The High Priestess – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The High Priestess Linestrider

Intuition, tranquility, miracles, dreams, secrets, new destinations, honesty, balance, deception, spirituality.

II. Meaning of The High Priestess Linestrider

The High Priestess Linestrider is the connection to the subconscious mind through symbols and dreams. She represents wisdom, knowledge, peace, and understanding, and is the protector of the subconscious.

Meaning of The High Priestess Linestrider

This card comes at times when you should rely on guidance from your premonitions and dreams. You need to listen and trust your inner voice. If a male querent draws this card, the message is probably very clear: your ego or the feminine side needs to be noticed if you are looking for success and progress. For both sexes, the feminine force of the universe is holding the answer you seek.

III. The High Priestess in a Tarot spread

If you see the Cups cards come along the High Priestess Linestrider in a Tarot spread, then you are completely immersed in your subconscious and hunch. If your question is about a problem in life, the combination of the Cups and High Priestess Linestrider shows problems that lie in the realm of people’s emotions and connections rather than in the state of mind.

When coupled with The Magician Linestrider, the cards can represent a deep source of power to be sought in the mysterious realm and that you can coordinate these resources to achieve your goals. This duo carries dark powers that may appear in you or those around you. As you read the cards, the High Priestess can also foresee changes coming. If you let her lead, your intuition and creative power will increase. This is a card that often appears with artists, poets, and writers.

The High Priestess Linestrider in the reversed position may indicate a loss of connection with your intuition and inner voice, or a feminine power of any kind that begins to develop for you.

Don’t be foolish to ignore her; The answer you need lies in the feminine subconscious. This card can warn against depending too much on opinions or voices from outside. High Priestess urges you to take private time to reconnect with your own voice. This is especially true if the card appears alongside the Hermit or another card requires the fortune-teller to seek segregation. The card also alerts someone else’s hidden actions or agendas.

In terms of work, the High Priestess Linestrider speaks of a good job that is built on a solid knowledge base and is guided by a further experienced person. The card shows that the work is going well. In the case of starting a business or a new project, someone in a higher status will help you. In the case of you in the high position, the card is a beacon of hidden talents. The advice is to pay attention to your surroundings and use your own intuition to avoid missing out on that gift. The High Priestess is professional insight. The card’s recommendation is to plan well, cultivate professional skills, and learn to have a selection of good and bad factors to deal with future affairs.

In terms of finance, this is a great card. If you want to invest but are still wondering, it signals someone will give you valuable advice. If you want to borrow some loans, this is a favorable opportunity. Just pay careful attention to all the terms in documents and contracts.

Regarding friends and associates, you will receive immense and solid support from them. However, if you are having problems with your friends, the card gives you advice on being calm and tolerant so that you can understand and solve the difficulties you are facing. In the case of a co-worker, you will receive help from your new bond, as well as continue your healthy interaction with current relationships.

In terms of family, the High Priestess Linestrider shows the care and dedication of a person who is older than you. If you are in the process of deciding on a path for the future, pay attention to family traditions as this will be to your advantage, or seek advice from elders who are knowledgeable and intimate with you.

Regarding spirituality, the High Priestess Linestrider is the stillness of spiritual wisdom. On the positive side, it denotes a person who has potential in spiritual awareness. Society is taking external achievements as the foundation, however, without subconscious intelligence, we would never be able to perfect ourselves or the world around us.

On the emotional side, the High Priestess Linestrider refers to an introverted and sensitive person. They are not easily vulnerable, though. She knows how to control her own emotions and knowledge. If you are looking to start a new relationship, the High Priestess enhances your intuition. Reconsider the person you care about. You need to feel them internally making use of all of your senses and intuitions. She also represents wisdom and serenity. Deep in her subconscious mind, she will find the problem and solve it at the right time.

IV. Message of The High Priestess Linestrider

The High Priestess is numbered 2 – the most common number in the arithmetic system, associated with duality. But in Tarot, 2 is not 1 + 1, it is the pure value which means accumulation. The High Priestess is the embodiment of femininity, contemplation, subconscious mind, bridging the inner and outer life of man.

In terms of astrology, this card is the embodiment of the moon. The moon reflects sunlight onto the earth, signifying reflection and absorption. It describes the cycle, the natural changes – this can be seen through the symbol of the crown of the High Priestess in many traditional decks. In addition, it also embodies femininity, prophecy, intuition, deep emotions, compassion, the retreat into the inner world to contemplate and ponder.

She is the bridge between the external consciousness with the inner subconscious. Still, besides that, she is also the manifestation of the mysteries, weakness, passivity, and sometimes a reflection of fear of life.

V. Corresponding Associations of The High Priestess Linestrider

  • Astrology: Virgo, Cancer
  • Arithmetic: 2
  • Plants: peony, verbenaceae, boraginaceae.

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