The Wheel of Fortune – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Wheel of Fortune Linestrider

Optimism, success, change of fate, new beginnings, perseverance, chance.

II. Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Linestrider

Wheel of Fortune Linestrider is a highly iconic card about life cycles, new beginnings, and aspects of fortune. Focus on the things you can control with care, and learn not to suffer from the things you cannot control. The four corners of the card are zodiac symbols: Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus.

These are the four signs of stability in the horoscope representing the consistency between changes. The two birds in the picture are to repeat the theme of wings, the fleeing, and change. The two birds touching their beaks show that the loving relationships in life still maintain the anchor while the world and external factors are constantly changing and swirling.

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Linestrider

III. The Wheel of Fortune Linestrider in a Tarot spread

When spreading the cards, Wheel of Fortune Linestrider urges you to accept the ups and downs of life with courtesy but not passivity. You have the power to rotate the wheel and still stand above it. Be grateful when things are going well and work hard to improve as they become more difficult. This is a hopeful card that wants you not to be afraid in the face of adversity as it is a natural part of life and it will pass. Wheel of Fortune sometimes brings up objective factors that are impacting your life. Try to honestly assess your situation and research what might be causing the problem.

The reversed wheel of Fortune Linestrider may mean that fortune is not on your side; The Wheel has turned and you are in a downward direction. Perhaps there have been changes or turning points that are not in your favor. In particular, when the Wheel of Fortune is in the reversed position, it will show that there are negative outside forces impacting your life and that they seem out of your control. Now is the time to think about what you can do to regain control of your destiny. Don’t reject the change, but find a way to welcome things to come and look for new opportunities they will bring.

In terms of work, if you are trying to get rid of karma, fate is giving you a hand, all of your endeavors are favorable. If you are intending to change your job, then this is your moment. Or in case you have some troubles regarding work, everything will quickly pass smoothly. If you are starting a new project, luck is on your side. But the Wheel of Fortune Linestrider also reminds you that you should not be too neglectful to miss out on important things.

In terms of finance, if you are in a meltdown, don’t be discouraged because things are about to change for the better. But if you are in rich financial days, you should be careful of a few risks that will cost you a fair amount. If you want to borrow, then this is the right time for you. But if you want to lend money to someone, you should reconsider because this will bring trouble that makes you extremely uncomfortable. If you are preparing for an event, you should calculate any costs that may be incurred as those expenses may prevent you from mobilizing finance.

Regarding friends and associates, the Wheel of Fortune Linestrider indicates that you may soon be able to make some new friends or join a group or community. The joy they give you is quite a lot but you should be careful when it comes to money matters. In other cases, you may discover the dark sides of your friend or secrets that person is hiding from you. This can make you feel dismayed and terrible. If that is the case, you should consider what to choose between who they truly are and how much of a favor they have for you. Think carefully, then decide whether to keep your friendship or separate from each other.

Regarding family and relatives, the Wheel of Fortune Linestrider is a card about disturbance. Maybe your family members or loved ones are influenced by external factors causing internal conflict among them. The advice is that you should help them see clearly before the conflict can be reconciled. The card also signals this change of situation in a good direction. On the other hand, there is a perception that the card refers to the luck that is coming to your family or loved ones.

IV. Message of The Wheel of Fortune Linestrider

The Wheel of Fortune does not come out clearly until we leave it. When we are caught up in it, we see only events immediately in front of us; the daily worries that the ego values. When withdrawing, we can see the entire sequence of events. Psychologically we can consider this view as a summary of assessing a person from his past and his intentions. On a deeper level, the view becomes mysterious and symbolic. We can see what we have done in a particular life, but fortune is always a mystery.

The symbols on the Wheel have their own meaning; they help us to understand the truth hidden in consideration. However, we do not experience the whole life force. The light of the Unconscious still resides behind the veil.

From the right angle, counter-clockwise, are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and these four elements are also Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Besides representing the four elements, there are also four signs of the zodiac: Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. The Zodiac is, of course, the Great Wheel of the universe. Although both elements and signs represent the mundane world, a kind of mystery can only be understood after being imbued with secret truths.

Relations with the four elements are the four letters of the Lord’s name engraved on the rim of the Wheel. Starting from the upper right-hand corner, still, in a counter-clockwise direction, the letters are YOD, HEH, VAV, HEH. Since this name appears in the Torah in a non-vowel form, it is not possible to pronounce them; so the true name of God remains a secret. At least two thousand years Jews and Catholics consider the name a miracle. The mystics learn to meditate with it and the shamans use it. For the Qabalah, these four letters represent the mysteries of the world. The process of the tectonic universe takes place through four stages, equivalent to four letters. And of course, these four letters are also associated with the four elements, the Grail symbols, and the Minor Arcana.

The Roman letters between the Hebrew characters are anagrams. If reading clockwise from above, there is the word “TARO”; and reading counterclockwise, is “TORA” (also the name of the Priestess scroll). In addition, we can combine the word “ROTA” – the Latin word meaning “Wheel Xr”; “ORAT” – Latin word meaning “to speak”; and “ATOR” – an Egyptian goddess (also read as Hathor). Paul Foster Case learned from MacGregor Mathers – founder of the Golden Dawn, founded the sentence “ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR”. This sentence means “The Taro Wheel speaks of the law of Hathor”. Case called this “the law of the character”; Ator was worshiped as the goddess of death in the Egyptian religion – which we can understand that “death” is the law of eternal life hidden in the natural world. The body dies but the soul is alive. (keep focus)

The four symbols on the spokes are the alchemy symbols. Read from above clockwise, they are Mercury, sulfur, water, and salt – referring to line 2’s alchemical purpose: transformation. Water is a symbol of dissolution: destroying the ego in order to free the ego buried in the ordinary habits, fears, and self-defense. We will look at what they mean in Death and Temperance.

The 10th place of the card – number 10 – refers to zero. The Fool is nothing and has no personality. But the Fool, like zero, is everything, because he “feels” the life energy directly, like a boat touching directly on the sea. When we come to the stationary center of existence and leave our fear and ego behind, all outer forms disappear. We can empathize with our intuition, but to truly experience it we have to let ourselves be in that sea of ​​darkness, let our personality die, dissolve, and pave the way for new life to rise out of the darkness.

In reading cards, Wheel of Fortune Linestrider means a few changes in a person’s life. The person most likely does not understand what caused the change; maybe there is no obvious reason everyone sees it, and in fact, that person does not seem to be held responsible for whatever happened. A large corporation acquires the company that person is working for, and he is fired. It simply is as life goes on – the Wheel spins.

The most important thing is to react. Do we accept the new situation and adapt? Do we take it as an opportunity and explore meaning and value in that change? If the Wheel of Fortune is in the upright direction, it means adaptation. In a strong sense, it refers to the ability to overcome mysterious events in order to better understand life and be more self-aware.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Linestrider means fighting against events that happen, we often fail because change has happened and life always overcomes those who oppose it. However, if the person involved is always passive in the face of all life events, the reversed Wheel indicates a change that is much more important than the mere transformation of the situation. It can open up new avenues for a sense of self-responsibility in your life.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Wheel of Fortune Linestrider

  • Astrology: Virgo;
  • Arithmetic: 10, 11;
  • Plants: jasmine, spearmint, slippery elm.

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