Six Of Cups – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Six of Cups Linestrider

Nostalgia, childhood, happiness, memories, commemorative activities, beautiful feelings, joy, generosity, teaching.

II. Meaning of Six of Cups Linestrider

The Six of Cups Linestrider represents childhood, nostalgia, innocent happiness and generosity. The white and yellow flowers on the card represent innocence and happiness, while the lemurs are quite playful and fun.

Meaning of Six of Cups Linestrider

This card stands for a familiar environment or emotion. Perhaps you are going to visit friends, family or an old place. Let’s blend in positive nostalgic memories of your childhood, friends, as well as family, and connect with happy pieces of your younger self. In the Thoth deck, this card is called Pleasure (Joy), and it shows the experience of deep emotions gained after going through something difficult and now being able to enjoy the joy of harmony and love.

III. Six of Cups Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, The Six of Cups Linestrider could represent innocence or foolishness. You can be a fool when you do not realize the sins you have committed against the strict law. You can be innocent to the truth when you don’t know a secret. You may also dislike deception or vandalism, or in other words you’re not self-interested. Finally, you can be virtuous or possess a chaste spirit. These are all possibilities that could apply to this card, depending on the context or situation.

In terms of work, this is a very good time for works related to creativity. If your job is not about creative applications, then make sure you spend some free time painting, writing, creating photo albums, or doing anything that requires creativity. You will find your work gaining more positive results.

In terms of love, this card is a lovely harbinger of a kind of love that can make you feel young and joyful. If accompanied by the Six of Cups it means that you have reconnected with someone in the past. If this card appears with the Lovers card, the Two or Ten of Cups card, it means the person you have a crush on will bring happiness and innocent joy into your life. However,  be aware that it may be accompanied by an element of immaturity. If you are in a relationship, this card indicates that you need to “refocused” on it. Let’s talk about your goals and dreams, explore and experience new things. More importantly, don’t let yourself get stuck in the past. In some cases, it will imply the reappearance of an ex-lover in your life. Think carefully before getting back to your ex. Remind yourself why he/she became your “ex”.

In terms of finance, let’s be on the lookout for foolish spending or immature fantasies. While having fun is great, your job also requires you to let go of the immature, childish things, especially when it comes to money. If accompanied by the Strength card, your innocence and naivety may be something from which you find your strength. To some extent, if you’re looking for a way to invest, or make a little extra money, pay special attention to vintage, retro, or attractive investment options related to children. Money can come to you from someone from your past or through inheritance (it doesn’t mean that someone close to you will die).

Regarding friends, it implies the breakdown of friendships. You may lose old friends or partners. It means they leave you or vice versa. You will feel alone in your environment. However, this is not the time to complain about the previous team, but an opportunity to establish new relationships. The card sometimes shows the return of previous relationships. For example,you may be about to welcome an ex-colleague to your company or welcome an old friend to your neighborhood.

In terms of family, it implies separation or abandonment. You may have to be away from family for a while, due to a long business trip or a job rotation. Or worse, maybe a loved one will have to leave. More serious issues of life and death should also be noticed, although the situation of the card may not be so tragic.

In terms of health, if you are having physical problems, this card means that you may need to recall your childhood to figure out the cause of your physical problems. (Hint: the emotional element is often associated with the physical one). Conversational therapy can be very helpful. You should consider arranging to talk to family members about physical problems that they used to experience or are experiencing right now, then you will understand your family’s medical history clearly .

Regarding spirituality, any kind of ritual can be helpful to you at this point. You can find the beauty and meaning in recreating some sacred rituals you knew as a child. It does not mean that you have to go back to your first spiritual traditions and follow them in a stereotypical way, instead let’s update and improve them. It will bring many benefits to you later.

The reversed Six of Cups Linestrider also implies reminiscence about the past. This flashback is sometimes associated with child or childhood imagery. It suggests that you should not pay attention to the past, but the future, for your own sake.

Additionally, the reversed Six of Cups Linestrider shows that you are too attached to ideas or judgments from the past or you might have previous problems which prevent you from moving forward. Make the most of the past to look forward to the future, also focus on the present and build a strong foundation for the future. It could also imply that you or someone in your life is behaving childishly and it unexpectedly hindering your progress as well as happiness.

In terms of work, the reversed card can be a sign that the honeymoon period in your work is over. However, that is not a bad thing. The pink prism in front of your eyes has just disappeared and you can now see everything around you more clearly. Think carefully before doing something to solve problems that you’re having at work. Sometimes things are worth fighting for, and sometimes it is unnecessary to take action toward something.

Regarding love, the reversed Six of Cups Linestrider implies that you soon have to deal with some love-related issues that you have been avoiding so far. If you are in a relationship, then the bad things that you’ve ignored in order to get on well with your lover are most likely uncovered and need to be resolved soon. If you’re single and waiting for love, then it’s time to look back on yourself and what you’re doing (or shouldn’t do) to allow love to enter your life. Love will not fall out from the sky, but you will need to work hard to get it.

In terms of finance, you have finally incorporated all the necessary thoughts to maintain your own financial stability, pay attention to money and actions related to it. If you need help in getting your finances in order, don’t hesitate to ask. Let your money work and serve you, try to avoid the problem which will pull you back.

In terms of health, this card says that you are most likely evading physical problems that need to be resolved soon. But you will soon figure out that you are ready, eager and able to tackle these challenges. You know what you need to do, and now is the time to do it.

In terms of spirituality, this is a time to be thankful for the past but not for the melancholy of always remaining as good as you were. You have come to a point where it’s important to look at other ways in your spiritual exploration, as well as where you can take advantage of learning from other’s spiritual options. Be diligent in reading and listening, and you will gain great benefits from it.

IV. Message of Six of Cups Linestrider

The Six of Cups Linestrider is usually a card of nostalgia, it evokes things that “used to be” before. It usually (but not always) connects the querer with their childhood. The card advises us not to spend too much time and energy thinking about the “good old days”. We all have happy memories to look back on from time to time, but if we start to think that “the best years are over,” then that will most likely come true.

V. Corresponding Associations of Six of Cups Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 6, 46, 10, 1;
  • Date of birth: September 22 to September 27;
  • Plant: watermelon, cherry blossom, honeysuckle.
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