desires are ready to come true. Relieve the desire that is suppressing and healing your relationships. Now, if you apply your spiritual insight into the real world, you will receive great rewards because that’s the way we grow up. Besides, The Seer also brings creative stimulation in art, craft skills, mechanics, intelligence, and joy.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Seer Wildwood Tarot

Source of inspiration and erudition, the mysterious prophecy, illusion in mind, the journey of magicians, healing for the soul, empathy with nature.

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