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I. Keyword by Four of Cups Linestrider

Depression, depravation, rejection, introversion, moodiness, lack of vision.

II. Meaning of Four of Cups Linestrider

The Four of Cups Linestrider talks about inner states like depression, moodiness, and the tendency to escape from reality. Sometimes, this card indicates that we need to look inward and examine our thoughts and motives, but at the same time it warns us of the price we must pay for being introverted.

Meaning of Four of Cups Linestrider

It is important to note that this card depicts a character who is closing her eyes and unable to see the blessings and opportunities (Cups) that life offers her. She misses this gift because he only directs her thoughts inward, she is not ready to reach out and embrace the opportunities or offers of the world and other people.  There is also a fish in the picture, a symbol of inspiration that she has to open her eyes to be able to see it.

III. Four of Cups Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Four of Cups Linestrider often appears when you are discouraged, bored, or disgruntled. You may feel apathetic or stagnant. The card may ask you to turn your attention inward to find the truth for what you are looking for. Let’s stay away from all distractions, let’s examine your heart and mind for clarity. If this card appears with the Hermit card, it definitely represents a time of loneliness. If Accompanied by the Hierophant card, it encourages you to learn, improve your mind, or seek answers within your religious and spiritual circles.

The Four of Cups Linestrider can refer to an extreme disappointment in a person or situation. It is likely to happen, you may have been tired of struggles or routines. Therefore, you have begun to withdraw and focus inwardly in search of stronger peace and quiet. However, this card is usually a call for action. It’s time to be enlightened, alert, and open to new experiences. Let’s break old habits, find new motivation, let’s help others, focus on making a positive change for yourself as well as the world, and get back on track. If this card appears in the past position, it can indicate a time of stagnation, disappointment or sadness that is affecting present events.

In terms of work, this card often shows that you are facing a new change, or new opportunity. However, there is still something unclear about this opportunity, and you should consider it carefully. On the other hand, this is not a good time for you to switch or start a new job or project, because there are things you need to review in your plan to avoid trouble. In the long term, you should act slowly but surely.

In terms of love, you should think thoroughly about whether you’re being realistic with love matters. Is your heart preventing everyone else from coming to you? Who doesn’t give you true love or who is almost absent when you need them?

In terms of finance, you should focus on your strengths, on what you have and can do, rather than what you don’t have and can’t do. If you don’t know where your finances are going, establish your specific financial goals and plans, and then figure out steps that will help you achieve those goals and plans.Take a realistic look at your finances (knowing exactly where your money is) because only then you can take control of your finances. On the other hand, this is a time when there will be benefits, or some money given back to you through close relationships. However, you need to think carefully before receiving them. Haste is not appropriate at this time. In case you are planning to borrow or lend money to someone, the card shows that your financial potential is still good, there is no need to borrow more outside. As for the loan, if you can’t refuse, lend them a portion of the desired amount.

Regarding friends, the Four of Cups Linestrider implies that you are making yourself separate from surrounding relationships. Part of it is because there are things you can’t express, and the other part is because you still don’t fully understand who are close friends and who are frenemy. Regarding colleagues, the card gives you advice that you should actively create relationships with those who work with you. Friendliness always helps you get more advantages at work.

In terms of family, this card shows that there is a gap between the relationships of family members and relatives caused by past events. Although you love each other, you are still far apart for many reasons or simply because you are afraid to make way for others. It’s now time to express your feelings to loved ones because life is finite.

Regarding health, let’s focus on positive things. If there is a physical problem, remember that things are not always the same as they are now, so stay healthy with a strong mind. Pay attention to your diet, do exercise, and take time to rest. You may need to talk to a trusted counselor, a doctor or a friend in order to get help improving your physical condition at this point.

In terms of spirituality, daydreams can be detrimental to mental aspects of life, like when we get caught up in a self-deprecating “I’m weak” or “I wish things were different” mindset, it can cause negative consequences. It blind you from the beauty of realities. However, let’s be confident and stick to reality. If you can’t write a “gratitude diary” about things you feel grateful for every day, then at least make a list of twenty people/situations/things in your life that you are blessed to have at this moment. Meditating with these journal entries can greatly increase your “mental awareness” quickly.

The reversed Four of Cups Linestrider implies breaking the self-imposed cover, thinking outside of the box. If you want to see a change within yourself, let’s move forward again. It’s time to start getting up. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself or think “what if…”. Let’s start from now, and always remember that if something goes wrong, you can make a difference. Let’s acknowledge the blessings and favors you have.

The reversed Four of Cups Linestrider suggests that many opportunities are open and will pass if you do not act soon. The upright position card implies self-enlightenment from stagnation. If it is reversed, it will be less gentle – you need to act now before it is too late!

In terms of work, you’ve finally found the motivation and get yourself out of a bad job situation. You can take control of your life. Believe in yourself.

In terms of love, you may finally be ready to overcome shadows from the past and move towards a brighter, happier future. Spend some time thinking about what and who you really need in your life. Look forward to the future ahead, not the past behind.

Regarding finance, if you take a look around, you will see opportunities that you did not notice before. Take a moment to explore them. Your motivation must be higher than ever to get good things and to make money. You can do it. Let’s pursue them.

IV. Message of Four of Cups Linestrider

The Four of Cups Linestrider warns you to pay attention to the reality, and the favors you’re currently receiving, instead of worrying too much about things that are unlikely to happen. Make sure you’re grateful for what you have. Don’t spend too much time regretting or wishing your life was different. Life will change a lot if you put your focus and attention on it. Pay attention to things and people that you are grateful to have in your life. Consider writing a “gratitude diary.”

You may experience many difficulties or problems in your own emotional systems. If you withdraw from everything, you tend to bring them back to yourself, including personal interests and desires. You have to focus on yourself. When life is so stressful, you need to give yourself time and energy or you will feel depravated. By taking the time to think about your dream, reflect, and associate with it, you will gradually restore your emotional balance.

The Four of Cups Linestrider is sometimes a sign of indifference. You are not truly paying any serious attention to anything. Your life seems pretty insipid and boring because you have lost interest in activities that bring you joy. You have no incentive to find effort in any direction. At this point, this card means that you are stuck in your own emotions. You need something to focus on, and that will help your mind and heart find the way back to life again. Be open to your surroundings. Soon you’ll be back on track and be yourself again.

V. Corresponding Associations of Four of Cups Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 4;
  • Date of birth: June 9 to June 14;
  • Plant: Burdock root, lotus flower.
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