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I. Keyword by King of Cups Linestrider

Balance, vision, responsibility, maturity, insight, fairness, leadership.

II. Meaning of King of Cups Linestrider

The King of Cups Linestrider represents emotions, creativity, and the unconscious. The fish is a symbol of the creative spirit as well as the balance between consciousness and unconsciousness. The king on this card is stable and controlled. He exhibits a balance between emotions and intellect. He can understand and capture his emotions and urges without being restrained. He is calm and mature, yet can be creative and sexy.

Meaning of King of Cups Linestrider

The character’s personality in this card is a combination between the water element’s positive energy of the Cup set and the dynamic, outgoing focus of the King. He was a man of wisdom and understanding, with a profound knowledge of the world coming from his soul. He is a teacher and a leader with loving devotion. He cares for others intimately and always responds to their needs with compassion. He healed them with gentle gestures and words. People come to him for advice because they know he would listen attentively. He shows tolerance in all points of view and patience in almost any difficult situation. Moreover, he gives others freedom to develop their own way without asking for anything in return.

III. King of Cups Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Royal cards often represent people, and in this card we see a strong, caring, wise and calm male character. It represents stable power in another chaotic situation. If accompanied by the Tower card, let’s look for the presence of the sage in this strong masculine character to help you through the upcoming instability. If the King and Queen cards are presented in a Tarot spread, it is more likely to be a strong equal partnership.

In terms of work, this card usually indicates an extremely good boss or colleague in your team. Don’t hesitate to ask him for help when you’re in need. If you are wondering how your colleagues think about you, then don’t worry because they appreciate and respect you. Many things can be improved when this King card appears.

In terms of love, it represents an older or more stable person in your life. It could also mean that you are about to be drawn into the role of a full-fledged guardian, responsibility and care. If you don’t want to be the head of the family, maybe you need to date someone.

Regarding finance, it can be a reminder that you are about to face some financial difficulties. Don’t evade the reality of your financial situation. At the same time, this card says that sometimes you should live liberally despite the difficult situation. No matter how hard it is, there are certain things you can and should share with others, even if it’s just a normal object or a little time. It will bring more prosperity into your life. Let’s share your kindness and compassion, and always remember the saying “you reap what you sow”. However, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you really need it.

In terms of friends, this card indicates that you are living in a competitive environment. Colleagues and friends all have a knack for their work. In general, there is no complaint about your profession. However, this card also has certain warnings about some types of scoundrels, unfair and vile friends. These people can be talented, but they are ready to turn their knife at you to ensure their careers. Therefore, you need to stay alert in order to distinguish who your real friends are.

In terms of family, the card implies that there is a  presence of binding problems or dependency. On the positive side, the bond strengthens family connection. Problems you are facing will be solved by your family. On the negative side, excessive dependence easily causes discomfort in the family. If you are planning to ask for something from your family, then think about the extent of the problem with your family, because not all your requests will be met during this period.

Regarding health, if you are under a healing process, the King of Cups Linestrider reminds you to trust in healers (the Doctors) because they are trustworthy (especially if that person is a man). Let’s take care of your body, always pay attention to what you bring into your body and those around you.

In terms of spirituality, this card can represent the surface of something conflicting, as the King connects common feminine qualities like compassion, love, and concern, with masculine energy of action, fulfillment and discernment. Let’s think about  these combinations, and act on them accordingly. How can you actively show compassion? How can you show love and still create boundaries? Let’s start setting boundaries for yourself before you even consider applying them to others. “Thinking by walking” is a good method and it could bring insight.

In the reversed position, the King of Cups Linestrider shows a sad mood, controlling behavior, or instability. It warns against letting emotions rule your life. If the card represents a strong person in your life, and that person is having conflicts with you. You should be careful because that person’s feelings and relationships can be a source of instability.

The reversed King of Cups Linestrider refers to the balancing energies of masculinity and femininity. This card holds all the positive qualities of both masculinity and femininity. It can also be a sign of an energy that is ready to accept all risks and challenges.

When you receive the reversed King of Cups Linestrider, think about what your most important dreams and desires are, and how you can pursue them. This King card will inspire you, help you to make a risky decision if necessary.

In terms of work, it sometimes indicates an emotional outburst from a (male) person. It can be complicated at first, but after that outburst people who involved will learn some positive and important lessons about the situations and circumstances they went through. Don’t deal with emotional outbursts on your own, even if it’s directed at you. To some extent, such issues/emotional outbursts may be necessary to help you focus on the key matter.

In terms of love, this is a very good, positive, as well as a romantic card. If you are looking for love, it may imply that someone is entering your life, and that person is willing to give up everything to pursue a happy relationship with you. Let’s be more open to people.

Regarding finance, the reversed King of Cups Linestrider aims at someone who is about to risk everything to pursue a dream, including finances. There is nothing wrong if that person has a firm plan and is willing to work hard in order to achieve results. However, if the dream of becoming rich comes from gambling, then it is a serious problem. Let’s watch out for these thoughts and make sure you protect yourself.

IV. Message of King of Cups Linestrider

The King of Cups Linestrider refers to the balanced energy of masculinity and femininity. It Usually implies a man in your life who is very kind and full of love. When he appears, you will be supported by the universe, either visible and invisible. In general , this card represents kindness and compassion. There is an element of real and pure love in your life no matter what your situation is. Let’s take care of yourself, and allow others to take care of you.

The King of Cups Linestrider asks you to act like the King. For example, acting calmly in a crisis, using tact instead of force, asking for help, or adopting different points of view. It also represents an atmosphere of caring, tolerance, and understanding. The King’s particular energy will be very helpful to you at this point. Let yourself be inspired by the King of Cups Linestrider in whatever form he appears in your life.

V. Corresponding Associations of King of Cups Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 37, 10, 1;
  • Date of birth: February 11 to February 19;
  • Plant: Frankincense, dwarf palm, kelp.
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