The Sun – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Sun Linestrider

Prosperity, happiness, acceptance, joy, materialism, optimism, achievement, friendship.

II. Meaning of The Sun Linestrider

The Sun Linestrider represents success, wealth, and joy. This card is about delight and positive energy. The author’s drawing for this card is somewhat different. A heavy sunflower is dripping colorful mucus and it is being cared for by tiny creatures. He wants to describe a fulcrum and the life-nourishing power of light as well as remind readers that when you shine, others are automatically attracted to you. The sunflower is the traditional symbol of this card, and other aspects will accentuate immense richness.

Meaning of The Sun Linestrider

III. The Sun Linestrider in a Tarot spread

When spreading cards, the Sun Linestrider shows that others will be attracted to you and that you can bring warmth and life to the world. Often this card advises you to say “yes” to the world and the opportunities you have. Nurture yourself with the positivity that the universe gives you. Now is the time for you to shine!

The fundamental partner of this card is the Hermit (the Sun holds number 19 and Hermit bears number 9). However, the Hermit represents a more mature aura, an aging, independent creature who holds the lamp of knowledge but does not belong to the crowd. In contrast, the Sun Linestrider is often portrayed as a naked, innocent, and cheerful child as his personality. This card is all about youth, abundance, and perhaps both hypocrisy or superficiality, especially when accompanied by the Fool or a Pages card.

Although the Sun may seem like an overly positive card, the author still warns readers against shallow, ignorant things and irresponsibility. Remember that without deep waters the sun can create deserts.

If the Star represents hope, the Moon signals illusion, the Sun Linestrider expresses the light of reality and truth. After entering the darkness, the spirit begins to shine.

The Sun Linestrider in reverse refers to good things that don’t go away but only get a little messed up, like the Sun being covered by clouds. Life is still giving the person time with simple happiness, but it is hard to notice immediately. He is no longer transparent and must work hard to realize happiness – the great gift of the Sun.

In terms of work, this is a good card. Everything will be more favorable and luckier for you. The time has come for your efforts to reap the sweet fruit. If you are looking to start a new job or project, then this is your good chance, grab it. In case you are looking to change your job, the card brings positive signals. However, luck is just half and your efforts are the other half. Even if things are going well, you should not allow yourself to be subjective and distracted.

In terms of finance, this is a time you feel very satisfied as your money increases more than usual without spending too much effort. If you are in a state of impoverishment, the troubles will quickly pass away. If you want to invest in a new field, luck is on your side. If you want to borrow, you will receive the offer of help you want. If it is the case that someone else wants to borrow from you, then this is the time to devote yourself to helping those close to you. However, the Sun Linestrider also alludes to unexpected expenses you incur as well as overuse. You should control and balance your money.

In terms of friends and associates, you can completely trust your best friends. Problems and quarrels between you all can be thoroughly resolved with sympathy and sincerity at this moment. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your friends. About your colleagues, your sincere feelings for them will be acknowledged and reciprocated. And these colleagues will guide and support you in your work a lot.

Regarding family and relatives, the Sun Linestrider pointed to two cases. In the first case, your family lacks interest in you or this concern is not in the right way, causing you to strive hard to do everything since you were a child and the connection between you and them is quite vague. The card advises you now is the time to make an effort to understand your loved ones. In the second case, you are overprotected by your family, making you more likely to depend entirely on them. The message of the card is that sometimes it is fun to experience even the smallest things by yourself, try once to go your way. And whatever it is, always look towards your family like a sunflower looking towards the sun every morning.

IV. Message of The Sun Linestrider

The Sun is both the inspiration behind the spectacular liberation of the previous challenge and the preparation for death and rebirth in the following 2 cards. Justice requires action to reflect the knowledge we have accumulated. As a result, the Hanged Man was passive. The Moon requires passive surrender, as we have no way of controlling our illusions under its action. Thus, the Sun is active and full of energy. By accepting terrifying projections of the Moon, we radiate the inner energy outward, giving eternity a radiant Sun.

Under the Sun, everything becomes simple, joyful, and tangible. Unconscious light has entered life. We are all children – sun-worshiping beliefs speak of man as the holy children of the Sun.

Enlightenment, for everyone, has the same nature, regardless of myth, doctrine, or psychological theory. The Enlightenment is an experience, not an idea. One feels shone directly into the mind by a bright light – sometimes colored – like the yod spots in the Wirth deck. Suddenly he saw and felt that the world was sacred and eternal, no longer as dizzy and full of contradictions as before. He feels full of life with childhood joy – something most children never know because the person shone in by the Sun has overcome a childhood fear of darkness by traveling through it.

During the haunting journey around the world, the sun sees everything, so it is also a symbol of knowledge. Gods who “follow” the sun, such as Apollo, are said to “know all”. People illuminated by the sun have a sense of wisdom because they see everything in complete clarity. He/she becomes “lucid” – the word for “clarity” and “direct”, but literally “the flood of light”.

Was it a coincidence that the god of light Apollo was the son of Leto – the goddess of darkness – and the main temple of Apollo in Delphi originally belonged to her? Even under the reign of Apollo, the intelligence and meaning of the oracles come from the darkness. It was Apollo, not anyone else, who absorbed the spirit of Oedipus, forcing him to discover the mystery of his inner self.

During spring, the sun brings life sprouting from the ground of dead winter. In many places, it is believed that the sun fertilizes not only the land but all women as well. After the biological implications of fertility were discovered, the role of the sun became even more sacred. Now people consider the soul – or the ego – to be an embryo containing light.

The Gnostics use an even more radical way of speaking when living or dying asserting that the Fall had broken the head of God into “existential” pieces. Most importantly, light is confined to each entity (not simply the body that contains light). And the task of each person, through the Gnostic rituals, is to release light in the body for the union to be restored. The Qabalah scholar Isaac Luria also propagated a similar doctrine. The Tree of Life or Adam Kadmon – which originally existed – was crushed because of its overwhelming divine light. So the light is separated and confined, and it is the responsibility of each person to support the process of “Tikkun” – the restoration of the utmost of light.

These theories are born from the common conception of the Sun from all cultures. Because of light, man sees everything, every human being, every animal, every leaf and tree, and even the air, life, and spiritual things, harmonizing in the light that fills existence. Yet, the Sun is not yet the World. Through this 19th Major card, we just realized that the universe is unified and alive. The 21st card is the embodiment of those feelings.

The number 19 is the higher level of the number 9. The light in the Hermit’s lantern – the wisdom of the lessons – here shines an aura like the level 3 of Abulafia in the Qabalah religion. Numbers 19 include 1 and 9. The Magician’s energy combined with the Hermit’s intelligence is the Superconscious. Life energy is associated with the meaning and purpose of life.

Number 1 plus 9 is 10, the Chariot carries an omen of events that humanity always tries to understand. Here we see life with our personal prejudices. And this way of looking at it does not have any mysteries, symbols, only the universe is filled with light.

In a spread, the meaning of the Sun Linestrider is simple and direct. It is excitement, happiness, a great sense of the beauty of life. In a deeper sense, it implies that we see the world in a completely new way, seeing life in harmony with light and joy. Above all, it is a positive, energetic, and magical card.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Sun Linestrider

  • Astrology: Leo;
  • Arithmetic: 19;
  • Plants: Indian heliotrope, Angelica dahurica, sunflower, rosemary.

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